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Seabee eCourier March 21, 2013

  1. 1. 53 No. 12 Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi March 21, 2013 Africa Partnership StationDOUALA, Cameroon - Sailors assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Bat- Partnership Station (APS). APS is an international security cooperation ini-talion (NMCB) 4 share a coconut with local Cameroonian villagers during tiative, facilitated by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, aimeda site survey in preparation for building two new medical centers. NMCB- at strengthening global maritime partnerships through training and col-4 Sailors are partnering with members of the Cameroon Battalion dIn- laborative activities in order to improve maritime safety and security intervention on construction projects in Cameroon as part of Africa Africa. (U.S. Navy photo/Released)
  2. 2. Pre-deployment actions to consider NCBC By Lt. Maren A. Sheppard, grant of authority for your durable General POA - that updated and on file with com- Commanding Officer JAGC agent to act on your behalf allow your family to make your mands. Capt. Rick Burgess Legal Assistance Attorney while you are gone. A special health care decisions or handle Civil Matters. Are you in- Public Affairs Officer Gulfport Legal, RLSO SE POA gives someone the author- your financial affairs if you are volved in a pending civil case Rob Mims Are you an active duty mem- ity to handle only one specific so injured or ill you cannot do where you are the plaintiff, de- Editor ber assigned to a deployable issue – for example taxes, vehi- these things yourself. Finally, it fendant, or witness? If you are Bonnie L. McGerr unit? Are you a reservist who cles, or your children. Draft is important to ensure your unable to appear or adequately Mass Comm. Specialist has been recalled to active duty your POAs closer in time to SGLI (life insurance) and DD93 prepare for the case due to MCC(SCW/SW/AW) for a deployment? Are you a your deployment as they are (beneficiaries) of the death your orders you can request a Ryan G. Wilber DoD civilian deploying for 30 good for one year. gratuity and unpaid pay and al- suit stay under the Service Special Contributors days or more? If you fall into Estate Planning. Estate lowances) are updated. members Civil Relief Act. Seek CM3(SCW) Katchen Tofil any of these categories, as planning includes several docu- Family Matters. Family is- assistance from your command CECN(SCW) Lucinda Moise soon as you get your deploy- ments. First, a will that allows sues can create difficult hurdles and notify the court you will The Seabee Courier is a ment orders you need to begin you to name the people you to your ability to prepare for not be able to attend as soon weekly authorized on-line preparing yourself to be legally wish to receive your money and focus on the mission. If as possible to avoid a default publication for members of ready for your deployment. and possessions (your estate), you have a court case pending judgment. Ensure arrange- the military services and their Topics you need to consider in- to name the people you wish to for divorce, child custody, child ments have been made to pay families. Content does not clude: take care of your children (your support, or spousal support try bills - either by yourself or an necessarily reflect the official Powers of Attorney. Pow- children’s guardian), and ap- to resolve the case well before appointed agent back home – views of the U.S. Govern- ers of attorney (POA) are legal points the person in charge of processing if you have time and during your deployment. ment, the DoD or the U.S. documents that allow you (the carrying your wishes out (your it will not impact your case Minor Criminal Matters. If Navy and does not imply en- “principal”) to appoint someone executor). Second, a living will negatively. Otherwise, notify you have any pending criminal dorsement thereof. The ap- else (the “agent”) to act on allows you to state your prefer- the court and the other parties cases or unresolved traffic vio- pearance of advertising in this your behalf. There are two ence for artificial life support. involved of your pending de- lations, it is imperative that you newspaper, including inserts types of powers of attorney – a Third, power of attorney. ployment. Single parents or either resolve them or notify or supplements, does not general POA and a special POA. There are two durable POAs – dual military parents should the court of your deployment constitute endorsement by A general POA is a blanket a health care POA and a make sure family care plans are as soon as practicable to en- the U. S. Government, DoD, sure you do not incur any addi- the Navy or NCBC Gulfport of tional penalties and/or a the products and services ad- warrant is not issued for your vertised. All content in this arrest. newspaper shall be made Consumer Law/Identity available for purchase, use or Theft. While on deployment patronage without regard to you can have an “Active Duty race, color, religion, gender, Fraud Alert” placed on your national origin, age, marital credit report to prevent becom- status, physical handicap, po- ing the victim of identity theft. litical affiliation or any other A request is only needed for March 21, 2013 non-merit factor of the pur- the alert by one of the three chaser, user or patron. If a credit bureaus – TransUnion (1- violation or rejection of this 800-680-7289), Equifax (1-800- equal opportunity policy by 525-6285), or Experian an advertiser is confirmed, (1-800-397-3742) – and all the publisher shall refuse to three will place the alert on print advertising from that your credit report. You are also source until the violation is entitled to a free annual credit corrected. The Seabee Courier history report through solicits news contributions from military and civilian Vehicle and Property Stor- sources, but the Public Affairs age. For your vehicle, ensure staff reserves the right to edit it is stored in a legitimate stor-Seabee Courier and/or rewrite material se- age facility and the registration lected for publication to con- and insurance are current and form with journalism cover the period deployment standards. The deadline for period in case your vehicle is material is close of business damaged while in storage. For every Friday. Your comments property, ensure homeowners are always welcome. The and/or renters insurance covers Seabee Courier office is in your period of deployment, no- Building 1, Room 205. The tify landlords or neighbors of mailing address is 4902 Mar- absences, have someone regu- vin Shields Blvd., Code 15, larly check on your property for Gulfport, MS 39501. Phone: you, and create a written or 228-871-3662., Email: videotape record of your prop- 2 See PREPARE page 9
  3. 3. Buzz on Around the Street By CECN(SCW) Lucinda Moise the NCBC Public Affairs “Do you have anything Center that you keep as a good luck charm?” Utilitiesman 3rd Class Ariane Makell, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74 and a Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (NMCRS) Fund Drive administrative assistant, and Melissa Wilson, a NMCRS Gulf- port relief service assistant, verify donations submitted for the Fund Drive by command co- ordinators at the Fleet and Family Service Center (FFSC) on board Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulfport, March 13. The Fund Drive will continue through March “Yes, my necklace I got from 29. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communica- my best friend.” tion Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) EOCN Natalie Beavers NMCB 74 Hometown: Alakanuk, Ala. Equipment Operator 1st Class Ted Hillan- brand, assigned to Naval Construction Training Center (NCTC) Gulfport, demon- strates pre-start procedures on the auxil- iary hydraulic unit for a vibratory hammer, while contractors from General Dynamics Information Technologies (GDIT) of Pen- sacola, Fla., making a training video pho-March 21, 2013 tograph and video record on board NCBC Gulfport, March 12. Once approved, the training is designed to be added to the ex- “A medallion my fire chief isting crane “C” school pipeline. (U.S. Navy gave me before he passed.” photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist CMCN Sean Monohan Ryan G. Wilber/Released) NMCB 11 Hometown: Yakima, Wash.Seabee Courier Personal assigned to NCBC take the 2nd Class “I got a four leaf clover tat- Petty Officer exam at the Colmer Dining Facil- tooed on my foot with my ity on board NCBC, March 14. The exam is given mom.” biannually to eligible 3rd Class Petty Officers. CMCN Caitlin Thormann (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Electrician Con- NMCB 11 structionman Lucinda L. Moise/Released) 3 Hometown: Annville, Pa.
