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Ben Hogan - Extending scrum adoption with visual managment


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Scrum Australia 2016

Published in: Business
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Ben Hogan - Extending scrum adoption with visual managment

  1. 1. 4/30/16 1 Extending Scrum Adoption with Visual Management ​Ben Hogan ​Speaker | Mentor | Trainer | Coach ​ ​ ​@agileben Karen,  CIO
  2. 2. 4/30/16 2 Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples Jimmy Janlén 23 Days blocked (wasted) When using Post‐it notes to indicate blocked status it can be helpful to keep track of the days since the blocker was introduced. On the Daily Stand‐up meeting, simply put a dash on the blocker note, also known as tally marks. The dashing in itself will remind you and your team to act on the impediment or dependency. And the number of dashes will tell you how many days have been wasted waiting for something or someone. A large number of dashes is an invitation to a serious discussion. Why does the team fail to resolve its impediments? Do they lack support? Motivation? We’re really busy!
  3. 3. 4/30/16 3 Impacts of utilisation A To  Do In  Progress UAT Done To  Do In  Progress Done A B In  Progress Done Business  Unit Business  Unit B Can  we  extend   Scrum  outside   IT?
  4. 4. 4/30/16 4 Tough times for insurance Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity
  5. 5. 4/30/16 5 How  do  we  respond? ”The  greatest  biologist  since  Darwin”  – Richard  Dawkins
  6. 6. 4/30/16 6 © Vanguard Consulting Ltd Thinking governs performance Performance System Thinking Source:  Vangard.  John  Seddon.   A huge shift in mindset­‐embrace-­‐of-­‐agile/
  7. 7. 4/30/16 7 How do we unlock a new mindset? “When  companies   can’t  invent,  it’s   usually  because   their  people  are   too  damn  busy.”   ―Tom  DeMarco,   Slack
  8. 8. 4/30/16 8 “Operating a product development process near full utilization is an economic disaster.” Donald G. Reinertsen, The Principles of Product Development Flow. How do these challenges relate you your organisation? • Business generally overburdened • Market pressure to change and innovate • Established leadership mindset Start End
  9. 9. 4/30/16 9 My  role -­‐ Training -­‐ Mentoring -­‐ Coaching
  10. 10. 4/30/16 10 Big  up  front  planning Bigg Gantt Charts “Utterly  Ridiculous  – a  complete  waste  of  time”  -­‐ Karen
  11. 11. 4/30/16 11 Step  1:  build  awareness
  12. 12. 4/30/16 12 How would you build awareness?Start End Visceral change­‐is-­‐an-­‐effective-­‐stand-­‐up/
  13. 13. 4/30/16 13 Our approach • Build desire for change – Show your walls – Show your backlog – Visit other sites • Change incrementally – Try startingwith Visual Management – Teach usinggames – Do an assessment • Outcomes: lessons and next steps SHOWING THE WALLS
  14. 14. 4/30/16 14
  15. 15. 4/30/16 15 Showing the Backlog
  16. 16. 4/30/16 16 Jun Jul Aug 290 225 270 Points required for Operational Imperatives: 165 95 95 Points available for Strategic Theme Ranking: 125 130 175 RANK INITIATIVE DUE DATE DELIVERABLE JUN JUL AUG COMMENTS 10 Production Support Ongoing Correction of issues raised from the production environment and other unplanned critical changes - includes WC Monthly extracts for WCA & NCPD Reporting 75 75 75 20 Policy Conversion 31/12/2015 I90 to PC Policy Conversion (includes PC WC Conversion Development) 15 5 5 30 Workers Comp Claims Migration 30/06/2016 Migration of Workers Comp claims off CC5 and onto CC7 15 5 5 40 Workers Compensation Upgrade Project 29/02/2016 CLAIMS Remaining CC build, Operational Reports/Extracts (incl. NSW EL), Test and Fix 50 5 5 50 Workers Compensation Upgrade Project POLICY May: Report / Extract Development June/July: Contingency/Support 10 5 5 60 Hollard Initiative - Motor Phase 1 (rating algorithm and underwriting rules implementation (Same Wording) May - Design/Build Motor Changes June - Build and Test Motor Changes July - Test and Fix/ Support Implementation 30 15 15 Agreed in meeting on 23/03 that if possible, more resources should be assigned to this to progress more quickly 70 Acerta Revenue Strategy: Product and Portal refinements May: Broker Portal Renewal Solution (for Blackburn) June : Broadform Changes - Requirements TBA TBD 20 20 20 80 Commercial Digital / Online Strategy (Revenue) May: Discovery for ESSA Quote/Buy Portal (requirements in progress) and Discovery for Bus Pack online June & July : Implement ESSA and Commence Remaining Liab Portals July: RMO Discovery 20 20 20 CD Digital Strategy Planning for June/July meeting is being booked - this will determine whether RMO via Policy Hub Development should proceed - if it does, it will need to be scheduled ahead of Business Pack build (RMO would need to have discovery in July, 90 Acerta Operational Improvement Strategy Highest ranked Operational Improvements items (As ranked in the Business Improvement Forum and Subsequent OBO Ranking Meeting) May - highest ranked items (ISR Performance, PC Email, PC COC) June - highest ranked items July - highest ranked items 15 15 15 Requirements to be ready prior to commencement of sprint in order to utilise this capacity, otherwise spare capacity will be used to assist with discovery activities 100 Commercial Direct Operational Improvement May - highest ranked items June - highest ranked items July - highest ranked items 15 15 15 Requirements to be ready prior to commencement of sprint in order to utilise this capacity 110 RI Set-up 2016/2017 Reinsurance Set-up and Testing 5 Finalised Reinsurance Arrangements Outstanding - we are proceeding with a draft programme initially for Acerta. 