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Seabee Courier Jan. 10, 2013

  1. 1. 53 No. 02 Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi January 10, 2013 MCPON releases CPO 365 Training Guidance to Fleet By MC2 Alexandra Snyder Defense Media Activity The role of the chief petty of- ficer (CPO) has long been an integral part of our Navy. When Master Chief Petty Offi- cer of the Navy (MCPON) Mike Stevens took office last year, he recognized that training chiefs for their new leadership role in six weeks, as the origi-Members of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 1 fight nal CPO induction dictated,for their favorite candy and cards inside a care package sent by was hindering them in becom-Operation Gratitude and addressed to the commanding officer of ing as successful as possible.the battalion, Cmdr. Chad Brooks (third from left). The packages "We recognized that wewere sent to all the deployed members of the battalion over the wouldnt always have the timeholidays. NMCB 1 is currently deployed to the Europe and Africa that we would like to provide Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Mike D.(AOR) in support of construction operations and African Part- the training for our first class Stevens speaks with Sailors assigned to the Harbor Patrol Unitnership Stations. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Electrician 1st Class petty officers (FCPO) to be- of Naval Security Forces, Bahrain, during a visit to the U.S.Joshua Thonnissen/Released) come chiefs. So two years ago Central Command area of responsibility. U.S. 5th Fleets mis- we implemented the CPO 365NMCB 1 appreciates training process that would af- ford them a longer period of sion is to conduct maritime security operations, defeat violent extremism and strengthen partner nations maritime capa- bilities in order to promote security and stability in the U.S. time to train," said Stevens.Operation Gratitude "What weve done now is said, Why should we have a 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Com- munication Specialist 2nd Class Blake Midnight/Released)By CE1 Joshua Thonnissen harm’s way; to their children break six weeks prior to pin- gins in September each year. ing. We want to maintain thatNMCB 1 Public Affairs left behind, and to veterans, ning and change the way Under MCPON Stevens revised momentum, and continue to The holiday season is always wounded warriors and first re- weve been training? What program, detailed in his 2012- train. We recognize that therea hard time to be away from sponders. Operation Gratitude weve decided to do is con- 2013 CPO 365 Guidance, all will be some events where allfamily and loved ones, but for care packages contain food, tinue to train throughout the FCPOs will participate through FCPOs wont be able to partici-the deployed Seabees of Naval hygiene products, entertain- year, all the way up to the final the duration of Phase One, pate in, but by and large, wellMobile Construction Battalion ment items and personal let- night, and progressively make whether they are board-eligi- keep them together and con-(NMCB) 1, this season was just ters of appreciation, all the training more intense and ble or not. tinue to do the training theyvea little easier thanks to the wrapped with good wishes of more relevant as they get "CPO 365 depends a lot on been doing, because its vitally love and support.” ready to become chief petty momentum," said Stevens. important that all of our pettyfolks of Operation Gratitude. officers." "Its a continuous process of officers continue to learn and According to their mission The idea for having packages CPO 365, a year-long devel- learning and development. develop."statement, “Operation Grati- sent to the battalion came opment and training for What we dont want to do is Phase Two of training beginstude seeks to lift morale and from Personnel Specialist 2nd FCPOs, was first introduced in have a clean break from CPO when CPO selectees are an-put smiles on faces by sending Class Kenneth Gates. While at 2010 under former MCPON 365 where the FCPOs who nounced and concludes withcare packages addressed to in- a previous command Gates Rick West. It includes two were not selected to chief, are the pinning ceremony. Upondividual Soldiers, Sailors, Air- phases, the first of which be- no longer involved in the train- See CPO 365 page 12 See GRATITUDE page 7men and Marines deployed in
  2. 2. Are you ready for Winter? CSADD encourages ily Accountability and Assessment From Commander Navy Installations Command The arrival of January and winter System (NFAAS) (https://navyfam- Build a Kit: The best way to pre- family planning during means that we are bound for colder temperatures in the coming months. With advanced planning in three key areas, you can be ready for any un- pare for the unexpected is to create one or more emergency kits that in- clude enough water and non-perish- your Navy career By Ensign Amber Lynn expected hazard that surfaces amidst winter’s delight. Ready Navy Freeze able supplies for every family member to survive at least three Daniel Diversity and Inclusion Public is here to help. Visit Winter days. Keep a kit prepared at home, and consider having kits in your car, Affairs Be and Stay Informed: Learn Fires at work, and a portable version in WASHINGTON (NNS) -- The Coali- tion of Sailors Against Destructive about hazards that are common in your home ready to take with you. winter months and most likely to Did you know that heating These kits will enable you and your Decisions (CSADD) will address the happen in your area, such as winter sources are the second family to respond to a winter (or topic "Planning a Family During Your storms and power outages. The leading cause of home any) emergency more effectively. Navy Career" throughout the month Ready Navy website “Be and Stay fires every year, especially Your various emergency kits will be of January. someone not to have a family. Our Informed” tabs offer specific instruc- useful whether you have to shelter- CSADD, whose motto is "Ship- leadership is focused on making during winter months? tions, information, and resources in-place, are stranded at work or on mates Helping Shipmates," will pro- sure that our Sailors and their fami- Kerosene heaters, candles, the road, or move to another loca- you may need to know regarding vide information and training across lies have the very best in resources. winter storms, power outages and and wood burning fire- tion. Be sure your kits address the places are big culprits, with the fleet on resources available to You can see that in housing, in med- home fires. needs of small children, individuals