Glad Tidings Newsletter 6 - Mission to Seafarers


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News from around the Ports.
A very special "Maritime Village" in Victoria.
Great stories about those who are or have been involved in the "Mission to Seafarers" family.
MtS Conferences in Australia and New Zealand [Aotearoa].
Ship visiting training sessions.
UN Maritime Labour Convention - "Bill of Rights" for Seafarers".
Australian Mariners' Welfare Society; Port Welfare Committees;
Funding protocols.
Sea Sunday.

Some acronyms defined:
AMSA = Australian Maritime Safety Authority
AOS = Apostleship of the Sea
ICMA = International Christian Maritime Association
ICSW = International Committee on Seafarers' Welfare
ITF = International Transport Federation

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Glad Tidings Newsletter 6 - Mission to Seafarers

  1. 1. Glad Tidings Newsletter No.6 April 2010 NATIONAL CONFERENCE A RESOUNDING SUCCESS visit our ports. The Mission to Seafarers’ knowledgeable and national conference held stimulating presenters. A special “thank you” is over four days in extended to Revd Dennis It was noted that almost Claughton and MtS Rockingham WA, fifty percent of the Fremantle Flying Angel September last was a Rockingham participants manager Anne Robinson, great success. Nearly all were new to the MtS for your tremendous of our twenty five centres since our last conference welcome and hospitality. were represented. at Katoomba in 2007- Our special guest from the demonstrating the ever It seems more than likely UK was the Revd Tom changing face of our that the next national Heffer, recently appointed ministry; and our desire to conference will be held in as the Society’s new be prepared to provide the Hobart in October 2011 Secretary General. A best possible care for the but this is yet to be number of our MtS family many overseas crews that confirmed. from New Zealand and other Pacific Islands joined us as well. The conference Participants in programme was 2009 National challenging and most Conference beneficial- with a series of ELECTION OF A NEW AUSTRALIAN COUNCIL Pictured are the members of the Mission to Seafarers Australian Council elected to serve until the next national conference in 2011. From left to right- Back row- Graham Miller (Townsville), Adrian Willes (Brisbane), Ian Porter (Sydney), Bishop Garry (Chairman), Colin Brown (National Coordinator) and Tom Heffer (Secretary General London) Front row- Arthur Hinsley (Hobart), Ian McGilvray (Dampier) & David Masters (Port Kembla).
  2. 2. SECRETARY GENERAL AT MTS BUNBURY’S CELEBRATIONS Immediately following the Price and Tim Hopwood they were invited to join in conclusion of the national (Centre Manager) and his the celebrations and conference the Revd Tom team of loyal and sample the generous Heffer travelled to enthusiastic volunteers. proportions of scrumptious Bunbury. Tom led the hot and cold foods and This joyous Saturday opening and blessing of refreshing drink! It was a afternoon saw the the recently completed most memorable day for mingling of many MtS building extensions to the the people of our Bunbury friends and supporters. Bunbury Seafaring mission who have strived Two visiting crews arriving Centre. To meet Tom on so hard to rise above the at the Centre during the this great occasion was tragedy and sadness of festivities could not Bunbury’s Bishop David 2008. believe their luck when McCall, Chairman Brian Tim Hopwood- on piano- sets the mood for SHIP VISITING AT KWINANA The Travelling During some free time at Although the elements Our Fremantle centre is Bunburys our national conference tested us, the wonderful kept very busy, running the Revd Dennis way Michael and Dennis seven buses between the Claughton and Michael went about greeting and Fremantle and Kwinana Kitafuna from MtS caring for the weather- ports, to meet and look Fremantle, took Tom beaten crew warmed our after overseas seafarers Heffer and Col Brown ship hearts. Very clearly, they during their ever visiting on a wild, freezing had put into action St. shortening precious shore and gloomy September Matthew’s call “to leave- before returning to afternoon at Kwinana. welcome the stranger” - work on the vast Indian this time, to WA. Ocean. KEN PETERS’ MLC WORKSHOPS AROUND AUSTRALIA Michael Kitafuna preparing “Seafarers Bill of Rights”) from other welfare One of the ways we are and has had input into the agencies, unions, ports, to ship visit at Kwinana WA are acknowledging the drafting of the document shipping, maritime International Year of the since the year 2000. colleges and government Seafarer is by running departments. workshops around the In his one day workshops nation on the Maritime held in Sydney, Brisbane, Also travelling with Ken Labour Convention- which Hobart, Fremantle, and presenting at the we hope will be ratified by Dampier and Port gatherings was AMSA’s the Australian Hedland, Ken explained Paul MacGillivary. Paul Government in 2011. the contents of the MLC heads a new government and how it is expected to committee called the We were extremely impact on the welfare AMSA Port Welfare fortunate to have the Revd work that the Mission to Advisory Committee which Canon Ken Peters travel Seafarers family carries has been convened to from the UK to lead our out around the globe- with promote the introduction workshops. Ken is particular focus on the of the MLC and Director of the Mission to Australian scene. encourage the creation of Ken Peters at Flying Angel Club Seafarers Justice & The workshops were very regional port welfare Fremantle workshop Welfare desk based in our well attended by many committees around central office London. Ken’s five power point Mission to Seafarers Australia. presentations and Paul’s one Ken is one of the world’s chaplains, managers, ship MtS’ national coordinator can be found on this website. leading experts on this visitors and volunteers Col Brown represents MtS United Nation’s around the Australian on this advisory body, and Convention (known as the coastline. Also joining us invited Paul to present at were many key people Ken’s workshops.