  4. 4. Marine Unit 4th AAV relocating to Norfolk By MCC(SCW/SW/AW) munity after Hurricane Katrina, Ryan G. Wilber when the unit rescuing nearly NCBC Public Affairs 200 people using the AAVs. 4th AAB 1st. Sgt. Chad Cos- After 64 years located on ton, a former AAB operator board Naval Construction Bat- himself, discusses the reloca- talion Center (NCBC) Gulfport, tion. 3rd Platoon Reinforced (REIN), “Seeing the Marines’ loyalty Company A, 4th Assault Am- to their MOS (Military Occupa- phibious Battalion (AAB), along tional Specialty), and being with their amphibious assault told they have to become vehicles (AAVs), will soon be something else is kind of bit- relocated to Norfolk, Va., and tersweet. Knowing the capabil- replaced with a motor trans- ities and deploying to Iraq with port maintenance facility. these vehicles, knowing what The unit consists of an active the Gulf Coast is losing along duty Marine staff of 12 AAV with what the Marines are los- operators and 83 Reservists. ing it is bitter that way. But, As a result of a decision by a change has to happen. We force structure review group, can’t control it. We just facili- the AAVs are scheduled to be tate it and make it a smooth removed from the Seabee as possible, and let the base by March 22, and the Marines know things happen maintenance facility set up and for a reason, so we do what operational this summer. we have to do. You are a Ma- According to 4th AAB Inspec- rine at the end of the day re- tor-Instructor Maj. Jason Bur- gardless of if you are on an gan, the purpose of an AAB is AAV or a 7-ton.” to use the AAVs to transport Coston refers to AAB opera- combat Marines from ship to The staff of 3rd Platoon Reinforced (REIN), Company A, 4th Assault Amphibious Battal- tors as a “different breed” of ion (AAB), located on board NCBC Gulfport, pause for a photo with an Amphibious Assault shore and then on to their ob- Marine as the unit is com- jective. Vehicle, March 15. After 64 years located on board NCBC Gulfport, 4th AAB, along with prised of members from many their amphibious assault vehicles (AAVs), will soon be relocated to Norfolk, Va., and re- An AAV can operate in three MOSs who are required to modes: land, water track and placed with a motor transport maintenance facility. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Commu- know multiple jobs, with up- nication Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) water jet, which allows pas- keep of the AAV as priority sage over land, water, under- number one. nitely a different breed.” planners are working with the “This is the best time that water objects and it’s original “As an AAV operator, if you We’re a maintainer, we’re a unit to assist with expedited any of these Reserve MarinesMarch 21, 2013 purpose over coral reefs. don’t take care of your vehicle communicator, we’re a gunner lateral conversions that could can pick their own destiny,” 4th AAB has deployed from then you are useless. There is on that vehicle,” added Coston. allow the reservists to drill said Coston. Gulfport, three times to Iraq in a lot of work to make sure that Although the unit relocation closer to home and/or allow The maintenance facility, re- support of Operations Iraqi vehicle is ready,” said Burgan. comes with personal and pro- them to convert to a job they located from Augusta, Ga., is Freedom and Enduring Free- “An Amtracker (nickname for fessional challenges for the as- desire. The active duty mem- scheduled to be set up and op- dom, and according to Burgan an Amphibious Tractor opera- signed Marines and drilling bers will be reassigned to vari- erational on board NCBC Gulf- was key in assisting the com- tor) is a jack of all trades, defi- reservists, Coston said career ous AAV units. port this summer. Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hot- line: Due to limited IG resources throughout theSeabee Courier Southeast Region, all Fraud, Waste and Abuse hotline work will now be handled by the Region. To report Fraud, Waste and Abuse, contact the Region at: Toll Free 1-877-657- 9851 Comm: 904-542- 4979 DSN 942-4979 FAX: 904- 542-5587, E-mail: 4
  5. 5. Shot of Reality comes to NCBC Personal assigned to NCBC attend the Shot of Reality Alcohol Awareness comedy to entertain and inform the audience of the dangers of irre- Tour at the Training Hall on board NCBC, March 15. The training featured sponsible drinking. Shot of Reality attendees seemed to enjoy the cha- impromptu responsible and irresponsible drinking scenarios created rade game and the fact that humor was used to engage the audience and by audience members and enacted by performers Bryce Whissel and help them think about the realities of drinking too much. (U.S. Navy Patrick Mcintyre. Whissel and Mcintryre used the spur of the moment photo by Construction Electrician Constructionman Lucinda L. Moise/Released) Get your move on . . . VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Peak season right around the corner forMarch 21, 2013 The VITA office is open to help with your tax prepara- Household Goods/Personal Property Office tion. VITA is located in build- From NCBC Household This new program focuses on To obtain an ETA login ID and ing 60, room 265. Goods/Personal Property meeting the needs of Armed password, log on to: Appointments for self-service Office (HHG/PPO) Forces Members, DOD Civilian Peak season is fast approach- Employees and their families by Once you have accessed tax preparation are being of- ing for shipping your personal promoting a higher service qual-, click on the DPS Reg- fered Tuesdays, Wednesdays property. Household Goods-Per- ity. istration tab, then click on DOD sonal Property Office (HHG/PPO) All moves are initiated by the Service Member and Civilian and Fridays, and appoint- has a few tips to share to make service member on line at RegistrationSeabee Courier ments for full-service for cer- your move a success. by using After the registering, enter It is highly recommended that the Defense Personal Property customer information and scroll tain circumstances are being as soon as you receive your new Program (DP3). Currently only