December being the peak with special needs, and pets. Sailors considering parenthood, as ical facilities, and in the compensa- Make a Plan: As a family, make time for home candle fires. In winter months, be sure to in- well as information for Sailors who tion that we have for our families." an emergency plan so that everyone in the family understands what to Freeze winter fires by clude blankets in your kits to bundle are already parents. The CSADD topic is intended to fa- do, where to go, and what to take in using these items safely: and warm family members should "We want you to continue your ca- cilitate an open discussion with the event of a fire or any emer- ~ Keep anything com- power outages knock out heat reer in the Navy, and we want to Sailors about the many ways having gency. Additionally, winter fire haz- sources or should you get stranded make sure that child is cared for as a child can affect an individual bustible at least three feet ards, ice and winter winds can bring in a car. Additional winter items to well," said Manpower, Personnel, Sailors life. The responsibilities of away from any heat consider are plastic sheeting to keep down power lines, making tradi- Training and Education Fleet Master parenthood require consideration tional communication difficult. Your source. winter winds from biting through Chief (SW/AW/SCW) Scott Benning. and planning for both men and emergency plan should include how ~ Use kerosene heaters windows and hand warmers, hats, "Its a holistic view of the whole sit- women in uniform, as all naval serv- your family will communicate with only where approved by gloves, and seasoned wood for a authorities, and refuel out- source of warmth; as well as fire ex- uation, it is not about trying to tell See CSADD page 8 each other, particularly if normal communication methods, such as side and only after the tinguishers for safety. You can find phone lines or cell towers, are out. heater has cooled. a suggested list of other kit items NCBC Security Reminder: Road conditions and other hazards ~ Never leave a burning under the Ready Navy website can limit ease of movement. Have a candle unattended or “Make a Plan” tab. To prevent both personal and contact person outside the area that Be Winter Ready Navy! governmental property theft, abandoned. I am. Are You? family members can notify that they NCBC Security would like to January 10, 2013 are safe, if separated. The Ready ~ Use fire screens to For information about Ready Navy Navy website provides printable keep the fire in the fire- and tips, forms, and guidance to be place and have your chim- prepared for and stay informed remind you to remember to forms and contact cards to guide you in your planning. ney cleaned every year. about all hazards, visit secure vehicles, personal Lastly, learn about the mustering ~ Make sure that your Ready Navy is requirements at your command and a CNIC- sponsored emergency pre- compartments, work spaces, home has at least one become familiar with the Navy Fam- smoke detector. paredness program. compounds, and buildings. Don’t be a target! NCBC/20SRG 25 NCR NMCB SEVENTY FOUR Commanding Officer Commander Commanding Officer Capt. Rick Burgess Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. David McAlister Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer MCC (SW/AW) Scott Boyle The Seabee Courier is a weekly author- chaser, user or patron. If a violation or Rob Mims Lt.j.g. John ParizekSeabee Courier ized on-line publication for members of rejection of this equal opportunity pol- Editor Mass Comm. Specialist the military services and their families. icy by an advertiser is confirmed, the NMCB ONE Bonnie L. McGerr MC2 Ryan Williams Content does not necessarily reflect the publisher shall refuse to print advertis- Commanding Officer Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Chad M. Brooks official views of the U.S. Government, ing from that source until the violation MCC (SCW/SW/AW) NMCB ONE THIRTY THREE the DoD or the U.S. Navy and does not is corrected. The Seabee Courier solic- Public Affairs Officer imply endorsement thereof. The ap- its news contributions from military and Ryan G. Wilber Lt. Brian Gates Commanding Officer pearance of advertising in this newspa- civilian sources, but the Public Affairs Special Contributors Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Nicolas D. Yamodis per, including inserts or supplements, staff reserves the right to edit and/or CM3 (SCW) Katchen Tofil MC1 (AW/NAC) Aron Taylor Public Affairs Officer does not constitute endorsement by rewrite material selected for publication CECN Lucinda Moise Special Contributor MC1(SW/AW) Steven Myers the U. S. Government, DoD, the Navy to conform with journalism standards. CE1(SCW) Joshua Thonnissen or NCBC Gulfport of the products and The deadline for material is close of 22 NCR NCTC GULFPORT services advertised. All content in this business every Friday. Your comments NMCB ELEVEN newspaper shall be made available for are always welcome. The Seabee Commander Commanding Officer Commanding Officer purchase, use or patronage without re- Courier office is in Building 1, Room Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. Maria Aguayo Cmdr. Scott Anderson gard to race, color, religion, gender, na- 205. The mailing address is 4902 Mar- Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Lt.j.g. Brian Myers Public Affairs Officer tional origin, age, marital status, vin Shields Blvd., Code 15, Gulfport, MS Vacant Mass Comm. Specialist Lt. J. Johnson physical handicap, political affiliation or 39501. Phone: 228-871-3662., E-mail: 2 MC1(AW) Jonathan Carmichael any other non-merit factor of the pur-
