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NSAC Nissan Campaign Plans Book

  1. 1. Car and Driver:Made for Each Other
  2. 2. ExecutiveaSummaryour campaign - at glance The automotive company Nissan has charged us with conceiving an integrated marketing campaign to target the multiculturalmillennial demographic, which consists of African American, Hispanic and Asian “millennials”: ages 18-29. First, we had to understand our target market. For months, we conducted primary (one-on-one interviews, focus groups, onlinesurveys) and secondary (Simmons OneView, R.L. Polk, Consumer Reports) research, which brought to life our strategy. We found that in order to demand the attention and persuade our target market, we must appear not as detached salesmenworking for a faceless corporation, but as peers, equals. Think of it not as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but as a wolf among its pack:familiar. Because of the knowledge gained through research, we developed a strategy that positions Nissan as a healthy competitor toToyota and Honda, brands that have historically outperformed Nissan in this market segment. We will highlight features of our vehicles, personality characteristics of multicultural millennials and then relate the two in order forthe consumers to find their “match.” In fact, we will go so far as to create a website that parodies the increasingly popular onlinedating sites. Through print media, we will showcase in pairs: each ad will harbor a vehicle (the Versa, Sentra, Altima, Rogue and Pathfinderforemost) and its human counterpart: not just an owner, but a companion. A perfect analogy is how some pet owners eventually start to look like their pets. We will deliver this idea to people in a fun,lighthearted fashion that still manages to deliver valuable information about the product. Because multicultural millennials are immune to the sales pitch, we will broadcast an air of transparency. This is essential towinning over the target. Our ads will always have a white background. We feel that this presents the product and the message as ifnothing is being hidden. We will have an app that not only has every bell and whistle imaginable for Nissan’s own products, but also options to compare tothat particular vehicle’s competitor across the category. We will hide nothing. To gain the trust of the multicultural millennials or MCMs, which research has proven is imperative tosuccess, we will open our doors and invite all of them the opportunity to get behind the driver’s seat of the car that is their perfectmatch. Car and Driver: Made for Each Other.
  3. 3. Table of contents Situation Analysis execution Research 2 paid 19 Target Market 3 created 23 Primary research 5 earned 26 consumer analysis 6 owned 28 company analysis 7 media flowchart 29 competitive analysis 8 budget 30 market analysis 10 swot analysis 12 Evaluation evaluation plan 31 Strategy campaign objectives 13 Appendix campaign strategy 14 list of sources 32 campaign overview 15 communication plan 16 contributions media strategy 17 team roster creative strategy 18 special thankstHE AssigmentIncrease Nissan’s total multicultural market share by targeting the African American, Asian and HispanicMillennial segments through a year-long IMC Campaign that will build awareness and lasting favorabilityamong these segments in the United States. 1 table of contents
  4. 4. RESEARCHTO FIND OUT & HOW WE DID ITWHAT WE WANTED RESEARCH OBJECTIVES Determine which aspects of Nissan’s vehicles are attractive to Multicultural Millennials Uncover psychographic and behavioral characteristics of Multicultural Millennials Decipher Multicultural Millennials’ perceptions of auto companies in the class Derive automptive purchase trends among Multicultural Millennials Pinpoint Multicultural Millennials’ common lifestyle trends Discover the media consumption habits of Multicultural Millennials 2 SITUATION ANALYSIS
  5. 5. TARGET MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS 18-29 YEARS OLDMULTICULTURAL MILLENnIALS 17% ASIAN 49% 43% 57% 34% WOMENWe found that MC Millennials have a few things in common AFRICAN AMERICAN HISPANIC MEN active in social media They’re trendsetters COMMUNITY IS IMPORTANT83% use social media 70% are always looking out for 84% feel the need to get the next big thing in technology, more involved in their community76% are on Facebook for fashion, music, or art as opposedmore than an hour every day71% have “liked” a brand to to 53% of White Millennials Education is top social concern 29% donate to education as VALUESreceive an offer 56% believe they are always one opposed to 10% of White Millennials AUTHENTICITY of the first to know about cultural58% use Twitter “all the time” events, happenings, and trends STYLE UNIQUENESS SUBSTANCETHEY LIKE BRANDS WHO CARE SKEPTICAL OF ads They’re Tech Savvy FAMILY89% are likely to switch brands if 48% say word-of-mouth 90% use the internet regularly COMMUNITYthe second brand is associated influences their purchases,with a good cause Only 17% say a TV ad prompted 62% access the internet via a69% consider a company’s socialand environmental commitmentwhen deciding to shop them to buy Only 29.3% say they are mobile device 94% own a cell phone Beliefs brand loyal EDUCATION IS CRUCIAL74% consider a company’s social A cause or incentive is required 88% text using their cell phoneand environmental commitment to follow a mass brand regularly OPTIMISTIC ABOUT FUTUREwhen deciding to shop FAMILY AND FRIENDSHIPS8 in 10 will take action on behalf ARE IMPORTANTof brands they trust such as joining sense of cultural acknowledgementcommunities, posting reviews andsharing brand experiences withothers TOP MC Millennial DMAs is key to their identity New York, NY San Bernardino, CA By cross-analyzing the87% agree companies making asincere effort to be part of theircommunity deserve support Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL Miami, FL San Diego, CA top asian, african american and hispanic DMAs with the top ATTITUDES Washington, D.C. Detroit, MI millennial DMAs, we PURSUE CHALLENGES THEY’RE PASSIONATE Houston, TX Phoenix, AZ were able to assemble LIKE TO TRY NEW THINGS Atlanta, GA Boston, MA this list of top186% more likely to be involved in Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX Seattle, WA Multicultural Millennial ENJOY ENGAGING IN COMMUNITIESthe arts/design/entertainment/media San Francisco, CA Baltimore, MD DMAs. OPEN TO CHANGEWant to live and pursue their Philadelphia, PApassionsPrefer to be defined by their choicein music and art thenextweb.com Images USA Slideshow Pew Research Center 3 SITUATION ANALYSIS
  6. 6. TARGET MARKET OF 3 SPECIFIC SEGMENTSOUR TARGET MARKET CONSISTSAFRICAN AMERICANs HISPANICs aSIANs 34% of the MC Millenial 49% of the MC Millenial 17% of the MC Millenial market market market 13% of the US Millenial 19% of the US Millenial 4% of the US Millenial population population population $66,000 median $68,000 median $78,000 median household income household income household income Watch an average of 40 hrs of TV per Over 75% of media Chinese are largest consumption is spent segment comprising week, more than any other segment on TV and radio 23% of Asians Opportunities: Opportunities: Opportunities: Heavy media consumption, especially TV Size, growth and spending power Younger than average U.S. population - and magazines 31.6 versus 35.3 years old Urban population concentration allows Large millennial population that is increasingly affluent 44% of Asian American have Bachelor’s for easier geographic targeting (40% of degree or higher versus 25% of US pop. African Americans live in 10 cities) Urban population concentration - 55% Significant spending power and market live in top 10 urban areas More likely to purchase a new car over size a used one Latino identity - all bound by language Higher median household income than Challenges: any other segment in the U.S. Challenges: Greater segmentation - values and opinions differ vastly based on age, Varying cultural backgrounds means Challenges: gender, socioeconomic status and varying opinions and values Most diverse ethnic group in the U.S. education Varying levels of acculturation, language Wide range of languages spoken Declining optimism - only 44% believe usage and assimilation their current situation will improve Toyota and Honda have a strong hold on this segment 4 SITUATION ANALYSIS
  7. 7. Primary Research MARKET WHAT WE LEARNED FROM OUR TARGET Overall Opinion of Brands Rate Brand’s Value KEY INSIGHTS 250250 200 The target’s overall opinion of Nissan200 is better than the domestic brands but lags behind Honda and Toyota. 150150 The target believes Nissan is a better100 100 value than the domestic brands but wanes in comparison to Honda and 50 50 Toyota. 0 0 The target believes Nissan’s quality Nissan Honda Toyota Chevrolet Ford Nissan Honda Toyota Chevrolet Ford is better than Chevrolet and Ford but falls short of the quality of Honda and Toyota. Excellent Fair Very Poor Nissan seems to be the leader in styling and visual appeal when Rate Brand’s Quality & Engineering 250 Rate Brand’s Style and Visual Appeal compared to their competitors.250200 200150 150 Conclusion100 100 It appears that Multicultural Millennials seem to favor Nissan in terms of the 50 50 style and visual appeal of their vehicles, but do not perceive their quality or value to be up to the standards of Honda 0 0 Nissan Honda Toyota Chevrolet Ford Nissan Honda Toyota Chevrolet Ford and Toyota. 5 SITUATION ANALYSIS
  8. 8. Consumer Analysispurchase path We analyzed and reevaluated the Path to purchase The traditional purchase path funnel, as we know it, is outdated and is no longer relevant. The traditional path, which assumes the consumer goes from awareness, to interest, to desire, to action, also assumes that people are predictable, linear and rational beings. We all know this is not the case and probably never was. Though these steps make sense in theory, with the advent of the internet, social media, blogs and online consumer reviews, they do not accurately represent the reality of today’s buying process, especially when it comes to millennials. In this word-of-mouth led world, the research and buying process has become naturally non-linear and in most cases some of the traditional purchase path steps are skipped entirely in a constantly self-correcting, efficient and evolving marketplace. The path to purchase has evolved into a non-linear network of influences, including advertising, news media and blogs, online consumer reviews, recommenda- tions from friends and family and social media, in which one, some or all influences may be utilized in making a final purchase decision. impact on nissan Online This new purchase path is Advertising News Media Consumer & Blogs the exact reason why we Reviews believe that Nissan has had such a hard time achieving the kind of success that Toyota and Honda have seen. The new purchase path has favored Toyota and Honda in that their numerous quality, value and safety awards and accomplishments have been Competitive bloated and distorted by theTrigger Alternatives purchase news media, which is then further disseminated among social media, blogs and consumer reviews, thus further distorting and exaggerating the actual difference in quality and value between Nissan and their Friends & Social foreign competitors. This all Family Media ultimately leads to the warped perception that Nissan’s quality and value do not measure up to that of Toyota or Honda and will prove to be Nissan’s biggest obstacle. 6 SITUATION ANALYSIS
  9. 9. companyatAnalysisWe took a look nissan’s identitymission Statement Nissan provides unique and innovative automotive products and services that deliver superior measurable values to all stakeholders in alliance with Renault.company culture Nissan believes that cars should change the world and the way we move through it. As we embark on a new decade, Nissans manifesto is to build vehicles that are more efficient, more beautiful, more inspiring and more human than ever before. Over the past decade a SHIFT_ has been made. Nissan has nearly doubled the number of models offered and nearly doubled its sales. In 10 years, the diverse lineup has grown to include Nissans first full-sized truck, all-new hybrid technology and a 21st-Century supercar. And this is only the beginning of whats to come.Awards & Recognition Core Models 2011 Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies Versa - Nissan placed fourth overall behind Apple, Twitter and Facebook Sentra - Only automotive company on the list Altima 2010 Nissan Pathfinder Wins AutoPacific Best in Class Vehicle Satisfaction Award and best in class in the category of premium mid-size sport utility Rogue Nissan Leaf: The first mass-produced 100% electric automobile Pathfinder 2011 World Car of the Year: Nissan Leaf Nissan North America won the EPA’s 2012 Energy Star Sustained Excellence Award 7 situation analysis
  10. 10. Competitiveauto industryWE TOOK A LOOK AT THE ANALYSIS AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY trends The US automotive market has been through a number of drastic shake-ups in the past few years with the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY MARKET SHARE repercussions creating the current industry landscape. In recent years, both domestic and foreign automakers GM have had troubles. Domestic brands have suffered through a crippling recession, with GM and Chrysler taking OTHER 19.7% government bailouts to prevent bankruptcy. Brands such as Pontiac, Hummer and Saturn went out of business 30% entirely. Coming out of the bailout, GM, Ford and Chrysler revamped their product lines with smaller, more fuel efficient European influenced cars, too critical acclaim and sales success. Foreign automakers have generally fared better, with imports remaining the top sellers in most markets. However, Toyota and Honda have both FORD faced troubles. Toyota has endured several recalls and bad media concerning popular models such as the 16.6% Prius. Honda’s quality has been decreasing the past few years with critics complaining that cars have become designed to be as cheap as possible and no longer fun to drive. In addition, the tsunamis of March 2011 HYUNDAI disrupted Honda and Toyota’s supply lines, leading to dealer shortages across the nation. Lastly, Hyundai and 4.9% Kia have experienced a massive increase in both quality and sales, nipping at the heels of the big three HONDA imports. (Honda, Toyota, Nissan) 8.5% TOYOTA NISSAN 11.5% Overall the industry is trending towards more small, fuel-efficient cars as well as an increase in crossover 8.8% SUVS, with consumers ditching gas guzzling SUVs and large cars. American automakers have taken cues from their European rivals in terms of styling and design while foreign makers have remained on top of percep- Multicultural Auto Market Share tion of quality and reliability. OTHER Toyota 22% 22% AUTO PURCHASE FACTORS Purchase INTENT top-of-mind awareness Brand 2012 Brand 2012 Brand 2011 2012 % Change Safety 65% #1 Ford 16% #1 Ford 85% 87% 2.4%hyundai5.9% Quality 57% #2 Toyota 14% #2 Chevrolet 75% 76% 1.3% Honda Value 51% #3 Chevrolet 13% #3 Toyota 68% 70% 2.9% ford 16.6% 9.7% Performance 49% #4 Honda 9% #4 Honda 52% 57% 9.6% Design/Style 24% #6 Nissan 3% #9 Nissan 29% 36% 24.1% CHEVY Nissan 10.7% 13.1% Quality and value are Although Nissan seems to Nissan lags far behind the competitors in among people’s top fall far behind their top-of-mind awareness, however they have automotive purchase competitors in purchase made a significant jump from 2011 to 2012. Though Nissan has now surpassed factors, explains why the intent, this does not reflect Honda and is gaining on Toyota in perception of Nissan’s current market shares. total automotive industry market lack of quality and value, However, we believe these share, they fall behind them when compared to Honda results support our belief that in Multicultural auto market share. and Toyota, have hurt strongly-rooted misconceptions them. of quality and value are present. 8 situation analysis
  11. 11. Competitive ANALYSIS comparesand we took an in-depth look at how Nissanto the other guysHONDA Toyota CHEVROLET FORDSTRENGTHS STRENGTHS STRENGTHS STRENGTHSLong history of quality and Largest import auto brand in Chevy has a long history in the Only U.S. automaker to notreliability, great value. the U.S. U.S. with great brand accept government money in recognition. the bailout.Honda cars have always High perception of quality andgotten good gas mileage and reliability, along with high Chevy has introduced a Have introduced severalbeen very dependable. resale values. number of successful new cars successful new cars recently including the Volt, Sonic, and including the Fusion, Fiesta,Good brand recognition in the Cars have high MPGs, and are Cruze. and Edge.U.S. viewed as leaders in engineering. Chevy has a diverse product Revitalized cars such as theWEAKNESSES line featuring everything from Focus, Taurus, and Escape.Recent dip in quality and WEAKNESSES subcompact cars to heavy duty trucks.reliability has led to a decrease Multiple recalls of the past fewin perception. years have led to negative WEAKNESSES perceptions. WEAKNESSES Along with the other U.S.Nissan recently surpassed automakers, Ford remains in a As a part of GM, Chevy tookHonda as the number 2 import Not viewed as leaders in weak financial position after government money in the 2009in the U.S. styling and performance. the recession. bailout, leading to negative perceptions.Suffered production loss due to Suffered production loss due to Ford has had to recall a largethe 2011 tsunami, leading to the 2011 tsunami, leading to number of its Escape models, Chevrolet still remains in adecreased inventory in dealers. decreased inventory in dealers. leading to decreased customer weak financial position following the bailout. trust. Chevrolet has had image problems with some recent models such as the Volt (catching on fire) 9 situation analysis
  12. 12. MARKET ANALYSISMARKETWE TOOK A LOOK AT THE CURRENT MARKET pOTENTIAL Top Diverse Auto MarketsWe calculated the market potential, using the CDI and BDI, for thestates in which our top multicultural millennial DMAs are located. Nissan DMA Market Michigan Rank Share CDI: 63 BDI: N/A* New York CDI: 95 BDI: 250 #3 Miami 8% Washington CDI: 73 BDI: N/A* Illinois #5 Houston 6.7% CDI: 93 BDI: 82 #4 Boston 7.6% Massachusetts CDI: 109 #5 Wash. D.C. 7.1% BDI: 87 Pennsylvania CDI: 95 #5 Dallas 8.4% BDI: 129 Maryland CDI: 105 #6 Chicago 7% BDI: N/A* #5 Philadelphia 8% Georgia California CDI: 92 CDI: 80 BDI: 53 #3 Los Angeles 7.6% BDI: 61 Arizona CDI: 89 #3 New York 9.7% BDI: 63 From this chart, we can see that Nissan does *There was not a sufficient sample size to accurately calculate the BDI Florida not rank any higher than third place in the top Texas CDI: 107 multicultural auto markets. This means we CDI: 98 BDI: 68 BDI: 138 have plenty of room for growth and improvement within these markets. From the numbers we can infer that states like Arizona, California and Washington have much potential for the car category to grow. This juxtaposed with states like Massachusetts, Maryland and Florida, which have higher CDI numbers indicates the car category here is well developed and Nissan will have to work harder to differentiate itself from the competition. Similarly, from the BDI numbers we see that in states like Texas, Georgia and Illinois, the Nissan brand has not reached its full potential and has room to grow. Whereas in states like Florida, New York and Pennsylvania the Nissan brand is well developed, which indicates a good consumer base. 10 situation analysis
  13. 13. MARKET ANALYSIS To fully undertand Nissan’s position in the market and determine possible opportunities and threats to the brand, an analysis of all political economic, social and technological factors must be conducted.and the outside factors Political Economic The Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Economic Woes - Fuel emission standards - GM and Chrysler took government bailouts - Ecological/environmental legislation Economic Trends Department of Transportation - In 2008, the economy hit its lowest point since the - Vehicle safety standards Great Depression. Competitive Pressure - Economy still not fully healed - Honda and Toyota, both from Japan as well Overseas Economies Wars and Conflicts - Global economy felt affects of the U.S. Great - Middle Eastern conflict’s impact on oil prices Recession - Has resulted in change in consumer purchase Purchase Patterns patterns - Holiday season - Lingering WWII sentiment of Japan and Japanese - Purchase/trade-in cycles vehicles - New model rollout (fall) - Old model clearance sales Social Technology Lifestyle Trends Technology Development - Mobility: changing the way people live and work - Auto industry is slow to adapt to change, compared to Internet’s influence on purchase decision other industries - Creates a more informed consumer - Large amount spent on consumer research Advertising and Publicity - Traditional boundaries blur as technologies converge - Auto industry spends billions every year in ads Information and Communications - Media influence can be significant-seen during - Consumers research and compare vehicles online Toyota’s recall - Dealers have been slow to shift focus to the internet Ethical issues in terms of communication with consumers - Socially-minded generation seeks sustainable High Consumer Expectations technology - Rapid advances in technology have created higher - The “green” trend is a result of this consumer expectations of vehicle innovations - Use of fossil fuels and effects on the environment are among top concerns 11 situation analysis
  14. 14. SWOT ANALYSIS wEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIESWE EXAMINED NISSAN’S STRENGTHS,AND THREATS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES - Most innovative brand - Poor brand equity - Comparable resale value/depreciation rate - Model-driven rather than brand-driven - Rated highest in style - Current campaigns fail to deliver optimal - Comparable fuel efficiency unified message - Failure to communicate effectively to target - Competitive pricing audIence - Well established brand - Failure to highlight innovative nature of THE company - Nissan currently spends the least IN ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES SWOT THREATS - Perception of value, quality - Poor brand equity - Multicultural market indifferent - Model-driven rather than brand-driven to brand, but for no legitimate reason - Current campaigns fail to deliver optimal - Brand perception not as high as Toyota and unified message HondA because of lack of awareness - Failure to communicate effectively to target - Create brand loyalists with first-time car buyers audIence - Tapping into the multicultural market - Failure to highlight innovative nature of THe company - Nissan currently spends the least IN ADVERTISING 12 situation analysis
  15. 15. Campaign Objectives our campaign WE set some goals to achieve through For Nissan to be able to Marketing Objectives reach the levels of market share within the multicultural segment Automotive Industry Market Share that Toyota and Honda currently enjoy, a change in perception Perception MapCurrent 8.8% must occur. Luckily, Nissan does Quality & Value not fall far behind the Goal 9.5% competitors. 0 2 4 6 8 10 We feel that the marketing and advertising objectives that Where we Multicultural Automotive Market Share we have set for this campaign want to be are attainable, and whenCurrent achieved, will be sufficient to 13.1% propel Nissan to the same level Where we are of opinion among the target Goal 15% audience as Honda and Toyota. Styling & Visual Appeal 0 3 6 9 12 15 With our marketing strategy, the perception of Nissan will be changed among the target audience and our goals will be reached. Advertising Objectives Overall opinion of the brand perception of qualityCurrent 4.17 Current 4.15 Nissan is currently perceived as more visually Goal 4.4 Goal 4.4 appealing than the competitors but cannot seem to 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 reach quite the same level of perceived quality and value among the target audience. By completing our objectives with this campaign, Nissan will be Perceception of style perception of Value perceived as the most stylish and the best quality and value in the segment.Current Current 4.25 3.97 Goal 4.5 Goal 4.4 0 1 2 3 4 5 0 1 2 3 4 5 *Our advertising goals are based on weighted averages on a scale of 1 to 5. 13 objectives
  16. 16. Campaign Strategy To lay a foundation for our strategy, we went back and took a look at some of the insights that we formed from our research. From these insights we were able to see some clear problems that Nissan has within the target audience. After discoveringTurning PROBLEMS INTO oPPORTUNITIES Nissan’s problems, finding strategic opportunities within the market were key to creating the framework for our strategy. Problems Opportunities Many Nissan innovations are We will effectively articulate Nissan’s innovative features by virtually unknown among the target not only highlighting the features, but also showing how these due to ineffective communication features can apply to their lives. We will demonstrate how these innovations can complement their unique lifestyles to articulate the message that Nissan is the perfect match for them. The target audience perceives We will be taking an emotional approach to change this Nissan to be of lower quality and innaccurate perception. We feel that simply listing off value than Honda or Toyota innovative features will not be enough to overcome years of awards and accolades that Honda and Toyota have received that have led to this misconception. By appealing to the target audience on an emotional level and forming a bond with them, we believe we will be able to overcome this misconception and position Nissan as a competitive alternative by taking this innovative approach to selling cars. Nissan has historically taken a Nissan’s model-driven marketing has resulted in some model-driven approach instead of a models doing very well within certain segments. However, for brand-driven approach to marketing Nissan to claim the position in the market that they deserve, we believe a more brand-driven initiative could propel Nissan to a more lucrative position within the market. We will use a blend of different techniques to position Nissan as the brand that is the perfect match for the multicultural millennial consumer. Nissan’s dealership experience rated We will attempt to create a better dealership experience for lowest among the target audience the multicultural millennial consumer by reducing anxiety and implementing a more open and transparent strategy. 14 strategy
  17. 17. CAMPAIGN OVERVIEWbornFrom our insights, a strategy was PURPOSE Campaign MessageThe growing and influential multicultural millennial segment Made for Each Otherhas been identified as the strategic target to grow Nissan’s The Millennial generation, being highly immune to traditionalmulticultural market share. advertising, does not respond well to ads that simply ramble off engineering feats and other industry jargon. Millennials want to know how these features and innovations will apply to their OBJECTIVEs lifestyles. Through the Made for Each Other campaign, we will- Highlight Nissan innovations relevant to the target audience show multicultural millennials exactly how Nissan’s innovations- Demonstrate how these innovation can compliment their lifestyle can be a perfect match to their individual, and sometimes unique- Create and establish a bond with the target audience by lifestyles. By showing them how the innovations will benefit them appealing to them on an emotional level and apply to their lifestyles, we are appealing to them on not just- Position Nissan as a competitive alternative to Honda and Toyota a functional level, but more importantly, an emotional level. Brand Message Creative visionNissan is the most innovative and technologically advanced Multicultural millennials are highly unique and often live veryfull-line car manufacturer in the automotive industry. This different, individual lifestyles. To appeal to this segment, wemakes Nissan a competitive alternative to Honda and Toyota. will highlight innovative features of Nissan vehicles that will compliment the driver’s unique lifestyles. By doing this, we will be able to highlight important Nissan innovations, show CREATIVE THEME the target audience exactly how these innovations canMade for Each Other. benefit and compliment them personally and ultimately why Nissan vehicles and Millennials are Made for Each Other. ToneThe tone of the campaign is quirky, light-hearted and fun. Thisis a tone that will resonate well with the target audience andwill help show that we understand them and their lifestyles. 15 strategy
  18. 18. Communication Plan It is important to understand the plan of action for communicating our strategy to the target audience. With this plan, our communication objectives will be met andHOW WE WILL COMMUNICATE THIS STRATEGY the message will be articulated effectively through our executions. highlight appeal Appeal features to to lifestyle emotions We will highlight the Once we highlight a specific To overcome deep-rooted innovations and features that innovation or feature, it will be misconceptions about Nissan’s apply most to our target important to demonstrate quality and value, we will build audience. It is important that exactly how that feature can a lasting relationship with they are able to easily relate to compliment the target’s unqiue multicultural millennials by the features so that they will be lifestyle. Through quirky, fun appealing to them on a able to envision how Nissan’s and comical ads, we will relate functional level as well as an innovations can compliment the features and innovations of emotional level. This will be their life. Nissan’s vehicles to the done through a community- lifestyle characteristics of the building initiative to show our target market. The target true dedication to the audience should take away the multicultural community as well fact that Nissan’s innovations as through our Made for Each make them a perfect match for Other messaging. This will in each other. turn create consumers loyal to the brand. 16 strategy
  19. 19. Mediawe will use to Strategy Media can no longer be defined as “traditional” or “non-traditional.” Media must be thought of as every interaction that potential consumers could have with your brand. By thinking about media like this, it isThe media easier to strategize your media plan by grouping your executions into these four categories.execute the strategy PAID EARNED OWNED Any existing property that CREATED Anything new media vehicles Any media that we pay for, Any word of mouth or buzz including traditional and digital generated without paying for it, exhisted before the campaign designed solely for the use of ad space. including PR, social media and/or will stay in place after the campaign, such as mobile buzz, blogs, reviews, the campaign, such as a applications, branded forums, etc. website, or physical retail entertainment, campaign locations. websites, etc. Our paid media will be used to Through our earned media, we Our owned media will mostly Our created media will also act convey the message behind hope to build a lasting be used to supplement the as a supplement to our other our Made for Each Other relationship with multicultural rest of our marketing efforts. media, but in a more theme. These ads will highlight millennials and create brand Previously owned online interactive way. Our created Nissan’s features and loyalty among this segment. destinations, such as media will give the target innovations and demonstrate We plan on using nissanusa.com, Nissan USA audience opportunities to how these features can community-building public Facebook page and Twitter physically interact with the compliment the target relations initiatives to create a profile will be utilized to brand through various audience’s unique lifestyles. good name for Nissan among supplement the Made for Each methods, such as events, a Implementing will instill the the target audience and create Other Campaign. We feel it is mobile application, contests notion, the gut feeling that buzz among the community important to utilize these and social media. This gives Nissan understands them and and online. We also believe owned online properties during us more opportunities to what their needs are when it our Made for Each Other the duration of the campaign engage the target audience comes to a vehicle. theme and messaging will help to ensure traffic after the and form those lasting generate positive emotions completion of the campaign. relationships. toward Nissan by showing our This strategy also allows us to understanding of their values be able to evaluate the and culture, which will further effectivesness of other online our relationship-building executions that drive traffic to efforts. these sites. 17 strategy
  20. 20. CrEATIVETOStrategyFROM STRATEGY EXECUTIONThe creative strategy for this campaign is based around thecampaign tagline: Made for Each Other. All executions willcenter around this theme and will include the followingelements to communicate the messaging: We will utilize a quirky and humorous tone across all creative executions Print ads will incorporate innovative features of the vehicles and how those features compliment the driver’s lifestyle as well as comical personification of Nissan vehicles to communicate the concept that the vehicle and driver were made for each other (the idea here is similar to the idea that some pet owners look strikingly similar to their pets). All print ads will incorporte the campaign tagline, Made for Each Other. Television ads will demonstrate how innovative features of the vehicles can help the driver through different situations that occur in their lives. They will also include the Made for Each Other tagline. The digital campaign, incorporating online advertising, social media and the Nissan Match website, will incorporate the same “Made for Each Other” theme but will center around the idea of internet dating profiles and finding your perfect match, encouraging the user to find Made for each other. their perfect match at nissanusa.com/match. Internet banner ads and other digital executions will incorporate the tagline Find Your Match, to further the internet dating theme of our digital branch of the Made for Each Other campaign. 18 strategy
  21. 21. Paid Magazines Reaching our audience through targeted mediaTransit shelter ads, along with billboards and most other outdoor advertising, were found to be more effectiveamong multicultural millennials when compared to their Anglo counterparts by a high margin. Transit shelter adswill only be placed in DMAs with a vibrant public transport system. For example, when compared with theDallas-Fort Worth metroplex, New York has a much more developed public transit system. For DMAs with lesspopular public transportation, billboard advertising will be utilized.Billboards have a similar effectiveness to transit shelters among our target audience. Both of these will only beused to set up the launch of new product lines. TRANSIT SHELTERS Magazines: The magazines were picked based on their popularity among key demographics. Latina magazine for the Hispanic market, Fast Company for the Asian/Chinese demographic and Black Enterprise from the African American segment. Each of these is very specifically targeted and has a high circulation among the corresponding demographic segment. BILLBOARD 19 Paid
  22. 22. Paidbuilding wraps Reaching our audience through targeted media Radio Radio advertising will be used to support the Nissan Matchup Concert Series. Ads will be placed three times a day every day of the week for six weeks leading up to the concert series in the 10 DMAs with concerts. Ads will be on the top two radio radio stations, popular among the target audience in the DMA. Cinema Cinema advertising is very effective, especially among our target audience. Four ads will be rotated to promote the Innovation Nation initiative and be broadcast solely in theaters. 20 paid