to the bottom of the page and Currently, requested pick up offered Mondays and Thurs- orders you start your move Explorer, Firefox and Safari select “Submit.” Please submit dates must be at least two browsers work at this time and to your local Personal Property weeks out. This time frame days. VITA is open Mondays – process. To improve your moving expe- users must make sure the pop Shipping Office (NCBC Gulfport). may change during the peak Thursdays, 9 a.m. - 2:30 rience and streamline the up blocker is turned off. The final step is to print and moving season. Residency is not needed at p.m., and Fridays, 9 a.m. - process for those who support First time DPS users must ob- sign your DD1299 and DD1797, it, the Department of Defense tain an Electronic Transportation bring a copy to our office with destination to set up your move. 1:30 p.m. For general ques- (DOD) developed a new pro- Acquisition (ETA) login Identifi- your orders at 3502 8th Street, For more information, contact Terry Houmard, 228-871-4741 tions or to make an appoint- gram called the Defense Per- cation (ID) and password before Bldg 452, Gulfport, Miss., or accessing DPS. email to or Antilisa Lewis, 228-871-2588. ment call 228-822-5131. 5 sonal Property Program (DP3).
  6. 6. NMCB 11 honors female AFRH Vets By MC1(AW) Jonathan Carmichael NMCB 11 Public Affairs Seabees assigned to Naval ine, from your observation Mobile Construction Battalion when you first came in, what (NMCB) 11 honored female you’ve seen to date,” said veterans with a visit to the Aguayo. Armed Forces Retirement Both groups, veterans and Home (AFRH) where they active duty members, ap- had lunch with female veter- peared humbled as they ans and presented a plaque shared stories with one an- to be displayed in the home. other, realizing their common The visit to honor the 54 fe- bond. male veterans residing in the “We have come such a long AFRH came, fittingly, during way, and you all started it for Women’s History Month. us. Thank you sincerely from Cmdr. Lore Aguayo, com- the deepest part of our manding officer of NMCB11 hearts, we are in a debt of attended and spoke directly gratitude to you for what you to the veterans on behalf her did so that the rest of us can battalion. do what we do,” added Cmdr. Nicolas Yamodis, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133 commanding officer, Task “What an honor and a privi- Aguayo. Force Anchor, left, transfers authority for the Afghanistan engineering mission to Cmdr. Anthony lege it is for those of us cur- Navy veteran Marion Spindler, NMCB 15 Commanding Officer, Task Force True Grit, during a ceremony on board Camp rently on active duty to be Ritchie, who had recently cel- Krutke. NMCB 133 departs Afghanistan after the completion of more than 70 engineering projects able to be here with you ebrated her 96th birthday, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class today and enjoy this wonder- accepted a plaque on behalf Steven Myers/Released) ful lunch with you. In the 20 of the female veterans in the years that I’ve been in the Gulfport AFRH. NMCB 133 Task Force Anchor wraps Navy I’ve seen tremendous progress for women in the military, and I can only imag- The plaque read, “Thank you for paving the way for See VETERANS page 12 up Afghanistan deployment By MC1(SW/AW) Steven Meyers the region, directly supporting Afghanistan’s International Se- NMCB 133 Public Affairs Operation Enduring Freedom curity Assistance Force (ISAF).March 21, 2013 U.S. Navy Seabees in in Afghanistan and supporting Throughout its tenure as Afghanistan transferred au- the U.S. Fifth Fleet with con- Task Force Anchor, the battal- thority for the country’s Navy struction operations in Tajik- ion conducted two named op- engineering operations mission istan, Bahrain, and Kuwait. eration freedom of movement during a ceremony at Camp The battalion, while operat- builds; Afghan National Army Leatherneck, March 19. ing in six different countries, Engineer development; 17 life, Naval Mobile Construction completed more than 70 proj- health and safety improvement Battalion (NMCB) 133, Task ects. projects that were instrumen- Force Anchor, turned over with Its horizontal construction ef- tal to improving the quality of NMCB 15, Task Force True Grit. forts alone resulted in moving life and force protection infra- “We would like to wish fair 1 million cubic meters of earth structure for more than 12,000 winds and following seas to by pushing more than 18 kilo- Marines and Soldiers; fiveSeabee Courier the Runnin’ Roos as they begin meters of force protection coalition forces water well their journey home,” said U.S. berms and anti-vehicular drills; and twice completed a Current and former Navy yeomen pose together for a Army Col. Nicholas Katers, ditches; clearing fields of fire convoy movement of 1,300 photo at the Armed Forces Retirement Home where the commander, 555th Engineer for roughly 130 acres; re-grad- kilometers, the farthest women of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) Brigade, Joint Task Force Triple ing a three kilometer strategic Afghanistan ground movement 11 were honoring female veterans in recognition of Nickel. “What you have done connector road on the side of in the history of the Naval Womens History Month. Pictured are Marion Ritche, left, in the last six months rivals the a steep mountain; and con- Construction Force. Yeoman 1st Class Desiree D. Wade, retired Master Chief great accomplishments of the structing a 325 meter cause- “I couldn’t be prouder of Yeoman Heather Baird, and Yeoman 1st Class Maria D. past. You have made your im- way. what we have accomplished,” Manchion, right. Ritchie holds a plaque that she accepted pact felt across the theater.” The battalion also provided Cmdr. Nicolas Yamodis, NMCB from the women of NMCB 11 on behalf of the women vet- During their deployment, engineering expertise and con- 133 Commanding Officer told erans at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulfport, NMCB 133 supported engi- struction effects in five of the his Seabees. “You are an in- Miss. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st 6 neering operations throughout six Regional Commands for delible piece of history.” Class Jonathan Carmichael / Released)