  3. 3. Buzz on Around the Street By CECN Lucinda Moise NCBC Public Affairs the “What do you look forward to doing now that you’re back from deployment?” Center Capt. Rick Burgess, commanding officer Naval Con- struction Battalion Center (NCBC)/ commander 20th Seabee Readiness Group (SRG), kicks off “Can Do Weight Loss Challenge” weigh-ins at the Fitness Center on board NCBC Gulfport, Jan. 7. NCBC Gulfport’s inaugural “Can Do Weight Loss Challenge” is scheduled to begin, Jan. 14 and run thru Feb. 25, with weigh-ins at the Fitness Cen- ter Jan. 7 - 11, 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. There is no re- quirement to sign up in advance, those who are interested in taking part in the challenge should show up at the NCBC Fitness Center, building 445 between now and Jan. 11 to register and get weighed in. The compe- “Spending time with my tition is open to all who have access to NCBC. Contact family and friends.” Dorothy Coleman at 228-871-4848 for details. (U.S. Navy EO3 (SCW) Elijah Godbold photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released) NMCB 74 Hometown: Macon, Ga. Family and friends welcomed home more than 140 Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 74, Advanced Party, Detail Main Body Okinawa, at the Training Hall on board NCBC Gulf- port as they returned from deployment, Jan. 4. NMCB 74 has been op- erating forward deployed throughout the U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM) area of operations, supporting Navy and Joint forces. TheJanuary 10, 2013 remainder of the battalion is expected to return over the next few weeks. For more homecoming photos, visit NCBC Facebook. (U.S. “Spending time with my son.” Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released) CE3 Nellie Aquino NMCB 74 Hometown: San Francisco, Calif.Seabee Courier Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) Force Mas- ter Chief Jeffrey Covington tours 20th SRG, R-75 and R- 73 spaces during his visit to CBC Gulfport Jan. 8. During his visit, Covington met with command master chiefs at- “Making third class and mov- tached to NCBC Gulfport and toured several 20th SRG de- ing forward with my naval partments, learning more about the training Atlantic Fleet career.” Seabees receive and the equipment they have available CECN (SCW) Emmanuel Lemmon to support NECC operations. (U.S. Navy photo by Chief Mass NMCB 74 Communication Specialist Ryan G. Wilber/Released) Hometown: New York, N.Y. 3
  4. 4. NCBC FREEZE FRAME FRAMES Logistics Specialist 2nd Class (SW) Christopher N. LevelleCombs NMPS/Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center Joint Expe- ditionary Base Little Creek- Fort Story, Va. By CM3(SCW) Katchen Tofil NCBC Public Affairs FF: What single experience during your LS2: I always seem to have been FF: What is your favorite thing about work- (FFG-59) for 4 years, cross-assigned career stands out the most and why? very fortunate to have motivated ing with the Seabees? to Explosive On load Team-One Seal LS2: Becoming qualified as master chief’s throughout my career pushing LS2: Working with Seabees I notice Beach Weapons Station Seal Beach, helmsmen onboard USS Kauffman me to strive toward enhancing my it’s a tight knit community, Seabees Calif., and active duty as a drilling (FFG-59); six years later I’m still career positively through counseling look out for their own; quick to have reservist stationed at ECRC Little sharing stories and asked about the and mentorship. each other’s back no matter the sit- Creek-Fort Story. Every chief I have certification. While onboard USS uation. worked under helped chisel my Kauffman; deployed to the Middle FF: What advice would you give to future career, motivating me to be the best East behind the Helm onboard USS FF: Who was your most influential mentor this organization can turn out Sailors? Kauffman, I played a vital role mak- during your career, and why? or in other words be the best of the LS2: Through your Navy career dur- ing history as Kauffman became the LS2: To be honest I cannot answer best. I am indebted to them for first U.S. Frigate to successfully “Dry ing the good and bad times; always this question with only one person, enhancing my career. Lastly, my Hook Up” along a Pakistani Refueling look toward the positive in any my career has taken me from a ship father has been a very influential ship. situation. Continue growing . . . being active duty to joining the active mentor throughout my career always improving your career staying moti- reserves being a drilling reservist on being there for me, being my FF: What has been your biggest motivation vated to learn something new en- active duty. During this time span I voice when I’m deployed; my power throughout your career? hancing your career. have served onboard USS Kauffman of attorney.January 10, 2013 3 Ways to Put Yourself First . . . Follow Seabee Center on Self-Care in the New Year Facebook and Twitter . . . Jan. 23, Seabee Memorial Chapel LADD . . . 8 - 8:30 a.m., Welcome, Childcare drop off 8:30 - 10 a.m., Self-Care Workshop Leaders Against Drunk Driving 10 - 10:30 a.m., Refreshments & ResourcesSeabee Courier LADD is a program sponsored in place when going out in by the NCBC/20th First Class town, but if your plans fall Free Workshop, Free Childcare, Free Refreshments Association. The mission of through, please call LADD and LADD is to prevent drunk driv- we will pick you up! Open to all service members, military dependents and civilian employees ing on board NCBC Gulfport by ~ LADD is strictly confiden- Registration: Contact Eva Shinka or Bet Ramsey providing rides for any service tial. NO REPRISAL! at FOCUS: 228-822-5736 or email: member who needs assistance ~ LADD will take individual getting home after an outing home only, no stops. that involves alcohol. It is al- ~ Volunteers who stand the Space may be limited for childcare, please register in advance if possible. ways important to have a plan watch are on call 24/7. Call 228-239-9007 Hosted by FOCUS, NCBC Chapel & MWR 4
  5. 5. Seabees complete laundry facility in Guatemala By Lt.J.G. Keith Ferreira leading chief petty officer of the Seabees in NMCB 27 Public Affairs Guatemala. "We have effectively doubled their laundry throughput and cut their laun- COBAN, Guatemala (NNS) -- Seabees dry service time in half." from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion The laundry facility addition is just one of (NMCB) 27 completed the construction of a several infrastructure improvement projects facility addition at the Comando Regional that the Seabees are currently completing de Entrenamiento de Operaciones de Man- at CREOMPAZ. The work, performed in sup- tenimiento de Paz (Regional Peacekeeping port of U.S. Southern Commands Global Operations Training Command - "CREOM- Peacekeeping Operations Initiative (GPOI), PAZ") military base Guatemala, Dec. 30. is ultimately intended to increase the qual- The 15 feet by 18 feet addition to the ity-of-life and operational effectiveness of base laundry facility was constructed be- the Guatemalan peacekeeping facility. tween two existing buildings to accommo- "Wow! Fantastic job to all," said Jack date four new washers, four new dryers Likens, GPOI assistant program manager at and a slop sink. U.S. Southern Command. After seeing pic- The five person crew who executed the tures of the completed project, he added construction project, led by Builder 1st that it "looks like the final shot from an Class Erik Kowalski, poured a raised con- episode of Extreme Guatemala Makeover." crete floor with three culverts below the The Seabees in Honduras are part of a slab, set concrete block