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Social media for Business

  1. 1. Tips for Businesses & Professionals Sean Henri 10/27/2011
  2. 2.  Intro to Social Media Social Media For Business ◦ Uses ◦ Writing for Social Media ◦ Measuring Success Quick exercise ◦ Distributing a press release or article via social media Social Media for Professionals ◦ Be Responsible ◦ Using social media to get a job ◦ Controlling Privacy
  3. 3.  There’s more to social media than just Facebook & Twitter Any website or web-based application that encourages the “creation and exchange of user-generated content”.
  4. 4.  Social Networking  Group Buying ◦ Facebook ◦ Groupon ◦ LinkedIn ◦ Living Social ◦ Google + ◦ Google Deals ◦ Yammer  Social Q&A Social News Sites ◦ Yahoo Questions ◦ Twitter ◦ LinkedIn Groups ◦ Digg ◦ Quora ◦ Reddit ◦ Focus ◦ LinkedIn Today  Product Reviews Social Media Sharing ◦ Google Product Search ◦ YouTube ◦ Google Places ◦ Flickr ◦ FourSquare ◦ Slideshare ◦ Yelp ◦ Wikipedia ◦ UrbanSpoon Blogging & MicroBlogging ◦ Amazon ◦ Wordpress ◦ eBay ◦ Tumblr  Location Based Mobile Apps ◦ Posterous ◦ FourSquare ◦ Twitter ◦ Google Places
  5. 5.  Peers Trust Peers It’s where customers are spending the most time 90% trust a friend’s recommendation over critics review Unbiased feedback & useful insights Customers are forming and sharing opinions that will impact your brand
  6. 6.  Listen ◦ Understand what your customers are saying about your brand Network ◦ Leading the online conversation is the best way to communicate your message Energize ◦ Give fans the tools they need to share your message among their peers. Embrace ◦ Ask clients for new ideas that drive better service and greater innovation. Sell ◦ Both small and large businesses are increasingly looking to measure ROI on social media. Sales are possible. Support ◦ Customers offer support to other customers via conversations
  7. 7.  Over 500 million people on Facebook every day Customers engaging in conversations, sharing recommendations Brands earn permission to engage customers Facebook Pages allow businesses opportunity to join conversation Advertising: Advanced demographic targeting options
  8. 8.  Build your Page ◦ Photo ◦ Location ◦ Info ◦ Apps ◦ Wall Posts
  9. 9.  Talk to your customers ◦ Share exclusive content ◦ Ask questions ◦ Create an event ◦ Check your page daily ◦ Reward your fans Expand your reach ◦ Use Like button on website, emails ◦ Run Facebook Ads Analyze and Optimize ◦ Use Facebook Insights, generate your own reports
  10. 10.  World’s largest professional network online 120 million professionals Includes executives from all Fortune 500 companies Educated, affluent, influential membership Advertising Options Company Pages (over 2 Million) Build relationships with individuals/ decision makers Opportunity to become “Thought Leader”
  11. 11.  More than 200 million users Unlimited reach Quick and easy Great distribution tool for promotions, articles, press releases, and viral content Customer Service ◦ People vent on twitter ◦ Opportunity to respond
  12. 12.  140 Characters @handle #hashtag URL Shorteners ◦ ◦ ◦ RT DM
  13. 13.  Tweet – Message up to 140 characters in length Avatar – Personal Image or Brand Logo DM – direct, private message to another user Lists – List of tweeters (Authors, Teammates, Musicians, etc.) #FF – Follow Friday Mention – Mentioning another user (Everybody follow @SeanHenri) Retweet – the act of repeating another user’s tweet to your followers
  14. 14.  Always add an Avatar Include location & descriptive bio Include link in bio ◦ Website ◦ LinkedIn Profile Branding: logo, colors, slogans
  15. 15.  140 Characters Get them to do something ◦ Link to content – articles, videos, photos, press releases, surveys ◦ Ask a question Learn to tease ◦ Write engaging headlines that get people wanting more Be personal Use proper grammar Include keywords for SEO Use #hashtags! Shorten your links (
  16. 16.  Know the rules Traditional copywriting best practices apply Think in 140 characters Get them to click, share, or respond Know SEO Two way conversation Keep it light, fun, retweetable
  17. 17.  Completed Transactions ◦ Sales originating directly from social media Leads Generated ◦ Sales, sponsorship Lead Generation Activity ◦ What activity lead to these new leads Customer Service Measurement ◦ How many customers were responded to? ◦ What feedback did we get? Raised Awareness ◦ Post views, clickthroughs, replies, demographics
  18. 18.  Split into groups Each group will receive an article or press release to “share” on social media Write three unique “posts” for sharing on: ◦ Facebook ◦ Twitter ◦ LinkedIn
  19. 19. Using Social Media Responsibly
  20. 20.  Social networking should be fun, but be responsible Once something is shared it is difficult to erase Photos & videos will come back to haunt you Don’t say something online that you wouldn’t say in the office
  21. 21.  Recruiters using social media to find talent Hiring managers research applicants online LinkedIn is a gold mine for recruiters Twitter – Network with those in your industry ◦ Follow lists and topics to find other professionals ◦ Build your reputation ◦ Link to your LinkedIn profile or website in Bio Blogs – Own your name! ( ◦ Write unique content to establish yourself as an expert ◦ Dominate search results ◦ Bury the bad stuff
  22. 22.  YES! Every connection is a good connection* Opportunity to grow relationship outside of work Increased Privacy Controls Build friendships with co-workers ◦ Opportunity for referrals down the road Share knowledge ◦ Stay in front of industry trends
  23. 23.  Increasing amount of privacy options Use “lists” and “circles” to control who can see what Try “view as” feature on Facebook to see what your friends can see Learn More: ◦ Facebook: ◦ Twitter: ◦ LinkedIn: ◦ Google+: