By Rob MimsNCBC Public AffairsSeveral Naval ConstructionBattalion Center entities willcome together May 13-23 todust off p...
NCBCCommanding OfficerCapt. Rick BurgessPublic Affairs OfficerRob MimsEditorBonnie L. McGerrMass Communication SpecialistM...
AroundtheCenterBuzzontheStreetBy CECN Lucinda MoiseNCBC Public Affairs“What did you learn duringthe safety stand down?”“Se...
By CECN Lucinda L. MoiseNCBC Public AffairsCapt. Rick Burgess, com-manding officer, Naval Con-struction Battalion Center(N...
101 Days of Summer Stand DownNaval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulfport andNaval Construction Group (NCG) 2 Safet...
6NCBCFRAMESEO1(SCW) BrettFletcherNCG 2, Transpor-tation SupervisorBy CM3(SCW) Katchen Tofil, NCBC Public AffairsFF: What s...
“The time to prepare is notwhen a hurricane is inbound.People should visit for all the tools tomake a f...
Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74’s Air Detachment volun-teer in a Community Relations project to...
Nashville, TN. (May 2, 2013)– USO Gulf Coast at GulfportBiloxi International Airportwas awarded the Top Centerhonor in the...
Focus on EducationCPPD courses recommended for ACE accreditationBy MCC Jayme Pastoric,Center for Personal andProfessional ...
Then fill out an entry cardand obtain an A-OK ID,which entitles the studentto discount coupons for NEXproducts and service...
Take a load off. Sit backand watch the big screenall by yourself for somealone time, or make it afamily night and bring th...
Seabee Memorial ChapelCenter Chaplains:Lt. Cmdr. Paul Smith, Protestant ChaplainLt. Yoon Choi, Protestant ChaplainFor info...
14 12September27,2012SeabeeCourierSUPPORTFamily Readiness GroupsNMCB 1 FRG invites friends and fam-ily members to attend F...
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Seabee Courier May 9, 2013


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Seabee Courier May 9, 2013

  1. 1. By Rob MimsNCBC Public AffairsSeveral Naval ConstructionBattalion Center entities willcome together May 13-23 todust off preparedness plans tobe ready for the 2013 Hurri-cane Season which startsJune 1.“We will bring nearly everydepartment on base to theEmergency Operations Centerto ensure they know their partif a hurricane paints a bull’s-eye on Gulfport,” said LewFountain, NCBC EmergencyManager. “We will run througha couple of scenarios fromleast to worst.”The least could mean a rainevent with flooding and theworst being a category fivehurricane. Last year, HurricaneIsaac was a rain event; how-ever, it caused severe floodingaround the area, includingsome areas on base. In 2005,Hurricane Katrina devastatedthe coast with massive windsand an enormous storm surge.The base must be ready torespond to both.As the base begins their prep-arations to keep residents andinfrastructure safe, Fountainsaid HURREX is a great timefor families to get Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, MississippiVol. 53 No. 19 May 9, 2013Firefighters assigned to the NCBC Gulfport Fire Department demonstrate avehicle rescue using the Jaws of Life during a 101 Days of Summer SafetyTraining, May 2. The purpose of the Stand Down was to educate Departmentof Defense military and civilians on safety hazards, particularly those relatedto summer activities. (U.S.Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Class KatchenTofil/Released)HURREX puts stormseason in sharp focusSee HURREX page 7Summer safety trainingpresented on board NCBCNaval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport preparesas Hurricane Isaac nears the Gulf Coast. The storm madelandfall nearly seven years to the day of one of the worstnatural disasters in U.S. history, Hurricane Katrina. (U.S.Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class R. JasonBrunson/Released)
  2. 2. NCBCCommanding OfficerCapt. Rick BurgessPublic Affairs OfficerRob MimsEditorBonnie L. McGerrMass Communication SpecialistMCC(SCW/SW/AW)Ryan G. WilberSpecial ContributorsCM3(SCW) Katchen TofilCECN Lucinda MoiseThe Seabee Courier is a weeklyauthorized on-line publicationfor members of the military ser-vices and their families. Contentdoes not necessarily reflect theofficial views of the U.S. Govern-ment, the DoD or the U.S. Navyand does not imply endorsementthereof. The appearance of adver-tising in this newspaper, includinginserts or supplements, does notconstitute endorsement by the U.S. Government, DoD, the Navyor NCBC Gulfport of the prod-ucts and services advertised. Allcontent in this newspaper shall bemade available for purchase, useor patronage without regard torace, color, religion, gender, na-tional origin, age, marital status,physical handicap, political affili-ation or any other non-merit factorof the purchaser, user or patron.If a violation or rejection of thisequal opportunity policy by an ad-vertiser is confirmed, the publishershall refuse to print advertisingfrom that source until the violationis corrected. The Seabee Couriersolicits news contributions frommilitary and civilian sources, butthe Public Affairs staff reservesthe right to edit and/or rewritematerial selected for publicationto conform with journalism stan-dards. The deadline for materialis close of business every Friday.Your comments are always wel-come. The Seabee Courier officeis in Building 1, Room 205. Themailing address is 4902 MarvinShields Blvd., Code 15, Gulfport,MS 39501. Phone: 228-871-3662., E-mail: seabeecourier@navy.mil2SeabeeCourierMay9,2013Career Navigator places Sailors at the helm(NAVY LIVE BLOG 02 MAY13) -- Chief of Naval Per-sonnel Vice Adm. Scott VanBuskirk recently held AllHands Calls in the San Di-ego area where he spoke toSailors about Career Navi-gator, a program designedto help enlisted Sailorshave a more active role inmanaging their careers. Weasked him about the newprogram; below are hisanswers to our questions.What do Sailors needto know about CareerNavigator?In today’s Navy, careersfor Sailors are more dy-namic than in times pastand we to need to helpour people adapt to thesechanges. A Sailor’s careernow may include convert-ing to a different rating aswell as transitioning fromactive duty to the NavyReserve or Navy Reserve toactive duty.We are building CareerNavigator to give Sailorsan active role in managingtheir careers and makinginformed choices by show-ing all the options availablefor them. The plan is toexpand Sailor’s access sothey can monitor their owninformation, career oppor-tunities and applications.Career Navigator will pullall enlisted career man-agement processes underone overarching programencompassing all careerevents such as reenlisting,changing ratings, choosingorders and transitioningbetween Active Componentand Reserve Component, orvice versa.Why are you changingthe reenlistment sys-tem?We wanted to provideSailors a more active rolein managing their careersand more tools to makeinformed choices for them-selves and their families’future. Career Navigatorwill change how we think,discuss and apply enlistedcareer management pro-cesses in the Navy. CareerNavigator will make theexperience more interactivefor Sailors — placing theircareer at their fingertips.In addition, beginning inJune, Sailors will have vitalinformation earlier to maketheir career and life deci-sions. We will let Sailorsknow at least 10 monthsfrom the end of theircontract whether they willbe able to reenlist in theircurrent rate, and will haveadditional time to apply toconvert into another ratingwhere opportunity exists.When will this hap-pen?Career Navigator will berolled out in phases begin-ning this summer. As youknow, today, only yourcareer counselor can viewyour information. By theend of the year, you willhave online access to thisinformation and be able toresearch your career op-portunities and view yourapplications.On June 1, several en-hancements will be madefor reenlistment, Profes-sional Apprentice CareerTrack designation, and toincrease opportunities forReserve Sailors. The reen-listment application processwill align with orders nego-tiation so that Sailors willfind out sooner if they’vebeen approved to reenlistand have more time tonegotiate orders