  7. 7. Left: Builder 2nd Class Megan Dunton receives certificate from Cmdr.Lore Aguayo for out- standing physical achievement in the cycle-1 2013 Navy Phys- ical Fitness Assessment. (U.S. Navy photos by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jonathan Carmichael/Released) Right: Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 have lunch with their commanding officer, Cmdr. Lore Aguayo in recognition of achiev- ing a faster run time than her on the recent Physical Readiness Test (PRT), a challenge Aguayo made to her battalion prior to the PRT.Commander rewards top PFA performers in NMCB 11By MC1(AW) Jonathan worker Constructionman Joshua A. Additionally, the battalion’s PFA fail- mentation of the Navy Operational “Monthly mock PFAs result in fewerCarmichael Sallee, from Paris, Ky., with run ure rate improved from 10 percent in Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS) official failures,“ claimed Yeoman 1stNMCB 11 Public Affairs times of 8:46 and 8:47 respectively. the previous cycle to four percent in as a key to success in physical readi- Class Maria A. Manchion, an ACFL in Ten Sailors assigned to Naval Mo- During the lunch, Aguayo encour- this most recent cycle. Sherman, a ness. Perhaps the most fundamen- the command, in reference to thebile Construction Battalion (NMCB) aged her Seabees to mentor and native of Pittsburgh, Pa., attributed tal key to the physical readiness of practice of testing individuals once11 were awarded certificates by motivate others who might have dif- multiple reasons for the improve- any command is in this statement per month to assess physical readi-Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Lore ficulty meeting the Navy’s PFA stan- ments including “a well-structured Sherman made: ness as opposed to waiting until theAguayo, March 12, in recognition of dards stating that, “often it just Fitness Enhancement Program which “In order to achieve overall success semi-annual official PFA cycle.outstanding physical achievement takes someone who cares with a lit- focuses on properly counseling there has to be a true culture of fit- “NMCB 11s PT program is very ag-and exceptional dedication during tle extra motivation to get folks on members on dietary issues and ways ness implemented and practiced on gressive, and it benefits all of us.”the 1st cycle of the 2013 U.S. Navy the right track.” to improve personal fitness.” a daily basis. Leaders at all levels Manchion is originally from Parkers-official Physical Fitness Assessment Aguayo’s challenge serves as an “A targeted approach to weight re- have a unique responsibility to en- burg, W.V.(PFA). example of the level of importance duction through quality training rou- courage physical fitness among CFLs, ACFLs, and leaders at all lev- The certificates were presented in the commanding officer places on tines has paid huge dividends,” said members and to push them to do els within the command continue tofront of the entire battalion during the battalion’s physical readiness. Sherman. their absolute best in this critical maintain the intensity and daily prac-morning quarters to the top female “There is no denying it; physical fit- Another program he credited is area of readiness.” tice of physical readiness by carryingand top male PFA performer in each ness is essential to our mission Ship Shape which, according to the It seems that this ‘culture of fit- out the commander’s intent and acompany. readiness,” asserted Aguayo, who Navy and Marine Corps Public Health ness’ has been implemented in proven approach toward consistent The awards come one week after cites the physical demands placed Center official website NMCB 11. improvement and physical fitness. March 21, 2013Aguayo treated 23 Seabees to lunch, on Seabees during NMCB 11’s recent (, pro-fulfilling a promise made when shechallenged her battalion to beat her deployment to Afghanistan in 2012 as an example. vides active-duty personnel with basic information regarding nutrition, Underwater Constructionrun time on the recent 1.5-mile “Our Seabees endured extreme stress management, exercise and Team (UCT) ONEPhysical Readiness Test (PRT) por- temperatures, physical labor with the behavior modification techniques totion of the PFA. additional weight of all our protec- lower and maintain an acceptable UCT 1 is searching for highly motivated Seabees and “I challenged my Seabees to beat tive gear, and missions that often body weight within Navy Standards. CEC officers looking for a career and lifestyle run time to incentivize them to lasted more than 18 hours straight Sherman also praised the com- with minimal breaks. These environ- mand leadership and the Assistant Join an ELITE forcepush themselves and set the exam-ple for others to follow,” said mental demands required our CFLs (ACFLs). and travel as a small,Aguayo. Seabees to be in top physical shape “The ACFLs do a phenomenal job professional team. Ex- The time to beat was nine minutes, with the endurance to withstand structuring the company-level work ecute specialized con-46 seconds, and 30 of the battalion’s such pressures on the body. out routines, motivating personnel Seabee Courierroughly 580 men and women met “Additionally, exercising is proven and ensuring that they put forth struction, diving andAguayo’s challenge although some of to help manage stress, which is ever maximum effort each session. They demolition skills withthem were not available to attend so present in our line of work,” con- are critical in assisting me with car- the latest and greatestthe lunch. cluded Aguayo. rying out the commanding officer’s technology and equip- With a run time of 8:42, Builder According to Chief Builder Daniel intent when it comes to physicalConstructionman Apprentice Andrew Sherman, NMCB 11’s Command Fit- readiness. ment.T. Door, originally from Billings, ness Leader (CFL), 19 percent of the “They are the ones that are imple- Contact UCT CCC/Diver recruiting team atMont., laid claim to having the Seabees in the battalion improved menting our unique fitness approach 757-462-3988/4313 or Email YNC Aberle atfastest run time in the battalion. their overall PFA score enough in down to the deck plate level and areDoor was followed closely by Con- cycle-1 of 2013 to move into the largely responsible for our command; SW1 Dohsestruction Mechanic 3rd Class Jeffrey next higher category as compared to success,” stated Sherman. at or visitA. Mitchell, from Chicago, and Steel- the previous cycle’s PFA results. Sherman also mentioned imple- for more information. 7
