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Align Marketing with Sales JM Bonthous & Seamless Social


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A presentation by JM Bonthous from Seamless Social about the main factors in aligning marketing with sales. Seamless Social is a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles. Seamless Social created and distributes the breakthrough mobile marketing intelligence app MyChannl.


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Align Marketing with Sales JM Bonthous & Seamless Social

  1. 1. Aligning Marketing The 7 Rules with of Facebook Marketing SalesInnovation in Marketing EffectivenessJM Bonthous © Seamless Social
  2. 2. Prospect & customeropportunity identificationKeywords Content marketing Lead generation Inbound marketing Jean-Marie (“JM”) Marketing automation Bonthous, PhD CEOSocial marketing for Innovation in Marketing @seamlessocial Effectiveness MyChannl Your Custom, instant, Market Intelligence App
  3. 3. Marketing and ops define jointly: Joint definition• What to sell and to whom• Profile of ideal buyers 1• Targeted buyer profiles Facebook optimization © Seamless Social
  4. 4. Marketing and ops define jointly: Joint definition• What qualifies a prospectto become a customer 1 Facebook• How to define leads, qualified leads, optimizationhandoff points © Seamless Social
  5. 5. Marketing and ops define jointly: Joint definition• What to with “off-brand” dealsThat could dilute the brand 1 Facebook• Clear processes for moving marketing- optimizationGenerated leads to sales © Seamless Social
  6. 6. Marketing and ops define jointly: Joint definition• Ways to reconcile “sales wantssales leads” and “marketing 1wants brand-building leads” Facebook optimization © Seamless Social
  7. 7. Marketing and ops work togetherto: Integrate• Integrate marketing and sales 1into a cohesive whole. TimeFacebook toevolve beyond corporate fiefdoms optimizationand develop a united front. © Seamless Social
  8. 8. Marketing agrees to: Compensation• Align marketing withmeasurable lead 1generation/qualification Facebookperformance criteria optimization © Seamless Social
  9. 9. Prospect & customer opportunity identification Contactus Contact us Keywords Content marketing for a free for a free Lead generation consultation consultation Inbound marketing Marketing automation Social marketing for events connect@seamlesssocial.comInnovation in Marketing Effectiveness @seamlessocialMyChannlYour Custom, instant, Market www.seamlesssocial.comIntelligence App © Seamless Social