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AMP Tactics from the Condé Nast SEO Team by John Shehata - #SEJSummit NY


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Not sure if AMP is worth the trouble for your brand? In this presentation, John Shehata of Condé Nast shares insights, advanced technical tips, and editorial tactics his team learned while implementing AMP for their major sites.

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AMP Tactics from the Condé Nast SEO Team by John Shehata - #SEJSummit NY

  2. 2. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY
  3. 3. 3 Takeaways 1) AMP – Must Read Docs 2) AMP – Must have 3) AMP – Must Validate #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY
  4. 4. #SEJSummit @JShehata Stats – Avg. Rankings Aug 2016
  5. 5. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY Stats – Avg. CTR Aug 2016 #SEJSummit @JShehata
  6. 6. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY The majority of mobile search traffic is still coming from regular Google search #SEJSummit @JShehata Vertical 1 Vertical 2 Vertical 3
  7. 7. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY …But AMP accounts for the double as much traffic to newly published content #SEJSummit @JShehata Vertical 1 Vertical 2 Vertical 3
  8. 8. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY Stats – Oscars 2016 –150 Queries Mar 2016 • For the same event (Oscars), queries, time. • AMP site vs. Non-AMP Site - AMP Queries got 15X visits - AMP Queries got 7X impressions - AMP Queries got 2X higher avg. rankings #SEJSummit @JShehata
  9. 9. WIRED #SEJSummit @JShehata
  10. 10. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY The AMP takeover of mobile search traffic will only accelerate #SEJSummit @JShehata
  11. 11. AMP on Desktop • Rare instances • Maybe a bug • Or AMP Only sites? #SEJSummit @JShehata
  12. 12. AMP in Bing App • m/search/September -2016/bing-app- joins-the-amp-open- source-effort #SEJSummit @JShehata
  13. 13. I am not a publisher, Should I AMP Still? • YES!!! Clicks brand AMP AMP Carousel Blue Links Brand 1 45% 55% Brand 2 49% 51% Brand 3 66% 34% Brand 4 0% 100% Brand 5 72% 28% Brand 6 42% 58% Brand 7 50% 50% Brand 8 14% 86% Brand 9 46% 54% Brand 10 14% 86% Brand 11 65% 35%
  14. 14. SPONSORED BY
  15. 15. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY Must Read #SEJSummit @JShehata
  16. 16. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY • Recommended Content: • News articles • Blog posts • Recipes • Product listings • Travel guides • Etc. • Maybe?? • Categories, tags, landing hubs, etc • Homepage Content types that are suited for AMP #SEJSummit @JShehata
  17. 17. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY Make your AMPs discoverable CONTENT PUBLISHER Link Tags AMP-HTML HTML Case A: Paired AMP <link rel="canonical” href="" /> <link rel=”amphtml” href="" /> Canonical documents should already be linking to themselves! <link rel=”canonical” href="" /> #SEJSummit @JShehata Source: Google
  18. 18. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY Make your AMPs discoverable CONTENT PUBLISHER AMP-HTML <link rel=”canonical” href="" /> Case B: Standalone AMP Just calls itself the canonical. #SEJSummit @JShehata Source: Google
  19. 19. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY AMP AMP plugins are available for: • WordPress • Drupal • Joomla #SEJSummit @JShehata Use AMP CMS Plugins
  20. 20. SPONSORED BY
  21. 21. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY • Always test on Google AMP CDN • [AMP-URL]#development=1 • Chrome DevTools Console • AMP Project Chrome Extension validator/nmoffdblmcmgeicmolmhobpoocbbmknc • Other Validators Validation Tools #SEJSummit @JShehata
  22. 22. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY • AMP Pages Served from google CDN •[URL] • Validation tools doesn't count for content type validation for assets loading in the page • Example: we didn't explicitly set the content type in the header for the font and got 404 • The validation tools didn't pick on that, browsers are way tolerant • we only found this when we hacked the AMP URL with our own URL and found custom fonts are not loading Validation #SEJSummit @JShehata
  23. 23. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY #SEJSummit @JShehata
  24. 24. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY AMP in GSC #SEJSummit @JShehata
  25. 25. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY How about • Slack bot to relay messages from the CMS to Engineering team when a newly-published page does not validate!!! Slack Bot #SEJSummit @JShehata
  26. 26. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY Google showing the site owner AMP implementation error warnings in search results #SEJSummit @JShehata
  27. 27. SPONSORED BY
  28. 28. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY • • Structured Data and [short codes] makes it easier to convert HTML to AMP HTML • minimized development time, from weeks to hours • Short Codes for embeds [images, youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, …] WordPress Plugin #SEJSummit @JShehata
  29. 29. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY AMP Rich Card #SEJSummit @JShehata
  30. 30. #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY • We host our fonts on Typekit, which is third party JS that isn’t supported in AMP • so we’ve had to self-host fonts for AMP. • That was extra work and it also presented legal issues as we had to get special permission to use our fonts in this way. AMP Fonts #SEJSummit @JShehata
  31. 31. AMP Tracking
  32. 32. Understand AMP Rankings • Impression - An item must be scrolled into view in the carousel to register an impression. The carousel itself need not be scrolled into view in the current page. • Position - A carousel occupies a single position in search results, and all items in the carousel are assigned that same position. However, a carousel occupies a search position only if the contained element type can occupy a search position: for example, a carousel of AMP pages has a position because AMP pages can have a position, but a carousel of links to refined Google queries would not occupy a search position, because such links cannot occupy a search position. #SEJSummit @JShehata
  33. 33. AMP Tracking in GSC #SEJSummit @JShehata
  34. 34. 3 Takeaways #SEJSummit @JShehata SPONSORED BY #SEJSummit @JShehata 1) AMP – Must Read Docs 2) AMP – Must have 3) AMP – Must Validate