with theirdetailer. PACT Sailors willbe able to strike to a ratingfaster because we havereduced the time requiredbefore they can strike, andbecause their career coun-selors will be asked to sub-mit an application for themas soon as they are eligible.Reserve Sailors will be ableto submit online requeststo convert between ratingsand participate in the Re-serve Component to ActiveComponent augmentationprogram.What else is new?We are updating theexisting processes underFleet RIDE, adding morecapability and functionalityand transitioning them intoCareer Waypoints that willincorporate the followingprocesses:~ Changing to a new rat-ing during initial skills train-ing if needed~ PACT Sailors striking toa rating~ Reenlistment~ Converting to a differentrating~ Transition between Ac-tive and Reserve Compo-nentsThis change will provideSailors more visibility andwill enable them to makedecisions about where togo next in their career.You’ll learn more about thisin the coming months.Will Career Navigatortake the place of careercounselors?No, nothing can take theplace of the one-to-oneguidance of career coun-selors and they remain thesource for Sailor develop-ment. Career Navigatorprovides you with infor-mation so you can makeinformed decisions whenyou are working with yourcareer counselor or detailer.Bottom line, all Navyleaders must continue totake an active interest androle in helping our Sailorsunderstand the opportuni-ties Navy service providesthem and how to reachtheir personal goals. CareerNavigator supplements ev-erything Sailors have nowand provides them moreaccess and options at theirfingertips.SAN DIEGO - Vice Adm. Scott R. Van Buskirk, Chief ofNaval Personnel, speaks to Sailors during an all-handscall in the San Diego Naval Base theater. Van Buskirkheld the all-hands call to inform Sailors about the launchof the Career Navigator program, which will change theway Sailors apply for reenlistment. (U.S. Navy photo byMass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Shannon Heavin/Re-leased)
  3. 3. AroundtheCenterBuzzontheStreetBy CECN Lucinda MoiseNCBC Public Affairs“What did you learn duringthe safety stand down?”“Seatbelt safety, fire safety andboating safety, and what to do in theevent of a hurricane.”BU2(SCW) Joshua WhittakerNCG2Hometown: Reading, Mich.”To watch and listen for trains beforecrossing tracks.”BUCN Whitney SniderNCG2Hometown: Davenport, Iowa“How to perform summer activitiessafely.”BU2 Brian BaughmanNCG2Hometown: D’Iberville, Miss.3Construction Electrician Constructionman Nathan Bushand Construction Electrician 3rd Class Justin Orner, as-signed to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB)11, train on the proper way to search personal at an En-try Control Point (ECP) during training on board NCBCGulfport, April 30. An ECP provides a layered approachto control, monitor and protect access to a Forward Op-erating Base (FOB) and provides effective capabilities tocounter Personnel Borne Improvised Explosive Devices(PBIED) and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devic-es (VBIED). (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 3rdClass Katchen Tofil/Released)BU2 Katherine Rubio-Jackson listens to a question dur-ing an interview with Univision’s Aqui y Ahora reporter,Tiffani Roberts, on board the Naval Construction Battal-ion Center, April 30. Roberts is building a news segmentabout women in combat which should air in about threeweeks on Univision. (U.S. Navy photo by Rob Mims/Released)Builder 3rd Class Lauralie Gutschmidt, assigned to Na-val Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74, spins a pinto lower an “A” frame of a Medium Girder Bridge (MGB)at Contingency Construction Crew Training (CCCT) onboard NCBC Gulfport, May 1. The MGB is a lightweight,portable bridge that can be assembled without the use ofheavy equipment. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Mechanic3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released)SeabeeCourierMay9,2013
  4. 4. By CECN Lucinda L. MoiseNCBC Public AffairsCapt. Rick Burgess, com-manding officer, Naval Con-struction Battalion Center(NCBC) Gulfport, presentedUtilitiesman 2nd Class JonCox, assigned to Naval Con-struction Group (NCG) 2, anletter of appreciation for hiscontributions to the Aquaticprogram at the Fitness Centeron board NCBC, May 6.Cox has years of swimmingexperience. He swam com-petitively in high school andcollege. For four years Coxcoached a private swim cluband last year he was assistantcoach for the swim club at theGulfport Fitness Center. Lastsummer, Cox assisted AlexMcCollum, Morale, Welfareand Recreation (MWR) aquat-ics coordinator, in coaching alunchtime swim club for activeduty military. He also helpedmake a record board andposted workouts of the day inthe pool lobby to encouragefriendly competition. Cox andMcCollum thought a recordboard would be a great wayto keep track of the comple-tion scores and motivate morepeople to come to the pool.Cox worked on the re-cord board for two and ahalf weeks. Made of mostlyplywood, it features severalswimming stroke categorieswith both a male and femaleevent side, and can be seenon display at the pool lobby.According to McCollum, Cox’scontributions have made ahuge difference.By creating the afternoonswim group we broughtpeople to the pool that weremore likely not to join. Withour new record board, Mr.Cox has found a way to cre-ate a friendly competitivenessthat we have not had at ourfacility,” said McCollum. “Wehave already had numer-ous patrons striving to geton the record board and thisnumber will only go up asmore patrons start using theaquatic facility as summer ap-proaches.”Cox is happy with the direc-tion the aquatics programis headed, and mentionedthat everyone is welcome tocompete for a place on therecord board. He would likefor swimming be incorporatedinto the Navy’s physical train-ing (PT).“I would like for our facilityto develop a little more usefrom our PT groups in themorning. Swimming condi-tions in ways that running orbiking cannot. Especially withthe number of patrons havinginjuries, swimming is one ofthe best ways to build muscleand endurance, along withrelieving stress,” said Cox.4Seabee supports NCBCaquatics programNCBC scheduled to do awaywith vehicle decalsCapt. Rick Burgess presents Utilitiesman 2nd Class JonCox a letter of appreciation at the Fitness Center onboard NCBC Gulfport, May 6. Cox was recognized for hiscontributions to the 2012 summer aquatics program.(U.S. Navy photo by Construction Electrician ConstructionmanLucinda L. Moise/Released)By CECN Lucinda L. MoiseNCBC Public AffairsCurrently, in order to gainaccess onto Navy installa-tions via any form of mo-torized vehicle, the vehiclemust be registered at Passand ID and have a decal.Beginning May 13 that willchange at Naval Construc-tion Battalion Center (NCBC)Gulfport.For anyone whose decalsexpire after May 13, orwho acquire a new vehicle,temporary paper passes willbe issued in place of decals.The paper passes will begood for six months, buta decision to eliminate therequirement for any type ofvehicle pass is being consid-ered.The Air Force and Armystopped issuing decals afterspending hundreds of thou-sands of dollars per year ondecals that were later foundto be an ineffective securitymethod, since they can betransferred from vehicle tovehicle.According to NCBC SecurityAssistant Sonia McDaniel,the Navy decided to discon-tinue decals mainly due to alack of funding and advancesin technology. Decals aver-age $13 per vehicle, andissuing approximately 2,000decals every month cost$312,000 annually.As of now, June 1 is thetentative date in which novehicle pass, decal or paperpass will be required fordrivers to access the base;however, documents such ascar rental agreements, proofof insurance and state reg-istration are still subject tocheck at the gates, and arerequired to be presented tolaw enforcement officials orgate sentries upon request.According to NCBC SecurityOfficer Ron Perry, the termi-nation of decals has been upfor decision for years.“We first learned about thepossibility of decals beingeliminated in March of 2011.As far as we know this is aCNIC (Commander, NavyInstallations Command)initiative and will apply toall Navy installations,” saidPerry.For more information on thediscontinuation of decals callthe NCBC Security Office at:(228) 871-3561.For all of the latest information, follow Seabee Center on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to Inside the Gate by sending anemail to Zebras, No ExcusesPerformers and professional sexual assault advocatesof No Zebras and More presented No Zebras, No Ex-cuses to military members attached to NCBC Gulfportat the Training Hall, May 3. The theatrical-based Sex-ual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) train-ing uses a series of vignettes to teach that the issueof sexual aggression can no longer be ignored, andpeople must stand up, quit being bystanders and helpkeep others around them safe. (U.S. Navy photos by Con-struction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released)SeabeeCourierMay9,2013
