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Seabee Courier, Dec. 13, 2012


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Weekly NCBC Newspaper

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Seabee Courier, Dec. 13, 2012

  1. 1. 52 No. 29 Naval Construction Battalion Center, Gulfport, Mississippi December 13, 2012LS1 Rogers NMCB 133 Task Force Anchornamed SOYfor 20th SRG Seabees awarded Purple Hearts By UT3 Drew Verbis NMCB 133 Public AffairsBy MCC (SCW/SW/AW) Two Seabees assigned to NavalRyan G. Wilber Mobile Construction BattalionNCBC Public Affairs (NMCB) 133, Task Force Anchor, 20th Seabee Readiness Group were awarded the Purple Heart(SRG) recently announced Logistics for wounds sustained in actionSpecialist 1st Class (SCW) Latoya while deployed to Afghanistan.Rogers, R41 Leading Petty Officer, The recipients were conducting aas their 2012 Sailor of the Year convoy mission between forward(SOY). operating bases in the Helmand LS1 (SCW) Latoya Rogers According to the Chief of Naval Province when an improvised ex-Operations (CNO) SOY instruction, group of people who work for me.” plosive device detonated nearthe CNO established the SOY Pro- It takes more than just being a their vehicle on Oct.16.gram to recognize one Sailor who good worker to be selected as a “This was a near death experi-represents the best of Navy by SOY. A Sailor must take on addi- ence that I don’t like to talkdemonstrating both professional tional responsibilities in the com- about,” said Equipment Operatorand personal dedication, and recog- mand, put their workers ahead of Constructionman Matthew Loper.nizes Sailors who best represent the themselves and be involved in their Brig. Gen. David L. Weeks, commanding general of the “I pulled out my shipmate and alllarge number of superior dedicated community. Chief Logistics Specialist 411th Engineer Brigade, Joint Task Force Empire, awards I can say is I’m glad we made it.”professionals serving in a particular Annette Thorpe, Rogers’ direct su- Equipment Operator Constructionman Matthew Loper with Loper, a native of Charlevoix,type of duty as assigned. pervisor, said that Rogers exempli- the Purple Heart for wounds sustained during a mission in Mich., received the Purple Heart Rogers, a dual military 13-year fies the well-rounded Sailor. the Helmand Province. Loper is deployed to Afghanistan from Brig. Gen. David L. Weeks,veteran, said her first feelings after “LS1 is an outstanding Sailor. She with the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133, Task commanding general of 411th En-being named 20th SRG SOY were makes sure that her people are Force Anchor, providing engineer support to coalition forces.those of being overwhelmed and good-to-go, not just at work, but gineer Brigade, Joint Task Force Empire, during an award presen- (U.S. Navy photo by Utilitiesman 3rd Class Drew Verbis/Released)humbled. also with their families. She takes “When I first found out I was over- care of her Sailors all around,” said tation at Camp Krutke, “We were almost to the destina- first responding Sailors, at the sitewhelmed. I’m overwhelmed and I’m Thorpe. “She cares about her peo- Afghanistan, Oct. 29. tion,” said Neilson. “I got that performed brilliantly,” said Com-humbled, because they could have ple and she cares about her job.” “General Weeks told me this was feeling in my gut. I remember manding Officer Cmdr. Nicolaspicked somebody else, but I was When asked what advice she had something special,” recalled Loper. saying that something wasn’t right Yamodis. “Months of training be-chosen,” said Rogers. for younger Sailors developing their “He asked me how I was doing and soon after we got hit. I real- fore entering the theater paid off The mother of three said that al- careers in the Navy, Rogers empha- then he said it’s an honor which ized I was injured when I tried to throughout these poignant ex-though she does the best she can sized humbleness, service to coun- will last a lifetime. It was moving.” stand up because a severe pain traordinary moments that no oneon a daily basis, she attributed her try and taking care of each other. The second recipient, Equipment shot up my leg and I thought wants to experience, but we mustsuccess to the good work of her “Be humble in the knowledge you Operator Third Class Sean Neil- ‘what happened to my feet?’” be prepared for. The mettle andpeople. are serving the country and you are son, a Danville, Pa. native, re- “I’m proud to receive this conviction of purpose of the entire “By them [subordinates] doing serving each other, work hard to ceived the Purple Heart while award,” said Neilson. “I have a team cannot be overstated. Theywhat they’re supposed to do, and earn something in life and try to recovering from his wounds at long line of military running in the are part of effecting monumentalshining and being driven, and them make a mark, to learn something Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, family and my goal is to get my tasks in furthering the Afghanistandoing their job to the best of their and share wisdom with other peo- Va., Oct. 30, from Rear Adm. Mark degree and become a (Naval) offi- government, and I am proud toability, it helps me to be a better ple, and to overall take care of each Handley, commander of the First cer.” call them shipmates.”leader,” said Rogers. I have a good other,” said Rogers. Naval Construction Division. “Our two heroes, along with See HEARTS page 2
