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Content writing for businesses and organizations


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Description of content writing services for businesses and organizations.

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Content writing for businesses and organizations

  1. 1. YOUR WRITING WORLD +254-0724303420 CONTENT WRITING SERVICE FOR WEBSITES & BLOGSDescription:To provide relevant, quality articles for your website or blog on a regularbasis for a fee/charge.Areas we cover:  Writing original, quality articles with or without Keywords.  Editing articles submitted by you or other writer(s)  Carrying out keyword research where needed and giving advice on the ones to be used  Creation of blog, editing and management of the blog.  Creation of a content strategy tailored to your needs. Content strategy is a simple plan of how to create content for your site or blog over a certain period of time.Information required: Aspects Questions Suggestions Target What kind of Define age, occupation, market customers/clients? location. Keywords Do you need keywords in Keywords tend to boost traffic the articles? and page ranking. Length How many words per 300 - 450 post/article? Frequency How many posts per week? 1-2 Images How many per post and 1/post. 350x500pixels what size? (optional)Rates:(a) Website articles - $0.01 per word(b) Website articles with keyword research - $0.015 per word(c) Editing other articles - $1 per page
  2. 2. YOUR WRITING WORLD +254-0724303420 Create, edit and manage blog - $20/week or $80 per month(e) Create content strategy - $35 (flat rate)Terms & Conditions: Payment via paypal or moneybookers 25% deposit is required for (d) and (e)NB: An invoice will be raised for every payment. Thank you for choosing Your Writing World (YWW)!