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10 Lessons for Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your Community


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I have spent the last 8 years living in Tulsa, Oklahoma after moving from my hometown of San Jose, California. Following a Mayoral appointment to Chair of Entrepreneurial Initiatives at the City of Tulsa in 2006, a small team of us began the process of actively building an entrepreneurial ecosystem. This Slidedeck shares some of the lessons I have learned from the process. Please feel free to contact me to learn more.

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10 Lessons for Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your Community

  1. 1. 10 Lessons ForBuilding AnEntrepreneurialEcosystem In YourCommunityby Sean GriffinEntrepreneurial Catalyst Dude@seankgriffin
  2. 2. A Global Movement Is Brewing
  3. 3. Entrepreneurship = Freedom
  4. 4. Entering 6th Year Of ConsciousEcosystem Development In Tulsa
  5. 5. Learning ThroughExperimentation
  6. 6. Lesson #1Act With An Entrepreneurial MindsetBe An Entrepreneurial Ecosystem StartUp.
  7. 7. Lesson #2Work With A Small Dedicated TeamFocus On Human Capital Development & People Collecting.
  8. 8. Lesson #3Let Entrepreneurs LeadEntrepreneurs Know What Entrepreneurs Need.
  9. 9. Lesson #4Tailor To Strengths Of The RegionDon’t Try To Be Silicon Valley or Something You Are Not.
  10. 10. Lesson #5Focus On The Needs Of EntrepreneursMeet Entrepreneurs Where They Are In Their Business Building Cycle.
  11. 11. Lesson #6Engage & Enroll Service ProvidersGet As Many People On Board As Possible.
  12. 12. Lesson #7Bottom Up, Not Top DownYou Cannot Oversight or Umbrella Entrepreneurs.
  13. 13. Lesson #8Business Model Coaching & MentoringCoach Bootstrapping, Lean, & Accelerate To Market Techniques.
  14. 14. Lesson #9Recognize & Reward EntrepreneursPromote Entrepreneurial Behavior. Entrepreneurs Grow Entrepreneurs.
  15. 15. Lesson #10Not All About Technology CompaniesHelp Non-Tech Companies Use Technology For Increased Competiveness.
  16. 16. From 1980–2005, Firms Less Than Five Years Old Accounted For All Net Job Growth In The United States. Business Dynamics Statistics Briefing: Jobs Created from Business Startups in the United States, January 2009
  17. 17. New Companies Add An Average Of 3 Million Jobs In TheirFirst Year, While Older Companies Lose 1 Million Jobs Annually. The Importance of Startups in Job Creation and Job Destruction, July 2010
  18. 18. 565,00 New Businesses Are Created Each Month. 3,000 Of These AreHigh Growth Companies. At The End Of The Year Only 300 Are Still Operating. At The End Of Five Years Only 30 Are Operating. Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity 1996-2010, March 2011
  19. 19. Stop Talking.Start Doing!
  20. 20. @SeanKGriffin