  3. 3. THANK YOU TO THE AUSTRALIAN MARINERS WELFARE SOCIETY A special “thank you” is It was terrific to see extended to the good Captain Alan Tait at the people of the AMWS that Sussex Street Sydney generously funded Ken Mission to Seafarers Peters' MLC workshops, workshop making such a and enabled us to take the strong contribution & most presentation to our more ably representing his remote seafaring centres charitable organisation. in the Pilbara. Captain Alan Tait at Sydney MLC workshop AMSA NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE Late last year the The initial meeting of the Australia, ITF, AMWS and of local port welfare Australian Maritime Safety Advisory Committee took Dept of Education, committees. NSWAC Authority (AMSA) place in Sydney on 28 Employment & Workplace ceased operating in 2006 established an Advisory October 2009, with Relations. but some port welfare Committee in response to representatives from the committees (PWC) Regulation 4.4 of the Mission to Seafarers (Col Some will remember the continue to meet including Maritime Labour Brown), Australian Ship establishment of NSWAC Sydney, Melbourne, Convention 2006 (MLC). Owners Association, AoS, some years ago which Darwin and Newcastle. Ports Australia, Shipping helped establish a number ESTABLISHING PORT WELFARE COMMITTEES LOCALLY All ports are now achieve this- and provide A power point encouraged to form their ongoing support presentation by Paul on own local port welfare thereafter. this topic can be found on committees (PWC) and this website. the new AMSA Advisory AMSA’s Canberra based Committee has the task of For more information visit Paul MacGillivary chairs supporting PWCs to the Committee. arers_Welfare/index.asp AMSA FORUM TO CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE SEAFARER The AMSA Port Welfare for ratification of the Advisory Committee is Maritime Labour presently in the process of Convention. planning for a two day Forum, in Melbourne, that It is most likely that the will highlight the Forum will be held over International Year of the 29-30 September 2010 Seafarer and the need and that attendance will be by invitation.
  4. 4. MTS OCEANIA CONFERENCE IN TAURANGA (NZ) Following the Australian Both Viti Whippy (MtS and meet more often to national conference, Col Oceania’s secretary) and foster a keener sense of Brown and Tom Heffer the Revd Jim Pether solidarity and more attended the MtS Oceania (Wellington) had attended efficiently share resources conference held at the the Australian Council the and ideas. We look MtS centre in Tauranga previous week. The forward to seeing as many Port New Zealand, in Pacific Islanders shared Pacific Islanders as September 2009. Those similar stories, concerns possible at our next others attending came and hopes that were also conference. from Fiji, Tuvalu, Kirabati, evident at the Australian Samoa, Solomon Islands, conference. Emerging Port Vila and five NZ ports from the Oceania from both Islands. Maori conference was the strong Bishop John Gray sentiment that both convened the Aotearoa conferences should try conference. ITF & AMWS FUNDING PROTOCOLS ARE IMPORTANT Please do not try and by- and, if appropriate , Just a reminder that all pass the Australian endorses same for MtS Centres wishing to Council as the funding sending to the respective seek funding assistance organisations will only funding body. If in doubt from either the return it to us for about the completion of International Transport endorsement, and cause the form or the actual Workers Federation (ITF) time loss. process please contact or the Australian Mariners Graham Miller on 07 4772 Welfare Society (AMWS) The Australian Council 2774. need to send their reviews each application, completed applications to- Secretary of the Australian of the Mission to Seafarers, PO Box 729, Townsville Qld 4810.
