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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1. Misplaced Time
  2. 2. Everything Everything • The members of the band are Jonathan Higgs, Jeremy Pritchard, Michael Spearman and Alex Robertshaw. The band was formed in late 2007. Their music comes under the art rock, art pop, indie rock and electronic rock genre. • They have released three albums to date; Mans alive, Arc and Get to Heaven. • The music videos made by Everything Everything are often without a particular concept and usually portray a performance.
  3. 3. Genre, song and target audience • The song that we have chosen to make a music video to is Spring/Sun/Winter/Dread by Everything Everything. • This song comes under the indie rock genre. • Our target audience will be teenagers and young adults. This is because of the genre of music that we are using. Indie music is a modern style of music and this is reflected in the audience who listens to it.
  4. 4. Lyrics Their hands loom heavy with only an hour to go I hold my breath but the seekers will find me Priest and pauper, the leper can't change his spots The King knows and I know it, and everybody knows [Chorus x2:] Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread I don't want to get older (No way, no way) Are those my people or are they barbarians all? I need a shoulder to talk to about it Swing the hammer The fragments (the fragments) A skull exploding on you, on you all And showers on the infant's bed [Chorus x2:] Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread I don't want to get older (No way, no way) You are a thief and a murderer too Stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him And you did it before and you'll do it again [x5] I know that you are a thief and a murderer too You stole the face that you wear from a craven baboon Cause you did it to her, and you did it to him And you did it before and you'll do it again The lyrics talk about time running out quickly and therefore we want to include references to time throughout our video.
  5. 5. Example of Everything Everything music video Cough Cough • This video is similar to other videos produced by this band because a large part of it is the performance. • Reflections and black and white effect. • On screen lyrics.
  6. 6. Ideas and concept • Performance video. • Number of objects filmed to represent time. • Filming in a dark room with spotlights. • The band will be made up of 4 members. Dressed in dark hooded attire to create an incognito band and to add mystery.
  7. 7. Filming • Large variety of camera angles and effects. • Key angles will include high and low angles. • Another idea is to mount a camera on an instrument and film the person playing.
  8. 8. Lighting and Effects • We would like to use white spotlights in a completely dark room. The light will be focused on the band members. • The lighting can also be used to create unique effects such as silhouettes. • The video will be in black and white. • Editing the video to create mirror effect. • Close up of the drum hit with glitter on top. • Include a number of slow motion shots which link to the theme of time. • The use of a clock. • On screen lyrics.
  9. 9. Our Conventions Relationship between lyrics and visuals Our video will follow this convention because it will include on screen lyrics throughout. Also, the lyrics will go in time with lighting for example flashing lights during the chorus. Predominance of the close up We will follow this convention and film close ups of the band members and the instruments that are being played. Relationship between music and visuals This will feature heavily because the instruments that can be heard can also be seen, this is because our video is a performance. Another way that we will follow this convention is through the speed of the cuts and camera movement relating to the speed of music. For example when the music is fast, the cuts and camera movement will also be fast.