  5. 5. 101 Days of Summer Stand DownNaval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulfport andNaval Construction Group (NCG) 2 Safety Offices presentedmilitary members and civilians a 101-Days of Summer train-ing through 13 interactive stations on board NCBC Gulfport,May 2.The purpose of the Stand Down was to educate Department ofDefense military and civilians on safety hazards, particularlythose related to summer activities. (U.S. Navy photos by Con-struction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil and Chief Mass Communica-tion Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released)Recently, Mississippi GovernorPhil Bryant signed into lawHouse Bill 879 giving parentswho live on board militarybases in Mississippi a choiceof which school district tosend their children. The lawstates, “Those children whoseparent(s) or legal guardian(s)are active members of theUnited States Armed Forcesor civilian military personneland reside on a military base,may, at the discretion of theirparent(s) or legal guardian(s),enroll and attend the schooldistrict of their parent’s orguardian’s choosing, regard-less of the residence of thechild, provided the school dis-trict where the student residesor in an adjacent school dis-trict and the parent’s or guard-ian’s choice of school districtdoes not violate the provisionof subsection (3) of this sec-tion prohibiting the transpor-tation of students in excessof thirty (30) miles.” Parentsare no longer required toget an out of district transferrelease or fill out an in districtacceptance form. They cango directly to the school andregister. This includes NavalConstruction Battalion Centerbase housing and North PointePreserve on County FarmRoad. Parents can choosebetween Gulfport, Biloxi, LongBeach and Harrison CountySchool Districts. For moreinformation, call Kevin Byrd,NCBC School Liaison Officer at228-871-2117.New law gives parents school district choiceSeabeeCourierMay9,20135
  6. 6. 6NCBCFRAMESEO1(SCW) BrettFletcherNCG 2, Transpor-tation SupervisorBy CM3(SCW) Katchen Tofil, NCBC Public AffairsFF: What single experienceduring your career standsout the most and why?EO1: Fleet Week 2010 inManhattan, New York.We spent a week on theUSS Iwo Jima showcas-ing the Seabees andsome of our equipmentto tens of thousandsof tourists. The smilesfrom the kids as theytook pictures with uswere worth every min-ute of it.FF: What has been your big-gest motivation throughoutyour career?EO1: Gain as much ex-perience as I could as anEO and pass that knowl-edge on to others.FF: What is your favoritething about working withSeabees?EO1: I enjoy workingwith different peopleand teaching them howto run equipment.FF: Who was your most in-fluential mentor during yourcareer, and why?EO1: Roxanne Dressel,she grabbed me up whenI arrived at my first bat-talion and showed mewhat I needed to do toadvance in my job. Shenever accepted failureand was always there toanswer any questionsthat came up. She wastough but fair and I ap-preciated that for years.FF: What advice would yougive to future Seabees/Sailors?EO1: Learn as much asyou can, while you can,and pass that knowl-edge on to others. Atsome point you won’tbe in the Navy anymoreso make yourself valu-able.See Something Wrong,Do Something RightNCIS has two new anonymousways to report crimes or suspi-cious behavior with the use ofdiscreet and secure online ortexting tip lines.To report information by Celltext:1. Text “NCIS” to the short code274637 (CRIMES) from any cellor smart phone.2. Receive a response, for ex-ample: “Your alias is: S2U5 Call911 if urgent! If replies put youat risk, text “STOP.”3. Begin dialogueTo report information Online:1. Go to,click on the “Report a Crime”tab and select the icon for “textand Web tip Hotline.”There is a reward of up to$1,000 for information leadingto a felony arrest or apprehen-sion.Civilians - EBIS retirement courses available on line. . . EBIS offers CSRS and FERS retirement eSEMI-NARS on line. Retirement Topics include eligibility,computation of annuity, survivor benefits, creditableservice, withholdings, and processing for CSRS andFERS. Each course takes about an hour to complete.To take the course, log in to and click on Benefits. Then Click on Benefits,Choose EBIS and log in, then select eSEMINARS.SeabeeCourierMay9,2013
  7. 7. “The time to prepare is notwhen a hurricane is inbound.People should visit for all the tools tomake a family disaster planand emergency kits,” saidFountain. “They can also signup for the Wide Area AlertNotification (WAAN) Systemthere. Anyone can sign up forthe notifications. It is a greatcommunication tool.”Communicating with the basepopulace will also be testedduring HURREX. Several mes-sages will be put on the basewebsite, social media plat-forms, base loudspeakers, all-user emails, marquees and theWAAN. With each message,little bits of information willbe sent to help remind peopleto get themselves ready for asafe hurricane season.7Cell phone use while driving on board NCBC is not authorizedNMCB 11 executes force marchSeabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 11 participate in a force march and Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) ex-ercise on board Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulfport. NMCB 11 is currently on a Field Training Exercise (FTX) at Camp Shelby,Miss. as part of the battalion’s homeport training cycle. (U.S. Navy photos by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jonathan Carmichael/Released)SAME ScholarshipGolf TournamentThe Society of American Military Engineers (S.A.M.E.)is holding a scholarship fund raiser golf tournamentMay 17, at 1 p.m., Bay Breeze Golf Course, Keesler AirForce Base. Lunch will be served at noon and is includ-ed in the $75/player fee or $260/4 person team fee. Theevent features a $40K Shootout from mulligan partici-pants. Mulligans will be available for purchase for $5 or3/$10. To register, go to HURREX page 1SeabeeCourierMay9,2013
  8. 8. Seabees attached to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74’s Air Detachment volun-teer in a Community Relations project to help rebuild a 1200 square foot Scout Hut forPass Christian Boy Scout Troop 316 that was destroyed in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina.(U.S. Navy photos by Equipment Operator 3rd Class Laura C. Trommer/Released)74 rebuilds scout hutRace Engines, Dirt Bikes,ATV’s,Cigarette Boats, ZodiacsAre you up to the challenge of hard work andrepairing unique SOF equipment?Naval Special Warfare Development Group isseeking active duty Construction Mechanicsand all other Seabee rates.- Motivated/Volunteer- Pass Navy PFA- E4 - E6- No NJP- No bankruptcy- Obtain Secret/TOP Secret clearanceEmail us at !DEVGRURecruiting@vb.socom.milor contact your detailer to request additionalinformation.Navy Lodgesadd value tovacation plansSave money this summer,stay at a Navy Lodge duringyour vacation. With savingsup to 45 percent over civilianhotels, Navy Lodges are a greatvalue.“Staying at a Navy Lodgesduring your vacation is a greatway to keep expenses down,”said Mike Bockelman, VicePresident, Navy Exchange Ser-vice Command’s (NEXCOM)Navy Lodge Program. “Stayingat a Navy Lodge also offersthe convenience of other baseamenities, such as the NEX,the ITT ticket office and MWRfacilities. Plus, Navy Lodgesare located in great vacationspots throughout the world.”Navy Lodge guests will findoversized rooms and familysuites, free internet access,cable TV with DVD playerand a kitchenette with mi-crowave and utensils as wellas video rental service, guestlaundry facilities and handi-capped accessible and non-smoking rooms. Navy Lodgesalso offer guests free Wi-Fi, alight breakfast, and morningnewspaper. As an added con-venience, dogs and cats up to50 pounds in weight can stayat many Navy Lodges whentraveling with its owners.For reservations, call 1-800-NAVY INN (1-800-628-9466)or go on line at or,20138