  5. 5. MTS FREMANTLE FLYS THE AUSSIE FLAG HIGH IN HONG KONG A few months back the Bay South Africa, Revd Dennis Claughton Singapore and Brazil. that ICMA “had presented was invited to the ICMA a remarkable workshop The concept for the which had stretched the conference held at the gathering was to present a capabilities of many to Mariners Club in Kowloon, management plan of how come up with a ‘nuts and Hong Kong. The to assist seafarers around bolts’ operational plan to workshop drew together the world- by drafting assist other seafarers’ ten very different but high some practical guides for centres in future planning, achieving seafaring mission, ministry and implementation by new centres from around the management”. He went on personnel to the ministry- world. It was great to hear to say that “ the Christian responsible for the day to that MtS Fremantle had ministry to seafarers is a day operations of the been recognised and unique network across all seafaring centre. Flying Angel Club invited to work with denominational barriers. Fremantle representatives from Dennis found the The call to ministry in this Halifax Canada, Hamburg experience inspirational area is recognised as vital Germany, New York USA, and no doubt flew the to the men and women of Barcelona Spain, Venice Aussie flag proudly. On the sea.” Italy, Odessa Ukraine, his return he commented Liverpool UK, Richards TWO SHIP VISITING COURSES IN THE WEST- BUNBURY & HEDLAND Late last year the Revd wide. Ken himself came Hedland Seafarers Ken Cahill (formerly from Melbourne while Centre. Ian reports that Melbourne’s chaplain) others journeyed from some five attended the Bunbury MtS ship visiting held a well attended ICSW Albany and Perth. two day course. Finding training course ship visiting course for long term volunteers in the Early this year Dampier’s welfare workers in Pilbara region is not easy- Revd Ian McGilvray ran a Bunbury. Participants in this area it is about similar course at Port travelled from far and “quality not quantity”. NEXT SHIP VISITING COURSE PLANNED FOR SOUTH AUSTRALIA Either Adelaide or Port able to come from Hobart Pirie will be the venue for to offer the course. When the next ship visiting dates and venue are training course. It is hoped finalised we shall let you that Arthur Hinsley will be know. Port Hedland iron ore ship
  6. 6. MtS CHAPEL AT MARITIME VILLAGE- WARRNAMBOOL Burnie’s Doug Couzins the Mission to Seafarers. recently alerted us to this Parts of the chapel and The kids will be thrilled by hidden treasure. Doug, exhibition are from the the night time laser show during a holiday in Victoria original MtS chapel and simulating the story of a visited the Flagstaff Hill seafaring centre that once nearby shipwreck and its Maritime Village in operated in Frankston in two survivors. Warrnambool on Victoria’s days gone by. Doug “shipwreck coast”. This donated a MtS flag that Visit amazing reconstructed now flutters above the for a pleasant surprise. historical maritime chapel. So if you are complex has attracted travelling the Great Ocean over 2 million visitors since Road, take time to visit 1974- and has won Warrnambool’s major numerous Victorian State tourist attraction. Tourism Awards. Situated within the village is the Chapel of St Nicholas and a centre dedicated to the work of SEA SUNDAY IS FAST APPROACHING This year, Sea Sunday will As usual, MtS central Some may want to do be officially celebrated on office has produced some some creative amending the 11 July 2010. But of quality materials for use and put an Aussie spin on course, Centres may on Sea Sunday that can the UK materials. prefer to celebrate on be downloaded by visiting Enjoy the big day. another date that better suits the local needs. CAROL & PETER MORGAN’S WELL EARNED AWARD Many Port Hedland recently retired for a well people were thrilled to deserved rest to live on a hear that their former property at the foothills of manager Carol Morgan the Grampians in Victoria. was acknowledged at last It is hoped that both of year’s Lloyds List Awards them will feel “the itch” to function in Sydney. return to the seafaring action sooner than later. We need their skills and Carol, with husband Peter experience…perhaps toiled faithfully for many Darwin calls? years to keep the Port Congratulations also goes Hedland Seafaring Centre to the Sydney Bethel a happy and safe “home Union that won first prize away from home” for the in the AMSA sponsored many crews working the “Seafarers huge iron ships visiting Welfare“Award”. Without Hedland. the support of the SBU our NSW centres would Carol and Peter have be much poorer indeed.
