Evolve of Perish: How to Succeeded in the Digital World


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Check out the deck I presented at MarketingWeekNYC sponsored by Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, and hosted by Baruch College.

Digital evolution is exponential and has affected every aspect of business, consumerism, culture and lifestyle. This ‘disruptive innovation’ has created a new breed of companies, such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, that created a new eco-system, which paved the way to a major shift in the type of marketing strategies that every business – large and small – needs to engage in to remain relevant.

In this session, Matthew Capala, will decipher winning strategies on how to adjust your marketing strategies and budgets to prepare today’s business leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. Matthew Capala (@SearchDecoder) is a global inbound marketer, search strategist and speaker. By day, Matthew is the Head of Search at Profero, a leading global digital ad agency. In addition, he leads a Search Engine Optimization seminar series at Baruch College CAPS and is and Adjunct Professor at NYU, where he teaches a graduate course on search marketing. By night, he is a blogger decoding insider inbound marketing strategies via SearchDecoder.com. You can contact him at matt@searchdecoder.com.

Key Takeaways:

Think digital – learn the key digital trends affecting your business today and tomorrow
Get ahead of the pack - understand the new digital channels and how to use them

Learn useful tips - increase your business presence and personal brand online from increasing website visibility to social media marketing to blogging and community building

Make it actionable – navigate through the clutter of the Internet picking the right tactics that will make a difference

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Evolve of Perish: How to Succeeded in the Digital World

