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Describe how to repair Toyota's image using social media.

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  1. 1. TOYOTA Seangho Seal Build Brand Image in Social Media
  2. 2. Toyota’s Challenges  Toyota’s brand image of creating reliable and efficient is damaged due to accelerator pedals getting caught on floor mats.  About 2.3 million cars were recalled.  Toyota’s recall scandal has spread via several social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube).
  3. 3. Toyota’s Goals  To change a brand image by creating the good brand image in publicities  To build credibility and trust with consumers  To encourage and amplify positive word of mouth about Toyota brand  To engage with consumers
  4. 4. Toyota’s Social Media Ad  Develop the social media advertising to assertively collect testimonials and consumer reviews • Testimonials and consumer reviews have been one of the most effective way to build credibility. • Develop the ways that encourage post on the sites and produce videos like YouTube.  To improve Toyota’s Search Engine Optimization • SEO is important way to build trust .
  5. 5. Key Components of the Proposal  Establishing social media presence including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube.  Search Engine Optimization • Various social media presence will be an essential portion of SEO campaign because search engines rely on the number of inbound links brand , and so it is important link to Toyota website from all of Toy ota’s social media
  6. 6. Social Media improves SEO  Effective ways to improve Toyota’s SEO through social media • Ask consumers to post their feedback on Toyota’s Social Media. • Ask past and existing consumers to post testimonials. • Ask consumers to produce YouTube videos. • Find influential consumers and ask them to start blogging
  7. 7. Ways to Manage Social Media  Launch contests to promote consumers to post reviews , photographs, or videos.  Provide reward programs to encourage consumers to visit the social media and participate in activities.  Create useful information to encourage consumers to make a buzz.
  8. 8. Metrics of Success 1  Contest and reward program success metrics include following: • Number of Comments Posted on Social Media • Number of Videos Submitted to Social Media • Number of Consumer Reviews Submitted to Social Media  Social Media Traffic • Number of Members of Social Media • Number of Visitors of Social media
  9. 9. Metrics of Success 2  Search Engine Optimization • Measuring Toyota keyword ranking • Measuring overall Toyota website visitor traffic. • Measuring what Toyota pages are currently indexed • Measuring Toyota’s top referring search engines • Measuring Toyota website conversion rate • Measuring ROI
  10. 10. Budget & Timeline  Toyota will spend over 25 percent of its advertising budget online, about twice the average of other brands.  Toyota will provide social media campaign year around.