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Lib guides


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Lib guides

  1. 1. Tips and Updates
  2. 2. We all need to update our subject guides for … OneSearch Maryland AskUsNow Current contentWe can delete … The Research Port Cross Search widget The WorldCat FSU boxThis will require a separate meeting in August
  3. 3. Our LibGuides are part of our mobile websiteplatform. Formatting is important to keep theguides mobile-ready. Use paragraph format, bullet points, ornumbered lists Avoid the use of tables, especially pastedfrom MSWord Avoid manual tabbing Avoid overly large images
  4. 4. When adding a box to a LibGuide, you have theoption to reuse an existing box from another guide.Make sure to check the “make a copy” box to put acopy of the box you can edit on your LibGuide
  5. 5. You have the option to borrow pages and boxesfrom the entire LibGuide community, but only if“Community” is selected when you create a newLibGuide:Make sure toask thecontentcreator forpermissionwhenborrowing!
  6. 6. Embedding videos and widgets can make your guidemore dynamic and appealing and it’s easy to do ifyou select the right box type when you add a newbox!
  7. 7. Media Sources like YouTube, SlideShare, etc.give you code to copy in order to embed inyour LibGuide. Just paste it in!
  8. 8. When you publicly publish a new LibGuide, youhave the option to spread the news of Twitter!Ask me for ourTwitterpassword!