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Think global, act global, go global


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Entering new language markets requires more than just translation. To succeed, you must provide the same quality product or service to each market-a unified, localized customer experience. One team or department cannot do this alone. Sales, marketing, product development, support, training, and more all need to work together and share their area expertise.
Going global requires a localization strategy. For that strategy to succeed, people from across your organization need to collaborate and begin thinking globally. This session focuses on the formation of such a strategy. You will learn:
What content and information assets are needed
Who to involve and at what levels in your localization strategy
How to identify and harness the strengths of your teams and departments
How to successfully manage the localization effort (how to herd cats)
What pitfalls await and how to avoid them
Best practices for a healthy and effective localization strategy
Presented by Bill Swallow

Published in: Business
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Think global, act global, go global

  1. 1. @billswallow #LavaCon
  2. 2. Bill Swallow @billswallow #LavaCon Think global, act global, go global
  3. 3. Bill Swallow Director of Operations, Scriptorium Localization 
 Content strategy
 Implementation @billswallow @billswallow #LavaCon About the presenter
  4. 4. @billswallow #LavaCon Going global…
  5. 5. • Not a simple decision • Language differences • Cultural differences • Regulatory differences @billswallow #LavaCon Going global…
  6. 6. Consumer preferences: • 72.1% browse the web in their own language • 72.4% are more likely to buy a product in their own language • 56.2% said that language is more important than price Source: Common Sense Advisory @billswallow #LavaCon Going global…
  7. 7. It cannot be an afterthought. @billswallow #LavaCon Going global…
  8. 8. @billswallow #LavaCon Chasing savings Flickr: kenteegardin
  9. 9. Paying too much 
 for problematic translations that take too long 
 to produce @billswallow #LavaCon
  10. 10. Transcreation - bullet and image @billswallow #LavaCon
  11. 11. @billswallow #LavaCon Determining value
  12. 12. • Cost • Quality • Time @billswallow #LavaCon Determining value
  13. 13. @billswallow #LavaCon True value = time to market
  14. 14. • Delays don’t produce revenue • Translation is a legal requirement in some markets • “Your language comes later” @billswallow #LavaCon True value = time to market
  15. 15. @billswallow #LavaCon Bridging the gap
  16. 16. • Clear understanding of what “global” means • Inter-departmental collaboration • Willingness to invest in skills and solutions @billswallow #LavaCon Bridging the gap
  17. 17. • Extent of localization • Type of translation • Level of cultural fit required • Relative time to market @billswallow #LavaCon What does “global” mean to you?
  18. 18. • Shared knowledge • Central, maintained specifications • Centralized/controlled source and terminology • Content reuse • Co-authoring @billswallow #LavaCon Collaboration is key
  19. 19. • Infrastructure • Workflows • Skills training • Information and product architecture • Product and content development @billswallow #LavaCon Willingness to invest
  20. 20. @billswallow #LavaCon
  21. 21. @billswallow #LavaCon Localization strategy
  22. 22. • Technical content • Product • Marketing • Sales • Support @billswallow #LavaCon Localization strategy
  23. 23. • Show the value • Get buy-in from the top • Choose translation approaches wisely • Internationalize everything • Own your translation memory • Review and test heavily • Govern your strategy well @billswallow #LavaCon Localization strategy
  24. 24. Transcreation - bullet and image @billswallow #LavaCon
  25. 25. @billswallow #LavaCon Begin at the end Flickr: Andrew_D_Hurley
  26. 26. @billswallow #LavaCon Audience first Siofra Pratt
  27. 27. @billswallow #LavaCon Get buy-in from the top
  28. 28. • All strategies need a champion or executive sponsor • Increases participation from all groups • Makes it easier to cut through the noise @billswallow #LavaCon Get buy-in from the top
  29. 29. @billswallow #LavaCon
  30. 30. @billswallow #LavaCon Internationalize everything Flickr: liquene
  31. 31. • Software • Hardware labels • Images • Templates and transforms • Terminology • Style guides @billswallow #LavaCon Internationalize everything
  32. 32. @billswallow #LavaCon One size does not fit all Flickr: sfllaw
  33. 33. • Eliminate extra work • Quickly identify and correct problem areas in design • Expedite production @billswallow #LavaCon Internationalize everything
  34. 34. @billswallow #LavaCon Choose wisely…
  35. 35. • Human translation • Machine translation • Transcreation @billswallow #LavaCon Choose your method wisely…
  36. 36. @billswallow #LavaCon
  37. 37. The use of machine translation is increasing @billswallow #LavaCon Wikimedia: D J Shin
  38. 38. @billswallow #LavaCon Human versus machine
  39. 39. • Humans understand tone, style, and nuance. • Machines excel at terminology and predictable language. @billswallow #LavaCon Human versus machine
  40. 40. @billswallow #LavaCon Transcreation Flickr: wolfgangstaudt
  41. 41. • Ideal for custom messaging • Requires significant planning • Planning happens during source language planning • Highly effective, but very expensive @billswallow #LavaCon Transcreation
  42. 42. • Partner with local market experts • Convey intent and approach • Collaborate on targeted messaging • Always test locally before deploying @billswallow #LavaCon Transcreation
  43. 43. @billswallow #LavaCon
  44. 44. @billswallow #LavaCon Translation workflows Flickr: ironypoisoning
  45. 45. • Waterfall • Parallel • Agile/iterative @billswallow #LavaCon Translation workflows
  46. 46. @billswallow #LavaCon Waterfall
  47. 47. @billswallow #LavaCon Parallel
  48. 48. @billswallow #LavaCon Agile/iterative
  49. 49. • The type of translation informs content and product design • The type of workflow informs project and release schedules • Find the best combination to maximize value • Keep corporate culture in mind @billswallow #LavaCon Your choices matter
  50. 50. @billswallow #LavaCon Own your translation memory
  51. 51. • It’s your intellectual property • Supply it to all translators • Review and clean it regularly • You have ultimate control over translation quality @billswallow #LavaCon Own your translation memory
  52. 52. @billswallow #LavaCon Only work with translation providers who give you full rights over translations and translation memory.
  53. 53. @billswallow #LavaCon Review and testing Flickr: us7thfleet
  54. 54. @billswallow #LavaCon
  55. 55. • Same level of testing as with source • Catch and correct usability issues • You may need to revisit the source • Same level of quality for all @billswallow #LavaCon Review and testing
  56. 56. @billswallow #LavaCon Governance Flickr: steakpinball
  57. 57. • Document all decisions, agreements, and responsibilities thoroughly • Define and communicate standards • Clearly set expectations • Build accountability into all phases • Take immediate corrective action @billswallow #LavaCon Governance
  58. 58. @billswallow #LavaConBill Swallow Questions?
  59. 59. Localization strategy: Your key to global markets Speak to Global Customers in Their Own Language Translation Memory is the translator's Intellectual Property translation_memory_tm_is_the_translators_intellectual_property_ip.html Localization value blog series XML business case calculator @billswallow #LavaCon Resources