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Online Reputation Management


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Managing Your Personal Reputation Online Presented for @CrainsSocial and @CrainsEvents

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Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. Managing Your Personal Online ReputationInterpreting & Influencing Search Results Sean McGinnis
  2. 2. About Sean McGinnisVP Sales & Marketing - DotCO Law Marketing312digital.com12 years digital marketing8 years management & leadershipLed one of largest SEO teams in USTwitter – @SeanMcGinnisFacebook - @SMcGinnisLinkedIn - @SeanMcGinnis 312digital
  3. 3. Our Objectives & AgendaWhat, How & Why of SEOHow to analyze search resultsHow to create positive search resultsWhat to do about negative search resultsWhat to consider when hiring an SEO consultant 312digital
  4. 4. What is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”It is the process of getting traffic from the“free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural”listings on search engines…. Payment isn’tinvolved, as it is with paid search ads.- 312digital
  5. 5. Why is SEO Important? Search remains a MASSIVE part of the online experience among internet users. 17.5 BILLION explicit core searches in May 2012, up 2% from previous month. Google dominates market with two- thirds of searches. Yahoo search results are powered by Bing. Together Bing/Yahoo 28.8% of searches. Do not ignore Bing/Yahoo! 56 32 312digital
  6. 6. Why is SEO important? Paid ResultsOrganicResults 312digital
  7. 7. Why is SEO important? 10% of clicks90% of clicks 312digital
  8. 8. Why is SEO important? Notice the difference in click through rate between #1 and #5 on Google & Bing. 18.2% v 3.09% Google - 589% 9.66% v 1.85% Bing - 522% Significant differences worth pursuing 312digital
  9. 9. Anatomy of a Search ResultBlended search results present multiple opportunities 312digital
  10. 10. But how do Search Engines WORK? 312digital
  11. 11. But how do Search Engines WORK? Algorithm decides the order of search resultsGoogle algorithm = 200+ signals. Changes continually. 312digital
  12. 12. Search Engines of Yesterday 312digital
  13. 13. Search Engines of Today Billions of pages indexed, hundreds of criteria• Is it relevant? • Is it authoritative? – Text on the page – Authority of linking sites – Title tags – Number of linking sites – Header content – Diversity of linking sites – Web Page Address (URL) Search engines today recommend just like you do! 312digital
  14. 14. The Power of a LinkAdobe Reader #1 of over 3 billion results 312digital
  15. 15. The Power of a LinkJust a download page. “Click Here” does not appear on page 312digital
  16. 16. Two MAJOR Algorithm Changes Panda Penguin 312digital
  17. 17. Basic SEO Resources• rusted_dlcp/ earch-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf (Or just search Google for “Google Starter Guide”)••• 312digital
  18. 18. Baseline Current Search Results Begin at the beginning Sign out of Google first! 312digital
  19. 19. Mark search results to target Get a clear picture of the current landscape• Identify negative search results you wish to remove from first page.• Identify positive search results on page 2-5 you wish to drive higher.• Identify neutral search results (neither negative nor positive – often not about you). 312digital
  20. 20. Create a Google AccountTable stakes – a must have if not yet in your portfolio 312digital
  21. 21. Complete Your Google AccountReview info linked from within Google Dashboard 312digital
  22. 22. Get Notified of New Search Results Create Google Alert for everything! 312digital
  23. 23. Complete profiles on well regarded sites 312digital
  24. 24. Build Sites on Branded Domains 312digital
  25. 25. Guest posts 312digital
  26. 26. Link & Promote Wisely• Link to results you want improved to move from other positive and powerful assets.• Promote posts and guest posts from social media and other locations.• Link back to your hub locations from all guest post bios.• Create content (posts, articles, videos, pictures, graphics) that is viral in nature and will be shared by others. 312digital
  27. 27. Create Link Hubs 312digital
  28. 28. What to do about negative search results 312digital
  29. 29. VERY first step! Create positive search results!!!• See previous section of this presentation for ideas and tactics.• SEO is a zero-sum game. Your competition can only lose when someone else beats them to that slot!PRO TIP: Every site not controlled by enemy is potential asset. 312digital
  30. 30. You can’t just hit “delete”, but… Besides better “positive SEO” there are many options…• Ask publisher to remove the negative item.• Treat it as you would a bad customer service experience.• If abusive, illegal or threatening, report to hosting company.• If makes sense, offer to purchase the offending asset and redirect to your other assets. 312digital
  31. 31. Hiring an SEO Consultant? Think like a search engine!Resource: 312digital
  32. 32. Final Thought…Engage in Reputation Management BEFORE you need it. 312digital
  33. 33. Questions? Please connect with me!Twitter – @SeanMcGinnisFacebook - @SMcGinnisLinkedIn - @SeanMcGinnis 312digital