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M GALP/ENI: 2018 - The END of the Road?


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This is the last opportunity that we all have to put a STOP on Galp/ENI offshore drilling endeavours. And the only thing that will STOP them is a COURT ORDER. Nothing else! The time to ACT is NOW! Support us ... by donating to our legal and administrative expenses. If you want to help, get in touch with us. Thank you!

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M GALP/ENI: 2018 - The END of the Road?

  3. 3. … FACING REALITY THE FACTS ... No matter what you may have read or heard
  4. 4. Latest Developments - government  A call for comments on ENI’s Environmental Impact Study (EIS) has opened on 5 March, and closes 16 April 2018.  ENI’s, EIS (Environmental Impact Study) and support documentation can be downloaded from (you can submit your comments on this platform as well),  or you could email your comments to,  or by post to Rua da Murgueira, 9/9A - Zambujal Ap. 7585 2610-124 Amadora  ENI is responsible for compiling the Environmental Impact Study (EIS), while the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) falls within the Portuguese Environmental Agency’s portfolio (APA). The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that decision makers consider the environmental impacts when deciding whether or not a project can proceed.
  5. 5. Latest Developments - government  APA (Portuguese Environmental Agency) will be the organ of state that will make the final decision on the need for an Environmental Impact Assessment based on public responses received.  Decision must be made at the latest by 16 May. But decisions can be made BEFORE this date., although legal timeline is 20 working days. We expect APA will just rubber stamp the process … and give ENI/GALP the go ahead before deadline of 16 May. Meaning its game over … unless we can get the courts to STOP the consortium GALP/ENI from drilling. If we don’t, they will be free to drill when they want until April 2019.
  6. 6. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP  Galp/ENI have announced that they will drill just one well (a surprising statement as the industry’s usual practice is to drill 3 wells)  Galp/ENI know there’s OIL!!! and LOTS of it This means they will probably move straight into production. All indications are there that this will be the course of action that will be followed by the ENI/GALP consortium with full endorsement and support from government.  All infrastructure requirements needed to drill are already in place
  7. 7. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP Galp/ENI - WILL NOT STOP! UNLESS ASMAA CAN GET A COURT ORDER TO STOP GALP/ENI Because:  Only one piece of paper stands in Galp/ENI’s way – the authorization from APA – but all indications are there that Galp/ENI will get it  Galp/ENI expect to hit the Jackpot big time  Galp/ENI has got the concession rights for a “song”  Area rental was waived by Ministry of the Sea, so they pay ZERO rental fees  Contractually they can claim all project expenses before they pay any royalties. Meaning, GALP/ENI are allowed to recover all project expenses from their oil proceeds before they can be asked to pay any royalties to Portugal: an open ended agreement, inviting a scam ...  Portugal will be lucky to see any monies in next 20 years.
  8. 8. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP 1000 m Radius Security Zone around the drill ship. The first well is located on a busy maritime route
  9. 9. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP Saipem 8 March 2018 Saipem “officially” on the way to Morocco (Rabat) – 8 March 2018 Rabat is LESS than 1 day from ALENTEJO DRILL LOCATION … This is not far. It means the drill ship can be positioned in Portuguese waters very quick once ENI/Galp receive the green light from Portuguese government! destination
  10. 10. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP Saipem “officially” now in Morocco (Rabat) – 9 March 2018 Rabat is LESS than 1 day from ALENTEJO DRILL LOCATION … This is not far. It means the drill ship can be positioned in Portuguese waters very quick once ENI/Galp receive the green light from Portuguese government!
  11. 11. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP
  12. 12. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP We EXPECT that GALP/ENI will MOVE FAST … (if we were them, that would be the strategy we would follow …) ONCE THEY IN POSITION AT DRILL SITE IT WILL BE MUCH MORE DIFFICULT TO STOP THEM! WE HAVE A VERY SHORT WINDOW OF TIME IN WHICH TO ACT!
  13. 13. Latest Developments – ENI/GALP THE DRILL SHIP – SAIPEM 12000 Dual capacity – exploration & development!
