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Davey Resume 11.08

  1. 1. Sean Davey 46 years Old, more than 30 years experience North Shore, Oahu Highly skilled in most facets of photography with a specialty for photography in, under and around water. I work well with others and am generally fun to be around. * Widely published in dozens of magazines, in USA, Hawaii, Australia, Japan, Germany, France, England, New Zealand and Brazil. * Over 100 magazine covers throughout my career. * Fully equipped for just about any location job. Equipment includes; Pro Digital cameras, full range of lens from 15mm to 1000mm, water proof housings for equipment, Full remote flash capa- bility in and out of the water. Editorial clients • USA: Surfing Water ESM GEO Transworld Surf Tidelines Outside Casagrande Press LA Times Wall Street Journal Blisss magazine Sunset Magazine The Surfers Journal Rolling Stone Pomegranate Communictions Discover Mens Journal • Australia: Tracks Waves Stab Alpha Ralph • • France: Fluid Beach Brother Trip Surf
  2. 2. • England: Surfer’s Path Carve Wavelength Mens Fitness • Germany: Surfers Blue Mag • Brazil: Alma Surf Fluir Rolling Stone • Japan: Surfing World Flow Nalu Surf Trip New Zealand: NZ adventure Slide Curl New Zealand Surfing • South Africa: mens Health Zig Zag web clients www.surfline.com www.allaboutsurf.com www.aroundhawaii.com
  3. 3. Advertising clients 775 Brasil Alpine Stars Buttons Hawaii Globe Local Motion Lui Lui Brasil LX Eyewear Miller Brewing Peppers Eyewear Rip Curl Australia Rip Curl Europe Rip Curl USA Rusty Smith Optics Volcom Da Kine Vertra RedBull DC Shoes Rusty Honolulu Weekly Photo Representation; U.S www.auroraphotos.com www.aframephoto.com Australia Corbis.com United Kingdom www.surfpix.co.uk Japan: www.aflo.com I also represent myself with my own website; www.seandavey.com I run a huge archive of images, covering a wide range of subject matter, mostly surf, sea and beach orientated with a touch of travel thrown into the mix. My archive currently runs 5 Terrabytes of imagery. Some of places that I’ve visited in my travels are; most of Australia, Tasmania, King Island, Fiji, Tahiti, Tonga, Cook Islands, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, West Java, Mentawai Islands, Philippines, England, Ireland, Hebredie Islands (Scotland), Nova Scotia, New York, Tokyo, New Zealand, Mi- cronesia, Haipai Islands, Brasil,
  4. 4. Awards 2001 Australian Surf Photography Awards: Best Water Shot 2002 Australian Surf Photography Awards: Best Life Style Shot 2002 Australian Surf Photography Awards: Best Line Up Shot 2002 Australian Surf Photography Awards: Best Big Wave Shot 2002 Australian Surf Photography Awards: Photog’ Of The Year 2003 Surfer Poll Awards: finalist in the photo of the year award. • Art Galleries currently representing my fine art WaveRiders Gallery, San Diego, USA Ph: 858-539 2680 Ask for Steve or Jeff e: steve@waveridersgallery.net http://www.waveridersgallery.net/catalog2/surfphotographer-sean-davey-c-23_27.html Montanaro Gallery, Rhode Island USA Ph: 401-616 1930 Ask for Michael or Michelle e: mike@montanarogallery.com http://www.montanarogallery.com/current_inventory/1.htm Backbeach gallery, Noosa, Australia Ph: 61 7 5473 5676 Ask for Phil or Jackie e: backbeachnoosa@bigpond.com http://www.backbeach.net.au/index.php 8 Western Australia (gallery coming soon) Deep Echology, Haleiwa, Hawaii Ph: 808-637 7946 ask for Pat
  5. 5. Art Showings Surf Culture - Contemporary Museum of Art, Honolulu 2003 Surf Style - Mina Gallery, San Fransisco 2003 State Of The Art - Pacific Surf Gallery 2003 Mostra Art and Culture Festival - Sao Paulo Brasil 2004, 2005, Art Show- ings (con- tinued)
  6. 6. “Silver Linings” by Sean Davey - Canon Gallery, Honolulu Nov 2006 “ “ “ “ “ - Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo - Brazil. Nov 2006 Art Galleries, representing my fine art
  7. 7. WaveRiders Gallery, San Diego, USA Ph: 877 539 2680 Ask for Steve or Jeff e: steve@waveridersgallery.net Sean Davey - Waveriders Gallery - A Collection of Fine Art and Photography Montenaro Gallery, Rhode Island USA Ph: 401 619 1930 Ask for Mike or Michelle e: mike@montanarogallery.com Montanaro Designs Backbeach gallery, Noosa, Queensland, Australia Ph: 61 (0) 7 5473 5676 Ask for Phil or Jackie e: backbeachnoosa@bigpond.com 8 Western Australia Deep Echology, Haleiwa, Hawaii Nautilus Gallery and coffee shop, King Island, Australia Ph: 61 (0) 3 6462 1868 Ask for Shannon e: nautilus@kingisland.net.au • Published Books
  8. 8. OCEANS, published in USA in 2000 Fotografias da Alma (pictures from the soul) Published in Brasil 2003 This is King Island (self published) in 2008 Books that I have collaborated on:
  9. 9. on location....