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NMCB 133 conducts first mission in Tajikistan                   By Lt. Kyle Schlais                                       ...
Health Watch:     Oh Baby . . . Guidelines forSailors to use when documenting pregnancyBy HM1 Marlena Cox                 ...
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Seabee Courier Jan. 17, 2013
Seabee Courier Jan. 17, 2013
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Seabee Courier Jan. 17, 2013


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Seabee Courier Jan. 17, 2013

  1. 1. 53 No. 03 Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi January 17, 2013 Recent legislation NMCB 15 prepares for deployment affects military, civilian pay From American Forces Press Service The legislation that President Barack Obama signed Jan. 2 that postponed the fiscal cliff means changes to military and civilian pay- checks, Defense Finance and Ac- counting Service officials said. The legislation increases Social Security withholding taxes to 6.2 percent. For the past two years during the "tax holiday" the rate was 4.2 percent. The increase in Social Security withholding taxes affects both mili- tary and civilian paychecks, officials said. For civilian employees, officials said, this will mean a 2 percent re- duction in net pay. For military personnel, changes to net pay are affected by a variety of additional factors such as increases in basic allowances for housing, subsistence, longevity basic pay raises and promotions. Service members could see an increase in net pay, no change or a decrease, military personnel and readiness of- ficials said. Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 15, form a protective circle to practice team- For military members, Social Secu- work and movement during crowd control training on board Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC.) rity withholding is located on their leave and earnings statement in the NMCB 15 is mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and is an expeditionary element of U.S. Naval blocks marked "FICA taxes" - for Forces that act as combat engineers and support various units worldwide through national force readiness, hu- Federal Insurance Contributions manitarian assistance and building and maintaining infrastructure. Personnel from 10 detachments in five states Act. (Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota) make up NMCB 15. The battalion’s Readiness Support DoD civilians will see the change Site and Headquarters is located in Belton, Mo. NMCB 15 was awarded the Battle “E” for “Best of Type” and on their leave and earnings state- the Rear Adm. J.D. Perry Award of “Best of the Best” in the Naval Construction Force in 1988, 1994, 2001 and ment under "OASDI" - for old age, 2004. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Daniel Garas/Released) survivors, and disability insurance. See PAY page 12
  2. 2. NCBC/20SRG Skipper’s Log Attention Navy Supply Ratings Have you been affected by PTS? Do you have questions about what’s in store for the Supply Ratings? Are you in the process of negotiating Commanding Officer Capt. Rick Burgess Public Affairs Officer Resolve to eliminate orders? Would you like to speak with your detailer in person? If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you should make plans right now to attend the Supply “Road Show” Jan. 30, hosted by Rob Mims Editor Bonnie L. McGerr Mass Comm. Specialist sexual assault the CBC Supply Department. The Road Show will take place in build- ing 433, room 153 at two times Jan. 30: 9 - 11 a.m. and 1 - 2 p.m. MCC (SCW/SW/AW) By Capt. Rick Burgess For more information, contact CS1 Young at Ryan G. Wilber CO CBC/CMDR 20th SRG Special Contributors CM3 (SCW) Katchen Tofil Happy New Year, all! As we turn CECN Lucinda Moise the page on the calendar and wel- come 2013, many of us also en- Fraud, Waste and Abuse 22 NCR Commander gage in the time-honored tradition Hotline: Due to limited IG resources throughout the Capt. Darius Banaji of making New Year’s resolutions. Southeast Region, all Fraud, Waste and Abuse hotline work will Public Affairs Officer Vacant We look back on the year that has now be handled by the Region. To report Fraud, Waste and passed, considering where we are Abuse, contact the Region at: Toll Free 1-877-657-9851 25 NCR in life and how we are doing rela- Commander Comm: 904-542-4979 DSN 942-4979 FAX: 904- 542-5587, tive to our goals and expectations. Capt. Darius Banaji E-mail: Public Affairs Officer Many resolve to better them- MCC (SW/AW) Scott Boyle selves by exercising more or quit- NMCB ONE ting bad habits. Some may make Commanding Officer Cmdr. Chad M. Brooks Public Affairs Officer frivolous resolutions, but if you are serious about improving your life, you make the changes in your Capt. Rick Burgess Tax Assistance Center Lt. Brian Gates Mass Comm. Specialist MC1 (AW/NAC) Aron Taylor Special Contributor behavior necessary to accomplish your goal. Real change is hard but it can be done with focus and the workplace. As such, I expect leaders to set and to enforce a tone of mutual respect and pro- to open by Feb. 1 on NCBC CE1(SCW) Joshua Thonnissen From VITA Gulfport effort. fessionalism. We are here to ac- NCBC’s Tax Assistance Center NMCB ELEVEN In a similar way, our Navy lead- complish our mission – behaving Commanding Officer (TAC) is gearing back up this ers have taken stock of where we as responsible, mature profession- Cmdr. Maria Aguayo year and will open no later than Public Affairs Officer with our effort to eradicate sexual als in the work place is the start- Feb. 1. Lt.j.g. Brian Myers assault from our Navy. Sexual as- ing point. Mass Comm. Specialist The TAC provides free tax sault goes against the Navy’s core Acting responsibly extends be- MC1(AW) Jonathan Carmichael yond working hours. Exercising preparation assistance to active NMCB SEVENTY FOUR values of Honor, Courage and good ORM and making wise deci- duty service members, their de- Commanding Officer Commitment, and runs counter to Cmdr. David McAlister