  23. 23. Paid PANDORA Reaching our audience through targeted mediaFacebook Ads There are more than 58 million millennials on Facebook. Though the network does not allow advertisers to target by race, because of the information gathered by the Census Bureau, we can infer that by using Facebook, we will be reaching more than 15 million multicultural millennials. We are also only paying for clicks, not simple impressions. Although Pandora may not look very appealing to advertisers on paper, many big-name brands are taking advantage of this medium. Millennials are the foremost users of Pandora. For that reason, and for the availability of virtual square footage offered by Pandora, we have chosen to host entire “skins” on the site. This means that whenever users log in to their Pandora accounts to enjoy the innovative movement that provides free, streaming Google Display ADS music, they will be exposed to our messaging. Display ads for dating Hulu websites are becoming increasingly popular in internet advertising. Some of these ads can be fairly sophomoric. We will take advantage of what users already think of as a joke, then ignore. Once clicked, the ad will direct the user to the NissanMatch.com website. It is a humorous way to gain the attention of the user, which will result in more traffic to the site. Hulu is an entertainment medium that shows no signs of slowing down. For the mere price of time (being forced to watch an ad, without the luxury of fast-forwarding through it on one’s DVR), users can watch their favorite programs whenever, wherever they wish. Hulu has an impressive, ever-increasing amount of users - especially those within out target market. This means that same number are not only exposed to our messaging, they are required to watch the whole commercial. 21 paid
  24. 24. Paid Reaching our audience through targeted mediaTelevisionCarmen and her Nissan Driver is seen going Narrator talks over video Narrator says how theRogue, Bella, are through various emotional about features of car and Rogue can get over 400introduced by the states in different outfits. how they complement the miles on one tank, which ison-screen/off-screen driver perfectly. plenty of time to get overnarrator. her ex-boyfriend, Steve.Ex-boyfriend Steve is seen Steve becomes very angry Carmen zooms by him in Carmen is then seen in atrying to start his car, and tries to get Carmen to her Rogue and pelts Steve very happy, victoriousRhonda. come pick him. and his inferior car with manner, riding off into the eggs. bright future without Steve. The Nissan logo, as with every commercial, will be Spots will be aired during breaks of a wide variety of programs on traditional televi- impossible to miss at thesion (both network and cable) and Hulu. We chose to deliver our message through end of the shot.the most watched sitcoms, reality TV, sports and award shows by our target market, Narrator says tagline, “Carin addition to two Super Bowl commercials, which are held on a greater plane, under and Driver: Made for Eacha bigger spotlight than others. Other.” 22 paid
  25. 25. Created Creating buzz and forming bonds through brand interactionNISSANMATCH.COM The Nissan Match website will be the hub for the entire “Made for Each Other” campaign. All advertising will direct people to the Nissan Match website. The website will allow users to enter character and personality traits and match them with the car most appropriate for them. Users will be able to chose from preset options to narrow down the car that works for them. Visitors will also be given the option to post the results of their quiz to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. This feature will also be included in the Nissan mobile app and Nissan Facebook page. 23 created
  26. 26. Created Creating buzz and forming bonds through brand interactionNISSAN MATCH-up concert series Nissan blind Date As part of our public relations efforts we will conduct the Nissan Blind Date program. Two prominent auto bloggers will be chosen from each DMA and be given a 2014 Nissan vehicle for two weeks, a couple of months before the official launch. These bloggers will be able to drive around and evaluate their vehicle. In return they write a review for their vehicle and post it on their blogs. This will work in multiple ways. First, the captive audience that the blogger already has will be exposed to Nissan. Second, people looking for product reviews when buying cars will be likely to see the blog posts and be influenced by them. Thirdly, it should create a good amount of buzz Another aspect of our public relations efforts is the Nissan Matchup leading up to the initial launch of the 2014 line. This isConcert Series. This will be one concert each in our top 10 DMAs. On our useful because research showed millennials are moreNissan Matchup website there will be two lists of artists for visitors to choose likely to turn to the Internet for product reviews beforefrom, the idea being which two artists have you always wanted to perform making a purchase. Finally, having people drive around astogether. This ties in with our matchup theme as the artists combinations will yet unreleased Nissan models in target DMAs willbe counterintuitive couplings that one would not ordinarily see together. increase awareness and buzz around new products.Visitors to the website will vote on which artist combination they would liketo perform in their area. The combination with the most votes wins. 24 created
