Using UPlanMe to Promote Your Events to 4,500,000 Potential Customers


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  • Instead of having to independently manage this content across your own site and your social media channels, UPlanMe enables you to maintain and update this content consistently across both. In addition, UPlanMe pushes out your updates across a network of 3rd party websites & mobile apps, all through the UPlanMe event hub.
  • Add your businesses events, specials, sales and updates. Typical events could include: Happy Hours, Daily Food or Drink Specials, Live Music / DJ’s, Special Events, Sales / Discounts, Updated Holiday Hours, Charity / Networking Events, Fitness Class Schedules. Anything with a date and time attached to it is considered an event to UPlanMe
  • The UPlanMe embeddable calendar is fully customizable and can be dropped onto any website with just a simple line of code. It updates in real-time as you manage your events on our system.
  • From UPlanMe Push out your events as real Facebook Page events with just a click. Post event reminders as Facebook status updates to your wall or Twitter stream also with just a click. Your customers can easily add these events to their calendars so they don’t forget!
  • Automatically reach millions of potential new customers every month without lifting a finger. UPlanMe will instantly push out your specials, events, updates, and sales across our network of blogs, media, travel, and dating sites and various location-based mobile applications. It pays for itself with the first new customer.
  • Using UPlanMe to Promote Your Events to 4,500,000 Potential Customers

    1. 1. Automatically market your specials, sales,updates, and promotions online to drive newcustomers.
    2. 2. UPlanMe is the online solution for brands &businesses to automatically manage theirspecials, sales, updates, and promotions acrossthe web and on mobile.YOURWEBSITESOCIALMEDIACUSTOMERS WEB / MOBILE APPS2
    3. 3. UPlanMe provides you with:1. A single dashboard tomanage all of yourspecials, sales, updates,and promotions from oneplace.Create daily, weekly, ormonthly recurring updatesto save time.3
    4. 4. 2. An embeddable calendarMost businesses find itdifficult to update theirwebsite on a daily basis.With UPlanMe, yourspecials, sales, updates,and promotions appear onyour own site automatically.UPlanMe provides you with:4
    5. 5. 3. Sync with pre-existing social media: UPlanMe updates appear as realFacebook page events. Link-backs push to Twitter feed and Facebook wall.UPlanMe provides you with:4. One-click add-to-calendar: Customers can add all updates to their ownpersonal calendars with just a click.5
    6. 6. 5. Access to our network of 3rd-partywebsites and apps: Your updatesautomatically reach millions of potential newcustomers across web and mobile…UPlanMe provides you with:Get all this for $15/monthper location, about the costof one new customer.6
    7. 7. Some feedback & customers“Shocked to say this, but this is alife-saver! This is going to save ushours and hours of work during the2013 SummerStage season” –SummerStage, Manager“I am surprised to say this...cause Inever do- But.... "yes" I aminterested [in UPlanMe’stechnology]” – Freddy’s Bar, Owner“This is so easy to use, it saves meat least 30 minutes a day and hasalready helped to bring in newcustomers” – Slate NYC, Marketing& Events Manager“I have been looking for software likethis for the past 3 years! Theembeddable calendar widget itself ismore than worth the $15 monthlyfee.” – The Maison, Owner7“Thanks for setting me up with thePremium Package! I just updated allof our recurring events and itsdefinitely going to be so much easierand effective for advertising.” –Marketing Manager, Tavern on 3rd
    8. 8. UPlanMe in the press2/16/2012As the "Pandora for your social life," the UPlanMe websiteprovides users with a personalized calendar based on theirinterests, suggesting events that UPlanMes "Busy Bee" selectsindividually.UPlanMe BlackBookEverythingPR ranked UPlanMes For Business functionality as one"2011′s Top 100 Best Startups for PRs““In addition to providing an outlet for businesses, publisherscan embed a UPlanMe calendar widget onto their site, fine tunethe events for their audience, and earn money.”Read more: UPlanMe Wakefield2/27/2012“This free product will save the social lives of busy bees…Thewebsite will give businesses a step up by reaching onlineaudiences that are truly interested in their brand.” UPlanMeMashable12/6/2012Keeping up with all the posting [events] can be time-consumingand challenging to get done, but [Tavern On Third] recentlysigned on to a free service called UPlanMe that aggregates all[their] social media activity on one dashboard. UPlanMe DirectMarketing News84/16/2013PandoDaily discusses how UPlanMe helps local businessesmanage and market their upcoming specials, promotions andevents through its embeddable calendar technology.“UPlanMe’s differentiator is that it solves an actualproblem for the local businesses” UPlanMe PandoDaily