sions concerning who you are pendents, and any reservist on the respect we owe one another Public Affairs Officer with and where you go can keep active duty for more than 29 Lt.j.g. John Parizek as shipmates. It can be devastat- Mass Comm. Specialist ing to the individual and corrosive you and your shipmates out of a days during the 2013 tax sea- MC2 Ryan Williams to unit readiness and operational bad situation. A particular factor son. In addition, assistance will be offered for retirees and for- January 17, 2013 NMCB ONE THIRTY THREE performance. Simply put, sexual to watch is alcohol use. Alcohol is Commanding Officer assault is not acceptable in our a contributing factor in a majority mer spouses who have an ad- Appointments will also be Cmdr. Nicolas D. Yamodis Navy. And, quite frankly, we are of sexual assaults. So, enjoy lib- justed gross income (AGI) of available Mondays and Thurs- Public Affairs Officer $57,000 or less. days. Taxpayers should bring MC1(SW/AW) Steven Myers not where we want to be in ac- erty in the right spirit with respon- complishing the goal of zero sex- sible alcohol use. If you are on This tax season the TAC has the following documents with NCTC GULFPORT ual assaults. liberty with your friends, look out shifted to a self-service program them: social security cards for Commanding Officer for most eligible taxpayers, all family members and spouses; Cmdr. Scott Anderson To reach our goal, we need addi- for each other. “I’ve got your Public Affairs Officer tional focus and effort from all back” is more than just an expres- through Military One Source for W-2’s, 1099’s, mortgage state- Lt. J. Johnson hands. In the coming weeks, you sion – it’s what shipmates do for active duty and reservist cus- ments, 1098’s, total of payments The Seabee Courier is a weekly authorized on- can learn more about what you each other. If you see your friend tomers and Tax Slayer and Free made for college tuition and line publication for members of the military services and their families. Content does not can do to help eliminate sexual headed for trouble, step in and Tax USA for dependents and re- books, etc.; last year’s tax re- necessarily reflect the official views of the U.S. Government, the DoD or the U.S. Navy and assault from our ranks. Fleet- act! tirees. The service is free for all turns (if available); your check- does not imply endorsement thereof. The ap- wide training, known as Sexual All hands are affected when a active duty, guard, and reserve book; applicable receipts for pearance of advertising in this newspaper, in- Assault Prevention and Response - sexual assault occurs. personnel, their families, and re- Schedule A (charity and med-Seabee Courier cluding inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the U. S. Govern- ical) and adjustment items; and ment, DoD, the Navy or NCBC Gulfport of the Fleet (SAPR-F), is currently being Sexual assault is a crime that tirees as well as anyone who is a products and services advertised. All content rolled out at all Navy commands hurts our shipmates and nega- legal representative of a child of if filing in the status of Married in this newspaper shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to onboard NCBC Gulfport. The tively affects our unit readiness. I a military member who is de- Filing Jointly, both taxpayers race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political SAPR-F training session presents a urge you to be educated, engage ployed or separated from the must be present to “sign” the affiliation or any other non-merit factor of the dramatized, though all too realis- in the training and know your child. return or present a signed purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or re- jection of this equal opportunity policy by an tic, scenario involving an assault. rights and responsibilities. Sexual Self-service is available on a Power of Attorney for taxes. advertiser is confirmed, the publisher shall re- fuse to print advertising from that source until It provides the opportunity to dis- Assault Response Coordinators first come, first serve walk-in The TAC is located in building the violation is corrected. The Seabee Courier cuss how the various people in- (SARC) and Command SAPR Vic- basis Tuesdays, Wednesdays, 60, room 265 and will be open solicits news contributions from military and civilian sources, but the Public Affairs staff re- volved acted and could have done tim Advocates are ready to help if and Fridays. While service Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. serves the right to edit and/or rewrite material selected for publication to conform with jour- differently to lead to a better out- needed, along with Chaplains, members complete their returns, - 4 p.m. For general questions nalism standards. The deadline for material is come. I hope you will find it a healthcare providers and your trained tax volunteers will be on regarding the TAC call 228-871- close of business every Friday. Your comments are always welcome. The Seabee Courier of- valuable exercise. chain of command. Let’s not hand to offer guidance in tax 2620 until Feb. 1. After Feb. 1, fice is in Building 1, Room 205. The mailing address is 4902 Marvin Shields Blvd., Code 15, Prevention of sexual assault be- allow this senseless crime to have preparation, allowing for fast call 228-822-5131 to make an 2 Gulfport, MS 39501. Phone: 228-871-3662., gins by setting the proper tone in a place in our Navy! and free filing. appointment. Email:
  3. 3. Buzz on Around the Street By CECN Lucinda Moise NCBC Public Affairs the “What was your best memory from 2012?” Center Housing residents learned how to make homemade laundry de- tergent during a Ladies Pinterest Party hosted by Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) on board Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Gulfport, Jan. 9. The purpose of the party was to bring NCBC Gulfport residents together and to promote “Being invited to a Timorese girl’s money saving techniques. The laundry detergent party is one 16th birthday party and getting of six programs scheduled for January by BBC. The remaining to know her and her family.” four activities are a Mardi Gras Ball, Banking Basic and More BUCN(SCW) Kimberly Management class, Mardi Paws parade and a Household Goods Washington Swap Party. (U.S. Navy photos by Construction Electrician Construc- NMCB 74 tionman Lucinda L. Moise/Released) Hometown: Milledgeville, Ga. Sales Associate Gerald Powell folds new Navy physical training sweat shirts for the Navy Exchange (NEX) Uniform Shop at the NEX on board NCBC Gulfport Jan. 9. New items at the NEX Uni- form Shop are Marine Corps wind breakers and name patches for Navy working uniform sweaters. The Uniform Shop also offersJanuary 17, 2013 same day alterations Mondays through Fridays if item is in be- fore 1 p.m., and embroidering for all military and non-military “When my husband came items and shadow box materials. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction home from deployment.” Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released) Bet Ramsey FOCUS Hometown: Southern Pines, N.C. Sam Perkins, Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) sports co- ordinator, announces NCBC Gulfport/20th SRG as the 2012 Captain’s Cup champions and presents Capt. Rick Burgess, com-Seabee Courier manding officer, NCBC Gulfport and commander, 20th SRG the winning trophy during a morning quarters on board NCBC Gulf- port Jan. 10. The Captain’s Cup challenge is a yearly competition between the commands on base, and the winner is determined by the most points earned through physical activities, such as intramural basketball, football, baseball and racquetball, as “Bringing New Year’s in on post well as through individual command sports activities. (U.S. Navy and moving my family back here.” photos by Builder Constructionman Whitney J. Snider/Re- leased)(Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) Force Staff. Sgt. Dan March 169th Engineer Battalion Master CC operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communica- Charlie Company tion Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) 3 Hometown: Lexington, Miss.
  4. 4. Wives of Faith Tour of Duty LIVE in Gulfport Jan. 26 Seabee Memorial Chapel A Morning Retreat with military wife & Jim Lowe of GBX Consultants, Inc. presents a resume writing class to participants of the first Transition Goals, Plans, Succeed (GPS) Workshop held on board Naval Construction Battal- author ion Center (NCBC) Gulfport, Jan. 10. Transition GPS is a crucial element of President Barak Sara Horn Obama’s plan to reduce veteran unemployment levels, and aims to bolster and standardize the transition support that Sailors receive in order to make them as employment ready as pos- sible. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) Worship led by Seabee Center begins new year Andrew Macker with expanded GPS Transition A donation of $10 includes lunch, or a By MCC (SCW/SW/AW) The TAP has been redesigned to any transition,” said Chief donation of $15 with childcare (children Ryan G. Wilber into a comprehensive, manda- Navy Counselor Deborah up to age 10.) NCBC Public Affairs tory program that includes Cohn, 20th Seabee Readiness In line with Navy initiatives to pre-separation counseling, a Group (SRG) command career Contact Claire Jones at 228-214-3557 better prepare Sailors for tran- military to civilian skills review, counselor. Email: tourofdutygulfport@gmail.comJanuary 17, 2013 sition from military to civilian a Veteran’s Affairs benefits As with any workshop, some life, Fleet and Family Service briefing and application sign- of the information will seem to Register online at: Center (FFSC) personnel con- up, financial planning support, pertain more to one person cluded the first Transition job search skills building, and than another, but Chief Special Goals, Plans, Succeed (GPS) individual transition plan (ITP) Boat Operator Michael Cash- Workshop held on board Naval preparation. Although still in ion, assigned to Special Boat Construction Battalion Center its infancy at NCBC Gulfport, Team (SBT) 22 out of Stennis (NCBC), Jan. 11 FFSC Work and Family Special- Space Center advises not to be Transition GPS, an expanded ist Jeffrey Isabell is optimistic too quick to judge. Ocean Springs that the newly implemented “Soak everything up. five day course, has taken the place of the legacy four day changes will be very valuable Whether you need the infor- Mardi Gras Transition Assistance Program (TAP) after pilot courses at to transitioning Sailors. “I think it’s a very good deal. mation or not, there are por- tions of information being put Parade The 38th Annual OceanSeabee Courier Naval Air Station (NAS) Jack- I think it’s going to help them out that you will be able to use sonville, Fla., and Naval Base market themselves better, es- in your future,” said Cashion. Springs-Elks Mardi Grad (NB) Norfolk, Va. held in July pecially the individual transi- For more information about Parade is looking for proved successful. The transi- tion plan,” said Isabell. GPS Transition or creating an tion workshop is a crucial ele- Sailors will get the most ben- ITP, contact your command floats and marching units (with or without ment of President Barak efit from the workshop by career counselor or call 228- flags.) Traditionally, the first parade of the Obama’s plan to reduce vet- planning ahead, and that 871-3000 to speak to Isabell. Season, the parade will roll through down- eran unemployment levels, means working with command Editor’s Note: This article con- and aims to bolster and stan- career counselors and transi- tains information obtained from town Ocean Springs Jan. 26 at 1 p.m. The dardize the transition support tion coordinators 12 months or “Transition GPS Better Prepares theme this year is “Salute to the Military!” that Sailors receive in order to more before separating or re- Sailors For Civilian Life” by Com- For more information, contact Capt. Linda make them as employment tiring. mander, Navy Installations Com- “Planning is the biggest key mand Public Affairs Geisaka, 228-871-4977. 4 ready as possible.
