System Center Operations Manager - How to tune and tame the beast


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So you installed SCOM, imported the Management Packs and started monitoring. Now the real fun starts. How about the so famous 360 degree monitoring? Is it only marketing mumbo jumbo or not? How to get the most out of Distributed Applications? How about creating Classes for your specific monitoring needs? And do both – and more – without taking a deep dive into hard core Management Pack authoring? And when SCOM starts having issues, how to solve them? Where to start? In this session Marnix will show you how to get things done in a fast and easy manner. Also he’ll show you how to start troubleshooting in a consistent manner, pinpointing some common issues and how to solve them.

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  • Infra monitoringTraditional infra monitoringTraditional: OS, SQL, IIS, Network, ADCloud monitoringAzure, AWS etcetcApplication Performance MonitoringFormerlyknown as AVIcode. Covers J2EE as well now.Inside Synth TransactionsInside datacenterSynth transactions against websites, SP andso onOutsideSynth transactionsSynth transactions from end-user perspectiveCanthey log on to a commerce website, add items totheir cart and check out?Simulates end-user experienceStarting point is GSMActual client monitoringMainly in .NET space, based on APM enabled for client-side
  • All is coveredby SCOM andwe’re in control!
  • Component monitoring at it’s best, withtoomanygaps.How about:Compute?Storage?Networking?Andhowabout:Monitoring of yourLOBs?
  • Get in all the basic components, divided in the threepillars BEFORE starting LOB MonitoringCOMPUTESTORAGENETWORKINGFor LOB Monitoring aka Service Modelling:Start SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)Start SMALL
  • AvailabilityConfigurationPerformanceSecurity
  • Demo:Open ConsoleShow DA demo. Top level health is okay, but DA component SQL is CriticalShow HE for whole DA and HE for SQL DA componentShow settings of AllContained Objects MonitorBuildDependency Monitor targetedagainst A.M. PerformanceShow new health state
  • Differentiate in MonitoringSeparation between customersAllows easy grouping for all purposesKeeps Health Explorer of all other objects clean
  • Voorbeelden met voorgebakken MP, Groep en Override op DiscoveryMP Authoring tool:Oude tooling benoemen en nieuwe!!!MP maken in MP Authoring toolMP SealenSCOM Console:Class tonen in ConsoleGroup tonen in ConsoleOverride tonen in ConsoleObjecten tonen door OverrideMonitor maken tegen de Class
  • Shortwrap up of most common issues
  • Tayo Yang
  • Wrap up of tools andpossibilties
  • Eerst Agent install logs laten zienDan OpsMgr eventlog (aanwezig op Agents, MS en GWs)Dan tracing voorbeelden:CMD lineToolUitleggen waar wat staatELEVATED permissions!!!
  • System Center Operations Manager - How to tune and tame the beast

    1. 1. Microsoft NDA Confidential @MarnixWolf Marnix Wolf Senior consultant Blogger SCCDM MVP
    2. 2. 360⁰ monitoring. How real does it get? DAs. The nuts and bolts Custom Classes as coat hangers Common SCOM pain points & issues How to monitor and remedy SCOM Troubleshooting flow
    3. 3. OpsMgr 2012 R2 + GSM + System Center Advisor
    4. 4. DAs The nuts & bolts
    5. 5. Aggregate Monitors pitfall
    6. 6. Blank (Advanced) All Contained Objects
    7. 7. distributed-application-horror.html
    8. 8. Custom Classes As coat hangers
    9. 9. REVERSE DISCOVERY Windows Server Computer Registry (Filtered) • BEST PRACTICE
    10. 10. Create a Group with required Windows Servers; Enable the Discovery for the new Class, using the new Group; Class will be Discovered, resulting in Objects related to the Class Monitors/Rules/Views can be built now, targeted against that Class
    11. 11. Common SCOM pain points & issues
    12. 12. SSC Health Reports OM 12 Self Maintenance MP
    13. 13. Troubleshoo
    14. 14. Resources
    15. 15.