Glad Tidings Newsletter 7 [Part 2]


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News from Hobart, Port Pirie, Wallaroo, Perth, Sydney,
Papua-New Guinea project and Special award for Fremantle.

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Glad Tidings Newsletter 7 [Part 2]

  1. 1. Glad Tidings 20/12/2010 - Online Supplement – Part Two HOBART’S SAD LOSS We recently received into the Derwent River. Hobart the family’s the sad news of the Geri served on the tradition of caring for all passing of Geri Hobart committee for seafarers visiting Ashmore loyal and many years with dignity Hobart. dedicated member and and grace and will be ( In the image Geri is secretary of MTS sorely missed. Our receiving from chaplain Hobart. Geri was a sympathy and best Bruce Mitchell her life great friend and wishes are extended to membership certificate supporter of all Geri’s husband Mike, with husband Mike seafarers that sailed who carries on at MtS beside her).PORT PIRIE CELEBRATES MERCHANT NAVY DAYPirie’s irrepressible lay merchant Navy”. ships with internationalchaplain Ian Pole crews visiting the South Appropriately, Bishopreports that a moving Australian ports of Garry Weatherill led theand colourful Merchant Whyalla, Port Bonython celebrations attendedNavy Day celebration and Thevenard and has by a number oftook place this raised the question as to reflective andSeptember in Port Pirie. whether we might be able appreciative formerIn Ian’s words, “it was to support them in some seafarers andan opportunity and way in the future. The descendants of thoseoccasion to give thanks Australian Council will who had lost their life atfor those who paid the consider the situation sea.supreme sacrifice in when it meets in Adelaide On another theme, Iantime of war through in the first week of has pointed out the nottheir service to the February next year. insignificant number of
  2. 2. WALLAROO MINISTRY UP AND RUNNING Brother Martyn them as he served at Wallaroo for the loading Robinson, our chaplain sea in the merchant of grain has been at Wallaroo Port on the navy for many years steady over 2010. western side of the before joining a Yorke Peninsular has religious congregation had an enjoyable and to become a religious rewarding year setting brother. Martyn has up our new ministry at instant credibility with Wallaroo. The overseas the seafarers as a seafarers visiting the result of his track record port are in good hands at sea, and tells us that when Martyn greets the ship visits to HARBOURDENNIS CLAUGHTON’S PRESENTATION TO HARBOURMASTERSFremantle’s chaplain around the globe and have to endure at timesDennis Claughton flew pleased to hear of the involving stress, fatiguethe MtS flag at an dedicated work our and sleep conference centres at Albany, Bring on the ratificationfor the world’s Harbour Bunbury, Esperance, of the Maritime LabourMasters held in Perth Fremantle, Geraldton, Convention with all itsearlier this year. For Dampier & Hedland on improved rights forDennis it was a golden the Indian Ocean were seafarers.opportunity to promote carrying out.the work of the FlyingAngel Fremantle, and toalso make better knownto the conference theanticipated ratificationof the Maritime LabourConvention and how itmight impact on theAustralian scene.Dennis received greatencouragement fromthose attending - all ofwhom were veryfamiliar with MtS’ workSYDNEY FLYING ANGEL RELOCATING present - as theIan Porter, senior supporter of the Sydney Chinese crews lovedchaplain at MtS Sussex Mission- both spiritually visiting our SussexStreet Sydney has and practically and no Street Mission soannounced that they doubt will continue to conveniently locatedhave started the search be so long into the next to the famousfor new premises in future we pray. It is Dixon Street inSydney to which the hoped that for the sake Chinatown- and a hop,mission will relocate. of the many Chinese step and jump fromFor many years the seafarers visiting us, Darling Harbour’sSydney Bethel Union the new premises are casino. Good luck Ianhas been a wonderful not too far from the with the search.
  3. 3. HASTINGS CENTRE WELL REPRESENTED AT MELBOURNEFORUMIt was a great pleasure Dann looking very seafarers got see Eddie Tearle, spritely and in good Hastings centre whichPeter Coulthurst, and humour. Eddie’s operates ecumenicallyBob Graham from chairmans report to the is a wonderful exampleHasting’s Seafarers AGM noted that of volunteers from aCentre participating in Hastings has had a number of differentthe AMSA Seafarers “slow year” but not faiths workingWelfare Forum. Also without some incidents professionally andpresent was the involving Hastings taken harmoniously together.supposedly retired Keith action to ensure visiting .GERALDTON COMMISSIONS BILL ROSS AS PORT CHAPLAINThe good news out of Port Hedland was lucky volunteering andGeraldton is that Bill to have Bill with them for treasurership to theRoss has been many years, and now it mission”. God blesscommissioned as is Geraldton’s good Daphne for her uniqueseafaring chaplain to fortune. contribution- she is oneMtS Geraldton. Bill Special should be made special lady who knowsbrings to his Geraldton of the recent honour how to care forministry consummate bestowed upon seafarers (and balanceskills in the area of treasurer Daphne Dodd books!). Daphne is thirdlooking after seafarers. who in Bill’s words “has from the left in theOur seafaring centre in given a life time of image- receiving her award from the bishop.
  4. 4. FREO FLYING ANGEL VOTED ONE OF BEST 5 CENTRES INWORLD“This is quite and promote the Everglades- Miamahonour” was the International Year of (USA). First prize wentresponse as the news Seafarer. So the staff to Gothenberg but atcame as a shock to the was comfortable with least Fremantle canstaff. Who had “dobbed” this at least. If the boast that they are thethem in was the seafarers are involved it number one seafaringimmediate question must be fair dinkum. As centre in the southernasked? As it turned out it transpired Fremantle hemisphere (for thisthe world’s seafarers Flying Angel club made year at least)! So muchwere asked to nominate the list of the top five for Dennis tryingtheir favourite centre by centres on the planet. desperately to hide histhe International The others centres were light under a bushel.Christian Maritime Gothenberg (Sweden), The secret is out. VisitSociety. ICMA had Hamburg-Duckdalben www.seafarerswelfareaintroduced these (Germany), Venice for moreinternational awards to (Italy) and Port details. .THE PAPUA NEW GUINEA SEAFARERS PROJECTAttending the Perth The Australian Council John Kewa whenHarbour Masters’ was very happy to chaplain at Melbourneconference was the accept the invitation and helped train visitors fromCEO of PNG Ports has for much of this PNG in the art ofCorporation. Following year worked closely with seafaring hospitality andDennis’ presentation we PNG personnel in ship visiting. Johnwere approached by helping them establish himself was born inPorts PNG to help them centres at Port Moresby PNG so was ideallyin setting up new and Lae (with another placed to share hisseafaring centres at a six centres planned). knowledge and passionnumber of major port for the seafarer with hislocations around PNG. compatriots.