  2. 2. From HEARTS page 1 forces to be eligible for the Navy Legal Once called the “Badge of Merit,” the Purple Heart, the U.S. military’s oldest award, is award. Home ported in Gulfport, NMCB 133 is deployed to Afghanistan awarded in the name of the Presi- and the U.S. Central Command dent of the United States and was area of operations to assist coali- Think before you click: established by George Washing- ton. A service member must be wounded or killed by enemy tion forces and provide engineer- ing support to the Afghan government. Beware what you or the neighbors download By Lt.j.g. Tadd C. Blair, JAGC Region Legal Service Office SE For others, they realize that their IP address has been compromised they can help drop your name as a defendant in a lawsuit, get the Toys for Tots Can you imagine life without the and that they should have secured case dismissed or help prove that Staff Sgt. Marvin Perez-Diaz, Base PX and on internet? For most of us, the in- their wireless router or uninstalled you should not be held liable. of I&I, 3rd Platoon, A com- board NCBC at ternet is essential to almost every a file sharing program; the IP ad- Think before you download. Just pany, 4th AABN on board the Navy Ex- aspect of our life. We use email dress could be wrong and the cus- as you would not steal a CD from NCBC is coordinating the change and the to communicate at work. We at- tomer associated with that IP a music store, you shouldn’t area’s annual Toys for Tots Navy Federal tend virtual meetings and train- address may have never even download something without per- downloaded any copyrighted ma- mission. File sharing programs campaign. Your contribution Credit Union. Donations are ings. We keep in touch with loved ones across the world. The inter- terial. may seem like a great way to of new, unwrapped toys or a being accepted through Dec. net allows us to look up the an- Whether you downloaded some- build your music collection or monetary donation would be 22. To make a monetary do- swer to any question in the blink thing without thinking, used a file catch up on that episode you greatly appreciated. Drop off nation, or for more informa- of an eye and download that song sharing software (e.g. bit torrent, missed, but much of this “free” boxes are located throughout tion on Toys for Tots, visit we just can’t get out of our head. pirate bay, gnutella), or think your entertainment is copyrighted, Harrison, Hancock and Stone http://gulfport-ms.toysfor- The cyber dream can also quickly neighbor may have been meaning that the download can Counties, Keesler Air Force turn into a nightmare that could mooching off of your router, you end up costing you thousands of cost thousands of dollars. could be held liable for copyright dollars in a lawsuit. No act online Recently, there have been in- infringement and ordered to pay is private, every visit can be creasing numbers of individuals anywhere between $200 and tracked. If your network is not se- Unclaimed Property LOST who have been notified by their $150,000 in damages, in addition cure, not only can your neighbors internet provider that their Inter- to attorney fees and court costs! slow down your internet, but they Notice: NCBC Security net Protocol (“IP”) address has been identified as a copyright in- Even if you (or your mooching neighbor) never actually down- could download something ille- gally. If you can’t prove that you has a large amount of un- & fringer. The letter from the inter- net provider explains that some loaded the copyrighted material, release of your information by were not the one who illegally downloaded the file, then you claimed lost and found FOUND entity has filed a lawsuit alleging a your internet provider could lead may still be on the hook. If you property. The unclaimed copyright infringement has been to threats to settle the case, still secure your wireless router and property is scheduled for destruction Dec. committed (usually an improper potentially costing thousands of think before you click, you can live file upload/ download). In most of dollars. the cyber dream without exposing 17. Items range from small to large and can these cases, the entity sends a The letter from the internet com- yourself to a cyber nightmare. be claimed Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - December 13, 2012 long list of IP addresses to inter- pany usually informs you that net providers requesting that they your name, address, and other in- This article is not intended to sub- 4 p.m., at Security (building 436.) Proof of release the personal identifying in- formation connected with your IP stitute for the personal advice of a formation associated with each IP address may be released if you do licensed attorney. For legal assis- ownership (serial numbers, pictures or a de- Address. not take action by a certain date. tance, contact the Naval Construc- tailed description) must be provided to For some, this is the first time If you receive one of these letters, tion Battalion Center (NCBC) legal they realize that they may have it is essential that you see an at- office by calling 228-871-2620 to claim items. Call Security at 228-822-5800 downloaded something illegally. torney as soon as possible, as make an appointment. for additional information. NCBC/20SRG 25 NCR NMCB SEVENTY FOUR Commanding Officer Commander Commanding Officer Capt. Rick Burgess Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. David McAlister Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer MCC (SW/AW) Scott Boyle The Seabee Courier is a weekly author- chaser, user or patron. If a violation or Rob Mims Lt.j.g. John ParizekSeabee Courier ized on-line publication for members of rejection of this equal opportunity pol- Editor Mass Comm. Specialist the military services and their families. icy by an advertiser is confirmed, the NMCB ONE Bonnie L. McGerr MC2 Ryan Williams Content does not necessarily reflect the publisher shall refuse to print advertis- Commanding Officer Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Chad M. Brooks official views of the U.S. Government, ing from that source until the violation MCC (SCW/SW/AW) NMCB ONE THIRTY THREE the DoD or the U.S. Navy and does not is corrected. The Seabee Courier solic- Public Affairs Officer imply endorsement thereof. The ap- its news contributions from military and Ryan G. Wilber Lt. Brian Gates Commanding Officer pearance of advertising in this newspa- civilian sources, but the Public Affairs Special Contributors Mass Comm. Specialist Cmdr. Nicolas D. Yamodis per, including inserts or supplements, staff reserves the right to edit and/or CM3 (SCW) Katchen Tofil MC1 (AW/NAC) Aron Taylor Public Affairs Officer does not constitute endorsement by rewrite material selected for publication CECN Lucinda Moise Special Contributor MC1(SW/AW) Steven Myers the U. S. Government, DoD, the Navy to conform with journalism standards. CE1(SCW) Joshua Thonnissen or NCBC Gulfport of the products and The deadline for material is close of 22 NCR NCTC GULFPORT services advertised. All content in this business every Friday. Your comments NMCB ELEVEN newspaper shall be made available for are always welcome. The Seabee Commander Commanding Officer Commanding Officer purchase, use or patronage without re- Courier office is in Building 1, Room Capt. Darius Banaji Cmdr. Maria Aguayo Cmdr. Scott Anderson gard to race, color, religion, gender, na- 205. The mailing address is 4902 Mar- Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs Officer Lt.j.g. Brian Myers Public Affairs Officer tional origin, age, marital status, vin Shields Blvd., Code 15, Gulfport, MS Vacant Mass Comm. Specialist Lt. J. Johnson physical handicap, political affiliation or 39501. Phone: 228-871-3662., E-mail: 2 MC1(AW) Jonathan Carmichael any other non-merit factor of the pur-
