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Reliance jio


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Reliance jio

  1. 1. SUMMER PROJECT REPORT On “ A Study to understand the market potential of Reliance Jio 4G services in Dahisar East Area of Mumbai.” Presented By: Name: Sean Rodrigues Roll No: 96 Year: 2015 Under the guidance of Prof. Jackson John.
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE • Reliance Communications owns and operates the world's largest next generation IP enabled connectivity infrastructure which comprises 280,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable systems in India, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Asia Pacific region. • Reliance Group ranks among India's top private sector business houses in terms of net worth. • The Company has a good customer base. • Reliance covers over 21,000 cities and towns and over 400,000 villages.(india) • Reliance Jio is in process to set-up the 4G LTE infrastructure .
  3. 3. • RJIL is setting up reliable (4th generation) high speed internet connectivity, rich communication services and various digital services on pan India basis in key domains such as education, healthcare, security, financial services, government citizen interfaces and entertainment.
  4. 4. RELIANCE JIO’S VISION Reliance’s vision for India is that broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item ,Rather convert it into a basic necessity that can be consumed in abundance by consumers and small businesses .The initiatives are truly aligned with the Government of India's ‘Digital India’ vision for our nation. • Digital Healthcare • Affordable Devices • Jio Drive • Digital Education • Digital Currency • Digital Entertainment and social connectivity
  5. 5. DRAWBACK OF EXISTING SYSTEM. • Deployment of 4G network in India is certainly not going to be easy as the telecom operators face the challenge to launch a new network along with improving the existing 2G and 3G networks in the country. • Since Airtel will be the first to launch 4G services in India whereas reliance jio plans to enter the market after a month,Airtel will already acquire a good customer base. • *since Reliance Jio is in a pre-launch phase it is very early to specify the drawbacks.*
  6. 6. • Struggled to deliver quality. • Airtel 4g is the only is the only major competition that Reliance Jio faces. • 4G adoption is likely to get another boost from the low-cost/budget smartphones supporting the network . • Operators need to brace up to deliver hassle-free services to customers. • Being the second largest mobile market in the world , Reliance Jio needs to keep this in mind that they need to cater to a mass audience not only with a good network but also LTE enabled handset options and various apps. • Reliance Jio can likely have a triple approach of Voice(calls), TV and Boadband Data focusing on full wallet share of subscribers. Opportunity for development
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY • To identify the ideal points for Reliance tower installation in F ward. • To find potential areas for small cell concept. • To study and analyze the customer’s preference for 4G Services.
  8. 8. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The study is exploratory in nature and structured questionnaire was used. Some closed ended questions were also framed to validate the responses. • Sampling technique - Stratified Random sampling. • Sample size - 30 Respondents. • Area Of Study - Dahisar East. • Primary sources - Retailers and distributors of dahisar east.
  9. 9. SCOPE OF THE STUDY 1) Tower identification: • To identify potential area’s with high density of network users. • To identify alternate sites for the designated ideal point. • To approach the society for permission and convince them to allow reliance jio to set up a tower on top of their building which will serve as a network enhancer for reliance’s upcoming 4g service. 2) Small cell concept • To identify high footfall vicinity.
  10. 10. • To capture a large customer base. • To encourage the customer to be a potential buyer by giving a trial of the upcoming service. 3) Retailers : • Be in good terms with the retailer . • To cater to the retailers needs , which is indirectly catering to the need of the customer. • To provide special privileges to retailers who have a good customer base in a area.
  11. 11. DATA FINDING AND INTERPRETATION 20% 33% 47% Q. From how long are you in the business of selling mobile handsets, recharge top-ups? Less then 3 years 1-3 years More then 3 years
  12. 12. Interpretation: • Dahisar and Borivali is an established market. Dahisar east carries out most of the business in Mumbai in terms of sales of handsets. • The Graph explains about the established market with 47% businesses are in the category of above 3 years followed by 33% in between the range of 1 to 3 years.
  13. 13. 50% 17% 6% 27% Q. What does the customer look for while selecting a network? Good Connectivity Fast Speed internet After sales Service Prices Interpretation: • According to the retailers, about 50% of the customers prefer network with better connectivity. • Network is the essential part as through it internet speed is dependent. • 27% of the retailers believe that the price affects the Consumers buying process. • And the remaining 17% and 6% opted for fast speed internet and after sales services respectively.
  14. 14. 37% 63% Q. Do you sell Airtel 4G internet services/plans Yes No Interpretation: • As 4g has recently entered the market, the retailers are reluctant to purchase the plans. • And 4g enabled phones are on the higher cost range, consumers and retailers prefer purchasing 3g plans. • According to the graphs, Nearly 63% retailers don’t sell 4g plans and the remaining 37% prefer selling them
  15. 15. 27% 73% Q. Are you Aware about Reliance Jio's Jio chat app? Yes No Interpretation: • As the Jio app was recently launched, the retailer wasn’t aware about the app. • 73% weren’t aware about the app where as the remaining 27% already knew about the app.
  16. 16. 10% 3% 57% 27% 3% Q. If Reliance Jio Launches 4g internet plans/ Services how likely are you to consider it? Highly unlikely Unlikely Likely Highly likely Dont Know Interpretation: • As reliance and other companies are coming out with cheaper phones with 4g enabled, 57% retailers are likely of selling the 4g services to the customers. • 27% highly accepted to sell the reliance 4g plans.
  17. 17. 33% 60% 7% Which network do you prefer? Airtel Vodafone others Interpretation: • Vodafone has a very strong customer base in the market.
  18. 18. Q. WHAT DO YOU THINK SHOULD RELIANCE 4G OFFER TO CUSTOMER WHICH OTHER SERVICE PROVIDERS ARE NOT OFFERING? 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 better connectivity better scheme others no answer better network coverage Better after sales service Suggestion
  19. 19. LIMITATIONS 1) Tower identification : • Difficult to contact the concerned person of the society (chairman/secretary). • Time constraint. • Identity proof required (people had trust issues). • Due to various news the customer were under a perception that a tower emits harmful radiations that causes health the customer was already in a negative mind-set
  20. 20. 2) Small cell concept : • Time constraint with relation to setting up a meeting with the owner of the concerned place. • Important to approach the owner with the technician to gain more brightness of how profitable setting up the small cell will be to him. 3) Retailers: • Very crucial to make the retailer feel that he is important ,so constant communication should be done on daily basis with the help of the distributor.
  21. 21. RECOMMENDATIONS 1) Tower identification: • Before approaching the society members while convincing them it would be recommended to explain the members or the head of the society with interactive techniques like videos and facts stating that the current towers do not emit harmful radiations which is monitored by TRAI. 2) Small cell concept: • Explain in detail about how profitable installing a small cell in their vicinity will be
  22. 22. 3) Retailers: • Have a good relationship with the distributors. • Increase their profit margin by a bit.
  23. 23. FINDINGS • One of the major reason quite a lot retailers do not sell reliance services its because they get less margin when compares to other network providers. • Reliance needs to put a lot of effort into improving the connectivity issue that most of the customers face.
  24. 24. CONCLUSION Customers do not prefer reliance network therefore it will be a hard task to get a good customer base for the 4G network , so it is very crucial to improve the image of the 2g and 3g services available.
  25. 25. REFERENCE • •$file/BTH2012 Venkatram.pdf • 15226.html#sthash.C6ZSUhjg.dpuf • 15226.html#sthash.SHJ78Dhjg.dpuf