  7. 7. A SEAFARER’S LIFE INVOLVES GREAT SACRIFICE The monthly reports sent was enjoyed by all the been at sea for 12 years to the National staff and volunteers at the and this would be the first Coordinator from our Centre as we cared for Christmas he would have Centres around Australia the needs of the many had at home in that time! are always full of inspiring seafarers who visited us Roberto was concerned stories concerning our in December. The month about his pay and looking after the needs of was extremely busy with repatriation benefit. the many seafarers we extra services and However, after I had are so privileged to spoken to his Captain, I hospital visits… was able to give him welcome albeit for such a They say that every cloud peace of mind on that brief time. has a silver lining- earlier issue.” in the month I visited a Filipino seafarer called A belated “happy Such a one was reported Roberto who had been by Ian McGilvray from Christmas” to a admitted to hospital with a courageous Roberto and Dampier last December. back injury. His injury Ian wrote: his long suffering family- meant, that after initial may they have many more I am pleased to report treatment, he would be together. that a busy festive season flown home. Roberto was rejoicing because he had A NEW LEVY ON CENTRES TO HELP US EXPAND OUR MINISTRY At the national conference and the subsequent meeting of the Australian Council it was decided that it would be necessary to increase station levies and also introduce a new mid year levy - to help support our desire to create new services to seafarers in remote ports where there is great and immediate need. It was Bishop Garry Weatherill, on will accept the news in good also decided that some behalf of the Australian faith and with a willingness money needed to be held Council, has sent a letter of to contribute and support in trust for the purpose of explanation to all Centres the ministry of the MtS emergency assistance for and it is hoped that your family Australia wide. some of our poorer and committees struggling centres.
  8. 8. GERALDTON CENTRE ON THE WAY UP Our Geraldton centre rededication celebrations role as chaplain to continues to strive to of the inside Geraldton Centre. We improve its services and improvements last year wish Bill a happy and ministry to the visiting was a great boost for the fruitful stay in Geraldton seafarers in the West. loyal volunteers. and God’s speed with the Since the closure of the building work and next centre in 2008 due to phase improvements. power loss and an unsafe The Revd Phillip Knife, building, the Geraldton after doing a fine job volunteers have worked getting the ministry back Thank you to the Geraldton Port Authority tirelessly to create a on its feet, has returned to for its generosity and welcoming and modern Perth. The Revd Bill Ross constant support. Centre. The opening and has recently taken up the Rebuilding of part of Geraldton Centre BURNIE’S DOUG COUZINS KNOCKS ON HEAVEN’S DOOR In September last year, Seafarers flag in his back Doug Couzins who is pocket. On reaching the chair of MtS Burnie went summit he effortlessly into some serious physical planted the flag on top of training prior to travelling Africa! Quite a feat indeed to Africa with a few Doug- it has been friends. Doug audaciously rumoured that he is now climbed Africa’s highest preparing for Everest! Mount Kilimanjaro mountain Mt Kilamanjaro- Then what- the planet Doug on summit of Mt with a Mission to Jupiter? Kilimanjaro BRIEF NEWS FROM AROUND THE PORTS Albany workshop and hosting the that these were presents March Australian Council for central office! It was good to see Norm meeting. Stevens make the long Bell Bay trip from Albany to Thanks also Dave for Garry Jones and some of Fremantle to join us for showing Ken Peters his team made the big the MLC workshop. Norm around Brisbane. Ken was drive from Bell Bay to is now well briefed on the thrilled to feed some emus Hobart for the MLC need for Albany port to and kangaroos at a workshop there. Garry form its own Port Welfare nearby conservation park commented that both the Committee. but was horrified to hear national conference and Dave’s remark that We were very saddened the Hobart workshop were “Australian’s are the only to hear of the sudden invaluable experiences, nation to actually eat death of Dave Lomas. and that he was very what’s on their national Dave was the AoS appreciative. coat of arms”! manager at Albany and a Burnie great friend to visiting By the time Ken had seafarers. He will be reached Port Hedland it The Burnie folk were also sorely missed. was clear that he had well represented at the recovered from Dave’s Hobart MLC workshop. Brisbane comment (and was quickly Doug Couzins’ remarkable A big “ thank you” to acclimatizing) as Ken climb of Mt Kilimanjaro Adrian Willes and Dave purchased two unusual (with MtS flag in his back Ellis (Brisbane’s looking bottle openers bottom is mentioned in chairman) for organizing mounted on kangaroo another part of this the Brisbane MLC testicles. Ken explained newsletter).