  3. 3. Buzz on the Street By CECN Lucinda Moise Around NCBC Public Affairs “What do you want Santa to bring you this year?” the NCBC Gulfport Security Department personal practice non- lethal weapon, or Mechanical Advance Control Hold (MACH) training, on board NCBC Gulfport Dec. 4. MACH training teaches the use of hand cuffs, batons and Oleoresin Cap- sicum (OC) spray to stop a situation at the lowest level. (U.S. Center Navy photos by Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released) “I want a Princess neck- lace.” Zoe Child Development Center Hometown:Gulfport, Miss.December 13, 2012 “Flip-flops and games.” Bradley Child Development Center Hometown: Gulfport, Miss.Seabee Courier NCBC Gulfport Fire Fighters inspect couplings and drain hoses Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Mike Lovell, assigned to used on fire trucks at the main grinder on board NCBC Gulf- Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11, changes the port Dec. 4. The Inspection is an important part of an annual oil in a Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) during hose testing to insure there are no leaks and/or defects in the a Planned Maintenance System (PMS) check in a 20th SRG, “A dress and a baby doll.” R436, maintenance shop on board NCBC, Dec. 7 (U.S. Navy hoses or couplings. (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Emma Class Katchen Tofil/Released) photo by Construction Mechanic 3rd Class Katchen Tofil/Released) CDC Hometown: Gulfport, Miss. 3
  4. 4. NCBC FREEZE FRAMES FRAME Builder 2nd Class (SCW) Cole Kahler Instructor, Naval Construc- tion Training Center (NCTC) By CM3 (SCW) Katchen Tofil NCBC Public Affairs FF: What single experience milestone in their career. keeps work interesting. FF: What is your favorite fluential mentor during during your career stands thing about working with the your career, and why? out the most and why? FF: What has been your FF: What advice would you Seabees? BU2: BUC Kellogg, BU2: Attending Builder biggest motivation through- give to future BU2: Being able to learn because he inspires “A” school graduations, out your career? Seabees/Sailors? some different trades in because it is rewarding BU2: There is always BU2: Always strive for the Seabees. me to train my students having affected a new something different something new and chal- to the fullest so they Seabee, accomplish a going on every week, lenging in your career. FF: Who was your most in- can strive to be better. MWR’s Twelve Days of Christmas challenge See Something Wrong, Do Something Right! involves more than a partridge in a pear tree NCIS has two new anonymous ways to report crimes or suspi-December 13, 2012 cious behavior with the use of By CECN Lucinda L. Moise days,” said Wilczynski. discreet and secure online or NCBC Public Affairs For each of the 12 days of Christmas there is a fitness ac- texting tip lines. Naval Construction Battalion Center (NCBC) Morale Welfare tivity, such as riding six miles To report information by Cell and Recreation (MWR) Fitness on a stationary bike. All the text: Center personnel threw the activities may be done at ones’ 1. Text “NCIS” to the short code challenge flag to all active own pace as long as all 12 are 274637 (CRIMES) from any cell or duty military and invited them completed by Dec. 14. smart phone. to participate in the Twelve Amongst those participating 2. Receive a response, for exam- Days of Christmas Fitness in the fitness challenge is ple: “Your alias is: S2U5 Call 911 Challenge at the Fitness Cen- 22nd/25th Naval Construction if urgent! If replies put you at ter on board NCBC thru Dec. Regiment’s (NCR) Medical Offi- risk, text “STOP” 14. cer, Cmdr. Henry Casey. 3. Begin dialogue During the holidays most “I decided to do the chal- To report information Online:Seabee Courier people like to spend time with lenge, because I thought it was an interesting way to ex- 1. Go to, friends and family, and often spending time together trans- ercise. The MWR [Morale Wel- click on the “Report a Crime” tab lates to eating together. While Cmdr. Henry Casey, medical officer for the 22nd/25th Naval Con- fare and Recreation] and the and select the icon for “text and enjoying off time with family struction Regiment (NCR) is one of the participants in the Twelve Navy are doing a good job Web tip Hotline.” and friends is important, for Days of Christmas Fitness Challenge MWR is sponsoring during coming up with ways to keep There is a reward of up to $1,000 military members it is also im- December. The challenge is a means of encouraging service people motivated to work out,” for information leading to a portant not to neglect physical members to maintain their fitness levels throughout the holidays. said Casey. felony arrest or apprehension. fitness while enjoying good (U.S. Navy photo by Construction Electrician Lucinda L. Moise/Released) Those who complete the holiday food. Center, the fitness challenge “We devised the Twelve Twelve Days of Christmas According to Kasey Wilczyn- was designed to help people Days of Christmas Fitness Fitness Challenge by Dec. 14 ski, fitness assistant for MWR stay in shape throughout the Challenge to keep everyone will receive a souvenir workout 4 at NCBC Gulfport’s Fitness holidays. physically fit during the holi- towel.
