Common assesment


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Common assesment

  1. 1. Consumerism and Economics By Sean Davy
  2. 2. Product Table Product Image Product Brand I-pod Nano Apple Drink Coke-Cola Stan Smith Remodel Adidas
  3. 3. Product Table Product Image Product Brand PS3 Sony Dog Husky
  4. 4. Introduction In this PowerPoint presentation, I will explain the images and perceptions connected to 5 products, explain what values the product is associated with, explain any beliefs connected to the product, and what has influenced me to buy this product.
  5. 5. I-pod Nano image and perceptions The image/perceptions connected to this brand or product is that the person who has an I-pod is cool/hip because it is used by a lot of celebrities who are considered to be trendsetters and epitomizing the idea of hipness or coolness which always transfers to the product that they often use like the I-pod. It is also associated with that of an easy going person who will naturally choose to use a product that is sleek, easy to use and small enough to be easily transportable. The primary purpose of the I-pod which is for listening to music implies an image of relaxation which is exactly what the device tries to project : time to lay back, relax and be lost in the bliss of listening to your favourite tunes. Simultaneously, it also relates to the image that I-pod users are usually music lovers simply because they don’t want to be without their music at any time of the day and so they walk around and do all the usual things that they have to do while listening to music.
  6. 6. What values are associated with and I-pod nano A value associated with an i-pod is freedom because when a consumer uses an i-pod they can choose to listen to what they want when they want to, anytime, anyplace. It associated with freedom because when they use an i- pod they get to listen to their music while blocking out or freeing them from everything else around them. It lets them escape to a free place that is uniquely theirs. It also provides the value of joy simply because they are transported to a place of enjoyment brought about by listening to their favorite music which they associate with good memories or favorite life moments. Another value connected to the i-pod is conformity because people buy them because a lot of the people they socialize with have the same and they want to be able to have the same experience that those people are having. I bought this product for instance because I saw everyone else had it and I wanted to be able to do the same things that they did, I didn’t want to be left out. It may be a simpler form of peer pressure – I feel compelled to have it because my friends have it and they say it’s too good to not have.
  7. 7. Beliefs connected with the I- pod nano. A belief connected to an i-pod is the belief that the I-pod Nano and the I-tunes system that supports it are global standards and therefore the most convenient and the best to use.
  8. 8. Influences What may have influenced me to buy this product is how in all i- pod commercials it shows people having fun and partying and I wanted to have that too. What may have also influenced me was the fact that everyone around me had an i-pod and they all loved theirs, and when I tried theirs it was amazing. Another thing that influenced me to buy this product is just the fact that the people at the Apple store are very good at persuading you to buy things telling you all its attributes and perks.
  9. 9. Image and perceptions connected to coca-cola The image connected to coca-cola is relaxed and laid back. This is because whenever you see someone on TV drinking a coke they are usually hanging out with their friends chatting and joking around. This happens not only on TV but in real life, when people are drinking coke they are hanging out with their friends or colleagues. Coke gets this value associated with itself because nowadays, when people hang out, it becomes second nature to have a drink which usually turns out to be coke (if it’s non-alcoholic).
  10. 10. Values that are connected to Coke The value of Fun is associated with Coke because of its advertisements. In Coke ads, wherever someone drinks Coke, a party starts up, people start dancing and having fun. All this light- hearted playfulness has come to be associated Coke. Another value associated with coke is the image of a winner. In the ads, the ones who drink coke are the ones who gets all the girls and are the “popular “ ones. So when a consumer drinks coke they might be trying to make people think they’re cool. Another value connected to this product is conformity. Because most people use coke, a lot of people are influenced to buy this product so they can fit in or have the same experience as the others or simply just to conform to the idea that because a lot of people like it, it must be good.
  11. 11. Beliefs The belief associated with Coke is that “Coke is it!” – that it’s the best, most readily available soft drink in the world and it’s fun to drink.
  12. 12. Influences What influenced me to buy this product is the fact that everyone around me consumes and had fun doing it. I wanted to join them and have fun as well. Another reason I drink coke is because it is so refreshing which is how it’s commonly advertised - when someone is tired or hot they drink coke to quench their thirst and be refreshed. I also drink coke because it’s tasty. Coke is know for a very nice sweet taste and this is one of it’s influences on me and another reason why I buy it.
  13. 13. Adidas Stan Smith Remodel Shoes Image The image connected to this product is it’s being laid back and relaxed. It is a casual type of shoe that may be worn everyday and not only for a particular purpose like sports shoes. The shoe does not need to be changed for different things and is a shoe that you would normally see on a young teenage boy. Teenage boys are usually hanging out with their friends and joking. When you add all these things up it gives this shoe the image of being laid back and relaxed.