  8. 8. ‘The Meat & Potatoes of Life’ By Lisa Smith Molinari Military Spouse ContributerTo heel, or not to heel, that is the sandwich packs him a nice lunch, right? services around here.” “What would you like on your “You see,” she went on, “my Armed Forces MC 2013 tuna, Ma’am?” As I selected top- husband died last fall, and don’t pings that were salty, sour, you know, during our entire 45 Navy-Marine Corps Relief crunchy and spicy, all I could years together, I never once put taste was bitterness. “That’s it,” I gas in my own car.” Fund Poker Run ruminated. “He can make his own It took me a minute to process stinking sandwiches from now the significance of what this on.” tasteful elderly lady had just said. As my sub was being salt-and- “Wait, you mean he always put peppered, I remembered a con- gas in the car for you?” April 20, AFMC Clubhouse versation I’d had with a “Why yes, he certainly did,” she “Welcome to Subway, may I salt-and-pepper-haired lady in the said, somewhat melancholy.take your order?” YMCA locker room two tours ago Of course, my immediate reac- “Sure, I’ll take a tuna on wheat, in Virginia. We had just finished tion was to get mad at my own $250 high hand, raffle prizes,toasted, please.” While the politebut pierced teen prepared my fa- our morning exercise classes – I, advanced step; she, senior water husband, who never put gas in my minivan. Just as I was men- 50/50, Food, DJvorite sub, I chatted with my hus- aerobics – and the women’s tally making plans for real doozy $15 per hand, two for $20band, who was next up. “So Hon, locker room was steamy and of a husband-wife argument, thedid you like that new club deli abuzz with conversation. salt-and-pepper-haired lady con-meat I put in your lunch today?” I regularly got a chuckle out of tinued: “That sandwich had meat in it?” listening to the water aerobics “I never asked him; he wanted Registration: 10 a.m.he asked sarcastically. “What are you talking about? I group as they pulled on their sup- port hose, stretch gabardine to do that for me, so he did. And there were things I always did for First bike out: 11 a.m.made you a nice big sandwich pants and embroidered tops. All him – cooking his meals, garden- Last bike in: 4 p.m.with that new club deli meat I got the old women would cackle ing, and such. I must say, weat the commissary. You know, the away about their ailments, med- loved taking care of each other.”one made of both ham and ications, aches and pains. I al- I stood, mouth half agape, star- 11007 Wolf River Road March 21, 2013turkey with bacon wrapped ways noticed that the ing at the lady in the shared mir-around it. Geez, I thought you’d salt-and-pepper-haired lady ror. Like a scene from “Cocoon,” itlike it!” I declared incredulously. would listen and show concern was as if she had just bestowed Gulfport “Well, Hon, it was kind of hardto taste anything inside the sand- for her friends’ self-absorbed grievances, but never complained upon me the secret to a happy marriage. HUA 228-229-2816wich because the strong flavor of herself. “Will that be all?” the bolt-stud-the two heels of bread you gave I thought she was a real class ded Subway employee said, jolt-me overpowered everything else.” act, and made a mental note to ing me back to the present. I I grumbled, but he was right. myself to try to become that kind realized that making my hus-After making the kids’ sandwiches of old lady, rather than the kind band’s sandwich every day didn’t The PWD Gulfport Trouble Desk isthat morning, I noticed that twoheels of bread were left. I that went on and on about things like glucosamine and condroitin. render me subservient to him. It was something I did to take care Moving to the Regional Call Center Seabee Couriercould’ve opened a new loaf and On this particular day, she and I of him because he takes care of Move Date: April 1thrown the heels away, but my found ourselves simultaneously me. Regional Call Center Phone Number: 1-855-462-8322mother had instilled a certain fru- brushing our hair at the shared With a fresh outlook on my mar- ~ Call Center Operational 24/7gality in me. vanity. “Are there any decent car riage and a fresh tuna sub in my ~ All Routine and Emergency Service Calls will be called into I thought my husband would washes around here?” I asked, hand, I decided that there was no the RCCappreciate the fact that I was not after some cursory remarks about reason for me to dig my heels in. ~ Only Building Managers & Authorized Callers can placewasting two perfectly edible the weather. I’d continue making my husband Routine Service Callsbread heels that his hard-earned “Well,” she started, with that sandwiches for the rest of our (Anyone can call in an Emergency)military salary had purchased. Old World throw-back southern lives, and hopefully he’ll endure a Questions? Contact PWD Re- 871-4270/4288;Alan Walker,Besides, I thought, he must be accent common in Richmond and heel or two along the way. Get more wit and observations quirements or your Facility 228-822-5129; Rick Ricker,grateful that I’m the kind of wife Norfolk, “I must admit I’m not from Lisa at her blog, http://the- Management Specialists 228-871-3983; Stephen Mur-that gets up every morning and very familiar with automotive meatandpotatoesof- (FMS): PWD Gulfport, 228- ray 228-871-2192 8