  9. 9. Nashville, TN. (May 2, 2013)– USO Gulf Coast at GulfportBiloxi International Airportwas awarded the Top Centerhonor in the Best USO AirportCenter category last night atthe first ever TellUSO Awardsceremony honoring USO Cen-ters for their commitment andservice to America’s troops andmilitary families. USO Presi-dent and CEO, Sloan Gibsonalongside General GeorgeCasey and Country Music Art-ist and USO Tour Veteran KixBrooks, delivered the awardsduring a reception at theCountry Music Hall of Fame.“Tonight’s awards are a spe-cial honor because they comefrom those we serve,” saidAlan Reyes, USO Senior VicePresident of Operations. “Ourtroops and military familiestell us every year in our Tel-lUSO survey how we are doingand we are so pleased to honorthe best of the best of the USOtonight.”The awards program is thefirst ever in the USO’s fouryear history of conductingthe TellUSO survey. Honor-ees were recognized for theirachievements in providing bestin class service in support oftroops and military families.Award winners were chosenbased on results from the an-nual TellUSO Survey, conduct-ed among active duty militaryand their spouses. The TellU-SO Sound Off Survey validates,through direct feedback fromUSO constituents, the USO’stheory of change and assessesoutcomes with regard to value,satisfaction, awareness and us-age across 16 unique programsand services.Top Center award winnersreceived the highest overallscores in satisfaction, value,staff helpfulness, friendliness,and knowledgeable in theircategory. In the United Statesregion, awards were handeddown to top scorers in threecategories based on Centerlocation: Airport Center,Military Installation Centerand Metro Center. Withinthese categories awards weredelivered in the small, mediumand large center categoriesdetermined by total annualvisits to the location. In ad-USO Gulf Coast receivestop airport center honorFrom USO Gulf Coast9‘The Meat & Potatoesof Life’By Lisa Smith MolinariMilitary Spouse ContributerMother’s Day -- a real hoot“Hey Hon, so whaddya wantfor Mother’s Day anyway?”my husband inquired acouple days ago, much toolate to actually plan anythingdecent.My mind flashed to Moth-er’s Days past. I winced atvivid images of kitchensdestroyed by my children’sbest intentions. My lipspuckered at the distant tasteof cold burnt breakfasts inbed. Allowing my mind toreminisce a moment longer, Inearly gagged at the thoughtof pond scum.Well, not exactly pondscum, but that scummy filmthat forms in the bottomof a flower vase containingweek-old cut flowers. Myuvula twitched at the thoughtof slimy stems breaking thealgae-like skin on the surfaceof old vase water to revealmurky dregs and the pungentodor of rotting vegetation.I never really liked cutflowers because of the pondscum, but my husband ordersthem almost every year. Hemakes a call to the florist and,voila! his job is done. Oneyear, I delicately suggestedhe consider potted flowersfor Mother’s Day. That year,I received a lovely hydrangeathat bloomed in my gardenfor years. I thought my daysof dealing with green slimewere over.The next year it seemed likea heck of a lot of work driv-ing over to the garden centerfor another potted plantwhen my husband could sim-ply call the florist from thecomfort of his Barcalounger.Back to the pond scum.I shuddered, and tried tofocus on an answer to myhusband’s question. Hmm, Ithought, is there somethingthat my family would enjoythat would not require me toclean the kitchen and washout dirty vases?I recalled Mother’s Day2007. My Navy husband wasin the 5th month of a year-long deployment to Djibouti,Africa. I met some other“geographically single” mili-tary moms at an indoor playcenter to let the kids run offsome steam while we chatted.A couple hours later, the kids,sweaty and sufficiently coatedin invisible ball-pit bacteria,told us they were starving todeath.The mothers begrudg-ingly trudged toward the exit.“Ugh,” one mom groaned,“I really don’t want to cook.”“Me neither,” another chimedin, her lips stretched down-ward in an exaggeratedfrown.After months of parentingalone, I seriously contemplat-ed eating my daughter’s filthysweat-dampened socks toavoid cooking another meal.“Hey, you guys wanna go outto lunch somewhere?!”We huddled in the parkinglot to plan a lunch outing, butour excitement soon turnedto disappointment whenwe realized that, without areservation, we’d be lucky toget Slurpies and Slim Jims at7-11 on Mother’s Day.We said our good-byesagain, and slogged to ourrespective minivans.Just then, a 150-watt bulbblinked on in my deploy-ment weary brain withpossibly the best idea I’d hadin my entire life. “I knowwhere we can go!” I blurted.The other moms and theirhungry offspring looked tome with hope in their hungryeyes across the quiveringasphalt, and I bellowed withoutstretched arms like theirpseudo savior, “HOOTERS!”Much as I had predicted,SeabeeCourierMay9,2013GULF COAST USO901 CBC 3rd St., Building 114228-575-5224FREE Services:Fax - Send/Receive:228-575-5225CopiesSnacks/DrinksUnited Through ReadingProgramComputers with web camsInternet and Email AccessX-BoxOffice hours:Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.Saturday, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Closed Sunday)See HOOT page 11See USO page 11
  10. 10. Focus on EducationCPPD courses recommended for ACE accreditationBy MCC Jayme Pastoric,Center for Personal andProfessional Develop-ment Public AffairsVIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS)– The Center for Personaland Professional Develop-ment (CPPD) announcedApril 30 that the AmericanCouncil on Education (ACE)now recommends collegecredits for four CPPD cours-es.A team of academic ex-perts evaluated the followingCPPD activities and grantedACE recommended creditsfor: Task-Based CurriculumDevelopment Course; andthe Personal DevelopmentInstructor Skills Training,which grants Navy EnlistedClassification (NEC) 9518.Both Navy Instructor Train-ing Course, which grantsNEC 9502 for Navy Instruc-tor; and Master TrainingSpecialist, were reaccredited.According to the ACEwebsite, the purpose of aninstallation site visit is toreview and evaluate militarytraining (courses) and expe-riences (occupations). Theevaluation team analyzesmaterials, identifies learningoutcomes, and recommendspostsecondary credit basedon its findings.CPPD Evaluations ManagerSwanson Brown hosted andcoordinated the team’s visitto CPPD in February.“An ACE credit review isa thorough process,” saidBrown. “Courses and ex-aminations are reviewedby carefully selected teamsof faculty evaluators fromrelevant academic disci-plines. If the content, scopeand rigor of the course orexamination are equivalentto a college-level course, theteams recommend appropri-ate college credit.”According to the ACE web-site, ACE military reviewsbridge the gap between pro-fessional military educationand postsecondary curriculaand provide parallels forthe transfer of the servicemember’s acquired learningto current college curricula.This facilitates access toacademic degrees.