walls, installed a larger group of Navy Reservists from NMCB pitched steel roof and plumbed all neces- 27, based out of Chicopee, Mass., who sary piping. were recalled to active duty in July and de- The main buildings electrical service was ployed throughout South and Central Amer- upgraded from an existing 100 amp panel COBAN, Guatemala - Utilitiesman 1st Class Andrew Duquette, assigned to ica in support of U.S. Naval Forces to 200 amps in order to accommodate the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 27, installs plumbing fixtures dur- Southern Command / U.S. 4th Fleet multi- increased load of the addition. The addition ing a laundry facility renovation on the CREOMPAZ military base in Coban, national partnership and humanitarian as- was finished with ceramic tile flooring, Guatemala, as part of U.S. Southern Commands Global Peacekeeping Oper- sistance missions. painted masonry walls and an exterior ations Initiative. Duquette is a member of a detachment of Seabees per- USNAVSO/FOURTHFLT employs maritime water supply tank on an elevated steel forming infrastructure repairs and improvements on the Guatemalan forces in cooperative maritime security op- stand. peacekeeping base. The Seabees from NMCB-27 are forward deployed through- erations in order to maintain access, en- "The new addition adds 270 square feet out South and Central America in support of U.S. Naval Forces Southern Com- hance interoperability and build enduring of space to the existing facility," explained mand/ U.S. 4th Fleet multinational partnership and humanitarian assistance partnerships that foster regional security in Senior Chief Builder Thomas OConnor, missions. (U.S. Navy photo by Builder 1st Class Erik Kowalski/Released) the USSOUTHCOM Area of Responsibility. NMCB 11 ‘Bees make timely foodJanuary 10, 2013 donations to NCBC Seabee Pantry By MC1 Jonathan Carmichae Rogers, originally from Bohemia, and his family of six. NMCB 11 Public Affairs N.Y., also assigned to NMCB 11, “It has helped us through tough distributed donation boxes to all financial times on more than one Sailors assigned to Naval Mobile of the companies and depart- occasion,” stated the Lisbon, Iowa Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 ments throughout the battalion native. “I strongly recommend it donated about 10 large boxes of and encouraged everyone to do- to newly married junior troops and food items to the Seabee Pantry nate nonperishable food items. anyone struggling financially. on Naval Construction Battalion Within the first two weeks of De- There is no shame in getting help Center (NCBC) this holiday sea- cember, the battalion had accumu- when you need it.” son. lated about 500 pounds of The Seabee Pantry is dependent NMCB 11 Chaplain, Lt. Brian E. donations including items such as on donations, like those fromSeabee Courier Myers, from New London, Ohio, canned foods, boxes of cereal, NMCB 11 to continue to provide Builder Constructionman Timothy Rogers (left), Chaplain, initiated the drive. condiments, snack foods and food to service members, retirees Lt. Brian Myers (right), both assigned to Naval Mobile Con- “After Thanksgiving, I noticed many other food items. and dependents. Individuals, or- struction Battalion (NMCB) 11, and Religious Programs Spe- that the Seabee Pantry’s supply Located in NCBC’s Base Chapel, ganizations, and other groups are cialist 3rd Class Jamie Hamm, (center), assigned to Naval had run low, and with the major the Seabee Pantry provides help encouraged to donate as well. Construction Battalion Center (NCBC), sort through food do- holidays approaching, I knew to military members and their de- “I was surprised myself how nations from NMCB 11 to stock the Seabee Pantry in the Base something needed to be done,” pendents including active duty, re- many people weren’t aware of Chapel on board NCBC. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication said Myers. “There was no doubt servists, retirees and DoD this,” said Religious Program Spe- Specialist 1st Class Jonathan Carmichael/Released) in my mind that the men and civilians. cialist 3rd Class Jamie C. Hamm, women of NMCB-11 would rise to One NMCB 11 Seabee, who has originally from Baltimore, Md., as- pected to increase into the New patrons as well as donations be- the occasion and donate for a utilized the Seabee Pantry, Con- signed to NCBC since June 2011. Year as budgets become stretched tween 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday worthy cause.” struction Mechanic 2nd Class According to Hamm, the Seabee thin with holiday travel and gift through Friday. Myers, with the help of Builder Jason M. Montgomery, is thankful Pantry receives three or more pa- purchases. For questions, please call 228- 5 Constructionman Timothy C. that it has been available to him trons daily, and that number is ex- The Seabee Pantry is open for 871-2454.
  6. 6. NEX online NMCB 133 celebrates the holidays and store now being ‘Over the Hump’ at MWR party offers flat By MC1 Steven Myers NMCB 133 Public Affairs rate shipping CAMP KRUTKE, Afghanistan - From NEX Public Affairs Naval Mobile Construction Bat- talion (NMCB) 133, also known The NEX online store, as Task Force Anchor, celebrated, the holidays and the midpoint of now offers flat rate shipping their deployment with a party on all merchandise. hosted by the battalions Morale, “NEX customers can shop Welfare and Recreation division, confidently knowing what to Dec. 23. expect when it is time to Kicking off the festivities was a check out,” said Tess Paquette, bench press competition and Navy Exchange Service Com- company olympics, followed by mand (NEXCOM) Chief Mer- the judging for best decorated chandising Officer. “By having office and best gingerbread flat rate shipping on all orders, house. customers can calculate the Lunch was sandwiched be- total cost of their order before tween, Santas arrival with his they check out.” command element, Mrs. Claus Customers will pay $5.95 for and an elf, and his gift giving standard delivery (7 – 10 busi- and awards. ness days); $12.95 for priority Santa was played by Lt. Cmdr. Equipment Operator Second Class Kareshia McGriff of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion delivery (3-5 business days); Craig Clutts, the battalions ex- (NMCB) 133, Task Force Anchor, receives her new cover from Alfa company commander Lt. and $17.95 for express deliv- ecutive officer, Mrs. Claus by Dawn Moore following her promotion to second class petty officer. McGriff was promoted via ery (1-3 business days). Yeoman First Class Patricia the command advancement program during the NMCB 133 holiday party Dec. 23, while de- Clemons and the elf by Master ployed in Afghanistan and the U.S. Central Command area of operations in support of engi- Chief Construction Utilitiesman neering operations with coalition forces, the Afghan National Army and the local population. Clinton George. