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English essay

  1. 1. Name : Chua Jiu Xin ID : 0314025 Module : English 1 Date : 31 May 2013.
  2. 2. 1. In some countries young people have little leisure time and are under a lot of pressure to work hard in their studies. What do you think are the causes and effects of this condition? Plan your response, and then write a cause and effect essay. Prewriting : Listing • Behavior • Education • Dating • Financial problem. • Pressure from parents • Youth achievements • Time management • Addicted to game
  3. 3. Youth are back bone to the nation. They can change the future of the society with their well being and courageous behavior. They are here to show us that which we have not been willing to look at within ourselves. Unfortunately today we find the youth those who are being facing an extraordinary pressure from parents and teachers on their studies. It causes by so many reasons around the society and present growing needs for the employment. They choose to spend their days doing drugs and etc. They have no vision and if they do have dreams they do not have the drive to make any attempt at achieving them. Nobody can deny that the key to success lies under hard work. Thus, everyone wants to be successful and happy. The competition for success, however, is the main cause for young people, which makes them concentrate only on their school performance. Consequently, youths are becoming obliged to provide most of their time learning academic subjects rather than socializing with peers. Firstly, the main cause for the pressure in studies is change in education system. The school environment itself can be a cause of stress on students. Students moving into secondary education find it challenging to constantly move around to classes. Those matriculating to tertiary education are challenged with leaving home and establishing a new life in a new setting. Both can cause stress on students. Present education syllabus and system built such a manner that it covers a huge area of syllabus. It is very difficult to the younger to complete the syllabus and reach the expectations and
  4. 4. given goals by the teachers. Another cause would be extracurricular activities. Every student tend to participate in sports or dance school or martial arts etc, In top of their mental hard work at school again they have to participate such activities which means it makes them to tired physically also with no time left in hand. Student life is filled with thinking about dating, dating, trying to date, failing to date, and being “dumped”•. The mating game is filled with eustress, but it also involves distress, and is among the greatest causes of stress on students. Parental pressure is one the most obvious reason which oblige children to add more time to their studies. Parents would like their youth to successfully pass the exams and eventually attend in higher educations. As a result, youth who find themselves in a severe competence with their counterparts, try to increase their chance by over-studying. In addition, parental pressure is the impact that leads the situation to look worse. Parents want their children to succeed in school, but they also want to see success in life’s other areas. Studying till late night is needed and attending extra tuition classes are some method of them to achieve their goal. For example, as soon as a student arrives from school, he is controlled by his parents, who make him do homework, send him to tuition centre and etc. Therefore, both education authorities and parents are having incredible influence on young. In recent days, there is a passion developed in parents to pursue their children towards part time courses after the school timing. This is directly affects the youth achievements and they have to work very hard to meet all the given goals from the various fields like academic and extracurricular activities. As per the study there is 7% students committed suicide by not bearing the pressure given at school and
  5. 5. home on their studies. A lack of time management also causes stress on students, whether secondary or tertiary. Students are often involved in addiction to online games. They can stay up in front of the computer playing online game from day till night. Balancing academics, dating, peer activities, and home life can be difficult. Toss in a part-time job, and the challenge increases. Last but not least, to solve these problems of the younger, teachers and parents should change their attitude. There should be a proper time table and feed back from the student. We should always give goals and targets which is possible, not with many strain and stress. Mainly we have to consider the likes and dislike of the students and basis we have to approach with our plans and strategies. In addition, it can be suggested that establishing a proper lifestyle is the thing which helps one cope with the pressure. In other words, doing all the activities that one would like to do is supposed to be good way of living. For example, communicating with friends also helps forget about the current problems and you can always enjoy chatting with them. With this remedies surely we can make students to avoid little leisure time and under stress in their studies. [ Total words : 796 ]
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