  14. 14. Past Developments Lead’s us to PREDICT Future Developments
  15. 15. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  Contract adjudication and amendments process was full of irregularities – but government is quite happy.  Gov and ENI/Galp starts offshore drilling set-up process with ENMC, DGRM, Porto of Sines , etc - BEFORE an application for TUPEM licence (*) was submitted by ENI/Galp supporting info on our website  TUPEM’s (*) two public consultation meetings in 2016 was a shambles - two articles on our site illustrate what really took place * TUPEM (Títulos de Utilização do Espaço Marítimo – is a specific licence for the Use of Maritime Space by a private entity). TUPEM’s are under the management of the DGRM.
  16. 16. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  Minister of the Sea (Ana Paula Vitorino) busy selling offshore concession areas in the USA in September 2016 while public consultation was in progress (there’s a video on our site)  Minister of the Sea on 11 January 2017 grants TUPEM licence and ignores 42,000 objections and only 4 in favour submissions  In January 2017, Gov extends Galp/ENI contract by another year to Jan 2018  ASMAA Petition: Government ignores petition from ASMAA representing over 42,000 people that objected to the TUPEM licence being granted to Galp/ENI as part of a public consultation. Petition was submitted on 22 June 2016. Eventually we were invited to present our case to political parties representatives on 23 February 2017. On 21 December 2017 after a debate in a parliamentary session the petition was simply dismissed. 18 months after it was submitted. All 42,000 objections were simply ignored by government.
  17. 17. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  On 18 August 2017 parliament passes a new law requiring Mayors to PROVIDE information that oil companies SHOULD BE MADE AWARE of “things” that could impact on their operations. Contrary to public opinion - THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR AN AUTORISATION OR REJECTION Legal opinion was sent to all affected council mayors by ASMAA, drafted by our legal team, once we became aware that mayors were under the impression that what this regulation would give them, was some discretionary decision making. Instead the law places an obligation on mayors to advise the companies of areas of impact – copy of legal opinion available on request (in Portuguese) – mayors to date have not released any comments about this serious threat to local political power
  18. 18. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  Many submissions in parliament to stop oil & gas exploration – all rejected over past two years by political party representatives from PS | CDS | PSD & PCP - supporting info on our website  21 Dec 2018 - PCP proposes that all drilling contracts be subject to an EIA. This proposal was passed into law in January 2019. This new law endorses oil and gas exploration, but makes it subject to an environmental impact assessment. Which is a EU directive requirement anyway.
  19. 19. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  During Sep 2017 “Vos Purpose” conducts studies in concession area. ENMC publishes a press release stating it had NOTHING to do with present ENI/Galp contract. This was proven to be false, when motivation documents for contract extension was requested by Bloco de Esquerda - which were made public. Info and copy of documents are on our website. “Vos Purpose” is in fact a support vessel to drilling ship Saipem 12000.
  20. 20. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  On 8 January the Secretary of State for Energy extends contract by another year, to January 2019. Documentation submitted by the Ministry of Energy in reply to a request in parliament by Bloco de Esquerda further highlights other occurrences that clearly illustrates the close relationship between ENI/Galp and the Portuguese government. The Secretary of State conditions the contract extension with various demands, and suspends the contract until all the new terms are met by ENI/Galp – one of the demands is an EIA. Meaning NO DRILLING can take place while contract is suspended!
  21. 21. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  On 31 January a Galp executive Ruben Eiras leaves his position at Galp to take up a very senior post at Ministry of the Sea as Director General, effective from 1 February 2018. Prior to taking up his post in the ministry, Ruben Eiras acted as adviser to the Minister and to Cabinet for past two years at least.