  5. 5. Race Engines, Dirt NMCB 11 holds CPX Bikes, ATV’s, Zodiacs Construction Electrician 1st Class Michael Perez Cigarette Boats Dejesus, assigned to Naval Mobile Construc- Are you up to the challenge of hard work and re- tion Battalion (NMCB) pairing unique SOF equipment? 11, teaches Information Systems Technician 2nd Class Jamal Saleem, the Naval Special Warfare Development Group is seek- layout of a distribution ing active duty Construction Mechanics and all panel using schematics during a Command Post other Seabee rates. Exercise (CPX) on board NCBC, Jan. 14. CPX al- - Motivated/Volunteer lows battalions to prac- - Pass Navy PFA tice command post - E4 - E6 watch standing and communication proce- - No NJP dures. (U.S. Navy photo - No bankruptcy by Construction Mechanic - Obtain Secret/TOP Secret clearance 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released) Email us at ! or contact your detailer to request additional information. Newly revised self-paced study course for By John Pine Basic Combat Skills Level I now available using the latest technology. It’s vital plays graphic images of commonly NAVFACENGCOM, to the Seabee mission that person- used forms and documents. The Training Support Agent nel stay abreast of the latest combat course is available for enrollment by The First Naval Construction Divi- technology in order to ensure visiting Navy Knowledge Online sion (1NCD) announces the activa- Seabees deploying around the world (NKO), LEARNING tab, Navy e- tion of the Basic Combat Skills (BCS) are prepared for present day chal- Learning, Online Courses, BrowseJanuary 17, 2013 Level I online training course on lenges. Categories, Department of the Navy Navy e-Learning (NeL) via Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Tex (DON) Training, Naval Construction Knowledge On-Line (NKO). This Mitchell, 31st Seabee Readiness Force Training, Basic Combat Skills, self-paced course includes six les- Group military skills instructor, said, Basic Combat Skills - Level I. sons that enable Seabees and Civil “This is a great course! The interac- This online training tool is de- Engineer Corps (CEC) officers to tive learning environment prepares signed to support personnel report- learn combat skills or refresh their personnel, new to the NCF, for more ing to NCF commands and students memories. The lessons encompass: advanced courses like BCS Level II attending the CEC Officer School The Naval Construction Force (NCF) and Fire Team Leader. This will in- (CECOS) Basic class, and “A” School and The Laws of Armed Conflict; crease the combat readiness for the courses. Each lesson takes an aver- Medical Procedures and Personal entire NCF.” age of two to five hours to com- Hygiene; General Military Tactics; Project manager, Chief Petty Offi- plete; upon successful completion of Field Communications; Force Protec- cer Jason Verneris, NAVFAC Training the six lesson assessments, the pro-Seabee Courier tion; and Combat Equipment and Support Agency, had this to say gram generates a completion certifi- Weapons. about the BCS course which, until cate and updates the member’s Capt. Stephanie Jones, 1NCD N7, now, has only been available in an Sailor/Marine American Council on stated, "The official release of the instructor-led classroom environ- Education Registry Transcript BCS electronic training provides our ment, “The intent of this course is (SMART) and Fleet Training Manage- Seabees another tool to attain criti- to allow the user to be able to train ment and Planning System cal mission skills and knowledge at and become familiar with the NCF (FLTMPS). SMART can take up to the time that is convenient for and its capabilities in a self-paced two weeks to appear while FLTMPS them." interactive learning environment, is generally updated nightly. The course enhances individual anywhere - anytime.” For more information on the First and team decision-making and com- The BCS course includes hyperlinks Naval Construction Division, visit bat effectiveness by supplying up- to up-to-date references, a glossary, their website: an acronym/definition list, and dis- 5 to-date information to Seabees
  6. 6. NMCB 133 conducts first mission in Tajikistan By Lt. Kyle Schlais lish language lab classroom, kitchen reno- NMCB 133 Public Affairs vations and electrical distribution repairs, BAHRAIN -- U.S. Navy Seabees assigned the Seabees mentored 10 Stroibat soldiers, to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion teaching them basic construction skills (NMCB) 133 deployed to Dushanbe, Tajik- while building strong relationships through istan, in November as part of a Global coordination with MOD Stroibat forces and Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI), the first communication with high level Tajikistan Seabee mission in Tajikistan. military officers. In support of the Office of Military Coop- "Working with Stroibat has been a great eration (OMC) and Tajikistan Ministry of De- experience," said Builder Constructionman fense (MOD), the Seabee crew began Xavier Knowlesball. "It has been educa- construction alongside the MODs construc- tional working through language barrier tion force, the Stroibat, on phase one of a challenges and I am honored to be a part $1 million project at the Peace Support Op- of the crew." eration Training Center (PSOTC) at Shamsi Construction Electrician Constructionman Base, funded by GPOI. Hunter Kiser expressed a similar sentiment. To help boost the local economy and es- "It has been an awesome experience tablish lasting relationships with contractors working with the local construction force," and vendors, the building materials were said Kiser. "Their hospitality is