  5. 5. NMCB 11 Training Days Left: Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Layne W. Duras, from Hillsboro, Sailors assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11 Ore., assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 11, move equipment for transport and stowage following a Command prepares an intelligence report in the Combat Operations Center tent Post Exercise designed as a training tool to help prepare the battalion during a Command Post Exercise designed as a training tool to help pre- for deployment. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st pare the battalion for deployment. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communica- Class Jonathan Carmichael / Released) tion Specialist 1st Class Jonathan Carmichael / Released) ever seen, to take the war to the enemy and make them PCU Arlington turned pay the ultimate price. “Sixty years later, we were attacked in our homeland once again by cowards, mislead by propaganda and unbelieving over to U.S. Navy By MC1 Eric Brown in our resilience and determination to protect our freedom.” Arlington is the second of three 9-11 tribute ships [which USS Constitution Public Affairs also includes USS New York (LPD 21) and Precommission-December 13, 2012 PASCAGOULA, Miss. – Precommissioning Unit Arlington ing Unit Somerset (LPD 25)], named in honor of the 2,977 (LPD 24) was delivered from the shipbuilders of Hunting- lives lost on “that second day of infamy.” ton-Ingalls Industries’ (HII) shipyard to the U.S. Navy dur- “I believe their spirits reside in the steel and weaponry ing a ceremony on the amphibious transport dock’s flight that make this warship, and that spirit will sail with you deck Dec. 7. wherever you go, wherever you take this namesake,” “Today is a great Navy day, and I can’t tell you how ex- Lounsberry continued. “Be proud of her, and let no one cited I am to be here,” said Supervisor of Ships Gulf Coast’s ever forget what she stands for. Take this ship into harm’s Capt. Stephen Mitchell, addressing about 450 Arlington way, confident that she will protect you, and help you ac- crew members and shipbuilders in attendance. “There is no complish your missions.” greater tribute to the warrior spirit and the resolve of the The delivery of Arlington to the Navy was formalized with the signing of the delivery certificates, performed by Louns- Precommissioning Unit Arlington (LPD 24) crew nation than naming this ship in honor of the 184 men, members march into the Huntington-Ingalls In- women and children who died in the terrorist attack on the berry, Mitchell, Arlington Commanding Officer Cmdr. Darren dustries shipyard from their temporary precom- Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.” Nelson, HII’s LPD 24 Production Manager Terry Hayes and missioning offices to the amphibious transport Prior to the ceremony, many HII employees lined the LPD 24 Ship Program Manager Kari Wilkinson. dock prior to the ships delivery to the U.S. Navy Arlington Command Master Chief Mike Riccitiello pinned theSeabee Courier shipyard streets to watch as Arlington’s plankowner crew Dec. 7. Arlington is named for Arlington County, Va., marched in formation from their temporary offices in the “Command at Sea” insignia above Nelson’s right breast home of the Pentagon, in honor of the 184 vic- shipyard’s precommissioning support building to the ship pocket, and the ceremony concluded with Arlington Sailors tims and heroes who lost their lives during the moored at the HII West Bank facility. setting the first watch, as the battle ensign was hoisted terrorist attack there on 9/11. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Doug Lounsberry, Director of LPD 17 Programs, began the over the warship for the first time, before being lowered to Communication Specialist 1st Class Eric Brown/Released) delivery ceremony by describing the significance of holding half-mast in honor of the Pearl Harbor attack anniversary. this event on the 71st anniversary of the Japanese attack Arlington’s delivery is the latest milestone in the life of the sels ever put to sea. The third in the U.S. fleet to bear the on Pearl Harbor. ship, projected to remain in service for 40 years. Previous name, Arlington will be commissioned in early 2013 and “After this cowardly act, President Franklin D. Roosevelt significant events include the keel-laying (May 26, 2008), homeported in Norfolk, Va. The ship combines 21st century spoke to the nation and called this attack ‘a day that will launching (Nov. 23, 2010), christening (March 26, 2011) amphibious shipbuilding and warfighting technologies to live in infamy,’” he said. “An unprecedented buildup of our and completion of sea trials (Nov. 5, 2012). support current and future Marine Corps aircraft and land- armed forces began, and shipbuilders all over the country Arlington is the eighth in Navy’s San Antonio class of ing craft, and will be capable of taking nearly 1,200 Sailors ships, designed to be the most survivable amphibious ves- and Marines to the fight. 5 leaned in hard to build the mightiest Navy the world had
  6. 6. NMCB 133 Global Force for Good DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - Builder Constructionman Taylor Mendonca, left, CAMP KRUTKE, Afghanistan - Steelworker Third Class Joshua Holbert, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 133, marks the right, assigned to Task Force Anchor, works on a project in the builders pitch of rafters for the construction of a Shamsi Base training building dur- shop. Task Force Anchor, comprised of Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ing a Global Peace Operations Initiative project. NMCB is deployed with 133 personnel, is currently deployed to Afghanistan to support engi- Task Group 56.2, promoting maritime operations and theater security co- neering operations for coalition forces. (U.S. Navy photo by Builder 3rd Class operation efforts in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of responsibility. (U.S. Navy photo Michael Morici/Released) by Construction Electrician 2nd Class Richard Rickert/Released) NMCB 5 prepares for PACOM deployment Race Engines,December 13, 2012 Dirt Bikes, ATV’s, By MC2 (SCW) Ace Rheume created displays for