  9. 9. Focus on EducationNCTC opens its doors to local high school students By CECN(SCW) Lucinda L. Builder or Steel Worker “A” school learned a lot too,” said Walker. “I Moise on the Seabee Base. helped my uncle weld a tracker and NCBC Public Affairs On March 5, Christopher Walker and he was extremely impressed with Recently, two high school students Mitchell McKenzie, successfully com- what I learned,” added Mckenzie.from Long Beach High School gradu- pleted basic level welding certifica- High school students were firstated from a welding course given at tion training. Both Mckenzie and given the opportunity to attendNaval Construction Training Center Walker said they really enjoyed the NCTC at the Construction Mechanic(NCTC) Gulfport on board Naval welding class and have already uti- “A” school in Port Hueneme, Calif.Construction Battalion Center lized their new skills. NCTC Gulfport personnel believed it(NCBC) Gulfport. In partnership with “The instructors taught very well was a great program and decided toLong Beach and Gulfport High and made it fun yet stayed on topic. offer it to the local high schoolsSchools, the program allows local I really learned l lot. I helped my along the Gulf Coast.high school students to attend grandpa weld a tire. He thought I According to Lt. Robert Carr, NCTC Gulfport training/operations officer, the students attending NCTC are classed with any of the three branches of service training at NCTC (Army, Navy or Air Force) to get Cmdr. Scott Anderson, commanding officer of Naval Con- them more interested in construc- struction Training Center (NCTC) Gulfport, presents a basic tion and engineering. level welding certification to Mitchell McKenzie for successfully “The students will get to see a lit- completing basic level welding, during the Steelworker “A” tle of the military side of things, and school graduation on board NCBC, March 5. McKenzie and an- we hope it gets the students inter- other Long Beach High school student attended “A” school ested in engineering,” said Carr. for Steelworkers. (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of NCTC/Released “When we first started the program, edge of each piece of equipment in school in which he or she attends an independent study found that the shop. and be interviewed by NCTC. there just aren’t enough students in Each high school student enrolled As the program continues, a Gulf- the state of Mississippi interested in at NCTC receives a package that port High School student began “A” construction or engineering.” contains a waiver of liability, course school March 15. To date, four high There are no limitations or modifi-Cmdr. Scott Anderson, commanding officer of Naval Con- description, student questionnaire, school students have graduated cations to the curriculum. The highstruction Training Center (NCTC) Gulfport, awards Christopher and a Memorandum of Understand- from NCTC Gulfport. school students are taught the sameWalker a certificate of completion during the Steelworker ing between NCTC and the school. For more information on the pro- shop techniques as the military stu-“A” school graduation ceremony held at NCTC, March 5. (U.S. In order to enroll, every student gram, contact Carr at: 228-871- dents, including safety and knowl-Navy photo courtesy of NCTC/Released) must be recommended by the high 3365. March 21, 2013From PREPARE page 2 You may also terminate or sus- file and pay taxes for those de- Guard and Reserve assistance services within cur- pend your cell phone contract if ployed to a combat zone or in (, or the Depart- rent means and capabilities.erty and its condition. you are being deployed for support of a contingency oper- ment of Labor Finally, DoD civilian personnel Service members Civil Re- more than 90 days outside of ation (plus credit for the actual ( who are U.S. citizens, otherlief Act Matters. The Service the service area. Third, the time spent there). For addi- Eligibility. Per JAGINST than local hire employees, em-members Civil Relief Act SCRA may also delay an evic- tional information, please visit 5801.2B, the highest priority is ployed by, serving with, or ac-(SCRA) provides great benefits tion of your family while you for legal assistance services is companying U.S. Armedand protections before, during, are deployed. Finally, the USERRA. The Uniformed for active duty personnel at- Forces, when assigned to a for-and after deployment. First, SCRA also prohibits your prop- Services Employment and tached to deploying units, eign country or to a vessel orthe SCRA allows you to reduce erty from being sold or repos- Reemployment Rights Act other deploying active-duty unit of the Armed Forces of thethe interest rate on any debt sessed without a court order. (USERRA) prohibits employers personnel, and Reservists and U.S. in excess of 30 days are Seabee Courieryou incurred (for example If you are interested in taking from discriminating against Re- National Guard members de- eligible for notaries, POAs,credit cards and mortgages) advantage of any of the SCRA’s servists because of their de- ploying under active duty re- wills, and general legal assis-before your active duty orders provisions the legal assistance ployment and requires call. Pre-mobilization legal tance services. Please visitbegan to 6 percent during ac- office can offer guidance on reemployment upon their re- counseling and assistance may duty. Second, if the de- application procedures and let- turn back home. USERRA re- be provided to active duty or services/rlso/rlso_southeast.htployment is for more than 90 ters. quires mobilizing reservists to inactive reservists consistent m for more information.days the SCRA will allow you to Taxes. For those deploying provide oral or written notice to with mobilization readiness This article is not intended to sub-terminate a residential or vehi- to a combat zone, combat pay the employer of their upcoming needs. DoD civilian personnelcle lease provided you give the stitute for the personal advice of a is tax free! For those deployed call to Active Duty. For more deploying for at least 30 dayslandlord or lessor a written no- during tax season there are information on USERRA, please to a combat zone, in support of licensed attorney. Contact thetice of your intent to terminate also tax filing extension options contact your legal assistance a contingency operation, or Naval Construction Battalion Centerthe lease under the SCRA along from the IRS, including an au- office, the National Committee aboard a naval vessel may be (NCBC) legal office by calling 228-with a copy of your orders. tomatic 180 day extension to for Employer Support of the provided pre-deployment legal 871-2620 for an appointment. 9
