Glad Tidings Newsletter 7 [Part 1]


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Australian Maritime Safety Authority Forum;
Research study into Port Welfare services for seafarers;
Chinese coal vessel seafarers in Gladstone;
New centre at Eden;
Ken Peters visiting in Victoria;
Port Kembla changes.

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Glad Tidings Newsletter 7 [Part 1]

  1. 1. Glad Tidings20/12/2010 - Online Supplement – Part OneAUSTRALIAN MARITIME SAFETY AUTHORITYFORUM - ON SEAFARERS’ WELFAREThe AMSA Forum on Revd Canon Ken found at the AMSASeafarers’ Welfare was Peters joined us from website-held in Melbourne in the UK, and the Revd and was Douglas Stevenson au/Seafarers_Welfarewell attended by MTS from New York to give We wish to thankpersonnel from around presentations at the AMSA’s PaulAustralia. Bishop Garry Forum. Ken presented MacGilvray for hisWeatherill- chair of the on the Maritime Labour passion and drive toMTS Australian Council Convention and Doug ensure this Forumwas one of the keynote on Piracy. Garry, Ken became a reality &speakers. Other MTS and Douglas’ benefit to the manyfamily members- The presentations can be participants.
  2. 2. A NEW WELFARE REPORT FROM THE UK - A VALUABLERESOURCEErol Kahveci author of study at Cardiff widely studied 2007 University and the latest welfareSurvey.htn“Port Based Welfare at London Metropolitan It is hoped that ErolServices for Seafarers” University. might accept ourhas just released The contents of the invitation to visitresults of new research study are of immense Australia in 2011 tointo the world of welfare interest to all those promote his researchship visitors- “Port interested in the well work and findings.Based Welfare Workers being of seafarers andfor Seafarers” 2010. can be found atErol completed the firstGLADSTONEGLADSTONE FLYING ANGEL HELP CREW OF THE SHENNENG 1Most Australians would Gladstone MtS team has to endure at timesbe well aware of the cared for the much involving stress, fatigueChinese coal vessel maligned crew - and sleep deprivation.running aground on the shielding them from a Bring on the ratificationGreat Barrier Reef near predatory media, of the Maritime LabourGladstone earlier this ensuring they received Convention with all itsyear. Both the captain legal assistance, proper improved rights andof the ship and chief interpreter services and working conditions forengineer wore the brunt helping them get in seafarers.of the public’s scorn touch with family atand media’s attention home. And finallyfor some time later- with helping them returnboth having to attend safely to China. Wellcourt hearings in done to GladstoneGladstone and facing MTS- all in a day’s workpossible heavy fines they tell us!and jail sentences of 3 However, this dreadfulyears. However, what incident highlights thefew Australians know is plight the internationalthat chaplain Trevor seafarerPhillips and his
  3. 3. READYEDEN CENTRE ALMOST READY AS A KIWI COMES TO THERESCUEIt is expected that our Australia’s biggest Brown) has been anew ministry, operating export woodchip and terrific source ofout of St John’s Eden logging port with visiting encouragement andwill commence at the crews stranded about support. We wish Jimend of January 2011. 35 kilometres from the the very best and thankWe are indebted to town of Eden at present. Sheila his wife for beingWellington’s Revd Jim We have gathered so understanding. BothPether- well known to us together some willing the AMWS and Sydneyas a seafaring chaplain locals to support Jim as Bethel Union have beenwith consummate skills volunteers generous in assistingand great love for with funding that has Josephine Clark who isseafarers- who will helped the ministry Eden’s harbourmastercross the “ditch” to lead become a reality. (in image with Colthe ministry. Eden is . NEWCASTLE’S FACELIFTThe Revd Garry Dodd working hard at mission to experiencereports that the mission recruiting new the hospitality andin Newcastle has volunteers and expressing theirundergone an overdue promoting the ministry gratitude for the servicefacelift with the addition throughout the from Newcastle’sof new computers and community. volunteers.other seafarer friendly Despite the quickresources and turnaround with coalequipment. Garry is ships, many seafarers are visiting the
  4. 4. RINGSIDE AT TOWNSVILLE’S BIG NIGHT OUTGraham Miller was Graham set up a special the fight. Needless todelighted that he night of ‘viewing say, the champion of therecently had a packed entertainment’ for the Philippines retained hishouse at Townsville’s forty odd Philippino title which meant all ourmission for the globally seafarers who filled the visitors left for theirtelevised world title fight small mission centre to ships sporting biggerbetween Philippino overflowing (with some smiles than usual. Butworld champion Manny having to sit under the knowing Graham- hisPacquiao and Mexico’s TV) roaring for their smile was probably theAntonio Margarito. champion throughout broadest of them all. .KEN PETERS VISITS VICTORIAN CENTRESWhen Ken Peters hectic schedule to carryvisited here in out a Review of theSeptember for the operations at FlyingAMSA Seafarers Angel Melbourne. HeWelfare Forum he was also squeezed in a shortable to spend a day with visit to meet the friendlythe staff and volunteers Geelong team beforeat the Melbourne heading to Asia for moremission. Ken kindly work, then back togave up a day from his London.MELBOURNE’S JOHN KEWA MOVING TO MTS PORTKEMBLAFollowing the departure The Port Kembla staff is chapel as lay chaplainof Ken Cahill from the thrilled that John is to the Mission toFlying Angel Melbourne, heading in their direction Seafarers Victoria andJohn Kewa (formerly lay and say that he will far the port of Melbourne.chaplain and principal from bored as the port is John is moving to our quickly expanding. Ourship visitor with Stella MtS centre at Port prayers and best wishesMaris Melbourne), was Kembla in 2011 to take go out to John for acommissioned in the up a position there. happy and fulfillingMelbourne Flying Angel ministry at Port Kembla.