e²-commerce, the experiential e-commerce: Moving from geeks-AR towards multichannel business applications


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Presentation of Seac02 held at the Augmented Reality Event 2011 (are2011).
The speech was included in the
"Business Track" of the event,
within the session "AR for eCommerce"
Day One – Tuesday May 17th, 2011

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  • レイバン サングラスの中にレイバン RB3025は、レイバンの中に数多くのスターに愛用され、値段も一般人に受け入れられています。レイバン RB3025は大衆化になったそうです。簡潔なタイプで、すべての年齢層にも似合えます。この特徴こそはレイバン アビエイターの魅力でしょう。
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e²-commerce, the experiential e-commerce: Moving from geeks-AR towards multichannel business applications

  1. 1. commercethe experiential e-commerce Moving from geeks-AR towards multichannel business applications
  2. 2. Seac02 is an Italian company active in the AR sector since 2004,providing AR solutions mainly based on computer vision2
  3. 3. International network• Metterei la nostra presenza sul mercato mondiale, in termini di customers, partner e resellers, e clienti prendendo i dati dal sito web che ti giro sotto. of•• resellers and partners Over 3k users active world wide About 10k downloads of our authoring tool Over3k registered users world wide About 10k downloads of our authoring tool3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. eventually AR started being popular5
  6. 6. Engaging people with Viral marketing campaigns 6
  7. 7. With Entertainment and Gaming7
  8. 8. With virtual Try-on for product experience8
  9. 9. Even thanks to the diffusion of new technologies coming with smartphones and new concept devices GPS & Compass Live camera images9
  10. 10. Computer Vision based Mobile AR …10
  11. 11. GPS & compass based Mobile AR …11
  12. 12. Focusing on Product Experience And try-on applications12
  13. 13. We saw Try-onof glasses13
  14. 14. Try-on of watches14
  15. 15. Virtual Try-on of shoes15
  16. 16. Try-on of hair styles16
  17. 17. What do these AR applications have in common17
  18. 18. on demand Projects wow effect for the temporary not continued campaigns after launch18
  19. 19. Our experience…Our customers highlighted difficulties and high level budgets required to generate and publish contents and technological barriers to get them accessible easily19
  20. 20. Seac02 unveils the commerce platform20
  21. 21. The commerce platform offers a series of services in cloud to easily generate and manage contents and AR projects For product experiences21
  22. 22. The commerce platform means to be multi channel22
  23. 23. and cross platform based23
  24. 24. Do you have a 3D model?24
  25. 25. Connect to the platform25
  26. 26. Use the available tools to prepare your 3D26
  27. 27. Don’t have a 3D model?27
  28. 28. Create it in a few shots28
  29. 29. upload your photos and get your 3D model from the platform29
  30. 30. Create all the instances of your product30
  31. 31. You can generate Realtime rendered 3D Or HTML5 360 Interactive 360° °31
  32. 32. As well as Set up your AR project32
  33. 33. Choose the technology you want to use (marker, NFT, NI…) And your target (web, mobile, kiosk…)33
  34. 34. Store them on the in cloud platform34
  35. 35. Get your script to be embedded in your web store page35
  36. 36. A complete platform to WEAR Create & Augment ViewConfidential 36
  37. 37. There’s more At the Seac02 is going to introduce the new concept of Extended Virtuality a new way to live our commerce37
  38. 38. advantages?Accessibility Multichannel Low management cost pay per useWe deal with storage, delivery, maintenance andany logistic issueUsers must just embed their own contentsIndustrial process, do-it-your-self for the user38
  39. 39. Thank you Ing. Matteo Gualano COO Seac02 S.r.l. matteo.gualano@seac02.it www.seac02.it Follow Be friend Join the group seac02 Linceo VR Seac02 esquarecommerce39