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Steven Myers/Released) Following remarks from Com- his Seabee Combat Warfare Offi- chanic 3rd Class Tara Strieby and a litter carry between the manding Officer Cmdr. Nicolas cer insignia. took the150 pound female class stations that totaled 133 yards. Yamodis, Santa passed out gifts The crowd then broke to con- with a total of 125 pounds; and The winner of the office deco- to random Sailors, before calling gratulate McGriff and Hunt, and Construction Electrician Con- ration was Gunnery SergeantJanuary 10, 2013 forth from his bag of presents enjoy some holiday food, music structionman Chad Spaulding Eric Pentek and the armory Gun- an awards binder with a gift for and conversation. The command topped the 150 pound male ner’s Mates, who wrapped every one lucky Seabee. then regrouped for the competi- class with 470 pounds. item in his office in festive holi- Questions on Yamodis then promoted Equip- tion awards presentations, call- In the company olympics, day wrapping paper. ment Operator Third Class ing the winners from the Headquarters took top honors Echo Company took the gin- Recycling? Kareshia McGriff to Petty Officer different events forward to re- as Team Suppliers finished the gerbread house competition Call CBC Second Class through the com- ceive plaques and various other five station course in 17 minutes with a detailed rendition of mand advancement program. gifts. and 10 seconds. In all, the Camp Krutke. Recycling at: Surprised and clearly emo- In the bench press competi- course consisted of 33 tire flips, With all the festivities com- (228) tional, McGriff could only utter tion, Construction Mechanic 2nd 13 sledgehammer tire slams, a plete, the Seabees finished the 871-4738 one word. "Awesome," she Class Billy Hoy took first place in 13 yard humvee pull, 33 pull day of relaxation with individual whispered. the 200 pound male class with a ups, 33 squats, a 33 yard sand activities including a bonfire, Chief Warrant Officer Sidney combined three-lift total of bag "spelling bee," an M-9 and volleyball and basketball games,Seabee Courier Hunt was then presented with 1,060 pounds; Construction Me- M-16 disassembly and assembly, and a holiday movie marathon. Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline: Due to limited IG resources Underwater Construc- Join an ELITE force and travel as a small, pro- throughout the Southeast Re- tion Team (UCT) ONE fessional team. Execute specialized construc- gion, all Fraud, Waste and tion, diving and demolition skills with the latest Abuse hotline work will now be is searching for highly and greatest technology and equipment. handled by the Region. To re- motivated Seabees and Contact UCT CCC/Diver recruiting team @ (757) 462- port Fraud, Waste and Abuse, contact the Region at: Toll CEC Officers looking for a 3988/4313 or Email YNC Aberle at Free 1-877-657-9851 Comm:; SW1 Dohse at career and lifestyle 904-542-4979 DSN 942-4979 or visit FAX: 904- 542-5587, E-mail: change. for more information. 6
  7. 7. Health Watch: Dental Readiness . . .Brush and floss or prepare for lossBy HN Grant Seto the dental health for those en- ~ A service member is as- that the condition will causeNBHC Gulfport trusted to our care. Opera- signed Dental Class 3 if they pain, infection, or other dental It’s safe to say that Tom tional Dental Readiness (ODR) have conditions that are ur- emergency.Hanks, star of Hollywood clas- is the method the Navy uses to gent or may become an emer- If a service member neglectssic, Castaway, will not put off measure if personnel are den- gency if untreated. to attend his or her annualhis next trip to the dentist and tally-fit for deployment. ~ Dental class 4 identifies exam, they come up on a “dis-we should all learn from his ODR is broken down into four service members who have not crepancy” list that we reviewpainful mistake. different categories. received their annual exam. monthly. Individuals named on The primary mission of the ~ A dental class 1 is assigned Both dental classes 1 and 2 the “discrepancy” list are notNavy Dental Corps is to pro- to completely healthy service are considered deployment- authorized to deploy or trans-vide care to active duty Navy members that received their ready, whereas dental class 3 fer commands until they haveand Marine Corps personnel to annual exam and currently and 4 are considered non-de- been evaluated and placed inprevent or treat conditions that have no dental needs. ployable. either a Dental Class 1 or 2may directly interfere with the ~ A dental class 2 is assigned Our readiness goal is reached category. If any urgent needsperformance of military duties. to service members who have by requiring every service are found because of delin- At NBHC Gulfport, our mis- received their annual exam, member to complete an annual quency, they could cause delay dental readiness.sion focuses on ensuring den- but are in need of either an dental exam. During patient in the member’s upcoming At Naval Branch Health Clinictal readiness, while optimizing annual cleaning or non-urgent exams, dental officers identify transition. For this reason, it is Gulfport, we strive to achievedental health. Our vision is to dental work, such as a cavity issues that will require treat- everyone’s responsibility to be the goal of maintaining a mis-promote, protect, and restore that is not yet painful. ment because of the likelihood pro-active in maintaining their sion-ready force. another’s boxes to see what their future, and I hope they Need a new ID Card or an update to Deers?From GRATITUDE page 1 everyone had gotten. will do something like this for Don’t wait in line. Get in and out fast byhad received a package from It was like a widespread their peers. I am just thankful scheduling an appointment at http://ap-the organization and it greatly Christmas morning that ex- there are groups out thereimpacted his morale. So it tended over the course of a willing to take time out during fitting to him to order few days. The packages took their holidays to remember thepackages for everyone de- most by surprise and uplifted troops by sending in packagesployed over the Christmas sea- spirits within the command. and packing boxes to be sentson. “It was cool to receive an un- out.” Packages began arriving a expected gift. It really bright- All in all the experience is January 10, 2013few days after Christmas, and ened my spirit, and