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  • Corporate stability – founder still CEORapid CMS deployment = reduced time to $$ valueGrowth shows stability and our progress
  • The last 15 years of History has shown how fast change happens At Ektron we believe we are in one of the greatest inflection point in the history of the WebIt is about Managing the site visitors user experience (That site visitor has an attention problem)Personalizing the content to your site visitor based on what we know about them. And boy do we know about your site visitor, without them telling us anything!!!And for those of you who want to use our new Facebook connect - You know their social graphWith our new Mobile support, with device detection and targeting.With our new GEOIP, we know where the site visitor is coming from. Localizing your site visitor experience.Lead Generation, what every sales organization wants and what every marketing team wants to deliverBut Better than leads, Organizations want to sell their products and services online with social eCommerce
  • Corporate stability – founder still CEORapid CMS deployment = reduced time to $$ valueGrowth shows stability and our progress
  • ** Your job is really, really hard and the technologies necessary to support your jobs is unbelievably convoluted **Ektron can help bring these technologies together based on unique customer organization requirements.
  • Ships in March of Q1Following this additions based on market demand include ExactTarget, Oracle Siebel, Eloqua or others.What we’re able to do with this product is build out other integration points based on customer demand.
  • Sean O Leary Slide Deck

    1. 1. Connect Content to Revenue™Becoming an Online Revenue Centric Company Sean O’Leary Regional Sales Manager Sean.O’ Twitter: @CreativeRider
    2. 2. About EktronEmpower Marketers to Connect Content to RevenueEktron empowers organizations to fully realize their digital marketingpotential by connecting content to revenue■ Founded in 1998 by current CEO – William Rogers■ Headquarters in Nashua, NH ■ Global Region Offices - Australia, Canada & United Kingdom■ 270+ Employees■ 150+ business partners globally■ Over 8,000 customers running over 12,000+ web sites■ Ektron technology scales to meet the needs of the most complex global customers like AXA, Citi, Kodak, Microsoft, NASDAQ down to the smallest not-for-profit organizations■ Most rapidly deployed CMS technology in Marketplace■ FY2011 - 29% YOY license growth
    3. 3. Product History Experience Era • Ektron Digital Experience Hub 2012+ Persuasive Era • Ektron Marketing Optimization 2010 Social Era 2007 • Ektron Social Collaboration Transactional Era CMS400.NET 2003 Informational Era 1998 Ektron founded - eWebEditPro
    4. 4. Meet the Executive Team Bill Rogers – Founder and CEO Tim McKinnon– CTO ■ WCM pioneer; invented 1st web- ■ Search visionary led strategy for based HTML editor and first .NET- Endeca and FAST. Instrumental in sale based WCM platform. of Endeca to Oracle. Sean Lannan – CFO Mark Willson – SVP, Client Services ■ Former CFO at BBN Technologies; ■ 20 years of leadership experience led sale to Raytheon for $350m. directing Web development for large digital marketing agencies. Neil Miller – SVP, Sales ■ Experienced sales leader and WCM Ben Schilens – VP, Channel veteran from HP/Autonomy. ■ 7 years experience in WCM; former managing director of Ektron EMEA. Tom Wentworth – CMO ■ 15 years in senior WCM marketing Len Gilsenberg – VP, Tech Alliances roles at Adobe, Interwoven, and ■ 10 year content management veteran HP/Autonomy. led strategic alliances for EMC. Bill Cava – Chief Evangelist Alpesh Patel – VP, Engineering ■ Experienced software architect ■ Founding Engineer behind Ektron’s leads developer relations programs pioneering eWebEditPro.
    5. 5. Ektron’s Position Today Empower Marketers to Connect Content to Revenue Milestones from 2011■ Refocus of Strategy■ Investment Expansion of the Partner Ecosystem: ■ Rockfish ■ Perficient ■ Organic ■ RazorFish■ Industry Leadership Growth■ Gartner WCM Magic Quadrant 2011 – Visionary Position■ Forrester WCM Wave Report 2011 - Leader■ American Hospital Association Endorsement
    6. 6. 2012 Hypatia GalaxyCustomer Content Management ■ Ektron is the highest ranked WCM vendor ■ Strong in website personalizatio n for all website visitors
    7. 7. Ektron SolutionsEmpower Marketers to Connect Content to RevenueProvide the most scalable, Empower marketers to createextensible, mobile, partner contextually relevant customerfriendly, .NET WCM platform experiences.for the Enterprise.Connect WCM with Systems Create vibrant socialof Experience. communities for employees and customers.
    8. 8. All-in-one Vs. Best-in-breed VS.
    9. 9. New product: Digital Experience Hub (Q1 2012)Connecting WCM with Systems of Experience
    10. 10. As a result, the key to selecting solutions is understandingthe vendors long-term vision.Be wary of vendors that promise a big-bang solution;they are more interested in selling you all the componentsof their "suites" than they are in helping you leveragewhat you already own.August 10, 2011Harnessing The Convergence OfCustomer Experience ManagementSolutions
    11. 11. Questions? Thoughts? Sean O’Leary 303-669-4124 Twitter: @Creativerider