“Students can use thesecredit recommendations tosatisfy general education ordegree requirements or todemonstrate knowledge andproficiency in a particularsubject,” said Brown. “ACEcredit recommendations areused as guidelines by col-leges and universities, whichmake their own decisionsabout awarding credit. Theminimum requirement is thatthe course we want evaluat-ed must be at least 45 hoursin length.”The benefits of ACE aca-demic reviews for militarytraining organizations arethat they validate the qualityof training, create an align-ment and consistency indocumenting training acrossthe services and reduce De-partment of Defense tuitionassistance funds.“Having ACE recommendcollege credits for CPPDcourses and curriculum de-velopment is a direct reflec-tion of the hard work anddedication of the CPPD ac-tive duty and civilian team,”said CPPD Command MasterChief Kenneth Schmidt. “Ourteam spends long hoursrefining each module of eachcourse to ensure the infor-mation is provided to thefleet is accurate and up todate. Sailors who pass thesecourses are not only receiv-ing college credits, they takewith them solid foundationalteaching skills to implementat their command.”To take advantage of ACErecommended credits for aspecific rating, Sailors shouldvisit the nearest Navy Col-lege Office or EducationalService Officer to reviewtheir Joint Services Tran-script (JST).CPPD is responsible forproviding a wide range ofpersonal and professionaldevelopment courses andmaterials, including GeneralMilitary Training, Navy in-structor training, alcohol anddrug awareness programtraining, suicide and sexualassault prevention, bystand-er intervention, and personalresponsibility classes. CPPD’srequired leadership trainingis delivered multiple timesthroughout a Sailor’s careervia command-delivered en-listed leadership training ma-terial and officer leadershipcourses in a schoolhousesetting. CPPD also admin-isters the Navy’s voluntaryeducation program, whichprovides Sailors with theopportunity to earn collegedegrees. CPPD additionallymanages the United ServicesMilitary Apprenticeship Pro-gram (USMAP), which offersSailors the opportunity toearn civilian apprenticeshipcertificationsNCBC School LiaisonOfficer, Kevin Byrd islocated at: MWR, Building352, 1706 Bainbridge Ave.,NCBC 228-871-2117,email: kevin.r.byrd@navy.mil10Steelworker 1st Class Jarrod Cagle, an instructor for Na-val Construction Training Command (NCTC) Steelworker“A” School, instructs Constructionman Nick Martinez onthe proper steps to fabricate sheet metal while buildinga drip pan at the Applied Instruction building on boardNCBC Gulfport, May 9. Along with many phases taughtduring Steelworker (SW) “A” School SWs learn how to lieout and fabricate structural steel and sheet metal. (U.S.Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released)NEX rewardsstudentsBy Kristine M. Sturkie,NEXCOM Public AffairsThe NEX wants to helpits customers finance theirchildren’s college educationthrough its A-OK StudentReward Program. All quali-fied students will participatein a quarterly drawing formonetary awards of $2,500,$1,500, $1,000 or $500 fora total of $5,500 per quar-ter. The next drawing willbe held at the end of May2013.Any eligible full-timestudent that has a B-gradepoint average equivalentor better, as determined bytheir school system, mayenter the drawing. Eligiblestudents include depen-dent children of active dutymilitary members, reservistsand military retirees en-rolled in first through 12thgrade. Dependent childrenwithout an individual De-pendent Identification Cardmust be accompanied bytheir sponsor to submittheir entry. Each studentmay enter only once eachgrading period and must re-enter with each qualifyingreport card.To enter the drawing, stopby any NEX with a cur-rent report card and havea NEX associate verify theminimum grade average.SeabeeCourierMay9,2013See NEX page 11
  11. 11. Then fill out an entry cardand obtain an A-OK ID,which entitles the studentto discount coupons for NEXproducts and services.The Navy Exchange Ser-vice Command (NEXCOM)has been offering studentsa chance to pay for collegethrough its A-OK StudentReward Program since1997. Since the programbegan, NEXCOM has award-ed over $600,000 in SeriesEE U.S. savings bonds andmonetary awards with thehelp of its generous vendorpartners.Become a Facebook fanand follow the NEX onTwitter.dition to awards by region, ATop Center overall award wasalso handed down to the centerthat achieved the highest scoreof all the USO Centers world-wide.USO Centers deliver pro-gramming and services to liftthe spirits of America’s troopsand their families at more than160 USO locations worldwide,including Afghanistan, Kuwait,UAE, Germany, Italy, Japan,Guam, South Korea and theUnited States. In 2012, troopsand their families visited USOCenters nearly 9 million timesand in the 2012 TellUSOsurvey ranked USO Centers asone of the programs of greatestimportance.In addition to providingtroops and families with atouch of home, USO GulfCoast also strives to keep themconnected during deploy-ment with programs likeUSO Operation Phone Homewhich allows troops to talk totheir loved ones on the phonefor free and United ThroughReading’s Military Programwhich gives deployed troopsthe chance to record a DVD ofthemselves reading a book totheir child. The book and DVDare then mailed home to thetroop’s family. Center ManagerNicole Lewis was on hand toaccept the award on behalf ofher Center. She credited theCenter’s director Felice Gillumand many volunteers for thewin.“Winning this award was acomplete shock, but also veryhumbling and reaffirmed thatthe USO Gulf Coast is continu-ally doing an awesome job, saidLewis. “Our center is uniquebecause here at the USO GulfCoast Airport center it is ourpassion that makes us spe-cial. We have found that whatmakes our center successfulis how welcomed our troopsand their families feel everydaywhen they arrive at our centerand we have our volunteersand the enthusiasm of our cen-ter director to thank for that.”For photos or a full list ofwinners, please contact me Jones, Armed Forces Motorcycle Club president, presents a check to Capt. RickBurgess, NCBC commanding officer, May 9 on board NCBC, as Alice Huffman, NavyMarine Corp Relief Society director, and several members of the AFMC look on.The funds were then presented to Huffman to contribute to the NMCRS ActiveDuty Fund Drive. The AFMC held a Poker Run and silent auction to raise the do-nated funds. (U.S. Navy photo by Rob Mimsl/Released)Motorcycle Club supportsNMCRS Fund Drivewe had the whole place toourselves, and lazily munchedon wings and fries late intothe afternoon. The waitressesseemed more than happy tocater to feminine clientele whodon’t giggle nervously and ogleat their ill-fitting shirts, so theservice was excellent. While Idid have to wipe drool frommy 11-year-old son’s chin atime or two, all in all, it was aperfect Mother’s Day.“Hon, did you hear me?” myhusband inquired impatiently.“Oh, yea,” I said, snappingback to reality. For a fleetingmoment, I considered suggest-ing a replay of that wonder-ful day in 2007, but I thoughtbetter of it when I realizedthat Mother’s Day at Hootersonly works when fathers aren’taround.The taste of chilled scorchedeggs and the smell of slimyvase water suddenly seemedappealing when comparedwith seeing one’s husbandstare bug-eyed at a woman halfhis age while sucking downchicken wings and beer, so Isaid, “Breakfast in bed and avase of flowers would be justwonderful.”From HOOT page 9From USO page 9From NEX page 10I am a United StatesSailor. I will support anddefend the Constitutionof the United States ofAmerica and I will obeythe orders of those ap-pointed over me.I represent thefighting spirit of the Navyand those who have gonebefore me to defendfreedom and democracyaround the world.I proudly serve my coun-try’s Navy combat teamwith Honor, Courage andCommitment.I am committed to excel-lence and the fair treat-ment of all.Sailor’s CreedPass Road: 24 hours, 7 days a weekBroad Avenue: 5 a.m. - 5 p.m.,Monday -Friday and 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Sat/Sun andHolidays28th Street: 5 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday-Friday and5 - 7 p.m., Outbound OnlyCommission Road: CLOSEDGate Hours11SeabeeCourierMay9,2013SAFETY NOTICETo avoid heat illness: Wear lightweight, light-col-ored clothing, drink plenty of water, take regularbreaks and eat small meals.
