Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 1


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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 1

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 10 PART A In this edition: • Port Giles centre officially opened • Portland Flying Angel – 50 years young • Why we do what we do – some hard facts Ship visiting in Fremantle • Three cheers for Honorio – Gladstone celebratesEditorial RIP Reverend Tom HefferThis edition of the newsletter Tom’s last three days spent on “He had a gift forbrings profoundly sad tidings. As Australian soil were in Darwin, friendship andmost readers will already know with the editor, visiting East Arm was the sort ofour very popular and much port and meeting with a numberloved London-based Secretary of people and groups in the priest whomGeneral Revd Tom Heffer died process of setting up a peoplerecently at the age of 43 years. seafarers’ centre at the Top End. instinctively We were in Darwin on Melbourne Cup day when Tom loved.”Dennis Claughton, FremantleFlying Angel Club’s chaplain with great panache insisted onrepresented us at Tom’s funeral having a punt on Australia’s Bishop Grahamheld at Norwich Cathedral on 9 most famous horse race. With aMay. refreshing ale in hand, he rippled with laughter when hisTom made three trips to carefully considered bet, aAustralia- the most recent to noble horse called “DrunkenBeauty Point (TAS) for last year’s Sailor” faded from sight at thenational conference. During back of the field as thethese trips he was able to visit champion Dunaden rompedour centres in Sydney, across the winning line!Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville,Melbourne, Geelong, Portland, Tom had a very keenFremantle, Bunbury, Port knowledge and admiration forKembla, Wallaroo, and our the work our 500 MTS personnelnewest centre Port Giles South carried out for the world’sAustralia, in November last year. seafarers on this continent. GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part A
  2. 2. Editorial RIP Reverend Tom Heffer Tom was also well aware of often told us, with much the tremendous respect and warmth and happiness, gratitude that the Aussies stories about his home and had for his prophetic family (including the pesky leadership, and courage in dog). Tom’s kindness, easy taking on what must be one going manner, intelligence, of the world’s most laser sharp wit and delightful demanding jobs- overseeing sense of fun will not be with a Christian compassion forgotten. and love the operation of over two hundred and fifty The seafarers of the world mission centres located have lost one of their truly across five continents. great champions and the Of course, when Tom visited Australian ministry a truly Tom at the National Conference dinner our shores it took him away great friend and brother. at Hobart, 2011 from his beloved wife and daughter and our prayers Col Brown and hearts go out to them; for we are greatly indebted to Roz and Abi for being so generous in sharing Tom’s precious time with us. HePort Giles Centre officially openedThe new kid on the block (dock), our latestand 27th centre was officially opened lastmonth by the Ven Michael Hillier. A largecrowd, way beyond expectations turnedup for the grand ceremony at St Mary’s hallin tiny Edithburgh. Earlier that morning FrThomas (chaplain to Port Giles) wasinterviewed on ‘Macca around Australia’to announce over national radio that theopening was taking place. It seemed thathalf of Australia made it to Edithburgh (and Official opening – Port Gilesthe other half telephoned Thomas)!Geoff and June Harrison were thrilled at theresponse, and taken by absolute surprisewhen two seafarers they had cared for atPort Giles magically appeared on a bigscreen at the ceremony via SKYPE to wishthem well- one seafarer beaming in fromManila and the other from a city in India.Perhaps these two had somehow heard iton “Macca “as well! June keeps a vibrantand action packed facebook- check it outat “ mts”.Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part A
  3. 3. Portland Flying Angel – 50 years young Last month, great celebrations the constant and solid support took place at our Portland, offered, including the use of Victoria mission. The celebrations ideally located premises within marked fifty years of the good the Port precincts. Bring on the people of Portland caring for next fifty Portland! seafarers visiting their port. Congratulations to the Portland organising team and especially Neville Manson and Capt Peter Gracias for hosting the historic event. The gathering was delighted that Garry Weatherill their new bishop and chair of the MTS Australian Council, was able to visit Portland and lead the volunteers, supporters and well wishers in the celebrations. The Portland mission is also very grateful to the Port of Portland for Why we do what we do – some hard facts Many people are not aware of Bureau. Of the 266 attacks, 60% the following facts- were carried out by Somalia based pirates. • Over 90% of world trade is • Seafarers are among the most carried by sea, providing exploited and abused groups work to more than one of workers in the world, yet million seafarers. their plight is barely • Thirty million people make a recognised by the living by fishing mainstream media and • The rate of suicide for public opinion, says the ITF international seafarers is report, “Out of Sight Out of triple that of shore workers, Mind”. and they are 26 times more likely to be killed at work. Indeed, our work worldwide is often • Shipping is a truly described, rather dauntingly, as “an international industry- in invisible ministry to invisible people”. today’s global market you But without doubt, our daily efforts might have a Greek owned on five continents to care for the vessel, registered in Malta well being of crews, to advocate for with officers from India and them and promote the worth of a mixed crew from Thailand, their services helps make seafarers Indonesia, Vanuatu and the more visible, more valued and Philippines. better protected. This is our core • Piracy hit an all time high in business, our response to the ever the first six months of 2011, challenging two thousand year old with 266 attacks worldwide, words found in Matthew 25:35-37. up from 196 a year earlier May we always stay focussed and according to statistics from faithful to the task of ‘welcoming the International Maritime the stranger’.Page 3 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part A
  4. 4. Three cheers for Honorio – Gladstone celebrates Honorio Hincapie was recently commissioned by Bishop Godfrey Honorio who formerly Fryar as chaplain to the volunteered for us at the Port Gladstone MTS. Honorio reports Kembla mission centre invited that he is thoroughly enjoying the their pastoral manager John new challenge and the strong Kewa to run a ship visitors training support he has received from his course at Gladstone the day dedicated team of volunteers. prior to and the day of his Gladstone is a rapidly expanding commissioning. The course was port placing great demands on well attended and thoroughly Honorio and his volunteers and enjoyed by the participating they are flat out trying to keep volunteers who are soon to pace. As well as additional receive their certificates from volunteers and financial support London. they need more time to relax, plan and sleep such is the scope of the challenge there. Father Paul, Honorio and Bishop Godfrey – MTS Gladstone ChapelPage 4 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part A