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2009 Philly Search Camp What Not To Do Ppc


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2009 Philly Search Camp What Not To Do Ppc

  1. 1. WHAT NOT TO DO IN PPC<br />Presented by: Greg Meyers<br />
  2. 2. WHAT NOT TO BELIEVE<br />Ranking #1 in a PPC Listing is not answer<br />Buying your way to the top is how it works.<br />Good CTR% means Successful campaign<br />Lots of keywords is a good thing<br />Quality Score is only based on CTR% <br />Combining Search Network and Content Networks within same campaign to save time.<br />Creating (1) banner is good enough for content network<br />2<br />
  3. 3. WHAT NOT TO BELIEVE<br />Using DKI in all Text Ads is a good strategy<br />Impressions are BAD in PPC<br />Search Networks should be used for Branding<br />I don’t need web analytics on every page<br />I don’t need web analytics, just adwords conversion tracking<br />Adding a phone number to LP will not affect online conversions.<br />Agencies who sound smart are not always the best choice<br />3<br />
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