  12. 12. Take a load off. Sit backand watch the big screenall by yourself for somealone time, or make it afamily night and bring thewhole crew! Stop by theSnack Bar on your way into get that buttered moviepopcorn and those othergoodies that help you getlost in the moment. Forgetwhat was playing? Noworries- put the movie hotlinein your phone, 228-871-3299 and call anytime!Friday: A Good Day to Die Hard, R, 6 p.m.; Saturday:Escape from Planet Earth, PG, 11 a.m.; Safe Haven, PG13,1:15 p.m.; Parker, R, 4 p.m.; Sunday: Escape from PlanetEarth, PG, 2 p.m.; Mama, PG13, 4:15 p.m.FREE Movies at theTraining Hall are Back!Join the MWR “Couch to 5K” fitness challengeThis 8-week program begins 13 May and finishes 12 July with a 5Krun. Group workouts are Mon/Wed/Fri @1130 at the track or stop byto get the 8-week workout so you can do it on your own.For more information please contact CBC Aquatics Center at 228-822-5103/5104.2013 Summer Swim Lessons•Sign-up one week prior to each session•Each session consist of (4) - 45 minute lessonsMon-Thur… makeup on Fri if weather permits•5:00 p.m. Level 1•6;00 p.m. Level 2May 20 – 24 June 3 – 7 June 17 – 21July 8 – 12 July 22 – 26 Aug 5 – 9Private and Semi-Private LessonsAlso available … call us for detailsAnchors & EaglesAuto HobbyBeehiveChild Development CenterFitness CenterInformation, Tickets &TravelLiberty CenterSeabee Heritage CenterNavy Outdoor RecreationRV ParkThe GrillTraining HallYouth Activities CenterMain Office228-871-4607228-871-2804228-871-4009228-871-2323228-871-2668228-871-2231228-871-4684228-871-3619228-871-2127228-871-5435228-871-2494228-871-4750228-871-2251228-871-2538For MWR programinformation contact:SeabeeCourierMay9,201312DAPA NOTE: Young men who need to drink more than others to “get a buzz” face ahigher risk of alcoholism as they approach their 30s. A study of 450 men also confirmedobservations that alcoholism runs in families. Men with alcoholic fathers were nearlythree times more likely to become alcohol-dependent than men whose fathers weren’talcoholics. For information on the Navy’s drug and alcohol policies and programs, pleasecontact your command DAPA.
  13. 13. Seabee Memorial ChapelCenter Chaplains:Lt. Cmdr. Paul Smith, Protestant ChaplainLt. Yoon Choi, Protestant ChaplainFor information concerning other faith groups,call the chapel office at 228-871-2454Services: Sunday Gospel Service: 8 a.m.Sunday Catholic Mass: 9:30 a.m.Sunday Protestant Divine Worship: 10:30 a.m.Weekday Catholic Mass: Tuesday, 11:15 a.m.Chapel OfferingsLooking for a church?The Seabee MemorialChapel holds services everySunday that might suit yourneeds. Protestant Servicesinclude a Gospel Service at 8a.m. andDivine Worship Service at10:30 a.m. Catholic Ser-vices include Catholic Massat 9:30 a.m. There is alsoCatholic Mass Tuesdays at11:15 a.m.Seabee PantryThe Seabee Pantry needsrestocking. During theholidays, the need for fooddonations is at its high-est level. Please donate asmany canned goods andother nonperishables aspossible. Donation drop-offsites are located at the NavyExchange, Chapel, Com-missary, Fleet and FamilySupport Center and ArmedForces Retirement Home.The Seabee Pantry is foranyone affiliated with NCBC.Praise and WorshipThe Seabee MemorialChapel is looking for newmembers for the Praise andWorship Team for the DivineWorship Service at 10:30a.m. Sundays. If youcan sing or play an instru-ment, you are invited tocome share your gift.Women’s Bible StudyWomen’s Bible Study is heldWednesdays at 11 a.m. atthe Seabee Memorial Cha-pel. Free child care is avail-able. For more informationon all offerings that areavailable, contact the chapelat 228-871-2454.NCBC Helping HandsVolunteer OpportunitiesUSO GULF COAST - The USO GulfCoast needs 14 - 16 volunteers towork at the USO information atthe Gulfport - Biloxi InternationalAirport. The desk will be staffedseven days a week between 8a.m. - 6 p.m. Volunteer shifts willbe five hours long (8 a.m. – 1 p.m.and 1 p.m. – 6 p.m.) Volunteersare responsible for greeting guests,directing them to the USO loungeand answering general questionsabout local hotels, restaurants,casinos, and events in the area.Register at GULFPORT 8th GRADEPROCTORS - North Gulfport 8thGrade, 4715 Illinois Avenue, Gulf-port is looking for test proctors forMay 14, 15 and 16. To volunteer,please contact Sherry Johnson,228-864-8944 or Shejohnson@har-rison. FOR CHRIST - Youth ForChrist is having its annual WaterPark Lock-In May 17 - 18 and islooking for volunteers to chaperonestudents in grades 6 through 12at the Gulf Islands Water Park inGulfport. Volunteers will be askedto work one of three shifts: 7 p.m.- 1:30 a.m.; 1 - 7 a.m.; or 7 7 a.m. For more informationor to volunteer, please contact EvaGonzalez, 904-401-9274 or BEACH SCHOOL DIS-TRICT has requested proctorsfor the May State tests. ContactChristine Spinks at 228-864-1146 ifyou can volunteer.PASS CHRISTIAN MIDDLESCHOOL - PCMS is asking forvolunteers to serve as proctorsand hall monitors during testingMay 14-16. Mandatory training forvolunteers will take place May 9 at3:15 p.m. and May 10 at 8 a.m. Tovolunteer or for more information,contact Tisha Posey, 228-452-5220or BAY ELEMENTARY -North Bay Elementary, 602 PineStreet, Bay St. Louis is looking for10 volunteers to serve as test proc-tors May 14-16, 8 a.m. - noon. Ifyou can help out, please call DonnaTorres, 228-467-4052 or email GROVE ELEMENTARYOrange Grove Elementary, 11391Old Highway 49, Gulfport is inneed of 35 volunteers, May 14, 15and 16 to serve as test proctors.Volunteers are asked to report tothe school by 7:30 a.m. ContactStephanie Schepens, 228-365-0204for details.WEST HARRISON HIGHSCHOOL West Harrison HighSchool, 10399 County Farm Road,Gulfport, is in need of 13 volunteersto assist in proctoring and monitor-ing the hallways May 6-10 and May13 from 7:15 a.m. - 3 p.m. (pos-sibly earlier), during the administra-tion of the MS SATP tests. Volun-teers should dress comfortably asthey will be walking and standingthe majority of the time. If inter-ested, please reply to Julie Hadleyat ELEMENTARYSCHOOL Volunteers are neededto serve as proctors at Central El-ementary School, 1043 Pass Road,Gulfport, for state testing May 14- 17. If you are able to help, pleasecontact Jessica Mitchell at or 228-865-4641.FIELD DAY VOLUNTEERS - Bel-Aire Elementary School, 10531Klien Road, Gulfport needs 40volunteers to help out at their FieldDay May 17, 7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.Volunteers will assist with runningthe games, helping out at the con-cession stands and supervising. Fordetails, send an email SPECIAL OLYMPICS -NCBC Gulfport will host the Area3 2013 Special Olympics Saturday,June 8. Games will be held outsideof the Fitness Center, near thesoftball fields, and will begin fol-lowing a 9 a.m. opening ceremony.An awards ceremony will happenimmediately after the games con-clude. A minimum of 200 volun-teers are needed to set up, registerand accompany the athletes, cheerthem on and tear down the site.Volunteer request forms will beavailable on each Command Quar-terdeck and will be collected May24. Uniform for military volunteers:Service PT gear; civilians: appro-priate athletic attire. Please directinquiries to MCC Ryan Wilber, 228-871-3663 or,2013