  1. 1. Evolve or Perish How to Succeed in the Digital World @SearchDecoder
  2. 2. Dodo becomes a celebrity in 1865 @SearchDecoder
  3. 3. Dead as a Dodo No longer: - Effective - Relevant - Interesting Is: - Obsolete - Outdated - Of the Past - Dead
  4. 4. Don’t be dead as a dodo!
  5. 5. Digital evolution is exponential @SearchDecoder
  6. 6. 7 Remember Gordon Gekko’s Cell Phone? @SearchDecoder
  7. 7. 8 That was 1987 @SearchDecoder
  8. 8. 9 This is now @SearchDecoder
  9. 9. 10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSnB06um5r4 @SearchDecoder
  10. 10. 11 What was Science Fiction in 2002... @SearchDecoder
  11. 11. 12 ...Has become reality
  12. 12. “Every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization to 2003 ”  Eric Shmit, Chairman Google @SearchDecoder
  13. 13. 14 Disruptive Innovation A disruptive innovation is an innovation that helps create a new market, and eventually goes on to disrupt an existing market displacing an earlier technology.
  14. 14. But don’t think you need to catch up with the technology... You need to catch up with the consumer!
  15. 15. 16 We live in the age of access
  16. 16. 17
  17. 17. Two- thirds of us sleep with our mobile phones right beside us So that’s around 3.3 billion people who have mobile phones around day and night Source: Google
  18. 18. 19 @SearchDecoder
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. There is too much going on for consumers today to enjoy being interrupted
  21. 21. In 1994, this banner ad received 78% CTR! The first clickable web advertisement for a major brand ran on Hotwired. It was a 468x60 static image ad for AT&T‘s “You Will” campaign.
  22. 22. Today CTR on display ads are at a all-time low @SearchDecoder
  23. 23. http://slidesha.re/17lRA8G
  24. 24. “The biggest problem with mass advertising is that it fights for people’s attention by interrupting them”  Seth Godin @SearchDecoder
  25. 25. Web is not a trusted place @SearchDecoder
  26. 26. Consumers are overwhelmed with ads @SearchDecoder
  27. 27. Winning paid media strategies: – Rich ad formats – Behavioral targeting – Retargeting - Big Data & Attribution
  28. 28. We burned consumers with self- promotional marketing speak @SearchDecoder
  29. 29. Businesses started competing fiercely for attention disguising ads and spamming Sponsored posts ‘Native’ ads Link farms Commenting Spam
  30. 30. Really? @SearchDecoder
  31. 31. Next Slide --->
  32. 32. 35 What’s the new lay of the land?
  33. 33. 36 Brands that are crushing it @SearchDecoder
  34. 34. Digital advertising continues to grow @SearchDecoder
  35. 35. 38 One Company is Poised to Own the Future… Search Video Mobile Email Display Maps TV Music Social Reviews Local E-Commerce @SearchDecoder
  36. 36. Google is like advertising at a store. Facebook is like advertising at the party. 39 Who can challenge Google? @SearchDecoder
  37. 37. 40 Forthefirsttimeinhumanhistory,word ofmouthisadigitallyarchivedmedium Digital Word-of- Mouth is One-to- Million. It is shared and re-shared. @SearchDecoder
  38. 38. 70% of Americans read product reviews online before making a purchase Source: Google
  39. 39. 42 The Wisdom of Strangers @SearchDecoder
  40. 40. 43 72% of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations ! Source:!Local!Consumer!Review!Survey,!Bright!Local! @SearchDecoder
  41. 41. Mobile sales have dwarfed PC sales already @SearchDecoder
  42. 42. Mobile will force desktop into its twilight in a year @SearchDecoder
  43. 43. Mobile is a platform game, not a device game, and Google is winning @SearchDecoder
  44. 44. 79% of consumers now say they use a smartphone to help with shopping Source: Google
  45. 45. 48 Evolve or Perish You need to evolve your marketing strategies to meet the challenge
  46. 46. Internet has transformed business: Advertising started to look a lot like marketing... And Marketing started to look a lot like... Being a great company!
  47. 47. 50 The Traditional 3-Step Model @SearchDecoder
  48. 48. Fact The Internet has fundamentally changed the way consumers find, discover, share, shop & connect
  49. 49. 52 The New Consumer Journey @SearchDecoder
  50. 50. The average shopper checks 10.4 sources before buying Source: Google
  51. 51. 54 ZeroMomentofTruth www.zeromomento*ruth.com// @SearchDecoder
  52. 52. 55 You need to irrigate to harvest Push marketing (aka outbound): Display / Banner Traditional (TV, Radio) Outdoor Branding Pull marketing (aka inbound): Search Marketing Social Media Content Marketing Blogging
  53. 53. @SearchDecoder
  54. 54. Inbound marketing is a magnet, not a sledgehammer @SearchDecoder
  55. 55. Inbound marketing: what’s involved? Traffic Generation Audience Development Lead Generation Transactions Inbound marketing is about being what your audience is interested in SEO Social Blogging Content
  56. 56. Inbound Marketing has 62% lower CPL compared to Outbound Marketing @SearchDecoder
  57. 57. @SearchDecoder
  58. 58. So why are you not doing it?
  59. 59. Inbound marketing is a big picture initiative Inbound Marketing has 62% lower CPL, according to HubSpot study.
  60. 60. Requires breaking the silos @SearchDecoder
  61. 61. It is a marathon, not a sprint @SearchDecoder
  62. 62. ! ! I!realized!that!perseverance! and!step1by1step!progress!are! the!only!ways!to!reach!a!goal! along!a!chosen!path.! 1Mas!Oyama! “! ”!”!Spreadlove.org!FULL CONTACT *SEO THE$ROAD$TO$BECOMING$A$CHAMPION$ *This$can$be$Full$Contact$Marke@ng,$Design,$Life,$Entrepreneurship$Fitness$or$ $$$whatever$you$do$because$the$process$s@ll$applies.$ $ Spreadlove.org,organic,traffic,,growth, Went,from,0,to,20k,, monthly,visitors,and,, I’m,s>ll,in,the,fight, Stopped,feeling, ,sorry,&,created, ,&,executed,a,plan, Felt,sorry,for,myself, cause,I,had,no,traffic, @SearchDecoder
