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You want it when?!? Content strategy for an impatient world


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Content initiatives are putting new demands on technical communication—improving customer experience, building interactive documents, including advanced visualizations, integrated translations, and more.

To meet these requirements, we must increase the velocity of content and build out a useful content strategy. That means stripping out inefficiency and creating content development workflows that eliminate wasted time. Most publishing systems are ill-equipped for flexible, fast, and changeable production. Instead, they are intended to support a manufacturing process, in which the result is static (like print or PDF).

For today’s workflows, this approach is not good enough. We must increase our velocity so that we can support the requirements that are coming.

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You want it when?!? Content strategy for an impatient world

  1. 1. “You want it when?!?” Flickr: ken_from_md Sarah O’Keefe @sarahokeefe LavaCon 2013
  2. 2. Sarah O’Keefe, @sarahokeefe ❖ Founder and president, Scriptorium Publishing,, North Carolina ❖ Coauthor with Alan Pringle of Content Strategy 101 ❖ Interested in intersection of content, publishing, and technology
  3. 3. We need velocity. Flickr: mytmoss
  4. 4. Content strategy Support the organization’s business goals using information and information products.
  5. 5. Velocity and content strategy… Flickr: grendelkhan
  6. 6. Know the business
  7. 7. Align with business goals
  8. 8. Style guides and terminology
  9. 9. Voice and tone
  10. 10. Production systems
  11. 11. Intelligent content Flickr: brittanyg
  12. 12. Integration Flickr: brittanyg
  13. 13. Know the business Align with business goals Style guides and terminology Voice and tone Production systems Intelligent content Integration
  14. 14. How do we make it happen?
  15. 15. Flickr: kirinqueen Operations need to be impeccable.
  16. 16. Flickr: pedrosz Authoring velocity
  17. 17. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  18. 18. Flickr: nicokaiser Editing velocity
  19. 19. Controlled language software
  20. 20. Flickr: dingopup Production velocity
  21. 21. Production system must automate formatting.
  22. 22. Flickr: WI Department of Natural Resources, mstharpe, daysofthundr46 Distribution velocity
  23. 23. Localization velocity Flickr: furphotos
  24. 24. Good source content Machine translation Automated formatting (again) Flickr: furphotos
  25. 25. Global content strategy flickr: dtaylorcreative should be redundant.
  26. 26. Globalization drives content strategy. flickr: titushageman
  27. 27. Efficient localization is a basic prerequisite. flickr: tanyadurrant
  28. 28. What drives efficient localization? flickr: tanyadurrant
  29. 29. HINT: It’s not the service provider. flickr: tambako
  30. 30. It’s the quality of the input. flickr: tanyadurrant
  31. 31. flickr: pmarkham Localization: just along for the ride.
  32. 32. A computer can do more than a typewriter.
  33. 33. flickr: dominicspic Low-quality source content = inefficient localization
  34. 34. Image: NASA In a multilingual workflow, inefficiency = death.
  35. 35. Image: NASA In a monolingual workflow, inefficiency = slow death.
  36. 36. We cannot survive unless we evolve. Quickly.
  37. 37. Content has never been for the faint of heart… Flickr: jlascar
  38. 38. We must adapt to changes… Flickr: Marie Hale
  39. 39. Prioritize Flickr: beleaveme
  40. 40. The old way is not going to work. Flickr: nostri-imago
  41. 41. Flickr: ullisandersson One last thing…
  42. 42. Questions? Flickr: fortherock
  43. 43. Our booth has chocolate. ❖ Sarah O’Keefe, Scriptorium Publishing ❖ ❖ Email: ❖ Twitter: @sarahokeefe ❖ Skype: okeefe.scriptorium