familes to Cigarette Boats, NMCB 5 Public Affairs view that included information Zodiacs Seabees assigned to Naval Mo- about each DET., work and living bile Construction Battalion (NMCB) conditions, morale, welfare, and Are you up to 5 and their families attended a recreational activities and more. the challenge pre-deployment fair Nov. 30 at “This is going to be my ninth de- of hard work Naval Air Station (NAS) Point ployment. From my experience, I and Mugu, Calif. know that the more you tell the repairing Services ranging from the Fleet families, the more information unique SOF equipment? and Family Support Center, Ameri- they know, the better and more Naval Special Warfare Devel- can Red Cross, NMCB 5 Ombuds- comfortable they’re going to feel opment Group is seeking men, and Family Readiness Group when their Seabee deploys,” said active duty Construction Me- were in attendance. These re- Builder 1st Class Gordon Brewer, chanics and all other SeabeeSeabee Courier sources provided information for assigned to Det. Guam. rates. families to use while their Seabee “This is a chance for the - Motivated/Volunteer is on deployment. Seabees to display and show off - Pass Navy PFA “The pre-deployment fair is not where they will be for deployment - E4 - E6 only a place for food, fun and and what they will be doing for - No NJP family time, but it is more so a seven months that benefits the Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion - No bankruptcy moment to get the friends and community of their area of opera- (NMCB) 5 view a display during a pre-deployment fair Nov. 30 - Obtain Secret/TOP families of NMCB 5 together,” said tion and the future Sailors. Its at Naval Air Station (NAS) Point Mugu, Calif. Services rang- Secret clearance Chief Construction Mechanic also a chance to let families meet ing from the Fleet and Family Support Center, American Red Dawn Ayala, homeport liaison one another and possibly create Cross, NMCB 5 Ombudsmen and Family Readiness Group Email us at !DEVGRURecruit- and coordinator for the event. friendships to help them through were in attendance to provide information for families to use or contact Each NMCB 5 deployment site the deployment in any time of your detailer to request while their Seabee is on deployment. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass need,” said Ayala. additional information. 6 for Pacific Command (PACOM) Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ace Rheaume/Released)
  7. 7. Tis the Season December 13, 2012Service members, families and civilians affili- Brockway, MWR director flipped the switch to il- Seabee Courierated with Naval Construction Battalion Center luminate the Christmas Tree and light up the sky.(NCBC) came together at the Youth Activities Although the night air was balmy, children of allCenter (YAC) to attend the annual Tree Lighting ages were able to dance and play in artificialand Holiday Gift Village event Dec. 7. Sponsored snow as they waited in line to visit Santa and tellby Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR), the him their secret wishes. The tree will remain infamily-friendly fun included childrens games, front of the YAC throughout the holiday sea-free prizes, vendors, warm cookies and milk and son. (U.S. Navy photos by Mass Communication Spe-pictures with Santa. Capt. Rick Burgess, com- cialist 1st Class Jonathan Carmichael, Rob Mims andmanding officer of NCBC, Santa and Debbie MWR/Released) 7
  8. 8. ‘The Meat & Potatoes CAN DO Christmas of Life’ CAN DO Silent Baked Good Auction . . . The CAN DO Christmas Charity is holding a Silent Baked Goods Auction throughout the day, Dec. 13. By Lisa Smith Molinari Anyone who is interested in supporting the charity Military Spouse Contributer can stop by CCCT/building 260A and submit a written bid, complete with contact information, on a baked item of interest. The bidder can stop by throughout the day toA time for hope, cheer and craftiness check on their bid and add to their bid if they have been outbid by someone else. All bids begin at $5. under her sparkling tree. Wine ment, snatching it from her vic- Donations of baked goods for the auction are needed. Cakes, glasses filled, chitchat ensued, tim. We all erupted in hoots and cookie, cup cakes, brownies and pies would be most wel- and we were all enjoying the applause, as if the living room comed. Anyone interested in donating a baked good is asked friendly, relaxed atmosphere. had just turned into a Roman Col- to contact one of the CAN DO coordinators listed below by An hour into the night, we were iseum. Dec. 10 and bring the item to CCCT/building 260A the morning filling up on hot dip and red and Seething with vengeance, the of the Silent Auction (Dec. 13.) Monetary donations would also green M&Ms, when the hostess victim of the ruthless theft plot- be welcomed. called us into the living room to ted her revenge. start the ornament exchange. The scene quickly turned from CAN DO coordinators: UT1 Deangelo, 757-513-8001, Light laughter and conversation one of merriment to mayhem, as UT1 Rygh, 228-547-7240, CE1 Troup, 571-331-0043 continued as we casually plopped my bunco group turned into an onto couches and chairs. unruly mob. As the snarling During this season of giving,people everywhere are trans- We had no idea of the carnage that was about to befall our women snatched ornaments, our host tried to maintain order. LADD . . .formed. The Spirit of the Season group. “Now, remember ladies, the giftinspires generosity, compassion After some flimsy debate over is dead after it is stolen three Leaders Against Drunk Drivingand joy in us all. But sometimes, who should pick first, our hostess times.”in the midst of all this merriment, announced, “Ok, ladies, why But the mere mention of LADD is a program spon- ~ LADD will take individualour personalities swing wildly in don’t we go in alphabetical order, “death” only seemed to ignite sored by the NCBC/20th First home only, no stops.the other direction, resulting in according to the first letter of our more savagery. Class Association. The mis- ~ Volunteers who stand theviolence, theft, and intentional in- middle names.” The last woman to steal sion of LADD is to prevent watch are on call 