  27. 27. Created Creating buzz and forming bonds through brand interactionNissan Match App iPod Interface System Allows you to use your mp3 player with steering-wheel-mounted controls and view song info. Or choose a standard auxiliary audio input jack and connect an iPod or other MP3 device. Nissan Navigation System A 5-inch touch screen is built into the dash with 3-D perspective map viewing, points of interest and even displays incoming calls. Nissan Intelligent Key recognizes you as you approach, unlocking Versa’s doors and hatch and even starting the engine. Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Trnsmission) of power and smooth ride with no shift-shock. Nissan Chatter @AdrianCho: love the new #blownaway campaign by @nissan @Jessiluvsu: I had no idea @nissan had such awesome features. Love the new app! Nissan Match Nissan RealView Nissan Chatter Find a Dealer Find a Dealer The Nissan mobile app is being developed because a majority of the target audience owns and uses smartphones. The multifaceted app will feature augmented reality, a Nissan match feature and a comparison capability. The augmented reality feature allows users to point their cell phone cameras at a Nissan car and the phone will display features and details about the component of the vehicle users are pointing at. For example, if they use the feature and point their cameras at the car radio, the app will display the varied features such as Bluetooth audio synchronization. The Nissan march feature, which allows users to enter personality traits and matches them up to an appropriate Nissan vehicle, will also be included in the app. Transparency is key to building a relationship with the target. The app will allow users to compare cars across the category of their choice, for example, the Nissan Versa can be compared with the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Sonic. 25 created
  28. 28. Earned Building relationships, changing perceptions AND BUILDING BUZZ Innovation Nation As part of our public relations efforts, we willgive away $10 million. The Innovation Nationinitiative asks members of Americancommunities to come up with solutions forproblems that affect their localities. Once theseproblems are presented to us, we will selectthe ones that are the best combination offeasibility and innovation and present them onthe Innovation Nation website. Each of theseprojects, when submitted, will have a fundrais-ing goal. The website will facilitate andencourage a crowd sourced approach tofundraising, aiding hte creator in reaiaing thefunds needed to reach their goal. The proposerof the project is responsible for raising half oftheir goal and once that amount is reached,Nissan will match it, up to a maximum of $10million. A team of PR experts will be assembledto manage the initiative. The primary rationale behind this effort isthe fact that the target demographic, andmillennials in general, prefer companies thatgive back to society, specifically theircommunities. This will build lasting relation-ships with communities, which will not fade isvalue for generations to come. The initiativewill also help improve Nissans brand image The Innovation Nation website will the the hub for information and interaction forand position it as a company that cares about everything related to the subject. Paid advertising for the initiative will be solely viaits consumers and the communities they live cinema ads. The rest of the promotion will be conducted via social media and bein. This ties back into the campaign objective measured on the basis of Facebook and Twitter mentions. The social media strategyto improve brand perception among the is initiating the buzz and the rest will be done by users of the media.target. 26 created
  29. 29. Earned Building relationships, changing perceptions AND BUILDING BUZZ Nissan Social Media #foundmymatch contest The "Found My Match" contest will take place on social media. Twelve recent purchasers - one per month - of Nissan models will have an opportunity to win $50,000 by broadcasting the most innovative way in which their new Nissan vehicle has complemented their lives; how they have found their match. The new owners will be encouraged to submit via Facebook and Twitter funny pictures with accompanying stories about how Nissan has benefited their lives - and how the brand could improve the lives of their peers. The submissions or user-generated content, which as our research indicates has a substantial Throughout our campaign we will utilize the exhisting Nissan brand Facebook, impact on purchase decisions, will be relyed onTwitter and Pinterest accounts. These social media profiles will be utilized to by the exhisting Nissan social media profiles.supplement all other advertising and media executions throughout the campaign aswell as to build buzz around our marketing efforts, PR initiatives and campaignmessaging. The quirky, target-related strategy we have formulated will help drivetraffic to these social media profiles and create an engaging brand experience for thetarget audience. 27 created
  30. 30. owned Building relationships through emotional appealDealership Kiosks Kiosks will be placed in dealerships allowing users a variety of capabilities. In the ongoing push toward transparency, the kiosks will allow visitors to compare vehicles across brands in the category of their choice while at the dealership. The kiosks will also feature the Nissan Matchup capability, which allows users to enter character traits and matches them up with the Nissan most appropriate for them. These features tie in with Nissans attempt at being more transparent and improving dealership experience. Nissan may not beat other brands in some attributes, such as price, but its dealership experience should compensates for that.Nissan Clear Cost Nissan As part of Nissans push towards transparency, Nissan will introduce ClearCost. A selection of cars at participating dealerships will have a set MSRP, ClearCost no hidden costs, haggling or bargaining. This will establish Nissan as a brand committed to consumer satisfaction, especially among millennials who are disillusioned with the dealership experience. This is important because Nissan ranked lowest in dealership experience, especially among the target market. This initiative will ensure that multicultural millennials regard Nissan as the top in the segment, when it comes to dealership experience. 28 Owned