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JM Bonthous @ Seamless Social 12 Reasons Why Tech Startups Fail


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A presentation by JM Bonthous from Seamless Social about why tech startups fail. Seamless Social handles marketing intelligence lead generation, inbound and outbound marketing and marketing automation for technology companies.
Seamless Social also created and distributes the market intelligence app MyChannl. The app allows you to track, from your mobile phone, your brand, influencers and customers.

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JM Bonthous @ Seamless Social 12 Reasons Why Tech Startups Fail

  1. 1. 12 Reasons The Why 7 Rules of Facebook Tech Startups Marketing FailInnovation in Marketing EffectivenessJM Bonthous © Seamless Social
  2. 2. Prospect & customeropportunity identificationKeywords Content marketing Lead generation Inbound marketing Jean-Marie (“JM”) Marketing automation Bonthous, PhD CEOSocial marketing for Innovation in Marketing @seamlessocial Effectiveness MyChannl Your Custom, instant, Market Intelligence App
  3. 3. • Weak value proposition Value proposition• No amount of marketing cancompensate for a weak value 1Proposition Facebook optimization• High value proposition =high exclusivity + high interest © Seamless Social
  4. 4. Low differentiation Differentiation• Unique qualities, perceivedor real? 1 Facebook• Distinguished from competing optimizationOffers? © Seamless Social
  5. 5. Lack of market segmentation Segmentation• Fear of losing cash flow• Need segmentation + personas based on research data: - demographic - firmographic - behavioral © Seamless Social
  6. 6. Product not 100% ready Premature product• Prioritized cash flow? release• Use private beta• Launch only when ready for media scrutiny © Seamless Social
  7. 7. Product inferior to hype Can’t• Communication went too far match the hype• Hype may get you a few investors,but not customers © Seamless Social
  8. 8. Product built by geeks for geeks By geeks• Buyer absent from design process for geeks• Build the product with the customer in mind• Involve the customers in the design process• Test early and modify according to feedback © Seamless Social
  9. 9. Weak marketing, relies on adverts Weak marketing• No start up can rely on ads strategy• Does not take responsibilityfor generating leads and revenue• Organic community-building• Influencer engagement• Inbound marketing• Focused outbound• Corporate communications• Marketing automation © Seamless Social
  10. 10. Product evolves slower than Productthe market obsolete before ROI• Product obsolete before itgenerates a ROI• Or buyers not ready to buy next generation• Know of what’s out there, what’s coming © Seamless Social
  11. 11. Ideas tested too little or too late Insufficient• Development relies testingon geek insights• Test early, abundantly, withrepresentative customers• Partner with them to develop the product © Seamless Social
  12. 12. No such thing as “off the record” Reveal too much too early• One slip of the tongue can sinkthe venture• Brief everyone about confidentiality © Seamless Social
  13. 13. Reveal as soon as you’re ready Stay stealth too long• Being stealth means lack ofindustry feedback, risk ofIsolation © Seamless Social
  14. 14. Engage influencers Not enough relationships• Build early on the relationshipsthat you will need later when yougo to market © Seamless Social
  15. 15. • Marketing is responsible for Ourgenerating leads & revenues marketing philosophy•Marketing converts skeptics intoProspects, customers, evangelists• Know your prospects better, each day …../...... © Seamless Social
  16. 16. • 4 marketing tools: inbound, Ouroutbound, corporate marketing philosophycommunications, marketingautomation• Marketing can’t compensate for a weak value prop.• We like branding, we prefer leads and revenues• Set metrics before spending marketing $ © Seamless Social
  17. 17. How we• Retainer + equity work with• We steer the marketing tech• Transfer knowledge startups• Put ourselves out of a job after 1-2 years, as agreed. © Seamless Social
  18. 18. Prospect & customer opportunity identification Contactus Contact us Keywords Content marketing for a free for a free Lead generation consultation consultation Inbound marketing Marketing automation Social marketing for events connect@seamlesssocial.comInnovation in Marketing Effectiveness @seamlessocialMyChannlYour Custom, instant, Market www.seamlesssocial.comIntelligence App © Seamless Social