24/7.fliction of emotional distress. Three women claiming some shouted, “It’s DEAD, it’s DEAD!” drunk driving on board NCBC It is always important to What, pray tell, could cause derivation of the name “Ann” in a murderous rage, and we all Gulfport by providing rides have a plan in place whensuch extreme behavior, you say? went first, and they each picked gnashed our teeth as if she was for any service member who going out in town, but if yourThe answer is simple: The White from the wrapped gifts under the carrying a bloody carcass back to needs assistance getting plans fall through, please callElephant Gift Exchange. tree. the den. home after an outing that LADD and we will pick you involves alcohol. up! December 13, 2012 Otherwise known as a “Yankee One by one, they gently unrav- The final victim had no choice;Swap,” “Parcel Pass,” or “Dirty eled the tissue paper from around she had to pick the lone gift left ~ LADD is strictly confiden- 100 percent confidential,Santa,” this apparently innocent their chosen ornament. Eyes under the tree. It was the acorn tial. NO REPRISAL! zero reprisal!holiday game rouses merciless darted around the room as brains and walnut ornaments I had Call 228-239-9007thievery and selfish materialism calculated. Just seconds before, brought, and as she revealedin even the most virtuous of par- we were more interested in cran- them, I weakly offered my pre-ticipants. berry cream cheese spread, but planned inappropriate joke. The Think you’re tough … enough to play RUGBY? Case in point: my last bunco now that merchandise was being women, still wounded from bat- “Rugby is a game for BARBARIANS that is played by GENTLEMEN”group held a white elephant or- revealed, we began to silently tle, could only force a few bogus The newly formed Mississippi Gulf Coast Rugby Club is recruiting play-nament exchange every Decem- strategize. chuckles. ers, coaches and fans for the 2013 season right now. We aren’t look-ber. Most members shopped After four or five women se- As we said goodnight, I realized ing for wanna-be tough guys, people who are out of shape or peoplebeforehand, picking out some- lected from under the tree, the that we had just had an epic war who don’t have time to dedicate three days a week. Once you learnthing unique, handmade or artis- rest of us considered the un- over meaningless objects that we how to play, this sport will supersede your love of any other. Ourtic. opened opened ornaments before could purchase for less than $10 games last 80 minutes, split into 40 minute halves, and demand a The class clown in me always us. Hmm . . . which one should I in any local store. But what fun high level of endurance, strength and teamwork. The team is com- Seabee Couriergoes for the laugh, so I couldn’t open . . . would that be, without the thrill prised of military and civilians, officers and enlisted, blue-collar work-resist when I saw glass blown Suddenly someone cried “Steal!” of theft, murder and mayhem in ers and doctors, 18 year-olds to 40 year-old men. We are diverse andGerman ornaments shaped like And our mouths began to water. the midst of delicious cookies and strong. If you think you have what it takes, come out and see foracorns and walnuts. I bought one “Yea, it’s no fun if we just pick twinkle lights? yourself. Practice is held at Popps Ferryof each, envisioning the hysterical the wrapped gifts, you’ve got to So remember folks: steal the Fields on Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m.laughter that would erupt when, steal!” I added, wiping the spittle gift you want before it dies, mer- Bring a friend, if you think they can the recipient opened my orna- from my chin. cilessly exact your revenge, and Mississippi Gulf Coast Men’s Rugby Footballments, I would blurt out a joke of A chant ensued, “Steal! Steal! have a very Merry Christmas! Club ,questionable taste. Steal!” as the designated woman Http:// We arrived at the hostess’ rose from her seat. A tiny grin Get more wit and observations TRUGBY Call Joey at 228-243-2673,apartment at the designated hour could be seen on her face as she from Lisa at her blog, http://the- Billy at 440-251-4411, Doug at 228-and placed our tiny packages lunged toward a wooden orna- meatandpotatoesof- 493-6191 or email, 8
  9. 9. Focus on EducationGreat ways to Ground breaking for NCBC School Liaison new Gulfport schoolkeep kids reading Officer From Harrison Countyover the holidays Kevin Byrd is located School District Online On Dec. 5, Henry ArledgeFrom StatePoint Media, Inc. down “The Hunger Games” by at MWR Building 352 along with members of the Suzanne Collins may be inter- School Board broke ground at While breaks from school ested in learning more about the the site of the new elementaryshould be fun, they don’t have origins and history of real ath- 1706 Bainbridge Ave. school, River Oaks be breaks from learning. The letic competitions. Start with The new school will be locateddown time of the holiday season “The Olympics: A History of the NCBC, 228-871-2117 on Three Rivers Road. The open August 2014 for theis the perfect time of year to Modern Games” by Allen new school will be built for a 2014-2015 school year and willkeep kids entertained with Guttmann.” Or entertain a new-books. found interest in the outdoors or email: capacity of 900 students with have 35 classrooms, offices, li- room for expansion. brary, cafeteria, and gymna- And with recent adoption of with “The Ultimate Survival River Oaks Elementary will be sium.the Common Core State Stan- Manual” by Rich Johnson or a kevin.r.byrd@navy.mildards, which set expectations field guides to birds.for what students should be ~ Together, visit the non-profitlearning so they will be collegeand career ready, children of all website, voted one of TIME magazine’s Balfour Beatty hostsages will be expected to read 50 Top Websites of 2011. Won-more non-fiction. “As a parent, you can play an deropolis is an effective way to teach nonfiction reading, which ‘Pancakesimportant role in helping yourchildren meet the Common Core the Common Core State Stan- dards identify as a critical skill. with Santa’State Standards while on break,”says Donna Elder, senior literacy The site’s feature, “Wonder of the Day,” is aligned with