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Learning Innovation Overview


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Learning Innovation Overview

  1. 1. Learning InnovationCOMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER Deep customer care and sales domain knowledge allows TeleTech to buildAND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONS customized learning solutions based on your budget, need, and situation.
  3. 3. TeleTech’s Learning InnovationProducts • Simulated Learning • Social Learning • eLearning • Mobile Learning • Video Learning • Leadership Learning
  4. 4. 1 COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSLearning InnovationTeleTech’s Learning Innovation solution focuses on building the learning and leadership skills for our clients’ mostvalued resource - people. Our solution transforms a single discrete training event that pushes information downto learners, to a continuous on-going learning practice where learners collaborate and augment their knowledgefrom live operations throughout the project lifecycle.With deep customer care and sales domain knowledge, perfected and honed over three decades, TeleTech builds customizedlearning solutions based on your budget, need, and situation. These help to exceed both top-line and bottom-line growth byfacilitating the close of more sales, the increase of operational productivity, and the reduction of employee development costs.TeleTech’s learning tools enable learners to quickly perform their skills at optimum levels by augmenting learning environmentsand then deploying asynchronous eLearning solutions with user-friendly interfaces. Simulated customer scenarios are deliveredthrough an array of mediums including social, online, mobile, and job-simulated role-plays. These techniques immerse learners ina realistic operations environment while in a safe and controlled learning atmosphere.Benefits of TeleTech’s Learning Innovation solution include: • Reduced in-class training time • Improved 30- and 60-day post-on-boarding performance data • Increased customer satisfaction scores • Increased employee satisfaction scores TeleTech Learning Innovation Solution Facts: • 8.48 million total learning hours • 972,612 course completions • 4,795 dedicated learning stations • 197 dedicated learning rooms • 406 full time trainers
  5. 5. LEARNING INNOVATION OVERVIEW 2Our experience with customer care, technicalsupport, back-office management, and revenuegeneration programs, merged with a leadingedge technology infrastructure and deliveryplatform to ensure continuous, collaborative,hands-on learning, makes TeleTech a trustedpartner for Learning Innovation solutions.
  6. 6. Case StudyTeleTech was approached by a global electronics retailer to create an innovative wayto develop a learning curriculum. Our Learning Innovation solution team recognizedthat the client was in need of a collaborative, global learning platform to supportnumerous programs around the world.During the curriculum development phase, the client was given access to TeleTech’sinternal social and global collaboration platform which was structured with dedicateddevelopment, facilitator, and learner spaces. Simultaneously, the client’s subjectmatter experts accessed this platform to provide real-time feedback on the trainingcurriculum. TeleTech’s learning consultants from each of the global customerprograms were able to share their location’s unique perspectives as well as helpdevelop creative exercises and robust facilitator guides, all housed in one single space.Once the curriculum was developed, learners were able to reference, commenton, and rate each learner guide, providing trainers, instructional designers, and theclient with immediate, unfiltered feedback.The results of having a global, collaborative learning platform were profound.These include: • A reduction of in-class, on-site training by 13 percent • An enhanced, consistent, and engaging new hire and on-going training, which led to a dramatic increase in employee satisfaction • An 8.7% improvement in customer satisfaction and a 14.7% reduction in average handle times for each customer interaction
  7. 7. 5 COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSLearning Innovation ProductsTeleTech understands that people serve as every company’s greatestasset. That is why our Learning Innovation solution focuses on learning andleadership services. Since 1982, we’ve perfected the process of bringingemployees on board quickly, efficiently, and with the right training. We havea suite of learning products that we continuously innovate to address thechanging needs of your business.Simulated Learning Social Learning eLearningTraditional role-play sessions and Through a dynamic integration of Our eLearning team ensures that designconventional “fish bowl role-plays” are technologies and learning philosophies, principles of the eLearning courses alignreplaced by realistic simulated learning. training and support resources can now with the interests, responsibilities, andBy utilizing the TeleTech GigaPOP® collaborate online through TeleTech’s performance requirements