  9. 9. BRIEF NEWS FROM AROUND THE PORTS (continued) Cape Lambert around Australia that was for making the big trip to Kewa. John is very well much appreciated by all. Brisbane MtS Centre for credentialed and It was unfortunate that Ken Some excellent and lively Ken’s MLC workshop. experienced to take on the Peters and Col missed discussion flowed after the Their contribution and responsibility. For some meeting the Revd Richard presentation. enthusiasm were much years he gave outstanding Goscombe (resident of appreciated. Now to put it service to Stella Maris Wickham) when they Frank attended the MtS all into practice back in Melbourne, and the Flying travelled to Cape Lambert workshop in Fremantle a Gladstone! Trevor has as Angel Melbourne is during the workshop tour. few days before. He took a priority initiating the fortunate to have John on Richard was in Sydney at the bus from Esperance to formation of a local port their team. You are in our the time - bad timing all Perth- some 12 hours welfare committee- which prayers John. round! each way. That’s should be of significant dedication! Frank reckons However, Ken and Col did benefit to his Centre so valuable was Ken’s spend some quality time further down the track. Newcastle workshop that it was worth talking with two of the the aches, cramps and The donation of a new bus Cape Lambert pilots and pains (nevertheless Hastings from Port Waratah Coal were very pleased to hear consider flying next time was gratefully accepted by that the pilots are trying, in It was wonderful to see Frank). our Newcastle Centre. difficult circumstances, to Hasting’s ship visitor Peter Garry Dodd - chaplain to help the seafarers Coulthurst join us at the the Port of Newcastle was stranded at Lambert. Fremantle Rockingham conference. recently married and we We are very much Peter with his seafaring wish him and Paula all the Again, a big “thank you” to dependent on the goodwill background and all round happiness and joy that Dennis and Anne for of Rio Tinto, the port maritime experience made marriage can bring. Paula making us all so welcome owners to support us in a great contribution at our who has qualifications in last September. And setting up a greatly national conference. Col welfare, counselling and congratulations on hosting needed seafaring ministry hopes to visit Hastings psychology is a great a very successful and there. Centre later this year and “catch” for MtS Newcastle. “house full” MLC meet the committee and It should be mentioned Dampier workshop. Ken Peters was supporters. that Paula was born and thrilled at the large The Dampier centre kindly numbers and response bred in Wollongong- little played host to one of our from the very “switched wonder she oozes so MLC workshops. It was Hobart much talent, style and on” participants. good to see that Ian is Well done Arthur and class! recovering from his hip Geelong Bruce for hosting such an Port Hedland operation and becoming Thank you Noah for the enjoyable and informative more mobile daily. hospitality your Geelong MLC workshop at the Shelley and Andrew Gillie team extended me on my Mercure Hotel Hobart. A are doing a terrific job last visit there. Noah number of people made a managing the very busy maintains a very engaging big effort to be there - Hedland Centre. They Esperance website and is always including the volunteers generously hosted one of Col has finally made it to looking for new ways and from Burnie and Bell Bay the Ken Peter’s Pilbara beautiful but far-from- ideas to entertain and care and the long distance port workshops. Many key every-else Esperance. He for seafarers visiting travellers from Portland maritime people from the received a very warm Geelong. To get an idea of (Neville Manson) and Port region attended Ken’s welcome from the Revd his talents - click here to Pirie (Ian Pole). All agreed session. Hedland is a Frank Roe and manager read “Noah’s Chatter”- the it was very much worth the rapidly expanding port Fred Lochowicz of the latest Newsletter for effort. presenting the Centre and Esperance MtS centre. Geelong’s volunteers. its committee with many Melbourne challenges. Our prayers Many volunteers attended [Download=1.13MB] and best wishes (and It is sad to hear that the a meal and presentation Revd Ken Cahill has left practical support) go out to night following Col’s his position with the MtS them. Gladstone arrival. He was able to Melbourne. We wish Ken give a presentation on the Congratulation to Trevor good fortune in his next work of the MtS family Phillips and his volunteers ministry. Much of the good work Ken was doing at 717 Flinders Street has