  10. 10. Voucher program! Call 228-871- 2231 for more information. Liberty Center Hop on the Liberty bus Friday for a fun filled bowling night at Cypress Lanes Bowling. The FREE Shuttle leaves at 6 p.m. Sign up today! Outdoors and fast cars . . . what a great combination! Sign up today to go with Liberty on Wednesday to the Gulfport Dragway. The shuttle is FREE FREE Movie the whole crew! Stop by the and the dragway offers military Program at Snack Bar on your way in to get discounts at the gate. Call Lib- the Training that buttered movie popcorn and erty for details. Hall: those other goodies that help Take a load you get lost in the moment. For- Navy Outdoor Rec off. Sit back get what was playing? No wor- You can be sure to find the and watch the big screen all by ries - put the movie hotline in yourself for some alone time, or your phone, 228-871-3299 and best prices around at NOR. Stop make it a family night and bring call anytime! by and pick up a price list for all of your spring outdoor plans Friday, “Flight,” R, 6:30 p.m. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Saturday, “Rise of the 2, PG13, 6:30 p.m. from boats and camping gear to Guardians,” PG, 11 a.m.; Sunday, “Wreck It Ralph,” PG, party favorites like bounce “Monsters Inc.,” G, 1:15 p.m.; 2 p.m; “Killing Them Softly, R, houses. NOR’s pricing can’t be “Skyfall,” PG13, 3:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m. beat. NOR is open Monday, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m., Thursday and Fri-Fitness you can still afford to get away day 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Satur- CDC Fitness Intramural sports with ITT’s military discounted day 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.makes working out fun. This prices that aren’t available any- p.m. and designated for Chiefs dren must be age three or older Food and Beverageseason, sign up for softball or where else – not even online. and Officers. Stop by and shake by April 1, to be eligible. Thethree on three lunchtime basket- Design a fun-filled, high quality Don’t sit around in your room off the day with comrades. program is open to youth agesball. Get a group together and custom trip for you and your bored when you could be having Youth Activities 3 - 4 years of age. A $35 fee in-motivate each other to push that crew. Whether you have a day fun with friends at the Beehive. cludes uniform, participationwork out a little further with or a week, there is fun around Sit back and enjoy the flat Stay up all Saturday night with award and end of season ban-some healthy competition. Sign the corner at the local brew- screens, play a little pool, and your friends at the Seabee Ball quet expenses. Call J.J. Atkin-up today at the Fitness Center. eries, beaches and hotels. Mo- just have fun! With an excellent All Night Lock-In. Not only that, son, youth programs supervisor, March 21, 2013Call today for details 228-822- bile, New Orleans and Pensacola beverage selection, you are sure enjoy a hockey game, too. 228-871-2251 for details.5109. are only a short distance away. to find your preference. Call for Doors are open from 5 p.m. Sat- If you haven’t taken the oppor- Summer is right around the Stop by today to design your details 228-871-4009. urday to 7 a.m. Sunday morn- tunity to check out the YAC’s Be-corner. Are you ready for the worry free adventure. Too tired to go out for lunch? ing. Cost is $15 per person and fore and After School Programbeach? The CDC Fitness Center Active Duty, Reservist, National Well that’s okay because The seats are limited so sign up now. Power Hour, then you are miss-has everything you need to help Guard, USCG and Retirees are Grill can bring lunch to you. The Become an ALL-STAR! Sign up ing out. Stop by Monday from 2lose pounds, tone up target now eligible for a complimentary Grill offers lunch delivery Mon- today for Iddy Biddy T-Ball – – 5:30 p.m. and check out theareas or just plain feel better. Universal 3 Day Park-to-Park day – Friday, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. from now until March 29. Chil- fun.The Center has top of the line ticket and Blue Man Group Call 871-2494 to place yourcardio and strength training Ticket at children’s price! All de- order. MWR Program contact informationequipment and plenty of it - so pendents and DOD personnel Got a morning meeting sched-you don’t have to stand around are eligible for discounted Uni- uled? Why not meet over break- Anchors & Eagles 228-871-4607 Seabee Courierwaiting for machines. There are versal 2 Day, with Third Day fast at The Grill. The Grill is Auto Hobby 228-871-2804also racquetball and basketball Free tickets! open as early as 6:30 a.m. and Beehive 228-871-4009 Child Development Center 228-871-2323courts, softball and soccer fields, Getting ready for a Spring offers a variety of tasty options Fitness Center 228-871-2668and a running track. Equipment Break Getaway? Get up to 60 from French toast plates to Information, Tickets & 228-871-2231is available for rental at the front percent off lodging rates for mil- breakfast burritos or traditional Traveldesk. And don’t forget to finalize itary and DOD personnel at eggs and bacon. The Grill is lo- Liberty Center 228-871-4684that healthy routine with a relax- more than 450 hotels, resorts, cated at the corner of Colby and Seabee Heritage Center 228-871-3619 Navy Outdoor Recreation 228-871-2127ing visit to the sauna. condominium resorts, vacation 7th Street. RV Park 228-871-5435Information, Tickets homes, log cabin rentals and Anchors & Eagles: Great serv- The Grill 228-871-2494 Bed & Breakfast Inns through- ice and good times are what you Training Hall 228-871-4750and Travel out the US. Available at ITT can expect at Anchors & Eagles. Youth Activities Center 228-871-2251 On a budget? No worries - through the Military Ticket Open Tuesday-Thursday 2 - 9 Main Office 228-871-2538 10
