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Glad tidings newsletter_8_part_1

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08EDITORIALBy Colin BrownNational Co-ordinator Bishop Paul WhiteGood day from a wintery south coast It has been announced that Bishop Paul White from Melbourne has been appointed as a Liaison bishop to the Australian Councilof New South Wales. This is our first of the Mission to Seafarers and we extend to Paul a very warm welcome. It is expected that Paul will serve as Liaison bishop for thenewsletter for this year and is packed East and Garry Weatherill as Liaison bishop for the West. For the past eighteen months Garry has been Charles Atlas like, in actingwith information on maritime events, and as bishop for both the East and West coasts and also applauds Paul’s appointment.stories of what is happening in our twenty We are extremely fortunate that Bishop Paul has a greatfive seafarers’ centres around Australia. understanding of the nuts and bolts of our ministry, and for some years had a close association with our mission centre in Geelong. We wish him well and know that he will derive great personal satisfaction from overseeing the care of those thousands of international seafarers who visit us annually. BIENNIAL CONFERENCE Our biennial conference will be held over Happily, the Revd Tom Heffer our Secretary 17 to 21 October this year, at Beauty General is travelling from London to join Point, not far from Launceston, Tasmania. us in Tasmania. Of course, Tom is always Arthur Hinsley and Graham Miller have very welcome down under and we look been working hard behind the scenes on forward to exposing him to some local conference planning and details. Invitations hospitality, and sharing with him our hopes have been sent to all centres with the and plans for the Australian ministry- which necessary conference information. Please not insignificantly constitutes more than one ring Arthur or Graham if you need to tenth of the Mission to Seafarers’ worldwide discuss anything, and do not forget to make presence and effort. travel arrangements as early as possible to get the best prices.
  2. 2. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08DOCTOR MARION GIBSON– CONFERENCE GUEST Dr Marion Gibson “ ...escalating risks to innocent seafarers posed by piracy, including the very disturbing trend of seafarers no longer simply being taken hostage but “Travelling with Tom will be a very special conference guest Dr in addition being tortured and murderedMarion Gibson. Marion who is based in Northern Ireland ishighly credentialed and experienced in the field of psychosocialimpact of trauma of people- working internationally with the victimsand families of those suffering from post traumatic incidents. Inrecent years Marion has had significant exposure to the victims oftrauma at sea including piracy. She will be running a fourteen hourcourse on counselling skills to trauma victims (within the conferenceprogramme) that all conference participants should derive greatbenefit from, and that will lead to certification.We are seeing an increasing number of seafarers who have hadfirst hand encounters with pirates. Our Bunbury centre recentlywas visited by a crew member who has worked on three differentships that have been attacked by pirates in the past two years!The poor fellow was keen to remain anonymous as he feared thathe would be seen as “a jinx” to crews he might join in the future.Let’s hope that his luck changes soon- or more specifically that theUnited Nations, governments and ship owners around the worldradically ramp up their collective efforts to eradicate this horrendous UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has warned that “piracy seemsphenomenon. to be outpacing the efforts of the international community to stem it.” He was speaking at the launch of the International MaritimeOur Secretary General and central office staff London have been Organization’s action plan to promote this year’s World Maritimevery active in publicly highlighting the escalating risks to innocent Day theme: “Piracy: orchestrating the response”.seafarers posed by piracy, including the very disturbing trend ofseafarers no longer simply being taken hostage but in addition Also speaking at the launch, ITF general secretary David Cockcroftbeing tortured and murdered (and in some instances pirates calously said many crew members were at breaking point because of theinvolving the victim’s family in the drama). stress of passing through the waters off the coast of Somalia.
  3. 3. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08The Mission to Seafarers’ secretary general has also voiced concernabout the escalating violence in the latest edition of the Flying AngelNews- “It is all very well to discuss an orchestrated response, butthe global community needs to prioritise this problem immediatelyand stop talking about it”. Tom Heffer went on to add that “crewsare crying out for better protection as reports of pirate torture andbrutality continue to rise. Our chaplains are on the frontline ofproviding assistance to seafarers, as well as comforting familieswhen their loved ones are taken; so we know the terrible fear andanxiety they are living with on a daily basis. It is scandalous that theinternational community is allowing this to continue.”The hapless- three times attacked- seafarer visiting our Bunburycentre a little while ago, would surely say “Amen” to Tom’schallenge. As would the seafarer’s long suffering family.For a copy of Tom Heffer’s excellent and hard hitting address,“Fight Piracy: A Message from the Secretary General “ Our chaplains are on the frontline of providing assistance to seafarers, as well as comforting families when their loved ones are taken... “TO READ THE COMPLETE NEWSLETTER(parts B to E) go to: B PART CNational news: News from our East coast centres:• AMSA Asia-Pacific Regional conference on MLC 2006 • Eden centre up and running• Mission to Seafarers National Coordinator’s address to • Townsville remembers the conference • Gladstone’s news• Moving closer to ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention • Hobart’s history honoured• Australian Council’s negotiations with Government for • Port Kembla’s changing of the guard funding assistance • Congratulations Newcastle - more specifically Garry,• AMSA National Seafarers’ Welfare Advisory Committee Paula & Charlotte• Parliamentary submission by the Australian Council • Brisbane’s compassion
  4. 4. GLAD TIDINGS Issue: 08PART D PART ENews from our West coast centres: News from middle earth:• Esperance welcomes Col. • Wallaroo makes its mark• Norm Stevens and Bill Ross receive well deserved honours • Portland proudly announces its independence• Dampier’s chaplain runs course at Port Hedland • Port Pirie’s plans for a face lift• Bunbury commissions a new chaplain • Geelong centre- a big hit on U Tube• Fremantle- a true Flying AngelComing events:• Sea Sunday celebrations on 10 July, 2011• A ship visiting course for Newcastle from 9-10 August, 2011• National conference in Tasmania from 17-21 October, 2011• MtS Consultative Forum, London from 23-28 August, 2011• ICMA World Conference, Hamburg from 19-23 August, 2011• Proposed ship visiting course at a South Australian port in 2011.God bless and keep the faithColin BrownNational Coordinator