all of the one the troops of NMCB 1 willtroops began lining up outside candy has begun to make me not soon forget. It’s giventhe postal office to see if theirs fat,” said Steelworker 2nd them a small break from thehad arrived yet. Happy recipi- Class Bryan Long. mission at hand and is all dueents could be seen walking In summing up the success to the thoughtfulness and timearound with boxes marked of Operation Gratitude, Gates of a group of people willing towith the Operation Gratitude’s said, “I hope this event helps put action to their concern forlogo, people peering into one someone to remember this for the troops. NCBC Are You Up for a Challenge? Announcing: ‘Can Do Weight Loss’ the NCBC/Keesler Weight Loss Contest Seabee Courier NCBC has challenged Keesler Air Force Base to a ing include access to Weight Loss Challenge. The competition will kick a free training class off Jan. 14 at the Fitness Center during an orien- during the lunch hour, tation. This competition is open to all who have as well as nutritional access to NCBC. Civilian employees interested in classes. Weigh-ins participating in the six week-long competition will be conducted must have a doctor’s release of good health form weekly during the turned in to their supervisor. The release states challenge. The base that wins will have bragging that the participant is cleared to begin an exer- rights to a trophy that will be displayed at the cise program. Official weigh-in for participants winner’s command suite. For more competition will be conducted Jan. 7 - 11, 11 a.m. - 12:30 information, contact Dorothy Coleman, 228-871- p.m. at the Fitness Center. Benefits of participat- 4848 or 7
  8. 8. From CSADD page 2 ‘The Meat & Potatoes ice members are expected to balance the demands of a naval career with their family responsibilities. of Life’ "At the end of the day, if you want your child to be well taken care of, youve got to prepare," said Benning. "You cant take childbirth lightly. Un- derstand that your family does come first, but that youll have commitments to taking care of that child, while serving your country and the contract youve signed to serve the Navy. At the end of the day that child has got to By Lisa Smith Molinari be well taken care of." Military Spouse Contributer While a woman could become pregnant at any time, pregnancy can cause less disruption during shore duty. Unplanned pregnancy on sea duty can disqualify a female Sailor from her current duty position, and possibly createThe time has come to take action! a manning loss for her operational command. Ensuring Sailors understand the seriousness of becoming a parent can potentially make a big difference to overall Navy mission readiness. the tree stand, and detached the trapped in its folds of Visqueen "Many times we are taught to separate our personal life from our profes- naked tree, lugging her dead car- and nylon. With homicidal sional life, but in reality the decisions we make can affect both," said Chief cass across our family room, out vengeance, I bounded across the Operations Specialist Jessica Myers, senior enlisted advisor to the Navys Of- the back door, and across the yard and onto the bubble, fice of Womens Policy. "It is important that male and female service mem- yard, finally heaving her into the stomping the last sign of verve bers, to the best of their ability, plan a pregnancy in order to successfully gutter in front of our mailbox. from the wretched ornament. balance the demands of family responsibilities with their military obliga- Fueled by a colossal sense of I exhausted the remainder of tions." relief, I marched back into the my cathartic frenzy by firing up According to the Navys most recent Pregnancy and Parenthood Survey, 74 house, going room by room to the Shop Vac. With crazed eyes, percent of pregnancies in the Navy were unplanned. Of those unplanned purge all evidence of Christmas. I I sucked up thousands of pine pregnancies, only 31 percent were using birth control at the time they con- shook the candy wrappers out of needles, glitter, crumbs, cookie ceived. Furthermore, in 70 percent of enlisted pregnancies, the father was the stockings, packed away the sprinkles, red and green M&Ms, identified as being in the military. “Is it time?” I thought to myself Nativity, derailed the train, bub- snips of ribbon, scraps of tissue In the Navy, single parents make up 7.6 percent of the total number ofas I sipped my coffee and stared ble-wrapped the ceramic Christ- paper and one or two gumdrops service members with children. Additionally, there are approximately 84,000at our lifeless Christmas tree. mas trees, stored the Santa fringed with dog hair. dual military couples in our Navy, of which 36,000 have children. While I could flip the switch to elec- mugs and silenced the jingle I dumped the Shop Vac canister some Sailors may intend to be single parents and thrive in that role, Janu-trify the tiny lights, top off the bells. in the trash, and along with sev- arys CSADD topic promotes discussion among men and women about thestagnant water in the stand, and I filled garbage bags with dying eral boxes and bags, wheeled the benefits of planning a family.blur my eyes to the curling poinsettias, stale cookies, burnt whole shebang out to the curb Unintended pregnancies can jeopardize operational mission readiness forbranches and falling needles for candles, wrinkled wrapping next to the tree cadaver. I both male and female service members, and can disrupt a naval career byone more week. Or, I could take paper, used doilies, broken candy grabbed the mail from the mail- causing unexpected financial hardship - from the high cost of day care tothe whole darned thing down. canes, half a cheese ball, a whole box before heading inside. possible child support garnishment. In some cases, parenthood can also Positioning myself closer to the fruitcake, a carton of egg nog I sat at the kitchen table in my cause an unexpected and undesired increase in personal responsibilities.tree, I considered my options. I and a stripped turkey carcass. freshly expunged house, pleased Benning, who helped spearhead the initial creation of CSADD, believes the January 10, 2013cocked my head sideways and Invigorated, I stormed out onto to have wiped my slate clean and peer-to-peer education emphasis of CSADD will help ensure Sailors succeedsighed, remembering her lovely the porch and unwound the gar- ready for a fresh start to the New in their family planning goals, whenever they decide to take on the respon-pine smell on that first night just land from the columns, plucked Year. sibility of having a child.after Thanksgiving break. This the light-up candy canes from