  14. 14. The values associated to the Stan Smith Remodel Athleticism is a value that is associated with this shoe because the shoe can be used for sports. It has attributes that will help in sports such as being light, tough, comfortable, etc. making it a perfect shoe for doing sports. Another value associated with the Stan Smiths is the value of image/beauty the Stan Smith are made to look pleasing to the eye and cool for teenagers. So when a teenager use this product people around them think they are cool and pleasing to the eye. People want to look good and cool so they buy this product and have both. The consumer bought this product so they can look good (beauty) and so others think they are cool (image) and that is why the product is associated with image/beauty.
  15. 15. Beliefs My belief associated with the Adidas shoes is that they give “street credibility” while being fashionable and cool.
  16. 16. Influence I think I bought this shoe because of the values connected to it - athleticism, beauty, and image. I wanted these values to be part of my identity. Another reason I bought this product is because my old shoes were broken and were falling apart and old and I needed new ones.
  17. 17. PS3 image The image connected to a PS3 is relaxed. It is a product used during one’s free time in bed or on the couch with friends or alone, just relaxing. The PS3 gets its image of relaxation from the consumer doing this. Another image that is connected to the PS3 is that the consumer is a loser or a “couch potato” - this is because of TV and that the people who play video games on TV are fat, middle aged men who have nothing better to do. So from these people, people get the image of “couch potatoes” persons from the product.
  18. 18. PS3 values One of the values associated with this product is Power. Power is associated with this product because when people use it they control someone's life, someone that’s not them – the protagonists and the antagonists in the games. They have the power over someone’s life and world. Another value associated with PS3 is Freedom. Freedom is one of the values of PS3 because when using the PS3 the consumer can escape to practically any world they want, they have no boundaries, they are free to go where they want, how they want, and when they want. Yet another value associated with the PS3 is Competition. Competition is one of the values of the PS3 because when the consumer plays they can compete against anyone in the world on their computers - they play to win and achieve. The consumer plays to compete and that is why the PS3 is associated with competition.
  19. 19. Beliefs The belief associated with PS3 is that with its Blu-ray and internet connectivity, it is the best gaming console available today. Also, because it’s produced by Sony, with such a long history of success, people believe that the company will support upgrades and new technological innovations.
  20. 20. Influence I bought this product because I had the previous one with the series and loved it. I have grown up with these series of products from when I can remember so I suppose the idea of it being a proven excellent product just stuck. Another reason I bought this product is because of the people around me were constantly talking about it. The people around me influenced me like an advertisement because they would talk about all the attributes of getting the product. Another great influence on me to get this product was how they made the product look - they made it sleek and shiny. Along with that the fact that it was on TV and commercials so often that it was hard not to be aware of it and the things you can do with it.
  21. 21. Dog (Inskee) Husky Image One of the images connected to having a husky is masculinity. Huskies are always shown on TV as being strong, adventurous, and courageous - which are the all the classic attributes of heroic men. Because dogs are like they’re owners, the image connected to huskies is masculinity. Another image connected to having a husky is that of an animal lover. This is because normally you wouldn’t spend money, time and affection on a dog if you didn’t love or have a natural affinity for animals.
  22. 22. Values connecting to Huskies A value related to huskies is Love. This is because dogs and their masters are known to grow strong bonds of love. On TV, you constantly see men and their dogs having fun, laughing, and growing unbreakable bonds. Because of these strong bonds, love is one of the values connected to huskies. Another value that is related to huskies is friendship/family. Everyone knows that man’s best friend is a dog, and you can see that if you walk down the street in many places, you can see people playing and having fun with their dogs or just walking together. You can see everywhere that dogs are friends with their masters and part of their family. You can also definitely see this on TV. If there is a family and a dog in a show, you can easily see that the dog is truly part of the family and that is how the value of family/friend is connected to dogs. Security is a value connected to huskies because in movies huskies are very protective of their masters and will stop thieves if they are coming towards their masters. Another value that is connected to huskies is adventure. You always hear about huskies who survive blistering cold weathers and go through extreme weather and adventures with their masters. You also see it on TV a lot as well as in the movies.
  23. 23. Beliefs Husky lovers believe that the husky is the strongest, most loyal, and beautiful dog in the world.
  24. 24. Influence What influenced me to buy this product is because I saw them on TV so often. I wanted my dog to be able to do what the dogs on TV could do and I saw how big of a bond they had with their masters and I wanted that. Also what influenced me to buy this product was the state he was in when we found him. We felt sorry for him and couldn’t do anything but buy him. Another thing that influenced me to buy my dog was because I used to see them in the pet stores and think that they were coolest dogs possible to buy - they were beautiful and strong. Another influence for me to buy this product was because my dog had died just before we bought inskee (my dog now) and we really missed her and were heartbroken so we bought inskee.