How to Develop a Strategic Sales Plan


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Develop a strategic sales plan that works for your service, construction or green industry business.

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How to Develop a Strategic Sales Plan

  1. 1. How to Develop a
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  3. 3. • Sales are the ‘life’ of your business. • Without sales, all the other things that make your business great (quality, creativity, passion, efficiency, service, trust) won’t matter much in growing a long-term, successful company. • If you can’t generate enough sales and revenue your business will struggle for sure, but having the WRONG sales will definitely push your company out of existence. • Here are the steps to take to develop not just a ‘plan’, but a strategic sales plan for growing both the top and bottom lines of your business. Connect with us:
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  7. 7. • This is by far the most critical early step in developing a STRATEGIC sales plan. • There is no reason to start planning for new sales if you aren’t sure where your most consistently profitable sales or contracts are now.
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  9. 9. • The difference between a Strategic Sales Plan and just a simple sales plan is the most fundamental principle of Sales 101: your existing customers are easier to sell to than new prospects! • Connect with us:
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  13. 13. All your new sales need to be clones of your most profitable sales and contracts. Connect with us:
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  15. 15. Be specific on the prospects, accounts, properties, and customers that meet your new sales template(s). Otherwise, you will spend more Chase time with bad prospects than Face time with good ones! Connect with us:
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  17. 17. Every sales process should revolve around the ability to deliver solutions to your prospects ‘needs’ based on your overall value proposition Connect with us:
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  19. 19. Remember, in the new sales world we live in, prospects want to be educated during their research and discovery process when they are looking for new business partners and service providers Connect with us:
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  21. 21. In many service industries there will always be many forms of sales opportunities, keeping your team focused on the right opportunities will be the most important role of a Sales Leader! Connect with us:
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