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Fleet and Family Support Center Gulfport June Calendar


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June Calendar of Events, FFSC, Gulfport

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Fleet and Family Support Center Gulfport June Calendar

  1. 1. June 2013 Fleet and Family Support Center ProgramsSun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatPlease call Fleet and Family Support Center to sign up for classes in advance so we can keep you postedabout any changes. . .we are at 228-871-3000. Thanks!12 3Effective Fatherhood,11004DVIP 16005Effective Fatherhood,1100Combat Adjustment16006 “Adjusting to theEconomy and aFurlough,” 1100-12007 89 10Effective Fatherhood,110011 Smooth Moves,1000-1200DVIP 160012Effective Fatherhood,1100Combat Adjustment160013 Baby BootCamp, 0800- noon14 1516BEGINS 17 June:SAPR VictimAdvocate Class,Building 60, Room105, from 0800-1630.17 “Adjusting to theEconomy and aFurlough,” 1100- 1200SAPR Victim AdvocateClass Begins 0800Eff. Fatherhood, 110018DVIP 160019Effective Fatherhood,1100Combat Adjustment160020 21 2223 24Transition GPS ClassBegins Today, 0800Effective Fatherhood,110025DVIP 160026 NMCRS BUDGETFOR BABY, CallNMCRS at 871-2610 tosign up! Eff. Fatherhood,1100; Combat Adj.1600; I.A. FamilyGathering 160027AssertiveCommunicationSkills, 0800-090028 2930Notes: Parenting Classes and Stress/Anger Classes are always available; Call Paula at 871-3457.
  2. 2. JUNE FFSC ClassesPlease call Fleet and Family Support Center at 228-871-3000 to pre-register.Adjusting to the Economy and a Furlough, two chances: 6 and 17 June, 1100-1200. Geared to civilians affected by the furlough, this class willfocus on adjusting to living with less income. Everyone is welcome.Anger & Stress Management, by appointment, call Paula Ingram at 871-3457.Assertive Communication Skills, 27 June, 0800-0900. Learn how to set limits appropriately.Combat Adjustment Program, Each Wednesday, 1600-1730. Call Sarah Hopper at 228-871-3000 to sign up. This 6-session class discussesstress reactions to combat.DVIP (Domestic Violence Intervention Program), Tuesdays at 1600. Call Jim Soriano to sign up in advance at 228-871-3000. Designed to help endpartner-on-partner abuse. NOTE: DVIP for WOMEN is available at a separate time; call Paula at 228-871-3000 for information.Effective Fatherhood, Mondays and Wednesdays at 1100. This is an on-going series for men and any father is invited; call Jim Sorianoat 871-3000 for more information and to sign up. Attendees are welcome to bring a lunch and eat during the class.Individual Augmentee Family Gathering, 26 June, 1600-1700. Provides support/information to families of Individual Augmentees. CallPaula or Jean at 871-3000 for information.NMCRS Budget for Baby, 26 June. Call Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society at 871-2610 to sign up and obtain class time.Parenting Class, by appointment, call Paula Ingram at 871-3457.SAPR Victim Advocate Training, 17-21 June. Provides crucial information to anyone selected by the command as a Victim Advocate for Sexual Assault.Smooth Moves, 11 June, 1000-1200. For anyone PCS’ing in the next 6 months, this class tells you about paperwork, entitlements,rules, and regulations.Transition GPS Class for Separatees and Retirees, week of 24 June, 0800 daily. For members separating or retiring, thisclass covers job-hunting skills as well as “need-to-know” items relevant to leaving the service. Members must be enrolledby their Command Career Counselors.