  14. 14. 14 12September27,2012SeabeeCourierSUPPORTFamily Readiness GroupsNMCB 1 FRG invites friends and fam-ily members to attend FRG meetingsthe second Monday of every month atthe Youth Activity Center, building 335.A potluck dinner is served at 6 p.m.,followed by a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Chil-dren are welcome and baby sitting isprovided during deployment. ContactFRG President Mary Belanger, 11 FRG For more information re-garding the NMCB 11 FRG, please visitthe FRG and Ombudsman website at 74 FRG All families of NMCB 74are invited to the 74 FRG meeting thethird Monday of each month. Meetingsare at the MWR Youth Activities Cen-ter, building 335, behind the Grinderon NCBC. Socializing begins at 5:30p.m., and meetings begin at 6 p.m.Bring a covered dish to share at ourpotluck dinner. Children are welcome.Email or visitour Facebook page at “NMCB74 Fear-less FRG” for more information.NMCB 133 FRG invites all friends andfamily members to attend FRG meetingsthe first Monday of the month at 6 the Youth Center. Children are wel-come and baby sitting is provided. Pleasebring a dish to share. For more infor-mation contact FRG President JaimeRoyal at 317-730-4064 or send an emailto To receiveupdates, log on to the FRG site at Officer’s Spouse ClubThe Gulfport Officers’ Spouses’ Club is asocial organization that has FUN whilehelping our community. We meetmonthly and have special interest groupsfor almost everyone! For more infor-mation, email hope to see YOU soon!NMCRSThe Navy-Marine Corps Relief Soci-ety Thrift Shop is located in building29 on Snead Street. The Thrift Shopis staffed entirely by volunteers, andchild care and mileage are reim-bursed. Retail hours of operation areTuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9a.m. - 1 p.m. Volunteers are alwayswelcome. Visit the NMCRS offices atthe Fleet and Family Support Center,building 30, suite 103 or call 228-871-2610 to find out how to become apart of the NMCRS volunteer team!Gamblers AnonymousThe Fleet and Family Support Centeroffers GA meetings every Thursday at 11a.m. GA is a fellowship of people whoshare their experience, strength andhope with each other. All meetings areconfidential and facilitated by GA. Cometo a meeting or call Jim Soriano at 228-871-3000 for information.TRAININGNaval Sea CadetsThe Gulfport branch of the Naval SeaCadets are recruiting youth ages 11 to17 for Sea Cadets, a nation-wide or-ganization that help youth achieve per-sonal success through nautical training.Meetings are the third Saturday of themonth from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., building1, 2nd floor conference room. ContactLt.j.g. Bowling at 228-313-9035 for information.SOCIALMiss. Gulf Coast First Class Associ-ation is seeking new members. Meet-ings are every Wednesday at 3 p.m. atCBC’s Beehive, building 352. Call BU1Tony Boldrey 228-871-2577 for moreinformation or just come and join us ata meeting.CBC/20SRG Second Class Petty Of-ficers Association is seeking mem-bers. Meetings are Tuesdays at 2:30p.m. in the Fitness Center classroom.Contact the Association’s Public AffairsOfficer LS2 Matthew Wasson or Presi-dent LS2 Earl Simpson at for information.NCBC Multi-Cultural Diversity Com-mittee is seeking members. Meetingsare held the first and third Wednesdayof the month at 9 a.m., at the SeabeeMemorial Chapel. Contact BU1 JermaCloude at 228-871-2454 for details.VFW Post 3937 Long Beach is openMonday - Thursday from Noon until 8p.m., Friday and Saturday from Noonuntil 10 p.m., Sunday from noon until 7p.m. The first Friday of the month isSeafood Night, the remaining Fridaysare Steak Night. Breakfast is served from7 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays. VFW meet-ings are held the second Wednesday ofthe month at 7:30 p.m. New membersare always welcome. Contact Post Com-mander Bill North at 228-863-8602 forinformation.VFW Post 4526 Orange Grove is opendaily from Noon to 10 p.m. and locatedat 15206 Dedeaux Road, Orange Grove.Meetings are the first Wednesday eachmonth at 7 p.m. All are welcome and en-couraged to attend. Call 228-832-0017for more info.NMCB 62 Alumni GroupNaval Mobile Construction Battalion(NMCB) 62 was recommissioned in Gulf-port in 1966, and decommissioned in1989. To become a member, go to or for links toSeabee historical sites.Seabee Veterans of America Is-land X-1 Gulfport are seeking ActiveDuty, Reserve, Retired or Seabees wholeft the military after a short period oftime. Island X-1 Gulfport meets the firstThursday of each month at Anchors &Eagles at 7 p.m. Contact Joe Scott (sec-retary) at 228-669-8335 or log for information.D.A.V. - Disabled American Veter-ans, Chapter 5 invites Veterans and fu-ture Veterans to monthly meetings heldthe 3rd Monday of each month at7 p.m. Call Service Officer, Silva Royerat 228-324-1888 to find out more aboutour organization and all that is offeredto members.HERITAGEThe Seabee Gift Store is located in theSeabee Heritage Center Training Hall,building 446. Hours are Monday-Friday,10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from11a.m. to 3 p.m. The shop has a varietyof Seabee related memorabilia, booksand DVD’s. Contact the museum or call the gift shop at228-871-4779 for information on all thatis available for customers.CenterCenterNotesNotesUnited States Marine Corps237th Marine Corps BallWhen: Nov. 10, 2012Time: 6 p.m.Place: Hollywood Casino, Bay St. Louis, Miss.Price: $50 (per ticket)Uniform: Marines - Blue Dress “B” or Blue Dress “A”Army - Army Blue (Bow Tie)Navy - Dinner Dress Blue Jacket or Dinner Dress BlueAir Force - Mess DressCivilians - Black TieSee I&I First Sergeant, 1st Sgt. Coston, building 114(NOSC) or call 228-871-3104Celebrate the U.S. Navy’s 237th birthday and the War of 1812bicentennial! The celebration will take place Oct. 13, from6 p.m. until Midnight at Keesler AFB Bay Breeze Event Center.Participating installations include Stennis Space Center, NavalConstruction