  22. 22. Past Developments Predicts Future Developments  In 2017 three court applications supported by urgent injunctions were submitted to court by various parties, and these are:  AMAL – case n.º 598/16.1BELLE;  Município de Odemira – case nº 165/17.2BEBJA;  PALP – case nº 243/17.8BELLE; All the above urgent court applications for INJUNCTIONS, gained ONLY the automatic initial suspension order which was subsequently dismissed (last one was dismissed on 16 June 2017 - PALP). Grounds for dismissal of urgency, was due to the fact that they could not provide substantive evidence that there would be “IRREPARABLE DAMAGES” if not granted while main court cases proceeded its course. This resulted that between 16 June 2018 and 8 January 2019 – GALP/ENI were not prevented legally from advancing their interests. Contrary to the misinformation in the press which lulled people into a false sense of security. There was NO VALID EMBARGO in place during that time!
  23. 23. … FACING REALITY BOTTOM LINE ... ENI/Galp are going to drill unless we can STOP them
  24. 24. … FACING REALITY WHAT CAN WE DO? ASMAA has held back until the right moment presented itself That moment is NOW! But the window to act, is very, very short ...
  25. 25. ASMAA STRATEGY  For past two years ASMAA has put together a plan of action, conducted necessary research, appointed a top-notch legal team and have worked non-stop building our case. Costs has been kept to the bare minimum, but even so we have invested thousands of Euros in the process, and the team has also contributed with thousands of hours of back breaking work.  ASMAA plan’s on lodging OUR MAIN CASE sometime in APRIL and the urgent injunction application when the time is right to do so.  We will be calling on 5 technical experts to support our urgent injunction application. Some are internationally renowned individuals in their specialist fields If you want the best, it means they don’t come cheap. Although they have greatly reduced their fees to us, there’s still daily stipends, travelling, accommodation, etc that will need to be paid.
  26. 26. ASMAA STRATEGY  WHAT WE NEED?  Funds for legal cases – BUDGET - deadline 6 April: 30,000€  Funds to help us cover our own overheads as we have STOPPED all other income activities to FOCUS 100% on the up-coming legal cases (we can’t focus if we have to worry where money is coming from to pay such things as rents, telephones, travelling, etc) our monthly fixed overheads are 3,500€ per month.
  27. 27. Q&A  Can you donate directly to legal team?  YES! But they requested that payments be 500€ or more to reduce administrative burden on their side.  Can your donation be anonymous?  YES! We have an “anonymous” account in our books. But we still need a copy of deposit/transfer slip for reconciliation purposes. Our articles of association makes provision for confidentiality and protection of information.
  28. 28. Q&A’s  Will you get a receipt?  YES! But as we all ALL focusing on the upcoming cases, we may only send it to you later. But YOU will get a receipt, we just don’t have enough hands on board to do everything as it happens.  You can submit your receipt in your financial year end reports to the receiver of revenue.  Do I need to use a Ref?  Yes, please! So we can allocate your donation to the right account.  How can you raise some funds within your own circle of family and friends?  You could gather a group of friends or family members and do a collection with each one contributing an amount they can afford. If 10 people contribute 50€ each … you’ve raised 500€ to help reduce the pressure on us.
  29. 29. Q&A’s  How can you donate?  Via PayPal : or via the link on this page:  REF: Say NO To Oil (For legal battle)  REF: ASMAA (for monthly costs)  VIA BANK TRANSFER  SANTANDER TOTTA (LAGOS ALGARVE)  ASMAA Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association  IBAN: PT50 0018 0008 02686698020 51  REF: Say NO To Oil (For legal battle)  REF: ASMAA (for monthly costs)  TO PAY DIRECTLY TO ATTOREY’S BANK ACCOUNT (500,00€ OR MORE …) SEND US AN E-MAIL AND WE WILL GIVE YOU THEIR BANKING INFORMATION AND REFERENCE DETAILS
  31. 31. … FACING REALITY – GALP/ENI DRILLING – ALENTEJO IF WE CAN’T RAISE THE FUNDS TO STOP GALP/ENI 8 YEARS OF BATTLE WOULD HAVE BEEN WASTED And the Algarve and Alentejo will stop being what we know to become something we don’t want to know.
  33. 33. © 2014 – ASMAA – Algarve Surf End of presentation