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Creating Your Own Static Website Generator


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Many people use popular client-side libraries such as React and Angular, although many don't consider server-side rendering like VueJS, nevermind creating their own.

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Creating Your Own Static Website Generator

  1. 1. Creating Your Own Static Website Generator By Sean O’Mahoney
  2. 2. Pre-requisites to Follow Along Demo  Have NodeJS installed  If you want to put it online, have a GitHub account and GitHub installed  Ideally have Visual Studio Code installed (although any other text editor works)  That’s it!
  3. 3. How I Came Up With This?  Recreating Jekyll (written in Ruby) in NodeJS: 
  4. 4. What/Why?  Sometimes called SSR, that being Server Side Rendered  Essentially a server will create files (HTML/CSS/JS/etc) which will be served  Great for data that is not subject to frequent changes or is by yourself  Can lead to great performance (since everything is already compiled)  (TTFB = Time to First Byte, FCP = First Contentful Paint, TTI = Time to Interactive)  Usually better security, no open API endpoints, accessing databases, etc  Also being server side, you can use any API Keys to get/render data from other sources  Ideal for custom portfolios/blogs
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Why Custom?  No restriction to a framework (which could be providing too much abstraction)  (essentially, you are in charge of the code and can understand if it breaks easier)  Any data could be used to generate the site, from files, json or even using API calls  If you have web optimisation knowledge, you can use Chrome Dev Tools to increase performance  It’s fun!
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Quick Audit  Around 100 HTML files generated  0.2 Seconds until initial load  100 in Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice and SEO in Google Lighthouse
  9. 9. Live Demo!
  10. 10. NPM Packages I Use  fs – built in, used to access the file system (create files)  copy-dir – easily copy directories, for example a _statics folder to _site  shelljs – use commands like mkdir and rm to create and delete files/folders  beautify – adds tabbing/formatting to code stings like JSON  minify – removes comments and empty space from strings, reducing size  xml-js – quite self explanatory, turns xml into json, used to get data from sitemaps  @octokit/rest – the official package for GitHub, can get users repos
  11. 11. Any Questions?