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Freelancers Forum: How To Find Freelance Clients


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Are you a digital marketing freelancer, or are you thinking about taking the plunge to go full-time freelance?

Danielle Antosz, Features Editor at Search Engine Journal and a full-time freelancer, shares tips and tools for building your side hustle into a full-time career.

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Freelancers Forum: How To Find Freelance Clients

  1. 1. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Freelancer s Forum #SEJThinkTank @dantosz
  2. 2. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Hello! Danielle Antosz SEJ’s Features Editor Full-Time Freelancer Contact Me on Twitter: @dantosz
  3. 3. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Poll 1 What best describes your current situation?
  4. 4. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Poll 1 What best describes your current situation?
  5. 5. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz What We Will Cover! ⊙Facing the Fear ⊙Getting Started ⊙When to Go Full-Time ⊙Where to Find Work ⊙Client Red Flags
  6. 6. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Facing the Fear: Define your worst case scenario
  7. 7. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz How to start your freelance career ⊙Decide what you want to do ⊙ Get hired to do it (at least once) ⊙ Join communities ⊙ Keep learning
  8. 8. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz So, When Do I Quit My “Real” Job?
  9. 9. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz “ Just do it. There will never be a perfect time, there will never be a perfect amount of money in the bank.
  10. 10. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Poll 2 What is your biggest struggle?
  11. 11. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz How do you find clients? There are three main ways. Job Boards Go to industry blogs and publications and look for a job board. (Will get into more places later) Hiring Platforms There are a variety of these, and they can be an ideal place to start. Just keep in mind you have to put in the time to sort the good from the bad. Upwork, etc. Referrals This may take time. Do good work, build real relationships and afraid to ask “Hey I have some availability this month, if you know anyone looking, send them my way!”
  12. 12. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Problogger Craigslist (yes, really) Upwork Flexjobs ClearVoice Media Bistro Top sites to find clients (Will vary by industry)
  13. 13. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Resources for writers: Jeff Bullas’ 20 Sites that pay $100+ Morning Coffee Newsletter ProTip: Facebook Groups! (Just don’t sell too hard - offer value) Top sites to find clients (Will vary by industry)
  14. 14. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz T The Top Red Flags (AKA: Clients to Run From) Rude/Sketchy If they are a headache from the start, they will be a headache until the end. (and might not pay) #byefelica Unclear You do social media, and they want to hire you. Yay! But, they have no clue what their goal is or what budget they have. Lack of Communicatio n They don’t respond for weeks, miss deadlines but then are raring to get started at a moment's notice. Most Obvious Red Flag: They ask you to do something you aren’t comfortable doing. Pay attention to your spidey sense.
  15. 15. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Want to succeed? Be willing to say no.
  16. 16. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz Thanks! Any questions? You can find me on Twitter: @dantosz
  17. 17. #SEJThinkTank @dantosz