But then, I opened the credit "Life happens, and we understand that," said Benning. "It is all about edu-tree had been with us for month the walkway, tugged until the card bill. As I leafed through a cating Sailors on family planning."of celebrating, shopping, eating, twinkle lights gave way from the month of reckless spending me- To learn more about CSADD, visit and gift giving. Shouldn’t gutters, and tore the wreath morialized on paper, I took a port/CSADD/Pages/default2.aspx and Facebook at:I keep her for one more week? from the door, hurling it like a slurp from my coffee cup and a In my sentimental haze, I Frisbee into the gutter with the drop dribbled from the rim, plop- sions-CSADD/299642495316reached out to touch the lovely discarded tree. ping onto my gut.blown glass sailboat ornament Then, I set my eyes on the Moving the bill to one side, I ple: “Your alias is: S2U5 Call 911 ifmy husband had given me years enormous blow-up snow globe, stared down at the surprisingly See Something Wrong, urgent! If replies put you at risk,ago, and as my hand brushed faithfully regurgitating the tiny large blob of flesh, dented in theagainst the branch, I set off a Styrofoam balls in a continuous middle where a cavernous belly Do Something Right! text “STOP” Seabee Courierveritable avalanche of dead pine flurry over the inflatable snow- button lay just under my shirt. A NCIS has two new anonymous 3. Begin dialogueneedles. man and his penguin sidekick. month of overeating had turned ways to report crimes or suspi- To report information Online: “That’s it,” I thought, “she’s Yanking the outdoor extension my middle-aged mom tummy cious behavior with the use of 1. Go to, clickgotta go.” cord from the outlet, I heard an into an embarrassing flop of discreet and secure online or tex- on the “Report a Crime” tab and One by one, I removed and electronic sizzle, then turned with overhanging flab. ting tip lines. select the icon for “text and Webwrapped our tree decorations, sadistic satisfaction to watch the I realized that the real battle to To report information by Cell tip Hotline.”packing them away in the stor- orb slowly suffocate and die on purge myself of the holiday ex- There is a reward of up to $1,000 text:age closet under the stairs. The my lawn. cesses had only just begun. 1. Text “NCIS” to the short code for information leading to a felonyornaments, the beaded garland, I was infuriated to see that the 274637 (CRIMES) from any cell or arrest or apprehension.the lights, the skirt and the blow up monstrosity failed to Get more wit and observationsangel. Using a turkey baster, I give up its last puff of breath, from Lisa at her blog, http://the- smart phone.sucked the scummy water out of leaving one stubborn bubble meatandpotatoesof- 2. Receive a response, for exam- 8
  9. 9. Focus on Education Hands on LearningNavy College to host NCBC SchoolWilliam Carey Reps Liaison OfficerFrom Navy College ferings include Business, Edu- cation, Nursing, Psychology Kevin Byrd is Representatives of William and Art. Campuses are lo-Carey University will be in the cated in located at MWRNavy College Service Office Hattiesburg, and in Biloxi (near(building 60, second floor) Jan. the intersection of Highway 67 Building 35216, 10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m., to an- and Highway 605, or roughlyswer questions and provide in- 18 miles from NCBC Gulfport). 1706 Bainbridgeformation on available degree Most degree programs can beprograms that are offered at completed in the evening Ave. NCBCthe Universitys campus in hours. Fifth grade students of Saucier Elementary School buildBiloxi. For more information please 228-871-2117 sodium, a compound molecule out of mole–blocks, with William Carey University is a contact Kerry Cameron, Assis- STARBASE-Atlantis at the Construction Electrician/Utili-Christian University that pro- tant Director of Admissions at or email: tiesman Advance Schoolhouse, building 386 on boardvides quality graduate and un-, 228- NCBC Jan. 8. STARBASE-Atlantis provides students withdergraduate programs within a 702-1815 or Bernie Cousins, kevin.r.byrd@ a safe learning environment and allows student interac-caring, Christian environment. Director, School of Business tion in a variety of activities used to demonstrate newAvailable Graduate and Under- Programs at bcousins@wm- technology in math and science. (U.S. Navy Photo by Con-graduate degree program of-, 228-702-1848. struction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released)What parents need to know Balfour Beatty Communities January Mardi Gras Merrimentabout changes in the classroomFrom State Point Media, Inc. • Learning from each other: no cords and are often more BBC is hosting a As technology evolves, so do Since technology can change cost-effective than ordering Mardi Gras Ballthe ways children learn in and so rapidly, it’s important that new text books each year. teachers share best practices • Adding more fun: According for Base Housingout of the classroom. With by word of mouth. The newest to Open College, teachers who January 10, 2013constantly changing tools and Residents!trends, teachers can do more social platform, Edmodo, built integrated digital games into the first whole network of K-12 lessons saw an increase in av- Jan. 18, 6 - 9 stay up-to-date to help chil-dren thrive. It is important users and connects teachers erage test scores when com- Rhodes Hall with other teachers as well as pared to traditional, non-digitalthat parents understand what (building 303)these changes mean so their parents, students and third- games. By making learningchildren can maintain a com- parties. Edmodo members can fun, you can get kids excited Call 228-863-0424petitive edge. swap ideas, share lesson plans to learn just about anything for details! and manage grades in a se- and get some laughs along the BBC Here are some new trends ineducation that every parent cure network accessible from way. Mardi Paws Parade!should know about: school computers. With more • Turn it off: In this digital Bring your K9 • More collaboration: If you than eight million users across era, it is also important to companion to thethink Facebook is all gossip 60,000 different schools, the make sure students have the possibilities are endless. time to unplug. Not only does Dog Park located byand games, think again. Many Seabee Courierteachers are drawing upon so- • New tools: New technolo- time outside offer children op- Seabee Lakecial media’s natural collabora- gies, such as tablets and e- portunities to get necessary Jan. 26tive element and ability to readers, are helping students exercise, but a 2009 Yeshiva 10 a.m. - noon for aconnect the classroom and learn. These smaller devices University study found that offer students advantages over children who have more recess Mardi Paws Parade!home. In fact, some innovativeteachers are using sites like traditional computers, through time behave better in the If you dont have a K9Pinterest, Skype, Facebook interactive capabilities that classroom and are likelier to companion, come outand Twitter in a controlled, su- bring lessons to life and en- learn more. to view! The Humanepervised way to make class- hanced images, video and Education is evolving all the audio. Tablets also have practi- time. Be sure to stay on top of Society of South MSroom materials moreaccessible and encourage con- cal advantages such as “in- changes so your children get a will be onsite withversation. stant on,” all-day battery life, leg up on learning. adoptable animals! 9
