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Grasping the “Why” Behind Local Search by Kristan Bauer - #SEJSummit NY


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Search intent is elemental to local success: understanding how local communities search for your products can help sharpen your content creation and as a result drive your business forward. Kristan shares how the Zillow SEO team approaches local search intent and how they optimize for the customer journey.

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Grasping the “Why” Behind Local Search by Kristan Bauer - #SEJSummit NY

  2. 2. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Kristan Bauer Director of SEO at Zillow Current role: Director of SEO at Zillow Area of expertise: Enterprise SEO (6+ years) Brands I’ve worked with: Google, Amazon, National Geographic, Trulia, Express,
  3. 3. 3 Takeaways #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Understand your audience Create meaningful content & enhance the search experience Make your content discoverable
  4. 4. Let’s get it straight! Local SEO does not always equal local searcher intent. • Local SEO relies on the local pack and brick-and-mortar location. • Local searcher intent is understanding how users search and how to provide them meaningful content around location based queries. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY
  5. 5. For example… home shopping! People looking for homes have a very unique search pattern. Everything revolves around an address, building or neighborhood (typically) …it’s local, but it’s not a traditional commercial storefront. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY
  6. 6. Address = Home #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY
  7. 7. Home = Localized Content #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY
  8. 8. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Stores should use localized content…
  10. 10. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Do your research! Let’s start with user research…what does your audience care about?
  11. 11. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Use personas to help inform user research • What do people care about? • Where are they present? • What are their searching patterns?
  12. 12. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Local and mobile go hand-in- hand. Where and how is your audience searching?
  13. 13. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Mobile is important for local!
  14. 14. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Mobile is important for real estate!
  15. 15. SPONSORED BY
  16. 16. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Transform user research into content topics What content should we focus on? 79% Home shoppers found detailed property information useful 37% Home shoppers found neighborhood information useful
  17. 17. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY People search for schools Source: Google Keyword Planner
  18. 18. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Include relevant information Determine the what, how and where you will display this content.
  19. 19. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY
  20. 20. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Ask yourself… Is this scalable? Enterprise level sites need to understand what kind of content is scalable and should be scaled.
  21. 21. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY People want to know how schools are in their neighborhood?
  22. 22. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY People visiting a new city want to know what are the popular things to do?
  23. 23. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Work with development teams to implement • Determine what content will be shown and where it will live • Build an infrastructure for the content • Design the UX and visual layout • Create your new content and launch
  24. 24. SPONSORED BY
  25. 25. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Get it indexed – technical SEO basics • Internal linking • XML Sitemaps • Crawlable • Optimized SERP presence (title tags & meta descriptions) • Performance and page speed • markup
  26. 26. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Mobile first! Ensure your content is mobile friendly.
  27. 27. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Common mistakes • Content is slow • Content isn’t linked to • Content isn’t relevant • Poor user experience • Not mobile friendly • Content or links are loaded client-side only (this is a loaded topic…) • No coordination with other marketing channels (social, SEM, etc.)
  28. 28. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Monitor for impact Benchmark pre-launch metrics Monitor user engagement Monitor traffic & rankings Understand search performance Refine & revise - continue to adjust
  29. 29. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY In summary… Better information = happy shoppers
  30. 30. 3 Takeaways #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY Understand your audience Create meaningful content & enhance the search experience Make your content discoverable
  31. 31. #SEJSummit @kristan_bauer SPONSORED BY