  63. 63. “The easiest thing for any business to do is stand still ,the hardest thing to do is to challenge, self assess and transform to the changing environment.”  Wayne Arnold, Global CEO at Profero @SearchDecoder
  64. 64. The 4 Ingredients to Digital Success
  65. 65. Content Credibility Code Connections The Four Cs of Inbound Marketing Inbound marketing is a team effort, each element needs to be optimized and synergized like a well-oiled machine. You are as strong as your weakest link!
  66. 66. @SearchDecoder
  67. 67. 80% of consumers search for a product/service before purchasing it Source: Google
  68. 68. Organic search drives nearly half of visits SEO is responsible for optimizing 64% of site visits @SearchDecoder
  69. 69. 73 Rank%1:%36.4%%% Rank%6:%4.1%%% Rank%7:%3.8%%% Rank%8:%3.5%%% Rank%2:%12.5%%% Rank%3:%9.5%%% Rank%4:%7.9%%% Rank%5:%6.1%%% Source: Optify Study, How the New Face of SERPs Has Altered the CTR Curve, 2011 1st% 2nd% 3rd% Where do you rank?
  70. 70. How to check ranking Do not just search on your browser for a keyword. What you see are personalized results. Use Ad Preview Tool for unbiased results. Tools to check rankings: SEMRush, Webmaster Tools Enter keyword Localize domain Set language & location settings Set device preferences
  71. 71. Universal search changed the game Only about 15% of SERP is 10 blue links. 85% is blended search. @SearchDecoder
  72. 72. “When there is millions of everything requesting our attention, being found is valuable.”  Kevin Kelly, Founder of Wired @SearchDecoder
  73. 73. Search has evolved from authority to connections From machine learnings to human insights, search is becoming increasingly social 1998 - Code 2000 - Content 2002 - Credibility 2010 – Connections
  74. 74. Google punishes low quality content and links Recent Panda and Penguin algo updates has penalized sites who have engaged in ‘spammy’ content creation and link building. Don’t chase the algorithm trying to find loopholes. Get in front of the algorithm.
  75. 75. Is SEO dead? @SearchDecoder
  76. 76. No, but it needs to evolve A symbiotic relationship is between two entities which is mutually beneficial for the participants of the relationship.Thus there is a positive- sum gain from cooperation. Google & SEO
  77. 77. 96% of fans Don’t Go Back to a brands Facebook page after initial engagement It’s because of this algorithm You need to optimize @SearchDecoder
  78. 78. Social media landscape You need to scale
  79. 79. Content Credibility Code Connections This SEO Technical Optimization @SearchDecoder
  80. 80. How search engines work? Search'engine'spider' Website' Keywords' User'searches'for'keywords'' using'the'interface' Website' @SearchDecoder
  81. 81. CODE = On-Page Optimization On-Page SEO is about building search friendly websites in accordance to Google’s webmaster best practices. Branded header Image Alt Text Navigation Micro formatting Body content H1 Header tags Internal links Title tag H2 Header Tags URL Structure @SearchDecoder
  82. 82. What is the purpose of the SEO site audit SITE STRUCTURE ! ! Ensuring the site’s structure meets SEO best practices in to make sure it is search engine friendly. ! USABILITY! ! Auditing the Information Architecture helps identify anything that may cause indexing issues for search engine spiders as well as usability for visitors. ! CONTENT OPTIMIZATION! ! Optimising the content on the site with correct tags and keywords will ensure we don’t miss out on opportunities.. ! INDEX CHECK! ! Helps understand how search engine index Smirnoff.com so that we can improve the indexation rate of the site.! @SearchDecoder
  83. 83. Building sites without SEO @SearchDecoder
  84. 84. SEO is the engine Powerful Trustworthy Beautiful Efficient @SearchDecoder
  85. 85. Quick Wins Title Tag, Meta Description & URL 1 2 3 1 2 3 Title: Include Primary & Secondary Keyword, under 72 characters URL Structure: Include Primary Keyword Meta Description: Include Primary Keyword, under 159 characters @SearchDecoder
  86. 86. How it works? Map primary and secondary keyword to each webpage on your site. Do not map more than 2 keywords per web page. Use sitemap to conceptualize a holistic keyword strategy. No two pages on the site should target the same keyword. Optimize CMS for SEO-friendly, keyword-rich URL structure domain.com domain.com/ category-keyword domain.com/category/ primary-keyword @SearchDecoder
  87. 87. On-Site & Blog Post Optimization @SearchDecoder
  88. 88. !<meta!name="twi,er:card"! content="summary_large_image">! !!!!<meta!name="twi,er:site"!content="@ny:mes">! !!!!<meta!name="twi,er:creator"! content="@SarahMaslinNir">! !!!!<meta!name="twi,er::tle"!content="Parade!of!Fans!for! Houston’s!Funeral">! !!!!<meta!name="twi,er:descrip:on"!content="NEWARK!J! The!guest!list!and!parade!of!limousines!with!celebri:es! emerging!from!them!seemed!more!suited!to!a!red!carpet! event!in!Hollywood!or!New!York!than!than!a!gri,y!stretch!of! Sussex!Avenue!near!the!former!site!of!the!James!M.!Baxter! Terrace!public!housing!project!here.">! !!!!<meta!name="twi,er:image"!content=h,p:// graphics8.ny:mes.com/images/2012/02/19/us/19whitneyJ span/19whitneyJspanJar:cleLarge.jpg>! Example!Twi,er!Card! Use social metadata and rich snippets @SearchDecoder
  89. 89. BeginnersGuidetoSEO moz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo1 @SearchDecoder
  90. 90. Content Credibility Code Connections This Content Strategy Content Marketing @SearchDecoder
  91. 91. Content strategy is about building content with a built-in audience @SearchDecoder
  92. 92. What content strategy is not? A content campaign Content automation @SearchDecoder