amazing and procured in nearby street vendor markets made our visit to Dushanbe easy, allowing by Utilitiesman 1st Class Justin Walker, the us to focus on the tasking." Seabee project supervisor, and Air Force With the first phase scheduled to con- contracting officer, 1st Lt. Sunset Lo. The clude in January, planning for the second Members of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133 are shown vendors delivered the materials in a timely phase has already begun. at a thank you ceremony held in their honor by the Tajikistan Ministry of manner, enabling the project to move for- NMCB 133 is currently deployed as a part Defense. The ceremony was held to show appreciation for the work ward on schedule. of engineering support operations completed in November as part of a Global Peace Operations Initiative. Throughout the first phase, which in- throughout the U.S. 5th Fleet Area of (U.S. Navy photo courtesy of NMCB 133/Released) cluded the construction of a new roof, Eng- Responsibility. NMCB 27 on taskJanuary 17, 2013 in Cuba GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba - Builder 1st Class Daniel Gunsallus, assigned to Naval Mobile Con- struction Battalion (NMCB) 27, performs finish work during the construction of a concrete park-Seabee Courier ing lot at Cable Beach on Naval Station Guan- tanamo Bay (NAVSTA GTMO), Cuba. The new parking area is one of several renovation and im- provement projects the Seabees are performing on NAVSTA GTMO. The Seabees from NMCB-27 are forward deployed throughout South and Central America in support of U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S. 4th Fleet multinational partnership and humanitarian assistance mis- sions. (U.S. Navy photo by Engineering Aid 1st Class Merritt Cropsey/Released) 6
  7. 7. Health Watch: Oh Baby . . . Guidelines forSailors to use when documenting pregnancyBy HM1 Marlena Cox NBHC Gulfport has imple- ceive pregnancy counseling as up with your OB provider asNBHC Gulfport mented patient walk-in hours well as prenatal vitamins. Un- soon as possible. Also remem- Whether planned or unex- from 7 - 10 a.m. to assist with fortunately, NBHC Gulfport is ber that whenever you receivepected, pregnancy can cause a this requirement. Mondays, not able to provide obstetrical care from an outside providerbundle of emotions for both Wednesdays and Fridays are care. All patients will be sched- you will need to visit your localyou and your spouse. There dedicated to our dependent uled at Keesler Air Force Base TriCare office or call TriCaremay be a myriad of questions spouses while Tuesdays and Women’s Health Clinic for con- South at 1-800-444-5445.flowing through your mind, es- Thursdays are for active duty tinued care. Referrals are not With these quick tips, the ini-pecially for those first time members. This process may required in this instance. tial medical planning of yourparents. Here are a few take 10 - 15 minutes. After the Emergency Care All patients pregnancy should be made aguidelines to assist you when it lab sample has been processed are authorized to visit any little smoother.comes to receiving obstetrical the ordering physician will no- emergency room if there are Construction Mechanic (SCW)care while assigned to Naval tify you of your results. any signs or symptoms that 3rd Class Katchen Tofil, as-Construction Battalion Center Prenatal Care. After confirm- warrant immediate medical at- signed to Naval ConstructionGulfport. ing pregnancy, military mem- tention. A few of these symp- Battalion Center (NCBC) pre- Confirmation of Pregnancy bers are required to follow up toms include bleeding which pares to depart for an ap- All patients are required to with Occupational Health to progresses from light to heavy, pointment with the Keeslerhave documentation of a posi- ensure they are provided a severe cramping, abdominal Air Force Base (KAFB)tive pregnancy test by their safe and healthy workplace. pain, or fever. If treated in the Women’s Health Clinic. (U.S.military health care provider. All expectant mothers will re- emergency room, please follow Navy photo/Released)Seat Belts Save Lives . . . Buckle Up Every Time! 3 Ways to Put Yourself FirstNavy experts weigh-in on staying/getting fit Self-Care in the New YearFrom Navy Personnel Moore. "Missing four to five days of its Sailors resources and equipment to techniques to improve performance onCommand Public Affairs exercise over the holidays should have remain fit to fight. the Navys physical readiness test. Jan. 23 little impact on fitness routines." Navy guidance recommends Sailors Sailors and families will also find links Seabee Chapel Getting fit rates high among resolu- Sailors who missed more than six complete at least 150 minutes of mod- to nutrition information that when fol-tions people make at the start of the days between workouts may experi- erate physical activity each week and lowed compliment a good fitness rou- 8 - 8:30 a.m.New Year, and Navys Physical Readi- ence some muscle soreness when re- perform strength-training exercises at tine. Welcome, childcare drop off 8:30 - 10 a.m. January 17, 2013ness Program has resources and infor- suming their routine. least twice a week to work all major "No matter what your fitness goalsmation to help Sailors and families For those who havent worked out muscle groups. are, good nutrition can help improve Self-Care Workshopachieve their fitness goals, officials since the last semiannual physical Examples of moderate-intensity car- your exercise performance, decrease 10 - 10:30 a.m.said Jan. 8. readiness test Moore recommends dio-respiratory activities include brisk your recovery time from strenuous ex- Refreshments & "Whether