  10. 10. Fitness 2 p.m.; “End of Watch,” R, 4 p.m.It’s time to stop talking about it andmake those 2013 New Year’s reso- Information, Tickets andlutions a reality at the CBC Fitness Travel:Center. Personal Trainers are avail- Active Duty, Reservist, Nationalable to design a customized work Guard, USCG and Retirees are nowout plan just for you! These profes- eligible for a complimentary Univer-sionals motivate and customize a sal 3-Day Park-to-Park ticket andplan based on a client’s individual Blue Man Group Ticket at children’sneeds. Trainers are open to all eligi- price! All dependents and DOD per-ble MWR patrons and are available sonnel are eligible for discountedat an affordable rate of $30 for ac- Universal 2-Day, with 3rd Day Freetive duty and $45 for all reservists, tickets! Call ITT for info!dependents, retirees and DOD civil- Disney Military Salute tickets areians. This price covers five one-hour in! The promotion has been ex-sessions of one on one time with an tended for your deeply discounted 4 shuttle leaves at 9 a.m. times with friends! With an excel- Anchors & Eagles: Great serviceexpert. Start today, call 228- 871- Day Park Hopper Ticket. New tick- lent beverage selection, you are and good times are what you can2668. ets are valid through Sept. 30, and Navy Outdoor Recreation: sure to find your preference. Call expect at Anchors & Eagles. Open Do you need people around to they’re only $153.25 each! Pur- Toughen up . . . don’t let that cold for details 228-871-4009. Tuesday - Thursday 2 - 9 p.m.,motive you to work out? Then, chase up to six for your Disney get- weather keep you indoors! NOR has Don’t want to get out in the cold and designated for chiefs and offi-make time for a group fitness class. away. *Eligible patrons only (active lots of fun equipment that will make for lunch? Let The Grill bring it to cers. Stop by and shake off theThe CBC Fitness Center offers duty, reservist, retired). you forget all about that chill in the you. The Grill offers lunch delivery day with as early as 8 a.m. and as Don’t blink . . . or this offer will air. Monday – Friday from 11 a.m. – 1late as 6 p.m. Get your heart pump- race by you like the Daytona 500. Shhhhhhh . . . I smell a doe . . . p.m. Call 228-871-2494 to place Youth Activitiesing with some strength/cardio, Feel the rumble of the stadium in no a hog! Sorry Elmer Fudd, this your order. Fight that early morn- Get some hoops action andZumba or cycling. You can also try person. Book your Daytona Interna- hunt doesn’t include rabbits. Put on ing chill by getting a hot break- higher learning on all in one. Sign tional Speedway package today! January 10, 2013out the new low impact aerobics your camouflage and sign up today fast. The Grill is open as early as up today for a USM basketballcourse or center yourself with yoga. ITT is offering packages at great for a Navy Outdoor Recreation 6:30 a.m. Take your pick from game and college campus tourFor the class schedule, visit us on prices that include a ticket to the hunting trip package. Packages in- French toast plates to breakfast with YAC. The tour is available toFacebook at NCBC Gulfport MWR or Daytona 500, round trip transporta- clude transportation, lodging and burritos or traditional eggs and ages 12 and up is Saturday. Onlystop by the Fitness Center today! tion on a Coach bus and two nights’ meals and your choice of doe or bacon. The Grill is located at the $6 per person and please remem- hotel accommodations. Package hog hunting or both. This opportu- corner of Colby and 7th Street. ber to bring a lunch.Recreation prices vary depending on room oc- nity is scheduled for Jan. 25 – 27 FREE Movie Program at the Train- cupancy - starting at $450 for a sin- and pricing starts as low as $1, Hall: Take a load off. Sit back gle and running as low as $160 for Plus, the ranch does the dirty work For more informationand watch the big screen all by four person occupancy. The trip runs from Feb. 23 - 25, and an ini- and retrieves and cleans your kills about MWR programs andyourself for some alone time, or for you. Be sure to bring an icemake it a family night and bring the tial down payment is due by Jan. chest so you can take the meat opportunities, contact:whole crew! Stop by the Snack Bar 18. Call ITT for details, 228-871- home to the family. Call NOR for de- 2231. Seabee Courieron your way in to get that buttered tails and to put down a deposit Anchors & Eagles 228-871-4607movie popcorn and those other today, 228-871-2127. Auto Hobby 228-871-2804 Liberty Center: Beehive 228-871-4009goodies that help you get lost in the FREE Batting Cage: No more to- Child Development Center 228-871-2323moment. Forget what was playing? Come on down to the Rodeo! kens needed. Stop by and take a Fitness Center 228-871-2668No worries - put the movie hotline Catch the FREE shuttle Thursday at swing! Rent bats and helmets at no Information, Tickets & 228-871-2231in your phone, 228-871-3299 and 6 p.m. at the Liberty Center and charge from Outdoor Recreation Travelcall anytime! head down to the PCA Rodeo Fi- during business hours. Liberty Center 228-871-4684 nals. Giddy up! Seabee Heritage Center 228-871-3619 Friday, “Hotel Transylvania,” PG- Navy Outdoor Recreation 228-871-212713, 6:30 p.m. Take a tour aboard the USS Ala- Food & Beverage RV Park 228-871-5435 Saturday, “Frankenweenie,” PG, bama on Sunday with the Liberty The Beehive is now open every The Grill 228-871-2494noon; Finding Nemo,” G, 2:15 p.m., Center. Liberty offers FREE trans- day of the week! Watch the game Training Hall 228-871-4750 portation and admission is FREE at Youth Activities Center 228-871-2251“Dredd,” R, 4:45 p.m.; on one of our seven flat screens, Main Office 228-871-2538 Sunday, “Frankenweenie,” PG, the gate with a military ID. The play a little pool and enjoy good 10