  93. 93. What content strategy is... Content Promotion Quality content in many shapes and forms Process Design Someone in charge Team @SearchDecoder
  94. 94. Content marketing is not content strategy Content Marketing Content Strategy Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of content to attract and engage defined audience. It is like baking a cake for a party. Content strategy is the planning and creation of scalable and repeatable content with a built-in audience that is shareworthy and linkworthy. It is like running a bakery. @SearchDecoder
  95. 95. Objective? We need to design a repeatable and scalable content creation process that will meet your business objectives
  96. 96. Big Hits, Big Impact Macro content Target larger audience Ex. branded content, PR Small Hits, Big Impact Micro content Target audience most likely to share Ex. blog, video, infographic Daily provocation of conversation and link baiting Social media Ex. Twitter and Facebook posts, Hashtags, Micro-Blogging on Tumbler @SearchDecoder
  97. 97. @SearchDecoder
  98. 98. + = = Content Marketing Content Strategy @SearchDecoder CONTENT = Content Strategy @SearchDecoder
  99. 99. Why to blog? Companies that blog receive 55% more website visitors B2C Companies that blog receive 88% more leads than companies who don’t via HubSpot
  100. 100. Content is: Persona-Driven Targeted Organized Quality Scalable
  101. 101. Uploading a TV commercial on YouTube is not a video strategy
  102. 102. You need to offer experience
  103. 103. http://contentstrategy.com/ @SearchDecoder
  104. 104. Content Credibility Code Connections This Digital PR Content Promotion Outreach @SearchDecoder
  105. 105. Credibility is earned @SearchDecoder
  106. 106. What is Google’s PageRank? PageRank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a web page. It's one of many factors used to determine which pages appear prominently in search results. Use SEOQuake browser plug-in to easily view PR and other SEO metrics. @SearchDecoder
  107. 107. How authoritative is your site? PRChecker.info @SearchDecoder
  108. 108. CREDIBILITY = Link Authority High Quality Links Landing page relevance and quality Quality of linking domain Link placement Link quality signals Link tracking Link building is about making friends and making news. Businesses need to leverage their brand equity to build links naturally through relationships with key bloggers and influencers in the space. @SearchDecoder
  109. 109. “To be interesting, be interested” Dale Carnagie @SearchDecoder
  110. 110. Quick Wins Ego-baiting: Top 10s & Quotes Recognize and share external content. Create a top 10 list of most influential blogs in your industry. Ask influencers for quotes and interviews to co-create content. @SearchDecoder
  111. 111. http://www.iacquire.com/resources/link-building-guides/ @SearchDecoder
  112. 112. Content Credibility Code Connections This Social Media Marketing Community Building @SearchDecoder
  113. 113. Target audience most likely to share Certain content types, writing styles, and topics play better then others: - Awesome infographic that strikes a chord - Great video that tells a story - Remarkable collection of facts that challenge common assumptions via SEO Moz
  114. 114. CONNECTIONS = Social Media Marketing SEO and Social are becoming more and more interdependent, as social signals have direct influence on search ranking. Optimize social media profiles to incorporate SEO best practices. Amplify social signals through relationships and content co-creation with the key influencers.
  115. 115. Build the foundation on the land you own Blog is your #1 Social Media Asset
  116. 116. Big brands need to evolve
  117. 117. @SearchDecoder
  118. 118. #1 Tip for Big Brands: To win in digital world, build your marketing leadership team around the talent who can: - Understand how to build audience and attract traffic - Develop strategic vision - Use big data and consumer insights - Fail forward and experiment - Break the silos @SearchDecoder
  119. 119. Small businesses need to evolve
  120. 120. #1 Tip for Big Brands: Local SEO & Pay-Per-Click @SearchDecoder Claim and optimize Google+ Local Build citations on top directories (ex. Yelp, CitySearch) Ask your customers for reviews. Respond to bad reviews.
  121. 121. Agencies need to evolve
  122. 122. “There’s never been a better time to be in advertising, and there’s never been a worse time..”  Aaron Reitkopf, the Americas CEO at Profero @SearchDecoder
  123. 123. Value Old New Code Webmaster / SEO Keyword Stuffing Tech / SEO Awesome Site Content Webmaster / SEO Content Automation Creative/ SEO/ Planning Amazing Content Credibility Webmaster / SEO Link Juicing PR / SEO / Media Linkworthy Content Connections Random Crowd Follow for Follow Social Media / SEO Shareworthy Experiences @SearchDecoder
  124. 124. 15yearsonandstill evolving,curious andgrowing 1998 Collaborativetalents600+ GlobalOfficesacross NA/LATAM/EMEA andAPAC 20 Independent. Theworld’slargestindigital100% Profero @SearchDecoder
  125. 125. Our work @SearchDecoder
  126. 126. EDU institutions need to evolve
  127. 127. Baruch CAPS Offers exciting digital marketing professional courses taught by industry thought leaders Formats for Learning this Summer and Fall: – Seminar Series: 30+ topics – Over 1000 Courses – More than 40 Professional Certificates
  128. 128. Inbound Marketing Clinic at NYU http://www.searchdecoder.com/inbound-marketing-clinic/
  129. 129. SearchDecoder.com
  130. 130. SEM-Toolbox.com Your Toolbox
  131. 131. Contact Matthew Capala Head of Search Matthew.Capala@Profero.com @SearchDecoder Profero.com SearchDecoder.com