Battalion Center, Naval Aviation Technical Train-ing Unit, Keesler AFB, Pascagoula Naval Shipyard and ArmedForces Retirement Home, Gulfport. Tickets are on sale now!Contact your command representative and purchase yourtickets today! Ticket prices are E-6/GS-5 and below - $20, E-7/GS-6 andabove - $30. Command representatives are Stennis Space Center: LarryMitchell, 228-688-5226 or; NCBC Gulfport: CecilJordan, 228-871-3643 or; Keesler AFB: Christie King,228-377-0230 or Ticket sales end Oct. 5!Visit details on food, uniforms and the program.2012 Mississippi Gulf Coast2012 Mississippi Gulf CoastNavy Birthday BallNavy Birthday BallSeabeeCourierOctober4,2012SUPPORTFamily ReadinessGroupsNMCB 1 FRG invitesfriends and family membersto attend FRG meetings thesecond Monday of everymonth at the Youth ActivityCenter, building 335. Meet-ings are from 6 - 8 p.m.Children are welcome andbabysitting is provided dur-ing deployment. ContactFRG President Jenny Rich-ter, e-mail 11 FRG For moreinformation regarding theNMCB 11 FRG, please or email us at 74 FRG All fami-lies of NMCB 74 are invitedto the 74 FRG meetingthe third Monday of eachmonth. Meetings are at theMWR Youth ActivitiesCenter, building 335, be-hind the Grinder on NCBC.Socializing begins at 5:30p.m., and meetings begin at6 p.m. Bring a covered dishto share at our potluck din-ner. Children are welcome.Email or visit our Facebookpage at “NMCB74 FearlessFRG” for details.NMCB 133 FRG invites allfriends and family membersto attend FRG meetings thefirst Monday of the monthat 6 p.m. at the Youth Cen-ter. Children are welcomeand babysitting is provided.Please bring a dish to share.For more information con-tact FRG President JaimeRoyal at 317-730-4064 oremail Log on to the FRGsite, OverComingUnder Stress (FOCUS),provides resiliency trainingto service members andtheir families by teachingpractical skills to help meetthe challenges of militarylife, including how to com-municate & solve problemseffectively and to success-fully set goals together.Confidential and free withfamily-friendly hours,contact FOCUS today! Call228- 822-5736 or emailGulfport@focusproject.orgGulfport Officer’s SpouseClub The Gulfport Officers’Spouses’ Club is a socialorganization that has FUNwhile helping our commu-nity. We meet monthly andhave special interest groupsfor almost everyone! Formore information, hope to see YOU soon!Navy Wives Clubs ofAmerica, Inc. The NavyWives Clubs of America,Inc. is interested in rees-tablishing a club in the localarea. If you are interestedin joining an organizationthat promotes the healthand welfare of any enlistedmember of the Navy, Ma-rine Corps or Coast Guard,please contact DarleneCarpenter at 228-342-2271or Tina O’Shields, 228-357-0513. Visit for moreinformation on NWCA.NMCRSThe Navy-Marine CorpsRelief Society Thrift Shopis located in building 29on Snead Street. TheThrift Shop is staffed en-tirely by volunteers, andchild care and mileage arereimbursed. Retail hoursof operation are Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday, 9a.m. - 1 p.m. Volunteers arealways welcome. Visit theNMCRS offices at the Fleetand Family Support Center,building 30, suite 103 or call228-871-2610 to find outhow to become a part ofthe NMCRS volunteer team!Gamblers AnonymousThe Fleet and Family Sup-port Center offers GA meet-ings every Thursday at 11a.m. GA is a fellowship ofpeople who share their ex-perience, strength and hopewith each other. All meet-ings are confidential andfacilitated by GA. Come to ameeting or call Jim Sorianoat 228-871-3000 for moreinformation.TRAININGNaval Sea Cadets TheGulfport branch of the NavalSea Cadets are recruitingyouth ages 11 to 17 forSea Cadets, a nation-wideorganization that help youthachieve personal successthrough nautical training.Meetings are the third Sat-urday of the month from 8a.m. until 3 p.m., building 1,2nd floor conference room.Contact Lt.j.g. Bowl-ing at 228-313-9035 formore information.SOCIALMiss. Gulf Coast FirstClass Association is al-ways looking for new mem-bers. Meetings are everyWednesday at 2:30 p.m.,at the Fitness Center class-room. For more information,contact Association presi-dent, CE1 Daniel Shaver,228-871-2145.NCBC Multi-CulturalDiversity Committee isseeking members. Meetingsare held the first and thirdWednesday of the monthat 9 a.m., at the SeabeeMemorial Chapel. ContactBU1 Jerma Cloude, 228-871-2454 for details.VFW Post 3937 LongBeach is open Monday -Thursday from noon until 8p.m., Friday and Saturdayfrom Noon until 10 p.m.,Sunday from noon until 7p.m. The first Friday of themonth is Seafood Night, theremaining Fridays are SteakNight. Breakfast is servedfrom 7 to 10 a.m. on Sat-urdays. VFW meetings areheld the second Wednesdayof the month at 7:30 p.m.New members are alwayswelcome. Contact PostCommander Bill North at228-863-8602 for info.VFW Post 4526 OrangeGrove is open daily fromNoon to 10 p.m. and locat-ed at 15206 Dedeaux Road,Orange Grove. Meetingsare the first Wednesday ofthe month at 7 p.m. All arewelcome and encouraged toattend. Call 228-832-0017for more info.NMCB 62 Alumni GroupNaval Mobile ConstructionBattalion (NMCB) 62 was re-commissioned in Gulfport in1966, and decommissionedin 1989. To become a mem-ber, go to or for links toSeabee historical sites.D.A.V. - Disabled Ameri-can Veterans, Chapter 5invites Veterans and futureVeterans to monthly meet-ings held the 3rd Monday ofeach month at 7 p.m. CallService Officer, Silva Royerat 228-324-1888 to find outmore about our organiza-tion.Navy Seabee Veterans ofAmerica (NSVA) IslandX-1, Gulfport is alwayslooking to add new mem-bers. You do not have tobe retired to be a member.If interested, please con-tact Eugene Cowhick,228-871-2488 or RobertSmith at, 228-871-2436. Ifyou are already a member,please join us on the sec-ond Thursdayof each month at 6 p.m. inthe A&E Chiefs and OfficersClub, NCBC Gulfport, for theMonthly Island X-1 businessmeeting. For more informa-tion on NSVA Island X-1,visit Seabee Gift Store islocated in the Seabee Heri-tage Center Training Hall,building 446. Hours areMonday - Friday, 10 a.m. to4 p.m., and Saturdays from11a.m. to 3 p.m. The shophas a variety of Seabeerelated memorabilia,books and DVD’s. Contactthe museum at or callthe gift shop at 228-871-4779 for information on allthat is available.Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline:Due to limited IG resources throughout the Southeast Region, all Fraud,Waste and Abuse hotline work will now be handled by the Region. Toreport Fraud, Waste and Abuse, contact the Region at: Toll Free 1-877-657-9851 Comm: 904-542-4979 DSN 942-4979 FAX: 904- 542-5587,E-mail: