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Creating Purposeful Scrum Teams via Awesome Backlog


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by Ashish Kumar, Shijo Paul & Manjunath Rao

Scrum is a practical framework to build products, provided you identify, in advance, what to build. However, even after a successful product discovery phase, you may struggle to implement the right way if your product backlog is not up to the job. Garbage in, garbage out — as the saying goes.

Managing the product backlog is a full-time and continuous evolution.

In this session, we will share simple techniques that can help change what can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process, to an interactive, iterative process that effectively engages team members, customers, and stakeholders. It will teach you how to develop solid techniques to help you build, prioritize, and maintain your product backlog.

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Creating Purposeful Scrum Teams via Awesome Backlog

  1. 1. Ashish Kumar, Manju Rao, Shijo Paul Creating Purposeful Scrum Teams via Awesome Backlog
  2. 2. • Shijo works with Cisco as an Agile Coach. • Shijo has had 20 years of experience, including roles as a Scrum Master, Development Manager, Automation Lead and Engineer. • RSG Australia 2017, APGI 2018 • Manju is an Agile evangelist with 15+ years of diverse experience in the areas of Project & Quality Management, Agile Coaching, Training & Consulting. • Working as PMO with Siemens. • RSG Australia 2017, APGI 2017 and 2018 • Ashish is with Siemens as an Agile Coach. • He brings 10 years of experience and lived the agile transformations as a developer from ground 0, facilitated the change as Scrum Master and leading it as a coach. • GSG Bengaluru 2016 , Scrum Australia 2017, APGI 2018.
  3. 3. A Journey – you can call it Idea to Installation Concept to Cash Discovery to Delivery
  4. 4. Farm2Home
  5. 5. Gain trust though reviews Contribute to Community Get product availability Notifications
  6. 6. Persona’s
  7. 7. Feature List and Prioritization 10 Mins
  8. 8. Its all About Stories!
  9. 9. Ingredients of Good Stories
  10. 10. Wrong Ways to write Stories
  11. 11. 10 Mins Let’s Write Stories
  12. 12. What Next?
  13. 13. 10 Mins
  14. 14. 15 Mins
  15. 15.
  16. 16. • • • • coach References