these Dec. 15, 8 -10 a.m.specialist for the National Center standards, examining a newfor Family Literacy (NCFL). “Byusing fiction and their interests topic daily. ~ Is your child interested in at McDonaldsas a springboard for informa- baseball? From historical ac- on board NCBC December 13, 2012tional reading, you can make counts like “Baseball: A Historythis a fun experience.” of America’s Favorite Game” by Elder is providing reading ideasto feed your children’s interests.It’s all about offering them George Vecsey to a book that explains how bats are made, such as “Good Wood: The Story Santa arrivesbooks on subjects in which youalready know they are inter-ested: of the Baseball Bat,” by Stuart Miller, you can help kids score an academic homerun. at 9 a.m. ~ For example, if your child ~ Inspire the inner-chef inenjoyed “The Cricket in Times your children and test their abil-Square” by George Selden, youcan help foster his or her inter-est in crickets with “Insectiope- ity to follow instructions with “Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cook- book,” by Nicola Graimes. Or opt Parents Guide to School Safety What do I do if I feel there is an unsafe condition at my child’s school?dia” by Douglas Florian, for a picture-book biography 1.Discuss your observations or perceptions with the teacher or principal of the school. Seabee Courier“Chirping Crickets” by Melvin like, “Bon Appetit! The DeliciousBerger, or “Cricket”s by Cheryl 2.If you feel that the situation has not been adequately explained, or appropriate action taken, Life of Julia Child” by JessieCoughlan. contact the School District Superintendent or School Board Member who represents you. Hartland. ~ After reading “The Snow 3.You can also furnish information by calling the Connections Hotline at 1-888-827-4637 and noti- Don’t let “educational” andChild: A Russian Folktale” retold fying the operator. Please ensure you list the school, district, county, and exact information to in- “boring” mean the same thing inby Freya Littledale, follow up by clude names of people involved. your household. By seeking outencouraging your child to read reading material that engages 4.All calls to the hotline are completely anonymous and if they result in the seizure of a weaponabout the science of weather your children on their level on or drugs could result in the caller receiving up to a $1000 reward.with “The Kids’ Book of Weather subjects that are meaningful to 5.The children of Mississippi belong to all of us, and we must all work together to ensure theirForecasting” by Mark Breen and them, you can help them meet safetyKathleen Friestad or “Weather” the Common Core State Stan-by Seymour Simon. dards, while having a very merry For more Harrison County School Safety Information visit the Harrison County School District ~ Teens who couldn’t put holiday season. website at: 9
  10. 10. AT NTA, TLANT GEORGIA R *STAY AT THE WYNDHAM GARDEN ATAT TLANTA T AIRPORT SOUTH FOR O ONLY $55.50 NIGHT 0/Fitness is taking you and your family to MOST POPULAR The holidays may be here, but Mickey’s Music Festival in Mobile ATTRACTIONS WITH THE Sdon’t let it get in the way of your Dec. 15 for only $25! Departing from the ITT parking lot at 11 a.m., CITY PASS FOR ONLYworkout routine. Make time for agroup fitness class. The CBC Fitness and returning approximately 7 p.m. $63/AD & DCenter offers courses as early as 8 Space is limited - sign up today! $44.50/CH (3-12) Ha.m. and as late as 6 p.m. Get your (Children ages 6 and under must be *TA A SPIN AROUND TAKE Nheart pumping with some in a passenger restraint device, not THE ICE SKAT NG RINK IN TINstrength/cardio, Zumba or cycling. provided by MWR.) The last Saints game of the season CENTINIAL PARK FORYou can also try out the new lowimpact aerobics course or center Saints vs. Panthers will go on sale ONLY $ 0 $1yourself with yoga. For the class Dec. 17 at 9 a.m. for just All hotels subject to availability. Does no include any black out dates. Not all l ot kschedule, visit us on Facebook at $52.25/ticket! The first week of tic eted events are available through ITT. ckNCBC Gulfport MWR or stop by the sales will be open to Active Duty only. During the second week of Active Duty, Reservist, National To sign up or for more details, call Anchors & Eagles: Open Tuesday-Fitness Center today! sales tickets will be available for Guard, USCG and Retirees are now ODR. Thursday 2 - 9 p.m. Call now to purchase to all eligible MWR patrons eligible for a complimentary Univer- FREE Batting Cage: No more to- schedule your holiday event!Recreation sal 3 Day Park-to-Park ticket and kens needed. Stop by and take a Movie Theater: FREE every week- (Active Duty, Reservists, Depend-end. Grab some popcorn and sit ents, Retirees and DOD employees) Blue Man Group Ticket at children’s swing! Rent bats and helmets at no Youth Activities with proper ID. Limit two tickets price! All dependents and DOD per- charge from Outdoor Recreation Its hockey season and time to signback and enjoy the movie! per Military ID card. Parking passes sonnel are eligible for discounted during business hours. up with the Youth Activities Center to Friday, “Lawless,” R, 6 p.m. are $40 for parking inside of the Su- Universal 2 Day, with 3rd Day Free go catch the action on the ice with all Saturday, “ParaNorman,” PG,6 p.m. perdome Parking Garage and will be tickets! Call ITT for info! Food & Beverage of your friends. Enjoy an exciting MS available on a first come first serve ITT has Nutcracker tickets avail- The Beehive has new hours on the Surge hockey game for only $7 Satur- Sunday, “The Odd Life of Timo- basis. (No refunds or exchanges. All able for the performances on Dec. weekends and will be open special day, 5 – 11 p.m.thy Green,” PG, 6 p.m. ticket prices are subject to change 21 for just $15/ ticket! Call ITT for hours for the holiday season. Head Chocolate is the flavor of the sea- December 13, 2012 without warning. ITT is not respon- more information. on over every day of the week for son. Head to the Youth ActivitiesInformation, Tickets and sible for lost, stolen or laundered good service and good times with Center on Tuesday from 5:30 –Travel: tickets and will not replace them. Liberty Center: friends! Call for details 228-871- 8:30 p.m. for the Triple Play Cook- Looking for a great holiday event Resale is prohibited. Give back to the community and 4009. ing Club. The club will be makingfor the family? Look no further, ITT schedule to volunteer with the Lib- Fight the cold weather by getting chocolate covered pretzels. Yummy erty Center. Liberty is arranging a a hot breakfast from the Grill. The and FREE! trip to volunteer for the Habitat for Grill is located at the corner of Don’t get bored after school. Do Humanity Saturday at 7 a.m. Stop Colby and 7th Street and has every- something cool at the Youth Activi- by today and sign up! thing from French toast plates to ties After-School Program and Feel like getting away from the breakfast burritos or traditional Power Hour, Monday - Friday, 2 – base for a little action on the ice. eggs and bacon. 