  10. 10. BRIEF NEWS FROM AROUND THE PORTS (continued) Port Kembla Port Lincoln representative from Wallaroo Townsville, Martyn It was good to see a group The Revd Susan Straub Robinson from Wallaroo Our fearless leader Bishop from Port Kembla MtS who is chaplain to Port SA, Garry Dodd from Garry and the Revd Prue travelling from the “Gong” Lincoln and our main ship Newcastle and Dave O’Donovan (Kadina to attend the Sydney MLC visitor is soon to retire. Masters’ team from Port parish) have been workshop. Dave Masters Government Kembla. instrumental in setting up and his team are in the announcements in recent our new ministry at planning stages for much times inform of plans for a Of course Ian’s Sydney Wallaroo Port - on needed building major expansion of Port chaplains - Un, Jong, Spencer Gulf. Although extensions. On some Lincoln - to facilitate the Toshi, Jack and George not a busy port, the ship nights with increasing ship export of iron ore. In also took part in the day’s visit statistics for last year, visits the mission is addition another new port workshop and made an and the expected “bursting at the seams”. is planned north of Port important contribution. increased amounts of Let’s hope that Port Lincoln on the Eyre The day’s work was grain to be exported this Kembla can find the Peninsular - again to rounded off with a year, certainly justify an money from somewhere to facilitate the export of iron wonderful meal in a MtS presence there. proceed with the ore. No doubt Bishop Chinese restaurant directly Martyn Robinson who has necessary extensions and Garry will have these across the Street from the lived as a religious brother improvements shipping expansion plans Flying Angel and all in community at St in mind when Port Lincoln agreed that the event was Barnabas & St Cecilia, seeks out a new chaplain. a memorable one. Peterborough SA will take Portland residence in Wallaroo to In December, Col met the serve as chaplain to the Port Pirie Townsville Portland volunteers and Seafaring Centre and Port. gave a presentation on Ian Pole, Pirie’s manager At the first meeting of the He is ideally suited to this MtS’ work around the and chaplain was able to new Australian Council, ministry, as Martyn served nation. It was a delightful attend the Hobart MLC Graham Miller (whose first in the merchant navy for evening and was a chance workshop - giving the name is really “Douglas”) many years in his younger to see Jo Moyle again who gathering some “value was yet again elected days (not that he is all that represented Portland at added” interstate flavour. honorary secretary. You old now!). A salty and the Rockingham national Ian has kindly offered to cannot keep a good man foamy blessing Martyn - conference. Col was also act as mentor to those down! We all know that enjoy the challenge and able to spend some setting up the new MtS Graham performed a the sea change. valuable time with Neville ministry at Wallaroo Port. herculean task organizing Manson discussing the He should prove a great the Rockingham national vicissitudes of running a source of knowledge and conference - from over modern day centre and support for the Wallaroo 3,500 kilometres away. GOODBYE FROM COL future needs of the volunteers. Both Graham and his BROWN … UNTIL THE Portland MtS. Portland are assistant Alan Berry NEXT EDITION fortunate to be located within the Portland Port travelled 1000 klms south precincts and are well to be at the Brisbane MLC Sydney workshop, and both were served by their chairman Peter Gracias who holds a The Revd Ian Porter kindly inspired by the power and senior management hosted, at the Sussex clarity of Ken’s position with the Port. Street Centre, Ken Peters’ presentation. Graham has very first workshop in started the wheels in Finally, a very well done to motion to set up a local Australia. The workshop Neville and wife Julie for port welfare committee in was attended by many getting to the Tassie MLC Townsville. Keep on rolling travelling long distances - workshop - giving the Dougie. Revd Chris Barnes from gathering an interstate NZ, ITF’s Matt Purcell from flavour. Melbourne, government people from Canberra, Graham Bragg ITF