120 Client Communications Updates Office Move: Update Address and Phone Number on all System Generated Customer Comms (applying new Guild Logos at the same time) and Policy Wordings (Email versions) MIGA : Complete co-branding of additional Comms. Need to establish a new Co- Branding Standard which is then applied in future. Agreed that application of new Branding/Styles for Direct and Acerta Wordings should occur on next significant renewal or when Content Changes necessitate a new Wording 130 Claims Category Changes required for Property and ISR - BI Reporting Issue 1 30/06/2016 Business Interruption related Claim Costs (reserves and payments) are being extracted to the Data Warehouse with an “unknown” coverage attached to them. This means we cannot be sure they relate to BI and, for Pack policies, we can't determine whether the reserves/payments relate to loss of income, claims prep costs or other BI coverages. PC accepted that we could accept compromise until EOFY 15-16. Please also note that this issue is as a result of the way we reserve in CC. This 10 points will cover some discovery into a solution for this and may be sufficient to resolve the reporting issue for ISR which is a simpler structure (single BI coverage) than the Business/Prof Packs which have multiple coverages. 15/04/16: As at the End of March 2016, the “unknown” coverage allocations show that about 80% of the issue is around ISR. 140 System Changes arising out GIL Op Model Changes 5 5 Targeting July for discovery - development in August and release in Sept 150 Client Communications for Workers Compensation (Claims) Complete the remaining 113 Workers Compensation Client Communications 30 30 Operational efficiency. Copying and pasting new documents into GW blank templates is resulting in formatting issues and requires input from Claims Specialists which is not efficient 160 Workflow: Winback and Commercial Direct Pipeline Management Includes: Winback (for Acerta and Direct) Campaign Management Lead Management Associated Reporting and Analytics (Requires BI Resourcing) 20 20 20 Total effort for this Project is likely to be 50 - 60 points Require decision on when to execute - contingent on BI Team Resourcing being made available in the same time-frame. Established that the Saleslogix licence is up for renewal on 30 August 170 CAPACITY MARKER 290 235 235 180 FA 'Big Bang' conversion Fitness Australia Big Bang conversion options : Option 1 (estimated here) - is to proceed with the Big Bang Conversion for an October Launch (1st Jan effective renewals). Option 2: Leave Fitness Australia Policies Expiring 1/Jan/17 - 30/9/17 (2594 Policies) to convert at Renewal. 50 50 We have undertaken a detailed analysis of all of the changes required to PC, BC, CC and Reporting/Analytics to support the Big Bang option. The total points required to complete this work is approx. 100 which would need to be accommodated in the July and August sprints. The original estimates provided by Tom were lower, but focussed only on the Conversion component and were predicated on there being around 800 policies left on I90 by December this year. We have since confirmed that there will actually be in excess of 2,594 policies needing to be mid-term converted in December. ************************************************************************ Our recommendation is that the Technology and Business capacity which this would consume would be better spent on higher value backlog items and we seek ratification of this outside of this forum with due consideration to operational resourcing impacts and cost/benefit ************************************************************************ 200 Workers Comp Early Learning WC NSW Early Learning was implemented as a new Producer Code (cost centre) - based on the original requirement to segregate financials. Now that we can potentially write under the same licence we need to modify the implementation so that the business is allocated to the originating producer (region) for budgeting and other financial reporting Timing for this change is subject to when we want to go live with NSW Early Learning 210 Commercial Direct Revenue: Cyber Insurance 07/2016 dependent on policy volumes Development of Cyber Product Current proposed approach is that this will initially be implemented avoiding any Guidewire system build but PC has requested