5:30 p.m. Call YAC for details. Go check out a MS Surge hockey game with the Liberty Center this For more information about MWR Thursday, 6 p.m. Tickets are only programs and opportunities, contact: Seabee Courier $6. The Liberty Center is located next to the Navy Exchange. Anchors & Eagles 228-871-4607 Auto Hobby 228-871-2804 Navy Outdoor Recreation: Beehive 228-871-4009 Child Development Center 228-871-2323 Do you have holiday parties Fitness Center 228-871-2668 scheduled this season? Outdoor Information, Tickets & 228-871-2231 Recreation offers all kind of equip- Travel ment for gatherings from grills and Liberty Center 228-871-4684 cookers to children’s bounce houses Seabee Heritage Center 228-871-3619 Navy Outdoor Recreation 228-871-2127About 1,400 military members and their families came out to celebrate at very affordable prices. RV Park 228-871-5435the season during the Annual MWR Tree Lighting and Holiday Gift Vil- Calling all fishermen! Navy Out- The Grill 228-871-2494lage held at the Youth Activities Center on board Naval Construction door Recreation presents the Fish- Training Hall 228-871-4750Battalion Center (NCBC) Dec. 7. (Photo courtesy of MWR/Released) ing Rodeo at Seabee Lake, Dec. 22. Youth Activities Center 228-871-2251 10
  11. 11. NCBC Helping Hands volunteer opportunitiesLONG BEACH ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL SEEKS MENTORS - Wool- Want to make a difference in the life Gulfport Biloxi International Airport.)SCHOOL SEEKS MENTORS - Long market Elementary School on John Lee of the elderly then volunteer this fall PROFESSIONAL GOLF ASSOCIA-Beach Alternative School on Old Pass Road in Biloxi is looking for mentors with Driftwood Nursing Home located TION NEEDS VOLUNTEERS - Volun-Road in Long Beach is looking for for their male students as they prepare right outside the Broad Avenue gate. teers are needed for the Professionalmentors for three high school girls and for middle school. Please contact The contact for this volunteer opportu- Golf Association (PGA) Championsfour high school boys. Mentor duties Shirley Hardman at 228-392-5640 for nity is Christina at 228-243-3421. Tour featuring top golfers - Fred Cou-will include providing direction on as- more information or to volunteer. VOLUNTEER WITH USO - Volunteer- ples, Tom Lehman, Mark Calcavecchia,signments, increasing personal ac- COAST SALVATION ARMY NEEDS ing is both fun and rewarding. If you Nick Price, & Bernhard Langer Marchcountability and other life skills. VOLUNTEERS - Volunteers are need are interested in volunteering or would 18 - 24 at the Fallen Oak Golf Club,Please call Michelle Harrison at 228- for various projects throughout the like more information, please visit 24400 Highway 15, Saucier. Volunteer round of golf at Grand Bear and ad-865-1956 for more information or to year. Contact Shawna Tatge for info, Volun- will receive a shirt, hat or visor, a cre- mission to a volunteer party at Hardvolunteer. teers are needed at both USO loca- dential for the Week, meals during Rock, Biloxi. For details, contactWOOLMARKET ELEMENTARY DRIFTWOOD NURSING HOME - tions - (NMPS 2nd Floor, NCBC and shift, six good-any-day tickets, a free Stephanie Griffis, 228-896-6365. . . . Follow Seabee Center on Facebook and Twitter . . . Watch out for pedestrians . . . Remember, they have the right of way! Unless otherwise Seabee Memorial Chapel posted, the speed limit on board NCBC is 25 m.p.h. Looking for a way to serve your community? Interested in a law enforcement career? If so, consider volunteering your off duty time and become a Gulfport Police Reserve Officer or a Reserve Com- munity Service Technician. Call Lt. December 13, 2012 Phillip Kincaid at 228-868-5900, ext. 6189 or email him at pkincaid@gulf- for additional information. Chapel Offerings Looking for a church? Home. The Seabee Pantry is for The Seabee Memorial Chapel holds anyone affiliated with NCBC. services every Sunday that might suit Praise and Worship your needs. Protestant Services in- The Seabee Memorial Chapel is looking Center Chaplains: clude a Gospel Service at 8 a.m. and for new members for the Praise and Seabee Courier Divine Worship Service at 11 a.m. Worship Team for the Divine Worship Lt. Cmdr. Paul Smith, Protestant Chaplain Catholic Services include Catholic Service at 11 a.m. Sundays. If you can Lt. Yoon Choi, Protestant Chaplain Mass at 9:30 a.m. There is also sing or play an instrument, you are in- For information concerning other faith groups, Catholic Mass Tuesdays at 11:15 a.m. vited to come share your gift. Seabee Pantry Women’s Bible Study Women’s call the chapel office at 228-871-2454 The Seabee Pantry needs restocking. Fall Bible Study is held Wednesdays During the holidays, the need for food at 11 a.m. at the Seabee Memorial Services: donations is at its highest level. Chapel. The Fall Bible Study is con- Gospel Service: 8 a.m. Please donate as many canned goods ducting a six-week study by Jen- and other nonperishables as possible. nifer Rothchild - Missing Pieces.” Sunday Catholic Mass: 9:30 a.m. Donation drop-off sites are located at Free child care is available. Weekday Mass: Tuesday, 11:15 a.m. the Navy Exchange, Chapel, Commis- For more information on all offer- Divine Worship: Sunday, 11 a.m. sary, Fleet and Family Support Center ings that are available, contact the and Armed Forces Retirement chapel at 228-871-2454. 11