you exercise and want to starting off slowly and building up walking (3 mph or faster), bicycling ercise, prevent injuries due to fatigue, Resourcesincrease your current level of fitness or slowly. (slower than 10 mph) and water aero- and provide the fuel required duringyou are looking to start a routine to at- "Start with a shorter duration for car- bics. High-intensity activities include times of high-intensity training and Free workshoptain a healthy level of fitness we can dio-respiratory exercise and less jogging or running, lap swimming, weight control," said Lt. Cmdr Jennifer Free childcarehelp," said Bill Moore, director, Navy weight for strength training. Build up jumping rope and circuit training. Wallinger, registered dietitian, Navy Free refreshmentsPhysical Readiness Program. "Focusing from there," said Moore. "Sailors can Strength training includes pushups, Physical Readiness Program.on the wellness of Sailors and their start with 20 minutes of some sort of lifting weights, and working with re- The site also contains a Navy regis- Open to all service members,families by providing the skills and exercise two or three days per week, sistance bands. Including two sessions tered dietitian locator so Sailors and military dependents andtools for fitness and nutrition is one of slowly increasing time by five minutes per week of 8-10 exercises that work family members may meet face-to- civilian employeesour primary objectives." per week until they reach their desired all the different parts of the body face with an expert and learn more Seabee Courier While it is common for Sailors to skip level of activity." (legs, hips, back, chest, abs, shoulders about incorporating proper nutrition to Registration: contactor reduce workouts over the holidays "If you have truly been inactive and and arms) repeated for 10-12 reps maximize the benefits of their fitness Eva Shinka or Bet Ramseyaccording to Moore, Sailors should be want to start a routine, then you each can improve fitness, decrease routine. at FOCUS: 228-822-5736 orable to resume their normal fitness should consult your physician before muscle loss and help maintain a Whether it is maintaining or seeking email:routine if little time elapsed between performing exercise," he added. healthy weight. to attain a healthy level of fitness the Gulfport@FOCUSProject.orgworkouts over the holidays. Once you establish fitness routine The Navy Physical Readiness Pro- Navy provides Sailors and family mem- Space may be limited for "Most commands wrap up their fall Moore recommends making it part of a gram website at bers the tools to reach their goals, ac- childcare, please register inphysical fitness assessments before weekly schedule. cording to Moore. advance if possible.Thanksgiving and there are gatherings "Consistency is the key," he said, npc/support/physical/Pages/default2.a For more information visit the physi-and shopping that may eat into fitness adding that whether serving on shore spx has links to sample warm-ups and cal readiness section of the Navy Per- Hosted by FOCUS,time over the holidays, so it is natural duty, on board ship or submarine, or in workouts users may choose. One sam- sonnel Command website NCBC Chapel & MWRfor people to exercise less," said the dirt and sand, the Navy provides ple workout specifically addresses 7
  8. 8. ‘The Meat & Potatoes LADD . . . of Life’ Leaders Against Drunk Driving By Lisa Smith Molinari Military Spouse Contributer LADD is a program spon- ing that involves alcohol. sored by the NCBC/20th It is always important toWanted: Mom Manager First Class Association. The have a plan in place when mission of LADD is to pre- going out in town, but if vent drunk driving on board your plans fall through, fee. cism my manager might propose. NCBC Gulfport by providing please call LADD and we Crickets. “Ms. Molinari,” my manager might rides for any service mem- will pick you up! No one responded, because no say, “While it is clear that you are ber who needs assistance ***100 percent confiden- one was there. I was having my no stranger to hard work, there is getting home after an out- tial, zero reprisal!*** weekly meeting with myself, and as room for improvement in the areas usual, I had no idea how to answer of task prioritization, self motiva- ~ LADD is strictly confidential. NO REPRISAL! my own demands. tion and personal hygiene. It is my ~ LADD will take individual home only, no stops. I scribbled a “To Do” list, marked recommendation that you avoid ~ Volunteers who stand the watch are on call 24/7. a few things on the calendar and distractions from your daily priori- then went about my day, deter- ties such as TJ Maxx, free samples Call 228-239-9007 mined to get it all done this time. in the grocery store, and mid-day But deep inside, I knew the in- reruns of ‘Mob Wives.’ Also, it I was late for the meeting. Again. evitable pattern of my life would would be highly advisable that you With an armful of crumpled pa- repeat itself again. My week would start showering every morning.”pers, I pulled my calendar from its start out productively. But soon, But I have to face reality. Unless Itack on the wall, and rushed down something would crop up to throw find someone willing to be com- Balfour Beatty Communitiesthe hall. Sheepishly, I found a seat me off track – a school project, a pensated in laundry services andat the table, spread my papers out sick kid, writer’s block. One item on meatloaf, I can’t afford a manager. January Mardi Gras Merrimentaround me, and began with as my To Do list would collide into the I am the manager, and I have tomuch authority as I could muster: next, and the ensuing pile up take responsibility, darn