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Getting amped for amp


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I spoke at WordPress Joburg tonight on AMP, it's possibilities and how to get going with it in WordPress. Check out the slides here and let me know if you have questions.

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Getting amped for amp

  1. 1. | @seagyn Getting amped for AMP 🚀
  2. 2. | @seagyn Me! 👋 🤓 Software Engineer @ Leadhome (focus on UI dev) 🐦 Twitter: @seagyn 🤓 Web:
  3. 3. | @seagyn What is AMP? AMP is a web component framework. More clearly, it’s a web component framework that focuses on asynchronous only javascript, non-render-blocking elements, layout first and prioritised loading (lazy loading). In other words, it’s fast AF.
  4. 4. | @seagyn What can AMP do? Websites Stories Ads Emails
  5. 5. | @seagyn Website example double/amp
  6. 6. | @seagyn Story example https://edition-cnn- antarctic-a-journey-to-a-continent-in-distress
  7. 7. | @seagyn Ad example
  8. 8. | @seagyn Email example
  9. 9. | @seagyn Benefits of AMP Faster page loads generally lead to higher conversions. Strict spec means faster builds. Almost instant loads from supported platforms (Google, Twitter, Bing etc) Pre-optimised components allow you to focus on building Only way to get onto Top Stories.
  10. 10. | @seagyn AMP in WordPress
  11. 11. | @seagyn Quick look 👀