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A presentation by JM Bonthous about marketing programs for generating leads. The presentation addresses generating leads through content marketing. Seamless Social is a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles. The services of Seamless Social include prospect identification, content marketing, lead generation, reputation management and event marketing. The firm also created and distributes the mobile market intelligence MyChannl.

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  1. 1. Marketing The 7 Rules for programs of Facebook generating Marketing leadsInnovation in Marketing EffectivenessJean-Marie Bonthous © Seamless Social
  2. 2. Prospect & customeropportunity identificationKeywords Content marketing Lead generation Inbound marketing Jean-Marie (“JM”) Marketing automation Bonthous, PhD CEOSocial marketing for @seamlessocial
  3. 3. • EducateThe 7 Rules • Share expertiseof Facebook • Broadcast the Marketing the voice of customer
  4. 4. • Use personas to understandcustomers Personas• Map problem-to-solutionscenarios for specific personas 1• Assign what specific personas Facebookneed to know to buy optimization• Map content to persona needsfor each stage © Seamless Social
  5. 5. • Map personas to contentdevelopment Content• Use social media for personadevelopment 1• Map content to each buying stage Facebook• Apply content to personas optimization © Seamless Social
  6. 6. • Create conversational contexts• Craft compelling stories that pull Conversationsbuyers forward• Create contagious content 1• Leverage inbound interactions• Expand story impact with Facebookamplifiers optimization• Syndicate content to expandnurturing reach and resonance © Seamless Social
  7. 7. Prospect & customer opportunity identification Contactus Contact us Keywords Content marketing for a free for a free Lead generation consultation consultation Inbound marketing Marketing automation Social marketing for events connect@seamlesssocial.comInnovation in Marketing Effectiveness @seamlessocialMyChannl www.seamlesssocial.comYour Custom, instant, MarketIntelligence App © Seamless Social