it. BBC is hosting a “This meeting is called to order would become overwhelming, Even if it feels like I’m constantlyat, let’s see, twelve minutes after causing a strange contradictory re- being dragged through life behind Mardi Gras Ballnine. If you don’t mind, I would action in whereby I’d completely my dirty white minivan, I’ll con- for Base Housingprefer that these weekly organiza- shut down. tinue this never-ending game of Residents! January 17, 2013tional sessions start promptly at By Thursday, my husband would catch up until my job is done. I’llthe top of the hour. Now, without come home from work to find no try to avoid getting tangled in the Jan. 18, 6 - 9 p.m.any further delay, let’s get right dinner, the kids run amuck, and minutiae – the emails, the dust Rhodes Halldown to business.” me, dazed and unshowered, bunnies, the bills, the burnt din- “The van still needs new brakes, draped over my computer chair ners, the dark roots – and focus on (building 303)and if you wait much longer, you’ll where I’d been surfing vintage the big picture: keeping my family Call 228-863-0424be paying for rotors too. Hayden Tupperware on e-Bay for the last happy and healthy.has Driver’s Ed on Tuesday at 4:30, three hours. The value of our shares may fluc- for details!but you must somehow get Anna Recently, I decided I’d had tuate day by day, but long-term BBCto her orthodontist appointment at enough, and set about figuring analysis indicates that this family is Mardi Paws Parade!4:45. The checkbook hasn’t been out: what fundamental flaw in my on an upward trend. Our employ- Bring your K9balanced in three months, which character has made it so difficult ees may complain from time to for me to keep up with my respon- time, but all in all they report ex- companion to themight explain why you bounced acheck last week,” I continued. sibilities as a housewife and cellent job satisfaction. Manage- Dog Park located by Seabee Courier “Francis is on his last pair of cam- mother? ment lacks efficiency when it Seabee Lakemies, so please put a load of darks After some thought, and half a comes to goal attainment, but she Jan. 26in at your earliest convenience. box of Cheese Nips, I realized that is dedicated, sincere, and works I have always been a follower, not overtime and on weekends without 10 a.m. - noon for aDinghy is due for his monthly fleatreatment. You must write two arti- a leader. An Indian, not a Chief. A pay. Mardi Paws Parade!cles this week. The repairman is Workerbee, not the Queen. Final recommendation: Despite its If you dont have a K9coming on Thursday between eight I’m not lazy. I’m not incompetent. flaws, this family enterprise is thriv- companion, come outand two to fix the washing ma- I’m not disorganized. I just need a ing -- no need for a change in supervisor, a boss, a manager to management. to view! The Humanechine. And you need to get seriousabout that diet. Now, how do you keep me on track. And of course, Get more wit and observations Society of South MSplan to get all that done?” I’d gladly subject myself to periodic from Lisa at her blog, http://the- will be onsite with I finished, and took a slurp of cof- evaluation and take whatever criti- meatandpotatoesof- adoptable animals! 8
  9. 9. Focus on Education Scholarship deadline isWhat’s next month; completeplaying? forms and essay now From DeCA Public Affairs members and their families. The Scholarships for Military Commissaries are an integral Children Program awards $1,500 part of the quality of life offered scholarships to students from mili- to service members and their tary families. Eligibility require- families. The Scholarships for Mili- ments, application forms and tary Children Program was cre- other information about the schol- ated in recognition of the arships can be found at www.mili- contributions of military families to the readiness of the fighting This year’s applicants must sub- force and to celebrate the role of mit an essay and an application to the commissary in the military a commissary by close of business family community. It is the intentWest Elementary Kindergarten through Fifth-grade students enjoy a special showing of Feb. 22. of the program that a scholarship“Brave” at the Base Theater on board NCBC Gulfport, Jan. 11. The 140 students were treated The scholarship program is ad- funded through contributions beto the movie as a reward for maintaining good behavior during a nine week period. (U.S. Navy awarded annually for each com- ministered by Fisher House Foun-photo by Construction Electrician Constructionman Lucinda L. Moise/Released) dation, a nonprofit organization missary operated by the Defense that provides assistance to service Commissary Agency worldwide. NCBC School Liaison Officer Kevin Byrd is located at MWR January 17, 2013 Building 352 1706 Bainbridge Ave. NCBC 228-871-2117 or email: kevin.r.byrd@ Seabee Courier . . . Follow the Seabee Center on Facebook and Twitter . . . 9
