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Great Wall Powerpoint


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Great Wall Powerpoint

  1. 1. Great Wall Of China By Eric & Sarah S
  2. 2. Who Built The Great Wall?? S 300,000 Soldier S 500,000 Common People S Constructed During Emperor Qin’s Ruling
  3. 3. What Was The Great Wall Built To Do?? Why?? S Protects China from Northern Invaders (Mongols) S Towers Were Used To House/Protect Soldiers S During Wartimes S Housing So They Were Safe S Housing So They Could Protect At All Times
  4. 4. Where Is The Great Wall Located? S Southern Border of Mongolia S North of Beijing
  5. 5. When Was The Great Wall Built?? S 3rd-17th Century B.C. S Over 2000 years ago
  6. 6. How Long Is The Great Wall?? S Stretches Throughout China. S Divided Into Many Different Sections S Overall Its About 5,500 Miles Long
  7. 7. What Is The Great Wall Of China Made Out Of?? S Earth Materials S Stones S Wood S Bricks
  8. 8. Has Anyone Ever Jumped Over The Wall?? S Yes In 2005 S Danny Way, 31, From California S Jumped Over It On A Bike 5 Times S Click Here To Watch!!
  9. 9. Is The Great Wall Visible From The Moon?? S No S Some Astronauts Have Claimed It Is Visible S Studies Have Proven This Theory Wrong
  10. 10. What Is Tourism Doing To The Great Wall?? S Slowly Ruining It S Excessive Tourism Is Causing The Wall To Crumble In Areas S Also Is Making It Fall Apart And Making Certain Areas Unsave
  11. 11. Is The Great Wall Of China Still A Good Thing Today?? S Yes S It Brings Tourism S This In Effect Brings Money To China S Without The Great Wall China Would Lose A Lot Of The Attention & Money They Get From Around The World
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