  11. 11. NCBC Helping Hands volunteer opportunitiesPASS CHRISTIAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is a not-for-profit organization; made possible Zombie Run is new to the coast, but has been Sound, April 26 - 28, and Smokin’ the Lake, If you are interested, please contact Stephanie(Grades K-5), 270 West Second Street, Pass through the hard work and dedication of vol- held in numerous cities throughout the United May 4 - 5, are returning to the Mississippi Schepens, 228-365-0204 for more information.Christian is asking for five volunteers to help unteers. Volunteers are asked to work two States. Although there is a lot of fun and play Gulf Coast. Race organizers are asking for vol- COAST SALVATION ARMY NEEDS VOL-out with Field Day, March 22, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. hour shifts. Work includes setting up booths, throughout the race/obstacle course, the ben- unteers to sell and attach wrist bands to event UNTEERS - Volunteers are need for variousVolunteers will be asked to reorganize/refill sta- carrying sound equipment, setting up ta- efits are life changing. If you are interested in spectators, director spectators to viewing areas projects throughout the year. Contact Shawnations between class visits If you are interested bles/chairs/displays, park maintenance, hand- volunteering, please contact kirsty_cullum- and perform other volunteer services. Vol- Tatge for info, Shawna_Tatge@uss.salva-in volunteering, please contact Stacy S. ing out program pamphlets, working with food, or stop by the Orange unteers will be provided with a meal. If you tionarmy.orgNecaise, School Counselor, 228-452-5200 or vendors, and selling tickets for water and Grove Navy Federal Credit Union branch lo- are interested in volunteering, please contact USO GULF COAST - Get involved with USOemail other beverages. Volunteers are needed April cated in the Crossroads Shopping Plaza to Chief Ryan Wilber at or Gulf Coast. Thanks to dedicated volunteers,ELTON JOHN CONCERT - The Seabee Ball 5 from 11 am - 4:30 p.m., Saturday, 8 a.m. - sign up. stop by the NCBC Public Affairs Office, build- our USO Gulf Coast Centers operate to provideCommittee is looking for 40 volunteers to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Contact GULFPORT CENTRAL MIDDLE SCHOOL ing 1, room 205, no later than March 30 to sign a place to unwind, to connect to families backsupport the Elton John Concert March 30 at Ernestine Allison, 228-216-5741 for details. - GCMS, 1310 42nd Ave, Gulfport is asking for up for a shift. home or whatever else is needed to ease thethe Coast Coliseum. If you are interested, 2013 ZOMBIE RUN- Ten volunteers are 10 proctor/hall monitors April 10, from 7:30 - ORANGE GROVE ELEMENTARY - Orange burden. Even if you are not able to volunteerplease contact Lt.j.g. Matt Catanese, at needed for the 2013 Zombie Run April 6, 10 11:30 a.m. If you can help, please contact Grove Elementary, 11391 Old Highway 49, on a regular basis, our local USO Gulf or 228-822-5439 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Harrison County Fair- Erwin Gilliam, Guidance Counselor, 228-870- Gulfport is in need of six volunteers May 1, to Centers often have programs and events thatART IN THE PASS - Approximately 25 vol- grounds. All proceeds raised during the race 1020. serve as test proctors and 35 volunteers, May need your support. Interested in becoming aunteers are needed for Art in the Pass April 5 will help cover the cost of surgery for 15 chil- SMOKIN’ THE SOUND AND SMOKIN’ THE 14, 15 and 16 to serve as proctors. Volunteers USO volunteer? Simply visit 7 at the War Memorial Park. Art in the Pass dren in need of cleft lip and palate repairs. The LAKE - Smokin’ the Sound and Smokin’ the are asked to report to the school by 7:30 a.m. to submit a volunteer interest form. Seabee Memorial Chapel Chapel Offerings Looking for a church? The Seabee Memorial Chapel holds services every Sunday that might suit your needs. Protestant Services include a Gospel Service at 8 a.m. and Divine Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. Catholic Services include Catholic Mass at 9:30 a.m. There is also Catholic Mass Tuesdays at 11:15 a.m. Seabee Pantry The Seabee Pantry needs restocking. During the holidays, the need for food donations is at its highest level. Please donate as many canned goods and other nonperishables as possible. Donation drop-off sites are located at the Navy Exchange, Chapel, Commissary, Fleet and Family Support Cen- ter and Armed Forces Retirement Home. The Seabee Pantry is for anyone affiliated with NCBC. Praise and Worship The Seabee Memorial Chapel is looking for new members for the Praise and March 21, 2013 Worship Team for the Divine Worship Service at 10:30 a.m. Sundays. If you can sing or play an instrument, you are invited to come share your gift. Women’s Bible Study Women’s Bible Study is held Wednesdays at 11 a.m. at the Seabee Memorial Chapel. Free child care is available. For more information on all offerings that are available, contact the chapel at 228-871-2454. See Something Wrong, Center Chaplains: Do Something Right! Lt. Cmdr. Paul Smith, Protestant Chaplain NCIS has two new anonymous ways to re- Seabee Courier Lt. Yoon Choi, Protestant Chaplain port crimes or suspicious behavior with the use of discreet and secure online or texting For information concerning other faith groups, tip lines. call the chapel office at 228-871-2454 To report information by Cell text: 1. Text “NCIS” to the short code 274637 (CRIMES) from any cell or smart phone. Services: 2. Receive a response, for example: “Your alias is: S2U5 Call 911 if ur- Gospel Service: 8 a.m. gent! If replies put you at risk, text “STOP” 3. Begin dialogue Sunday Catholic Mass: 9:30 a.m. To report information Online: Weekday Mass: Tuesday, 11:15 a.m. 1. Go to, click on the “Report a Crime” tab and select the icon for “text and Web tip Hotline.” Divine Worship: Sunday, 10:30 a.m. There is a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to a felony ar- rest or apprehension. 11