  10. 10. Fitness ited sampling of over 150 beers, live Feeling frustrated from a hard day entertainment, and shuttle serviceon the job? Well get it all out on the provided by MWR. Shuttles to thecourt with some racquetball. Make event will depart at 4:30 p.m. and 6it intense or just get a good work p.m. from ITT (building 365) park-out in. Sign up for Intramural Rac- ing lot. Return shuttle will departquetball Jan. 22 through Feb. 5 at from the Coliseum at 7 p.m. andthe CBC Fitness Center. Call for de- 9:30 p.m. and will return to the ITTtails 228-871-2668. (building 365) parking lot. You must Do you need people around to be 21 or older to attend; I.D.s willmotive you to work out? Then, be checked. Children will NOT bemake time for a group fitness class. allowed into the event. Price is onlyThe CBC Fitness Center offers $55 and includes round trip trans-courses as early as 8 a.m. and as portation and general admissionlate as 6 p.m. Get your heart pump- ticket. Call 228-871-2231 for with some strength/cardio, ITT has your Harlem Globetrotters shuttle leaves from the Liberty Cen- times with friends! With an excel- Tuesday - Thursday 2 - 9 p.m.,Zumba or cycling. You can also try tickets at military discount! Take ter Sunday at 6 p.m. Call 228-871- lent beverage selection, you are and designated for chiefs and offi-out the new low impact aerobics the kids to enjoy a show full of trick 4684 for more details or to learn sure to find your preference. Call cers. Stop by and shake off thecourse or center yourself with yoga. shots, jumps and dunks for just more about exciting opportunities for details 228-871-4009. day with comrades.For the class schedule, visit us on $24.45/ regular seat ticket. Call for with the Liberty Center. Don’t want to get out in the coldFacebook at NCBC Gulfport MWR or details or stop by ITT to purchase yours today! for lunch? Let The Grill bring it to Youth Activitiesstop by the Fitness Center today! Navy Outdoor Recreation: you. The Grill offers lunch delivery Please note that YAC will be Don’t blink . . . or this offer will Toughen up . . . don’t let the cold Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. – 1 CLOSED Monday in observation ofRecreation race by you like the Daytona 500. weather keep you indoors! NOR has p.m. Call 228-871-2494 to place Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. FREE Movie Program at the Train- Feel the rumble of the stadium in lots of fun equipment that will make your order. Fight that early morn- There is no room for boredoming Hall: Take a load off. Sit back person. Book your Daytona Interna- you forget all about that chill in the ing chill by getting a hot break- this Saturday. Join the YAC for aand watch the big screen all by tional Speedway package today! air. fast. The Grill is open as early as visit to the Insectarium and IMAX:yourself for some alone time, or ITT is offering packages at great Shhhhhhh . . . I smell a doe . . . 6:30 a.m. Take your pick from Born to Be Wild in 3D. Check out prices that include a ticket to the January 17, 2013make it a family night and bring the no a hog! Sorry Elmer Fudd, this French toast plates to breakfast both for only $6 from 8 a.m. to 4whole crew! Stop by the Snack Bar Daytona 500, round trip transporta- hunt doesn’t include rabbits. Put on burritos or traditional eggs and p.m. Lunch needed.on your way in to get that buttered tion on a Coach bus and two nights’ your camouflage and sign up today bacon. The Grill is located at the Put on your Chef hats and joinmovie popcorn and those other hotel accommodations. Package for a NOR hunting trip package. corner of Colby and 7th Street. the Triple Play Cooking Club Tues-goodies that help you get lost in the prices vary depending on room oc- Packages include transportation, Anchors & Eagles: Great service day for an extra tasty Cheesemoment. Forget what was playing? cupancy - starting at $450 for a sin- lodging and meals and your choice and good times are what you can Taste Testing. Check it out forNo worries - put the movie hotline gle and running as low as $160 for of doe or hog hunting or both. This expect at Anchors & Eagles. Open FREE from 5:30 – 8:30 your phone, 228-871-3299 and four person occupancy. The trip opportunity is scheduled for Jan. 25call anytime! runs Feb. 23 - 25, and an initial – 27 and pricing starts as low as Friday, “Looper,” R, 6:30 p.m. down payment is due by Jan. 18. Saturday, “Wall-E,” G, noon; Call ITT for details, 228-871-2231. $1,000. Plus, the ranch does the dirty work and retrieves and cleans For more information“Frankenweenie,” PG, 2:15 p.m., Liberty Center: your kills for you. Be sure to bring about MWR programs and“Trouble with the Curve,” PG-13, 5 an ice chest so you can take thep.m. Take your pick of sports this week- end with the Liberty Program’s awe- meat home to the family. Call NOR opportunities, contact: Seabee Courier Sunday, “Hotel Transylvania,” for details and to put down a de- Anchors & Eagles 228-871-4607 some selection. Choose from NBAPG, 2 p.m.; “House at the End of posit today, 228-871-2127. Auto Hobby 228-871-2804 Basketball on Saturday or Minorthe Street,” PG-13, 4:30 p.m. FREE Batting Cage: No more to- Beehive 228-871-4009 League Hockey Sunday. Watch the Child Development Center kens needed. Stop by and take a 228-871-2323 New Orleans Hornets in action as Fitness Center 228-871-2668 swing! Rent bats and helmets at no Information, Tickets and they take on the Golden State War- Information, Tickets & 228-871-2231 charge from NOR during businessTravel: riors for only $20. The shuttle de- Travel hours. Top of the Hops Beer Fest- Enjoy a parts from the Liberty Center at 5 Liberty Center 228-871-4684sampling of over 150 world-class p.m. Saturday. Seabee Heritage Center 228-871-3619beers AND you dont have to drive! If you prefer hockey, check out Food & Beverage Navy Outdoor Recreation 228-871-2127 The Beehive is now open every RV Park 228-871-5435Dont pay $40 for a cab, let MWR be what the local Mississippi Surge day of the week! Watch the game The Grill 228-871-2494your DD. Your general admission Hockey team can do as they warm Training Hall 228-871-4750 on one of our seven flat screens,ticket will include souvenir, 2 ounce up their skates to take on the Youth Activities Center 228-871-2251 play a little pool and enjoy goodsampling mug, festival guide, unlim- Huntsville Havoc for only $6. The Main Office 228-871-2538 10