that once policy volumes are at 10 or more a month, then a Guidewire solution is required In the meantime we need to explore the ability in PC of being able to see 220 Claims Category Changes for Property - BI Reporting Issue 2 30/06/2016 Commercial Property claims which impact multiple coverages are not being correctly reported in BI reports - the financials are being rolled up into one coverage - e.g. Buildings. The allocation to a coverage appears to follow the order of Buildings -> Contents -> Stock, and can sometimes be allocated to a coverage that wasn’t impacted at all by the claim. As the data currently looks, there does not appear to be any Stock claims in CC7 – pure stock claims are being allocated to contents. PSD-15344 ? ? ? As a result of this, we are unable to obtain a true view of the performance of individual coverage sections (Buildings, Contents and Stock). 230 Integration of ClaimCenter v7 to external system provider Claim Central 30/06/2016 Integration of external provider Claim Central to ClaimCenter v7 30 30 PSD-16167 240 Application Performance Tuning Review and Optimise system performance of Workflow Screens and other functions ISR Rater Workflow Views ISR Endorsements 250 PC: Workers Comp Ability for Customers to submit their Wages and Financials Declaration Online 15 15 15 Agreed in meeting on 23/03 that Stuart would confirm whether this should be deferred until next year - question mark over business value at this time and capacity to implement 260 Liability Workshop updates to CC7, result of immersion Ongoing Items raised from immersion done by AP, TD and SB for Liability claims. 75 Jiras raised and prioritised in Backlog. Please note that @8/2, 41 of these items have been actioned. 5 5 270 Occurrence Policies with Claims Made Endorsements Company strategy has been determined. We are going to have Occurrence Policies with Claims Made Endorsements changes will be required to PC and CC to accommodate Currently neither PC or CC can cater for Occurrence Policies with Claims Made Endorsements. 280 SMS Capability - for Billing and Claims Reminders Ability to remind customers to pay their premium (BC) or to attend their medical appointments (Workers Comp Claims) Effort to implement - 20 points of complexity per use case. Cost for 20,000 Claims and 20,000 Billing would be approx. $5,000 (based on approx. 7 to 10 c per sms and a monthly subscription). Effort / cost based on a basic implementation with minimal reporting capability 290 IVR for Claims Currently in Claims, a customer must call and speak to a claims specialist to pay their excess. It would be Operationally effective for customers to be able to make Excess payments via BPay without requiring in Claims Specialist intervention. This would free the Claims Specialist up from lengthy phone calls to do this over the phone. Claims currently do about 15 of these per week. The customer would also have the added benefit of being able to pay their excess at a time convenient to them rather than in Guild's office hours. 300 Premium Capping/Cupping Revisit Capping / Cupping - are we losing revenue due to the methodology AL action to review Guidewire Axelerator with business to see if the approach is preferable. Possible sequencing following Hollards Rating Changes 310 Superior Risk Selection: Peril Assessment Summary Risk Analysis Screen - new Peril Assessment Screen which captures the snapshot of the Peril Assessment Results back in PC Blocked awaiting Guidewire to provide an integration point to support snapshotting the results in PC ** OPERATIONAL IMPERATIVES** Guidewire Delivery (Jun 2016 to Aug 2016) - Candidate Listing Final Total Points available: 1 Technology head count = 15 Delivery Points per month Items not yet 'business ready' or 'decision pending' Formalising the Governance Framework
  17. 17. 4/30/16 17 Exec briefings CEO & GM intro to Agile and Scrum Visiting other Sites
  18. 18. 4/30/16 18
  19. 19. 4/30/16 19
  20. 20. 4/30/16 20
  21. 21. 4/30/16 21 Step  2:  learning  and  doing Change incrementally
  22. 22. 4/30/16 22 kick-start visual management with each team Teaching using games
  23. 23. 4/30/16 23 Coaching • Setup wall • Workflow • Policies Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples Jimmy Janlén 71 Limit by Space If your team does Kanban or some version of Scrumban and have a hard time honoring the WIP Limits you have set for yourselves, perhaps this approach can help you. Instead of writing the WIP Limits, adjust the spaces. Make the boxes and areas containing the Post‐its so small that you can’t physically fit more Post‐its than the space allows without breaking the WIP Limit. This approach also makes it bluntly obvious if the WIP Limit has been broken somewhere, just look for Post‐its stacked upon each other. Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples Jimmy Janlén 76 Stuff Collectors Having a hard time finding the right colored Post‐its? Do the pens seem to constantly disappear? Why not put up boxes beneath or beside the whiteboard where you can collect them. You can even add labels that at the same time will function as a legend, explaining the colors of the Post‐its. The boxes could be made out of cardboard and put up using adhesive tape. Or buy yourself shower storage baskets with suction cups, attaching them to the whiteboard itself or a nearby window. Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples Jimmy Janlén 19 Blocker Notes If you for some reason become blocked while working on a task, preventing you from moving forward ‐ add a red blocker note on top of that task. This makes the reason known for everyone, and also works as a follow‐up reminder. Review the blockers during the Daily Stand‐up and discuss how to address and resolve each of them. The description clearly states why you are blocked, who you are waiting for (and why), or what the problem is. To make it even clearer, write your own name and the date you became blocked in the corner of the Post‐it. Toolbox for the Agile Coach – Visualization Examples Jimmy Janlén 88 Hourglass Scrum Wall A Scrum wall doesn’t need to be in the shape of a grid. The Hourglass Scrum Wall replaces a User Story lane with an Hourglass where tasks flow downwards. It provides two natural dimensions for limiting work in progress; the number of concurrent User Stories, and an upper limit of two active tasks per User Story. If a story is too small to be broken down into tasks (i.e. the team can finish the entire story within a day) it simply occupies the whole Hourglass. Not separating “Work in progress” into “Coding”, “Reviewing”, and “Testing” and so on also enforces cross‐discipline collaboration and knowledge sharing. Result: 28 boards across 10 departments
  24. 24. 4/30/16 24 Marketing Underwriting
  25. 25. 4/30/16 25 PMs board Superannuation sales
  26. 26. 4/30/16 26 Superannuation operations Sales team
  27. 27. 4/30/16 27 Risk and Compliance Finance
  28. 28. 4/30/16 28 Boards for cross department strategic initiatives Second cross department initiative
  29. 29. 4/30/16 29 Visualisation: 1. Work  Items 2. Work  Flow 3. Blocked  work 4. Workers  /  Avatars 5. Work  Types  /  Classes   of  Service 6. Priority  /  Expedite 7. Impediments  /  Issues 8. Ready  for  Pull  /  Done  columns 9. WIP  Limits 10. Size 11. Start  /  Finish  Dates  /  Lead  time 12. Due  Dates 13. Team  culture  /  fun Limiting   WIP 1. Agreement  to  limit  WIP 2. Per  person   limits  /  limiting   some  of  the  time 3. Overall  limits  are  set  and  kept Measure  and  Manage  Flow 1. Measuring  throughput 2. Measuring  WIP 3. Measuring  days  blocked 4. CFD  Chart 5. Measuring  Start  /  Finish  /  Lead  Time 6. Calculated  SLA  /  Lead  Time  targets 7. Measuring  team  satisfaction 8. Measuring  customer  satisfaction Explicit  Policies 1. Wall  policy:  card  design,   colour,   placement   2. Defined  Purpose   and  Measures   of  Performance 3. Prioritisation   policy 4. Queue  replenishment  policy 5. Work  Sizing   /  Splitting   Policy 6. Definition  of  done  /  column  entry/exit  criteria 7. Definition  of  “Ready  to  start” 8. Staff  /  work  allocation  policy 9. Classes   of  service  policy 10. Over  WIP  Limit  Policy Feedback  Loops 1. Daily  meeting 2. Service  review    /  Measurement  cadence 3. Risk  review  /    blocker  review 4. Operations  Review  /  Retrospective 5. Review  /  Demo  /  Customer  Feedback Improve  Experimentally 1. Visualisation   is  improving 2. WIP  is  reducing  over  time 3. Measures  show   improvement  over  time 4. Policies   are  being  updated 5. Retrospectives  /  Reviews  drive  actual  improvements 6. Overall  depth  of  Kanbanis  improving 7. Using  toyota /  kanbankata:  mentor/mentee  coaching Visualise( Limit(WIP( Manage(Flow( Explicit(Policies( Feedback(Loops( Improve( Current( Kanban  self  assessment  chart Version  2.   Questions  or  feedback   contact
  30. 30. 4/30/16 30 Results Lessons learned Visualising work was much easier than limiting WIP
  31. 31. 4/30/16 31 Result: known overburdening 7-8Avg Number of Tasks In Progress Per Person Weinberg,  G.M.  Quality  Software  Management:  Vol.  1  System  Thinking. New  York.  Dorset   House,  1992.­‐the-­‐detrimental-­‐effects-­‐of-­‐context-­‐switching-­‐with-­‐devops.html
  32. 32. 4/30/16 32 Elfving and Tommelein (2003)"Impact of Multitasking and merge bias on procurement of complex equipment” 2x 3x Lessons learned Small changes can have large impacts
  33. 33. 4/30/16 33 Result: new office design What would you do next? Start End
  34. 34. 4/30/16 34 Next steps Limiting  and  Measuring  WIP Portfolio  visualisation  and  prioritisation New  office  and  visualisation  kits 73 Visual Management Master Class ​ § Public Class: Half-Day 22nd June § Private classes by appointment
  35. 35. 4/30/16 35 On your phone: get the materials Subscribe at for goodies: Slides Visual Management Mastery booklet Self assessment tool Discounts On your phone: get the materials Subscribe at for goodies Start End
  36. 36. 4/30/16 36 Questions Start End