of today’sinfrastructure, learners simulate typical social collaboration platform, which is learners. This team provides our clientscustomer interactions through an similar to other social media platforms with the ability to create innovativealternative operations environment. such as Facebook or Twitter . Using ® ® video-based learning solutions thatNew hires are immediately exposed to this platform, learners share ideas, engage learners, while deliveringthe real world scenarios and situations feedback, and suggestions. Trainers and critical learning skills. Our eLearningbefore interacting with real customers. support personnel can share comments team empowers your customers byLearners practice with their peers from and best practices on what works – and publishing learning material directly toany location across the globe as if they what doesn’t – for each training module. public websites. By providing advancedwere in the same room. Quality experts, The instructional design team receives self-service learning tools, customerstrainers, clients, and leaders can take real-time comments and can adjust can easily educate themselves aboutpart in these simulated conversations the material on the fly with continually products and services which helps helpand role-play directly with learners. updated and validated information. increase satisfaction with your brand.To add to the live scenario, the actualperformance metrics are tracked inoperational performance managementsystems, call and video recording tools,and other metric tracking tools, andthen used for ongoing coaching.*Facebook is a registered trademark or trademarks of Facebook and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.*Twitter is a registered trademark or trademarks of Twitter and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.
  8. 8. LEARNING INNOVATION OVERVIEW 6Mobile Learning Video Learning Leadership LearningTeleTech delivers mobile-friendly We have incorporated video into key We offer a comprehensive and unifiedlearning courses available through many areas of learning to take advantage of employee development structure calledsmartphone platforms. Learners can use the latest high-definition video (HDV) the TeleTech Leadership Institute.their mobile devices to access eLearning distance-learning technologies. By The Institute offers a business-focusedcourses and stay current while they are using HDV, subject matter experts and development program that pinpoints keyon the go. Mobile Learning even offers a facilitators, regardless of their physical performance indicators and blends themdisconnected mode to allow use when location, can deliver training and share with proven employee satisfaction andnetwork connectivity is not available. best practices for a lower cost. retention principles. It offers an array ofThe system automatically synchronizes learning solutions and tools specificallywhen a phone network connection is re- designed for high-performing and high-established. This feature allows air travel potential turn into productive learning time. TeleTech Learning Innovation Solution Facts: • 12,770 video learning hours • 93.54% employee satisfaction • Over 40 standard learning reports, in four languages • CRM Excellence Award for enabling client to increase customer satisfaction by more than 17% while reducing learning costs by more than 41%
  9. 9. 7 COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER AND ENTERPRISE SOLUTIONSAn Innovative Solution for All IndustriesTeleTech’s Learning Innovation solution has transformed many Global 1000 businesses. TeleTech deliversextraordinary people, solutions, and technology to drive operational excellence and ensure engaging brandexperiences in the numerous industries we serve. Our expertise enables us to design customized learningsolutions for every vertical:• Automotive• Communications and Media• Financial Services• Government• Healthcare• Logistics• Retail• Technology• Travel and Hospitality
  10. 10. LEARNING INNOVATION OVERVIEW 8TeleTech at a GlanceFor Global 1000 leaders with complex challenges, TeleTech serves as thego-to partner for unmatched total value. We have earned an enviablereputation for transforming the goals of our clients and their customersinto new ways of thinking, performing, and buying. Our deep operationalheritage and unrivaled innovation allows us to solve our clients’ biggestchallenges, deliver revenue growth, and tie our business success directlyto their outcomes.We base everything we do on aphilosophy that ultimately transformsbusinesses via extraordinary people, Customersolutions, and technology. Our Innovationphilosophy ensures continuous programimprovements and engaging brandexperiences. The results? The cost toacquire, serve, and retain customers Revenuegoes down. Revenue and customer Generationsatisfaction increase. Performance-basedoutcomes help ensure positive results byaligning objectives. Hosted TechnologyContact TeleTech TodayContact us today at 303.397.8100or visit Enterprise Innovation Learning Learning Innovation Innovation Professional Services
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