Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 4


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Glad Tidings Newsletter no.10 part 4

  1. 1. GLAD TIDINGS No. 10 PART D In this edition: • An unexpected thrill in Adelaide • The AMSA SeafarersAn unexpected thrill in Adelaide Welfare Advisory CommitteeOur friends at Stella MarisAdelaide regularly send their on the boundary- right next to • Hastings’ championsalways interesting newsletter to our near ecstatic crew. They free MSIC passesus. The latest edition of “The then got a chance to speakGangway Bulletin” has a terrific with their legendary • Serious injury reportsarticle on an Indian crew visiting countryman, and at the close oflast January, that has to be play went back to their ship on • Esperance’s Good clouds nine, ten and eleven. Samaritansretold. Over 24-28 January,Australia and India were locked Bravo, SM Adelaide…Aussie hospitality at its best! But who in • Than you AMWS andin battle in a game of cricket at SBUAdelaide Oval. A group of India will believe their story whenIndian seafarers were visiting they get home?Stella Maris at that time andasked if they could be taken toAdelaide Oval. The goodvolunteers swung into actionand delivered the seafarers tothe cricket before you couldsay “howzthat’.The cricket-mad seafarers couldnot believe their luck when asspectators they took up a prizedposition on the boundary fenceas the Australian batsmenmanfully built their innings. Soonafter, the one and only SachinTendulkar was sent to field out GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part D
  2. 2. The AMSA Seafarers Welfare Advisory Committee The Australian Government- funding. Maritime Safety Authority Practical issues involving the appointed Committee implementation of the MLC, continues to meet quarterly the cost of MSIC passes, and to provide a forum for better access to terminals, Australian practical enforcement of the seafarers’organisations to ISPS code, the formation of articulate their concerns and local port welfare share experiences and committees, the aspirations in the presence of establishment of a Register other key maritime industry noting our involvement in stakeholders and serious incidents involving government representatives. seafarers, relations with the ITF and Port Authorities etc The editor represents MTS on are a few of the matters on this committee and has the ever expanding agenda. recently been joined by MTS’ It also provides us a chance Capt Dave Ellis who to meet with AOS on a more importantly brings another regular basis as their national level of expertise and director Peter Owens also sits commitment to the table. on the Committee. The committee meetings provides us the opportunity Any centre concerned about to advocate as strongly as any local or national issue possible for recognition of the that could appropriately be crucial welfare services all of brought before the Advisory our centres provide around Committee please contact Australia’s ports, and our the national office. need for future support and Hastings’ champions for free MSIC passes Earlier in the year Hastings Seafarers Centre for current passes for some 25 active brought it to our notice that the cost of volunteers. The AMSA Seafarers Advisory MSIC passes was hurting the centre Committee is now aware of this problem financially. We are indebted to Hasting’s and will start negotiations with the issuing Bob Graham for bringing this to our authority for hopefully the issue of free attention. A subsequent survey of MTS passes in the future. Let’s hope that the centres by the editor disclosed that eight of next edition of Glad Tidings will be able to our centres paid for MSIC passes and that report some good news on this front. one of them had paid out around $12,000Page 2 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part D
  3. 3. Serious injury reports We all are aware of the asked us to begin to record these tremendous work AMSA carries voluntary acts of mercy we carry out with their sea rescue out. Accordingly, the national operations; coming to the rescue office has recently set up a of ships and crews in peril, Register of Serious Incidents that seafarers overboard or badly will detail our involvement in such injured etc. But what is not as well incidents and a copy will be known, is the degree of given to AMSA. This Register will involvement by our organisation give the government a better and Apostleship of the Sea in idea of the scope and coming to the aid of those importance of our work to the seafarers rescued and brought to world’s seafarers and their shore by AMSA requiring urgent families. So please remember to medical treatment and fill in your Serious Incident Form hospitalisation- and the follow up and send to the national office work required to contact loved when appropriate. ones and so on. And as you all know, we care for many a seafarer who takes ill or is seriously injured at sea that does not actually require AMSA’s rescue services but are of a serious, sometimes life threatening nature. These charitable works and good deeds do not come to the notice of government or anyone else for that matter. We do not boast about such stuff- it is seen as uncool and unchristian to do so. However, AMSA have Esperance’s Good SamaritansDeveloping the theme from the previous All in a days work Esperance would say. Instory, our attention is drawn to the great that same week another ship visitingpastoral work being carried at our Esperance had lost a crew memberEsperance centre by chaplain Frank Roe overboard and Fred did his best to offerand manager/ship visitor Fred Lochowicz. support there as well.Fred recently sent us a completed Serious This is the unsung core business that all ourIncident report involving the ten day centres carry out on virtually a daily basis. Inhospitalisation of a seafarer with acute that one week other Incident Reports werediabetes. received from Albany, Brisbane andAt the risk of embarrassing Frank, Fred Bunbury concerning seafarers hospitalisedmentioned that Frank had visited the sick for burst appendix, finger amputation andpatient two to three times a day for all of an onboard broken leg caused by stormythe ten days to “provide changes of weather. Life at sea is dangerous.sleeping clothes, toiletries and the medicalscripts that Frank had organised andcollected…” GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part DPage 3
  4. 4. Esperance Seafarers’ Chapel Thank you AMWS and SBU A newsletter like this one always provides us with the is able to financially support opportunity to emphasise all centres Australia wide with how important the support of grants for practical things the Australian Mariners that directly benefit Welfare Society and the seafarers, the Sydney Bethel Sydney Bethel Union is to our Union bound by state humanitarian work around legislation can only support Australia’s seaboard. Thanks centres in NSW. Accordingly, to their generosity we are our hard working centres in able to be so much more Newcastle, Port Kembla, effective and reach so many Eden and Sydney are the more seafarers and their grateful beneficiaries of this families. Although the AMWS invaluable assistance.Page 4 GLAD TIDINGS 2012 No. 10 Part D