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  1. 1. Sean McDonald Senior Boys Volleyball Team It was 1996, and we were one win away from making it to OFSAA. All the hard work put it all season comes down to one game, one last game. It was “Do or Die” time. As we called it on the team. We ended up beating the last team 25- 14 and being the first team to make it for the first time In the sport, for our school to OFSAA Championships. It was a great time for us. We ended up coming second that year, not bad for our first time. We went on to winning it the following year. This was one part of the contribution toward me getting MVP and Athlete of the year 4 consecutive years. (1993-1997). This was the first year I learned what hard work can get you.
  2. 2. •1993 - 1997This is an important badge for me, because it symbolizes the hard work and discipline I hadto have and ac1hieve in order to receive on of these badges. This badge is given to a studentwho actively participated and achieved medals for their school in 4 or more sports in a singleyear. I can proudly say I got one of these badges for 4 consecutive years (1993-1997). Thisalso means so much to me, for it reminds me how much work I had to put forth not only formyself but with my all my team members, how I had to motivate them, keep them focusedand on the target. Just to achieve our goals. This also showed me how rewarding it is to getback from all that hard work and effort. I still till this day speak to several friends from highschool who have become great friends to me, so my lesson I’ve learned, is that anything ispossible, all you have to do is have the discipline and be willing to put in the work, and goodthings usually come from that. I also graduated from high school with honours as wellplaying 4 sports. If I can do it so can you!
  3. 3. 1994 Junior Athlete of the Year!This year was a special year for me. I worked especially hard in my education as well with my sports. Iknew I had to do better than the previous year. This was the year I started to practice before and afterschool everyday, I would work out as well spent time in the school gym playing Volleyball or Basketball, itwas the only two sports that I needed very little for me to use from the gym, in order for me to play. I didended up getting this award, but I also got 2 separate offers from 2 different schools, for 2 differentsports. I got an offer for a Volleyball scholarship for Michigan State, and also got a offer for Basketball toAlgoma University. This was a great year for me, my attention to my education and hard work paid off.Unfortunately I was under age, too new in the country, and my parents were my legal guardian, and theydid not approve me leaving them to go to school. So I missed out on the opportunity. However I amgrateful today for everything I have, for it is because of this award I keep my head high and reach for thestars. It showed me that you can fall short of your ultimate goal, but also be able to make something out oflife no matter what. So why not reach for the starts in life?
  4. 4. Speaking at a Conference in Turks and Caicos! Following my heart has not always gotten me to great places. However this one opportunity I had to speak to people in Turks & Caicos regarding a business model that had been around for over 50 years. I have to say was a great pleasure and also gave me a very unique experience, for I had made so many connections with people by speaking that day. I will never forget that week in my life, for it was a forever changing one. I see things in a different light, as well do things in a different light since that day. I have seen what hard work, being persistent and consistent gets you in life, and so I have embarked on a new journey in obtaining a new career, which I believe is my true passion.
  5. 5. Getting the car of my Dreams!This was no easy task. Let me tell you. It tookdedication, focus, and discipline to achievethis. First I had figure out where I would getthe extra money for this vehicle. I had to work2 part time jobs over the weekend (retail, andsales), and also work a full time job during theweek. I also was working with a few friends ona renovation business which we successfullymanaged to have for the summers for the pastfew years. Doing this for 2 years, allowed meto achieve another one of my goals, which wasto own a new Infinity G35 S. Which Iaccomplished in 2009. I’ve learned that nomatter what your goals are, always have aplan, follow it and, mark your progress.. Onlythen will you be successful at achieving yourgoals. Once you do it once, it’s like anaddiction. You keep wanting that feeling ofaccomplishment.