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Content Marketing vs Content Strategy


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Check out the deck to learn:
- What is the difference between content marketing and content strategy
- Why you need content strategy
- How to create share-worthy and link-worthy content
- How to build content with a built-in audience
- How to guide users through your website
- How to use data to improve the performance of your content
- How to use audience personas to build better websites
- What are the best practices and tools to attract audience and build links with infographics and visualizations
- When is the right time to engage an SEO expert when building or redesigning a website?
- What are the top SEO tips in 2013

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Content Marketing vs Content Strategy

  1. Content marketing is not content strategy Matthew Capala @SearchDecoder
  2. What is your content marketing objective?
  3. What are the common pitfalls? We need a blog! We need to be on YouTube! We need to double our Facebook fans! We need content! @SearchDecoder Profero Agency Credentials 2012. Copyright © 2012-2013 Profero LLC 3
  4. Recipe for failure Start without a 12-month plan Be spontaneous - let’s do it! Everybody does it Outsource content at scale Push promotion @SearchDecoder
  5. End result? Great analogy I heard from @ipullrank @SearchDecoder
  6. Content strategy is the engine Beautiful Efficient Powerful Trustworthy Great analogy I heard from @ipullrank @SearchDecoder
  7. What content strategy is not? A content campaign Content automation @SearchDecoder
  8. What content strategy is... Content Promotion Quality content in many shapes and forms Process Design Team Someone in charge @SearchDecoder
  9. Content marketing is not content strategy Content Marketing Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of content to attract and engage defined audience. It is like baking a cake for a party. @SearchDecoder Content Strategy Content strategy is the planning and creation of scalable and repeatable content with a built-in audience that is shareworthy and linkworthy. It is like running a bakery.
  10. You need to build content w/ a built-in audience instead of building content to seek audience @SearchDecoder = Content Marketing + = Content Strategies
  11. Content strategy is about developing a repeatable and scalable content creation process Small Hits, Big Impact Big Hits, Big Impact Micro content Target audience most likely to share Ex. blog, video, infographic Macro content Target larger audience Ex. branded content, PR Daily provocation of conversation and link baiting Social media Ex. Twitter and Facebook posts, Hashtags, Micro-Blogging on Tumbler @SearchDecoder
  12. Content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint @SearchDecoder
  13. Spread content like wildfire Build&&& Op*mize&Blog& Tier Four Create&Social& Bookmarking& Assets&& Bookmark& Content& Engage&Niche& Bloggers&and& Influencers& On-Going SEO Tier One Publish&Content& Share&Content& Tier Three @SearchDecoder Tier Two Op*mize&&&Link& Exis*ng&Social& Assets& Create&&& Op*mize& Content&
  14. Inbound marketing is being what your audience is interested in
  15. “To be interesting, be interested” Dale Carnagie @SearchDecoder
  16. Build content on the land you own Your owned assets drive the ROI so they need to be the cornerstone of your inbound marketing strategy. You need to build content that can rank and can be shared. Don’t build on rented land. @SearchDecoder
  17. Is your content strategy mobile? Make your content mobile friendly ditching old-school PDF and embracing new responsive- design technologies to publish and monetize your content Source:
  18. You need a blog to do content marketing @SearchDecoder
  19. Inbound marketing: what’s involved? Traffic Generation Audience Development Lead Generation Transactions @SearchDecoder
  20. Objective? We need to design a repeatable and scalable content creation process that will meet your business objectives
  21. Requirements: before you begin Someone in charge Team assigned Roles & responsibilities Personas developed & validated Content calendar created Needs assessed and scoped @SearchDecoder
  22. Your resources @SearchDecoder
  23. Your SEO Toolbox @SearchDecoder
  24. Contact @SearchDecoder Matthew Capala