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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.11 [part 1]


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Maritime Labour Convention ratified; Bishop Chris Jones is new MtS Liason Bishop

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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.11 [part 1]

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 11 PART A In this edition: • The MLC is ratified – ‘Let the many coastlands rejoice’- Psalm 97:1 • A warm welcome to Bishop Dr Chris Jones • Update on changes to the Australian CouncilThe MLC is ratified - ‘Let the many coastlands rejoice’- • 2013 ConferencePsalm 97:1 date finalisedAfter over six years of waiting world’s 1.3 million seafarers have • Commissioning inthe ILO’s Maritime Labour at long last a ‘Bill of Rights’ NewcastleConvention has finally been designed to protect them andratified and will become ensure their well being as theyinternational law binding all work the high seas.- one of theshipping nations from the 20 most dangerous and lonely jobsAugust 2013. in the world. We thank God forNow the maritime family as one this historic and monumentalcan celebrate to the stirring landmark in the life of ourwords of Psalm 97 - ‘ Let the ministry to the world’s seafarersearth be glad, let the many from over forty nations.coastlands rejoice…’ for theA warm welcome to Bishop Dr Chris JonesThe Mission to Seafarers’ family is as liaison bishop, from which thedelighted to welcome Bishop Australian Council members andChris Jones to the Australian our Australia-wide ministry shouldCouncil as its liaison bishop and richly benefit.chair. Chris who is CEO ofAnglicare Tasmania and VicarGeneral is also a member of theboard of the Anglican Board ofMission. His doctoral studieswere in the areas of businessadministration and governancefor non profit entities. Chrisbrings significant skills andexperience in the welfare, fiscaland pastoral areas to his role GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part A
  2. 2. Update on changes to the Australian Council G In the last few months the (Townsville) and Captain L membership of the Australian Dave Ellis (Brisbane) with A Council has undergone some Bishop Chris Jones joining asD significant changes. Firstly, the new liaison bishop and the sudden death of the chair as mentioned above. T I Secretary General meant D that we lost Tom Heffer who The editor continues in his I has been replaced on role, but with a job title N council by Martin Stanford change and redefined work G the London-based acting priorities, and is now the S Secretary General. Then in ‘Executive Officer’ of the June, both Garry Weatherill Australian Council to the 2 0 and Paul White vacated their Mission to Seafarers. 1 positions on council as liaison 2 bishops. The council was The council has also decided especially appreciative of to modify the way council N Garry’s ten years of loyal operates by appointing o service as liaison bishop to Garry Dodd as the ‘regional. the council. contact chaplain’ for our 1 East coast centres and 1 This means that the current Dennis Claughton for the council members are Revd West. Rather than the editorP Canon Dennis Claughton be the initial contact persona (Fremantle), Revd Noah Park for all centres as it was in ther (Geelong), Revd Garry Dodd past Garry and Dennis will t (Newcastle), Revd Ian Porter now fill that role. (Sydney), Graham Miller A 2013 Conference date finalised The next biennial national conference will take place over 18-22 August next year. Graham Miller’s Townsville centre will host and organise the event in this beautiful and tropical region of Australia and a detailed brochure will be sent to all centres soon. The Council is currently working on the conference programme session details which should prove enjoying, challenging and stimulating for participants.Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part A
  3. 3. Commissioning in Newcastle In July, a very packed Newcastle During the Sea Sunday service, Cathedral celebrating Sea Garry Webb who is Newcastle Sunday witnessed the Ports CEO, and strong supporter commissioning of Fr Michael of our centre, delivered a Davies as an additional chaplain wonderful sermon a copy of to our Newcastle Seafarers’ which is available on our website Centre and to the Port of at . It is Newcastle. Fr Garry Dodd is insightful, inspirational and well particularly pleased that Michael worth reading for anyone has joined the team bringing with interested in life at sea, the Port him his many gifts and talents of Ephesus and the Apostle Paul. that will be put into full effect as Also present at the celebrations, he visits and cares for the crews back at the centre after the of the never ending queue of service, was David Field ships visiting Newcastle- still the representing the Sydney Bethel world’s biggest coal export port. Union whose funding generosity Newcastle port which presently made the securing of Michael’s sees about 25,000 overseas chaplaincy possible. Thank you seafarers visit annually will very much SBU. And all the very increase to around 35,000 by best Michael as you carry on 2016. That’s one big ever Newcastle’s fine tradition of changing floating parish. caring for international crews visiting the Hunter. Left to right Garry Webb, David Field, Michael Davies, Col Brown, Garry DoddPage 3 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 11 Part A