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JM Bonthous & Seamless Social's Approach to Marketing Complex Products


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Seamless Social is an integrated marketing based in Los Angeles, with particular expertise in B2B marketing and the marketing of complex products. The firms helps clients generate leads and revenues by combining inbound marketing, outbound marketing, corporate communications and marketing automations.

Seamless Social ( also created and distributed a market intelligence and social media monitoring app called MyChannl. Visit for more information. Free trials are available.

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JM Bonthous & Seamless Social's Approach to Marketing Complex Products

  1. 1. ComplexRules The 7 products: generating leads of Facebook & revenues MarketingInnovation in Marketing EffectivenessJM Bonthous © Seamless Social
  2. 2. Prospect & customeropportunity identificationKeywords Content marketing Lead generation Inbound marketing Jean-Marie (“JM”) Marketing automation Bonthous, PhD CEOSocial marketing for Innovation in Marketing @seamlessocial Effectiveness MyChannl Your Custom, instant, Market Intelligence App
  3. 3. • Want to buy on their terms• 75% online before contact you New• Shrinking role of sales buyers• Want to find you 1• Buying process not linear• Longer cycles, more people Facebook• More people involved optimization• Look for resources + thought leadership• Know a lot• Want stories, examples, solutions• Buy education, relationship, trust © Seamless Social
  4. 4. Corporate Integrated communication s marketing 1Outbound Facebook Inboundmarketing marketing optimization Marketing automation © Seamless Social
  5. 5. •Generate traffic Inbound:• Generate leads get• Convert online leads to sales found, con• Measure & analyze 1 vert Facebook• Migration from search to social• Web presence, assets optimization• Valuable content to educate, engageStories, examples, solutions, spreadable• Engage influencers• Usher through the funnel, manage conversions © Seamless Social
  6. 6. + Reaches people early+ Informs, educates, influences Inbound:+ Gives voice to customers get found,+ Generates leads convert+ Builds assets, relationships, trust 1- Casts wide net, little targeting Facebook- Low leads, don’t reach decision-makers optimization- Ambient noise, time insensitive- Does not push- Content hog- Inbound-deaf communities- Automation required © Seamless Social
  7. 7. • Tradeshows, conferences, advertising, PPC, direct mail, telemarketing, Outboundcold calls = pay for+ Targeting 1 leads+ Personal touch: one-on-one+ Raises brand awareness Facebook+ Complements inbound optimization- Disruptive: gets turned off- Expensive- Hard to measure results © Seamless Social
  8. 8. • Branding, PR, public affairs, investor CorporateRelations, community relations, coms.environmental communications 1• Analyst reports, product launches, Facebook recognized Getmedia releases. optimization• Programs to retain & up sell customers © Seamless Social
  9. 9. + Consistent brand Corporate+ Consistent set of messages coms.+ Makes brand recognizable, trusted+ Helps brand stand out+ Is amplified by inbound marketing Get recognized- Cynicism of buyers © Seamless Social
  10. 10. • Automates demand-gen processes Marketing• Shorter sales cycle automation• Demographic, firmographic, behavioral• Focus on most promising leads• Track, score, nurture leads 24/7• Gauges interest of each visitor• Sends right content at right time• Repetitive tasks automated• Amazing analytics © Seamless Social
  11. 11. Inbound: SEO All-in-one get found, con Marketing automation vertContentcreation Landing pages Social media Email & Marketing sharing lead analytics nurturing © Seamless Social
  12. 12. • Revenue + brand goals Goals +• Revenue performance metrics metrics• Marketing performance metrics• Program metrics: email, webinar, social media,website, blog, ads, direct mail… © Seamless Social
  13. 13. Prospect & customer opportunity identification Contactus Contact us Keywords Content marketing for a free for a free Lead generation consultation consultation Inbound marketing Marketing automation Social marketing for events connect@seamlesssocial.comInnovation in Marketing Effectiveness @seamlessocialMyChannlYour Custom, instant, Market www.seamlesssocial.comIntelligence App © Seamless Social